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    1. Summoning a Chinese Sea Dragon to Swallow a Sea God

      by , 12-27-2018 at 10:37 AM
      Morning of December 27, 2018. Thursday.

      Dream #: 19,001-02. Reading time (optimized): 1 min. Readability score (optimized): 70.

      At night, I am hovering over an unknown region of the ocean, walking on water at times. A miniaturized dam and its spillway are between two rocky outcrops. In proportion with my erroneous size perception, it only seems about six feet in length and about a foot in width. Despite the presence of the ocean, there is a vague awareness of indoor-outdoor ambiguity. An unknown male is with me.

      A sea god, possibly Thaumas, flies down to land atop the dam in a squatting position, on the right of the middle on our side. He appears as an informally dressed slim blond man with a mustache. He pulls a diagonal lever with his teeth, resulting in the water on the opposite side of the dam lowering and vanishing, leaving an expansive floor at the level the oceanís surface had been. This floor has a break perpendicular to the middle of the dam, implying two sliding doors of enormous size, now closed.

      His act annoys me. I affirm the return of the water, saying that no one else will ever be able to change it. The ocean water flows back to where it had been, presumably as deep as previously.

      I confidently affirm a sea serpent will rise from the ocean depths to swallow this intrusive male. A Chinese sea dragon, with a head the size of a bus, emerges.

      Although rising close to the other male and me, it is not a threat to us. It swallows the sea god and swims away.

      2020 footnote headers:

      [water induction] ocean
      [erroneous size perception]
      [indoor-outdoor ambiguity]
      [non-linear vestibular system correlation] flight and walking on choppy water
      [dam as dual enigmatic space mediation and melatonin mediation]
      [passive enigmatic space witness] unknown male
      [melatonin mediation simulacrum mode two] intrusive sea god
      [water lowering autosymbolism]
      [water reinduction]
      [dream self commanding melatonin mediation]
      [coalescence factor mode two]
      [dream control without conscious self identity]
      [dream control without dream state awareness]
      [dream self controlling core reticular formation alert factor; serpent]