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    1. The Amazing Contents of my Left Arm

      by , 07-13-2017 at 08:04 AM
      Morning of July 13, 2017. Thursday.

      In the beginning of my dream, I somehow carelessly cut my left arm and my right hand on something. There is mild pain. I notice that the cut on my left arm is deep. It is along my left forearm, on the left side when my hand is downwards, and straight over nearly its entire length. Later, I rub on some sort of medicinal cream that is supposed to help seal the cut.

      I eventually notice that my cut is dry but open. I can see another layer of skin underneath. There is not much pain anymore, but I am somewhat annoyed at having the cut.

      At a later point, my entire left forearm opens up somewhat like a pouch (via the long cut) into a partly hollow space. There is no blood, but there does seem to be sections of tissue and “bone”. My view of it seems magnified, although the inside of it would actually have to be much bigger than in reality to contain what it does. I can still move it about normally. Curiously, I notice about four metal cables coming out from where my elbow would be, which are apparently connected to strips of muscle. I consider that maybe someone had changed my arm into a robotic arm without me knowing about it. There are also at least two glass and metal structures that are shaped like rectangular prisms, the metal strips along the edges and connecting at the vertices.

      I find myself in a library (more as if the ambiguous setting suddenly rendered a library counter feature) and I ask a person at the counter to look at my arm. Two people, an unfamiliar male and an unfamiliar female, look at it and comment. According to what I hear after I ask them about what it is made of, it is apparently believed that my arm is normal and that a person’s arm actually does have metal cables and such inside yet is still an organic natural form. I am still puzzled.

      Eventually, I start to notice objects within the hollow area closer to my elbow (though still in my forearm). I see about six 3.5" computer disks and about three cassette tapes. They have handwritten labels. I do not take them out. I also see a VHS tape. (Imagine trying to visualize a VHS tape inside your arm with a lot of room to spare, but this is somehow resolved in my dream self’s viewpoint.) I consider that the items may have been left there as some sort of record of the process that was used to change my arm into something robotic.

      In the last scene, I go into a hospital to ask about the nature of my arm, but it still seems the arm itself is supposedly normal. Eventually, I see jewelry and a large number of mostly silver coins (possibly American) inside the area closer to my elbow.

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    2. Triceratops Junkyard

      by , 05-31-1975 at 04:17 PM
      Morning of May 31, 1975. Saturday.

      I am wandering around in an isolated dump (in the sense of being a partial landfill) in the afternoon, that is also somewhat like a junkyard on a couple more external areas. There are steep hills on at least two sides, perhaps three. I get the impression that someone has been building, over a longer time period, a life-sized “robot” or working model of a triceratops from various types of scraps and miscellaneous rubbish, but I am not sure if it will ever be completed. It appears that at least two had already been started, but remain unfinished due to there being a lack of properly shaped junk, thus the projects were abandoned. There is a feeling of desolation, of remoteness. I am not sure if anyone else is around. There may be someone living in an old shack nearby but I never find out much else.