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    1. Ocean Imagery Strips and Ford Model T Convertible

      by , 04-18-2020 at 09:42 AM
      Morning of April 18, 2020. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,479-03. Reading time (optimized): 2 min 15 sec.

      My imagined dream self becomes instinctually aware of my dream beginning, including a viable thread of waking-life identity. As a result, the first rendering is a female form close to my left, modeling the sleeping orientation of Zsuzsanna and me, though she remains standing while I remain seated in a cross-legged position. She is a short distance closer to the wayside of an unknown road than I am. It seems to be nighttime. On the other side of the road, off to the right, is an unfamiliar business building. Feelings of cheerfulness and peace remain throughout my dream. (The eventual sleep-wake personification, firstly as an association with imaginary proprioception, is not intrusive other than wanting me to move from the side of the road to return to slow-wave sleep).

      Instinctual dynamics of dream state management begin. On my lap is an open sheet music book, though the sheet music displayed is unknown. Upon that is a tablet with another one atop it. The first features equidistant thumbnails from a web site, mostly of random people, and the second displays a blank screen. Atop the tablets is an open A4 spiral notebook with my handwriting describing dream content as well as equations.

      The inference is that I am solving equations using the sheet music book (mainly the arrangement of notes) and the web page thumbnails, which supposedly link to the content of previous dreams and six-digit numbers that serve as markers. The first calculation produces an image of the ocean on the previously blank screen, though it is a small strip, oriented lengthways near the top of the screen.

      The second calculation results in an additional lengthways photograph of the ocean, and I am fascinated when it matches perfectly with the first when adjacent to the right side of the previous image. Although the image never moves, there is still the fundamental liminal impression that it defines my status of being asleep and the absence of physical demarcation. I start to consider what will happen when the strips fill the entire top of the screen. They will probably continue to a new row. This identification and anticipation results in the summoning of imaginary proprioception and latent physical preparedness (which usually begins around this part of a dream’s timeline, though here, there is no anticipation of vestibular system ambiguity from the lack of discernment of physicality while sleeping).

      The sleep-wake personification initiates from my right. An unknown man drives a Ford Model T Convertible into the area on the other side of the road. (Cars, as with all vehicles, typically correlate with the imaginary physicality of the dream state or preparation for wakefulness with emerging physical awareness and mobility potential.) He cheerfully calls out, implying I am blocking his way even though I am not on the road. (This scenario is also co-occurrent with how I am sleeping close to Zsuzsanna, as the other man is a preconscious personification of my potential consciousness and emerging physical awareness. This same causal factor has occurred in many previous dreams.)

      I move back a short distance, but the man parks his car near the business building and walks over to my side of the road. He looks at the items in my lap and seems curious about what I am doing.

      I absentmindedly state, “I’m doing sequences of fractals.”

      “I can’t even do one,” he says happily, emphasizing “one.”

    2. An “Unreliable” Rivulet of Time

      by , 10-07-2017 at 08:15 PM
      Morning of October 7, 2017. Saturday.

      In the first part of my dream, I am seated at a picnic table, though it appears to be some sort of school. I am sitting at the third picnic table from the front of the class where the teacher is. (I am sitting in about the middle on the side opposite the side closest to the front of the room. I am facing the front of the room.)

      At one point, a young version of Zsuzsanna comes in and sits down directly on my left. The teacher objects to this, claiming that my talking to other students will distract from the class. I threaten him and tell him that he should not be so disrespectful of natural human relationships.

      He comes over to us with a folded piece of paper, opens it, and starts trying to “teach” us about vampires, zombies, and fictional creatures in general, that is, integrating them into a calculus problem, and I inform him that those are not even real, not a part of life (at least my life), and I then tell him that he is crazy and should not be teaching such garbage.

      Eventually, there is some sort of activity outside. Apparently, a road has been altered by some sort of “flaw in time”. I and the other students start to take notes to determine what the source of the problem is.

      The road is unusual, as traveling in one direction, one sees roadkill (at least three unidentifiable dead animals) but traveling in the opposite direction, one sees a couple rabbits and a groundhog or two. These are apparently the animals that have died when traveling from the other direction. I start to consider that it may actually relate to the mentality and beliefs of the people walking or driving down that road.

      The students stand in a long line along the road (parallel to the road) doing calculus equations to discover what is going on. I notice a young boy who is writing on a large sheet of paper. I tell him to make sure he is solving the vertical parts of the equation (such as complex fractions, though the imagery actually does have unrealistic longer vertical sequences including sigma summation in vertical form) as well as the horizontal and he nods and tells me that he is. I then ask him if he knows what the symbols are, specifically the “sideways M” (sigma), and he nods again. I look again to see if there are any symbols for vampires or other nonsense. My dream fades from here.

    3. Not Quite a Meeting

      by , 05-27-2015 at 12:36 PM
      Morning of May 27, 2015. Wednesday.

      My dream becomes a very formal scenario in mood and awareness. I am not sure of the time. It may be late night or very early morning or probably a liminal “twilight” setting relating to my partial lucidity (where darkness but with a clearer awareness and augmented sense of touch often occur). I am walking on the right side of the road in an unknown location, which seems more like a back road at times. There is a tall chain-link fence almost immediately to my right, allowing only about two feet or less space to walk on the grass on the side of the road. I do not really notice any buildings. Up ahead, I see a semitrailer truck approaching. The driver is mostly in shadow (or “is” a shadow - though I discern what may be a red and black plaid shirt). As I am semi-lucid, I would normally “know” that the shadow was my conscious mind. However, here, I get the strange impression that he is another dreamer that I could actually meet - and in fact, even presume his identity to an extent of relating him to an actual dream journalist.

      The semitrailer truck is moving fairly slowly, it seems, as if the driver is perhaps unfamiliar with the area (though this is not certain - it may be his regular route and he is just being cautious). I start contemplating what I am going to do. I decide that I will pick up my pace a bit and meet with the driver. The driver is to the right (from my perspective) and I am not sure he notices me though his headlights seem to be working normally. There remains a problematic element, though not fully prospective, in that the side of the road does not have much room for me to traverse, so the truck and I will not have much room to spare as we pass each other when it approaches (assuming the driver does not stop to acknowledge me or even converse).

      The truck does go just past the edge of the road at times (I am mostly walking on the edge of the road rather than the grass), though this is not due to lazy driving but seems to be a dream-rendered situation directly related to my thinking about the potential meeting or choosing to dodge the truck instead (as if I am directly aware of the dream-making mechanism of my mind). After all, I do not want to be run down (though this is not that strong a concern, though I do not focus on going to the left to possibly avoid going closer to it). I continue to watch the truck carefully to see if it goes too far to my right, which would then block me off with nowhere to go (because of the high chain-link fence to my right, which continues as far as I can see other than the break at the intersection I am approaching, which I do not consider turning off at). I sense the meeting will be very formal and brief but with positive results. I start walking faster, almost running, but the approaching truck seems about the same distance away that it was minutes before. I still am not quite sure if there is enough room for me to clear the front of the cab or be hit though the sense of danger is decreased due to my growing lucidity.

      As the truck approaches, my lucidity continues to increase and I become slightly more aware that the “shadow driver” is my conscious mind and that this may be a typical example of “shadow play” - a temporary scenario that occurs at apex lucidity. However, I am still intent on continuing my direction and meeting with the driver, as there is still a degree of uncertainty over who the driver actually is. Instead, when I reach the truck, I reach the beginning of the waking process and slowly wake at about the point I am adjacent to the driver’s door on the road’s edge, thus “meeting” my conscious self in the waking process.

      The shadow/driver was a metaphorical form of my conscious mind “driving” the dream, with the “cargo” (in the semitrailer) being the implied intent or foundation (“building blocks”) of a potential apex level of lucidity (which comes through various means - such as crawling through a window or “shadow play”). This was a missed opportunity, I suppose, though I have noticed that apex lucidity often comes when a person has already gotten more than enough sleep. The engine of the truck is also a representation of the conscious mind as within the life force of the real body.

      This dream vaguely reminds me of a dream from 1991 titled “Motorcycle Jump”, where the shadowy motorcyclist also was my conscious mind though this time trying to wake up after sleeping for too long by managing to make the motorcycle rise up and jump through a very small window in the bathroom (a play on “I have to go” as in “I have to wake up now”).
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    4. Not Quite a Western

      by , 04-10-2015 at 10:10 AM
      Morning of April 10, 2015. Friday.

      This was a very long meandering dream without much plot continuity, though somewhat fun all in all. Though it is not lucid, I am still aware of making most of it via some sort of background focus, which is probably why it goes a bit “haywire” as dreams tend to do when my own thoughts shift, sometimes with transient expectancy of the dream itself. Since childhood, a certain kind of dream I have several times a year relates to an older time period being altered by anachronistic features (typically caused by my thoughts shifting or becoming more aware while making a dream), though this one changes in somewhat of a humorous unexpected way regarding my in-dream role and character.

      It starts out with some sort of experiment in an unknown indoor location. A portal is opened after several other insignificant events and conversations occur. I have a desire to go through this portal, which is like a glimmering two-dimensional doorway or wavering plane that is just a bit taller than I am. Someone in unusual plaid pants goes through before me, but after a short time, he is seen to be going into a television that is barely big enough for his waist to clear (probably influenced by a similar movie scene relating to being “stuck”, in “Skinny and Fatty” from 1958 and “Housebound” from 2014), though he manages to go through into the implied alternate world or time. After this, my dream shifts to a western setting, similar to the set of “Gunsmoke”, and it is seemingly the 1800s, possibly the 1880s, because I believe it is mentioned at least once.

      There does not seem to be any drama other than a horse having a problem with his front right foot. He goes and rests in the corner of a barn and there is something about being fed a special food to accelerate healing though this scenario becomes odd as he eventually seems to have human-like toes, which will make it difficult to put on a horseshoe.

      I fly around in several different positions (including sideways) about ten feet from the ground for some time, including in and out of a hayloft from the outside. At one point, I seem to be in an old saloon (with batwing doors) and I notice my wife, though we apparently have not met yet. I embrace her and think about getting married at some future point (even though I already am in reality). She seems to have, as becoming Miss Universe, been getting ready to be in a remake of “Valley of the Dolls, though as some attempt at a "video noir” television broadcast (which also seems related to the minimal western sets) though I know little about video production as such. I am mostly in a very cheerful mood, though.

      As I walk into a different area, I notice my father sitting on a couch with several other people around in a semi-dark room. He is playing an accordion and I feel a strong sense of nostalgia. He seems to recognize me though is younger and has not had me as a son yet. We talk for a fair amount of time, but his voice sounds completely different as well as altered by some sort of electronic device. His entire eyes also glow a bright reflective silver at one point, shining in the otherwise semi-dark room. (For some reason, I do not find this unusual or off-putting even though it is a bit eerie.) I tell him that I am his son, or rather “will be” his son in the future. There are at least seven or eight longer exchanges, but I do not recall all of it.

      I notice a man who may be a doctor who is sitting at an antique desk. I ask him what year it is to confirm the old west scenes from earlier in my dream. He says, very slowly (almost as if a part of me is deciding what to make him say) 19… (and at this point I am surprised, as it is not 18…) …78. It is 1978, supposedly. He continues by saying that it is July 24, 1978. (I am not sure of the significance of this in context to my dream, though this was shortly after I moved back to Wisconsin.) I think about the people I had met earlier and wonder why this “old western town” exists during this time period (and for some reason I do not reflect upon it as possibly being a movie set), so I go outside to explore again. It seems to be around afternoon and everything is bright, clear, and realistically detailed.

      In probably the most vivid scene, I end up going down a long dusty road (through an otherwise featureless field of grass about a foot high) that is covered with old broken pieces of concrete as the surface (something I have never seen in real life). Some of the pieces are as big as my fist. I notice a few modern buildings in the far distance. I eventually decide to walk back after walking perhaps the distance of four city blocks. I see a car moving in the distance on a different (proper) road. I clearly think to myself how this road would not be suitable for cars (due to how very bumpy it would be as well as having sharp bits of concrete causing problems for the tires) even though it is likely used (or maybe will be used) as such at times. From here, I return to the isolated town with the intent to explore some more.

      Memory is a mysterious thing. Relative to the date mentioned in my dream (July 24th, 1978) the 1978 Miss Universe pageant was broadcast live on the in-dream referenced date. “Valley of the Dolls” was also aired. There was also an article in the newspaper we got for that date titled “Those ‘Perry Mason’ Reruns Keep Video Noir Genre Alive”. Additionally, I have a dream journal entry titled “Valley of the Dull” (from April 9, 1978 - my wedding anniversary, though long before I was married on April 9, 1994) where I had written about falling asleep while watching it, the audio and half-awake partly discerned visuals at times integrating with my dream. Memory is a very unusual, though vast precise “storehouse” at times.