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    1. Not the Flying Saucer of 1969

      by , 01-23-2018 at 10:24 AM
      Morning of May 27, 1995. Saturday.

      I find myself in the backyard of the Cubitis property in late morning. I vaguely recall a childhood dream (same setting and time) where a flying saucer hovered above me, casting a large round shadow over an area of the backyard and upon me. I am not viably lucid (that is, I remain unaware that I am dreaming), but there is faux lucidity where I illogically make the connections as relevant to presumed reality. I find the situation more interesting than threatening.

      Zsuzsanna is present in the living room, looking through the east windows. I tell her of how this has happened before, and that the last time, I ran south, somehow vertically running straight down the side of a ravine, then running horizontally on the ground and across the surface of the river, and running vertically straight up the other side to continue running normally.

      As I decide to attempt this again (even after over twenty-five years), I look back as I start to cheerfully run and see it is not a flying saucer but a hot air balloon. This puzzles me and instead of running straight down the side of the deep ravine as I near it, I awake with a slight falling sensation and with a mild hypnopompic kick. I am close to laughing aloud shortly after waking.

      Liminal space fallacy: This is a specific type of faux lucidity, where I attempt to duplicate an event from an older dream without realizing I am dreaming, yet I also perceive my situation as only my dream self could in a dream. Even so, this faux reasoning is something that could not occur in consciousness, and additionally, cannot even be logically perceived or resolved as even being possible, yet it is, as I am very familiar with its dynamics. For me, this proves that dreams are of an entirely different nature, purpose, and meaning than what most people claim.

      Faux threads: Cubitis has not been my home since June 1978. Zsuzsanna has never been to America. The shadow was cast in the wrong direction (oriented southerly instead of westerly). There were no deeper ravines near where I lived. It is not possible to run vertically down or up the side of a ravine or run over the surface of a river.

      Literal threads: Zsuzsanna’s presence, genuine recall of a childhood dream from 1969.

      Current thread: Zsuzsanna’s presence only (that is, no viable recall of any other current life status, including our present address).

      Vestibular system thread: The hot air balloon, in addition to being associated with breathing while sleeping, was biologically premonitory of the hypnopompic kick. (Falling in a dream is usually the result of natural vestibular system ambiguity by inherently not being able to balance the imaginary dream body in unconsciousness. As such, it is unrelated to the popular myth of “interpretation”.)

      Emergent consciousness thread: The hot air balloon’s shadow signifies the looming essence of the conscious self and the inevitability of waking. This implies a different form of RAS mediation than when the preconscious is dominantly personified to rouse the emergent consciousness thread.

    2. Catlike Shadow Creature and Shopping

      by , 09-10-2016 at 03:10 PM
      Morning of September 10, 2016. Saturday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our children and I are living back at Stadcor Street in Brisbane. It seems to be early afternoon and we have to go shopping for groceries. I am going out the back way, through our kitchen, but the layout is a bit different. The small square area that one needs to go through to get to the back porch is much bigger and there are additional doors, one directly into our backyard and another one onto our back porch.

      I notice what I first think is our pet black cat in the small room with me but it has no eye, nose, or mouth detail. It is like a three-dimensional shadow and I sense puzzlement radiating from it. I am slightly wary (but not fearful in any way) as the creature jumps up and somehow goes through the area between the central top part of the door and the door frame (and would have to be as thin as a sheet of paper to do this). This would be the door that goes to our back porch (liminal space).

      I go to the lounge room to talk to Zsuzsanna about this strange event and she calls the animal something I do not seem to be able to hear properly. After I ask her to repeat it a few times, it still sounds something like “wolf-roosh”. My hearing ability seems to become too distorted each time to hear the final part of the term. What I grasp from the term seems odd to me as it was seemingly a cat shadow, without any wolf associations at all.

      After we do our shopping, the unfamiliar balding male cashier (of about forty years of age) cannot seem to get the cash register to work properly. Apparently he has to press his thumb on a pad to acknowledge he has the authority to use the cash register, but it is not recognizing him. I am thinking that maybe his thumb needs to have a small amount of yellow ink on it to get it to work. I am getting annoyed and I am not sure how we will complete the transaction if the cash register will not work.

      The checkout area of a store is a waking transition metaphor symbolizing leaving the dream state. In this case, the lack of “yellow thumb” is associated with not being fully conscious. The cash register symbolizes the potential increments of critical thinking during the waking transition as conscious self identity emerges.

      The threshold event (here an atypical precursor rather than my dream’s final scene) concerning the door, featured a cat shadow in liminal space as the emergent consciousness factor. Curiously, this was borrowed from the ending of “The Flintstones” (which I had seen so many times as a child). Even the essence of the movement (comparative to the sabre-toothed tiger jumping up in the cartoon) was the same. I found that fascinating, especially as the ending theme’s line “…cat will stay out for the night” could be interpreted as remaining unconscious (asleep) throughout the sleep cycle.

    3. Giant Thistle Shadows

      by , 10-17-2015 at 04:17 PM
      Morning of October 17, 2015. Saturday.

      I am in an unknown room that does not have many discernible features other than perhaps a table and chair.

      An unknown person is present on my left, seemingly male, but I do not look at them directly at any point. I get the impression that they may be in their late twenties.

      I notice what I first take to be a couple palm tree silhouettes on the wall near a sash window. I think it may be some sort of wallpaper design or painting. Soon however, it seems to move slightly. I realize that it is the shadow of an oversized thistle or two. I consider what would happen if I blow on it, with the idea of how seeds would appear to float out from the plant.

      I blow, and what I first think to be small bird silhouettes are moving to the right from out of the area where the seeds would otherwise be. Looking more closely, I see that it is an army of small black spiders that I must have disturbed. I move back out of slight wariness, but perhaps I was wrong about what I saw.

      I blow again farther to the left, and it does appear that thistle seeds, or rather, their silhouettes, are moving along the wall. “Well, how about that?” I say, but some of them somehow crash into the light bulb and make it sizzle and flicker. The light bulb is hanging down from a cord just above head level and has a pull chain.

      After a time, I no longer see the floating seed silhouettes or the silhouette of the plant on the wall but I do then see what seems to be an oversized thistle plant outside about ten feet away or more. There is a strange eerie feeling, almost like fear, but not fully. Something seems “off” about the whole adventure.

      Of course, the light sizzling and flickering represents real-time neural activity changing slightly in the dream state. This dream was vaguely lucid, but not fully.

    4. Raven’s Shadow

      by , 11-29-1981 at 05:29 PM
      Morning of November 29, 1981. Sunday.

      I am back in the living room in Cubitis, more in the southwestern area of the larger room. It seems to be “isolated” somehow and I am perhaps the only one in the entire region. There is a very vivid awareness of the type which I would label as a type of “faux lucidity”, as, even though I am fully, consciously aware and it is so vivid, I am not certain of the nature of the “level” of my dream (regarding the particular “eerie” band of consciousness), and so see it as a potential aspect of really being fully awake at the time - it is an unusual state of knowing you are dreaming, yet still thinking you are somewhat conscious in an actual place with eyes open - a bit hard to explain, I think.

      In one area to the south, near the left; the narrower section of wall at the end of the hallway (that was to the right of the kitchenette entrance though the layout is distorted), I see a large shadow slowly and very smoothly sweep across that area on the wall. It is shaped like a bird, seemingly a raven. There is an unusual sense of timelessness. This exact same theme (and very similar imagery) repeated later on (a few months later), but seemed to occur at an open construction site late at night in Wisconsin rather than my old Florida home as here.

      Over time, this seemed to create the phrase within my mind - “time is raven-winged”, (a possible play on “time flies” though also in the context of time being a “scavenger”).

      This may sound negative, but we (my wife Zsuzsanna and our two oldest children at the time) had a positive enriching experience with helping an injured raven in real life years later.

      The bird shadow symbol (usually rendered as being in flight), sometimes “sweeping” though sometimes falling, which primarily represents the waking point itself, has been common in a number of my waking transitions since early childhood. “Frozen” and motionless bird shadows with no source projected onto a stage used as a living space by a female tulpa was an extremely vivid scene in a dream of recent apex lucidity of the type of augmented awareness that almost surpasses real life perception. When your mind is able to freeze the birds in flight rendering to where only the hovering shadows are projected, that is near-ultimate dream control.

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    5. Money Cat Minion Saves Me from Falling from Roof

      by , 12-23-1976 at 06:23 PM
      Night of December 23, 1966. Friday. (Last clarified on Tuesday, 12 September 2017.)

      This is a dream from age six, three days after my sixth birthday, and dreamt around midnight of the 23rd of December while I was living in my parents’ second-floor 901 Rose Street apartment in La Crosse, across the hall from Marilyn (older half-sister on my mother’s side). It was one of my most vivid dreams from this time period. My dream is directly related to the subliminally anticipated hypnopompic jerk (which is biological and unrelated to waking life factors) based on my dream self’s potential fall from the edge of the first floor’s roof, but which does not occur and results in a soft awakening, thanks to the preconscious factor.

      I dreamt that one of the “Money Cat” minions (an eerie shadowy form of an animated cat dancing on his two hind legs in a main musical scene in an almost human-like manner) from the movie “Gay Purr-ee” (1962) saved me from falling from the roof of the Rose Street building. (There was an extended area from the back door at the end of the hall on the second floor that was unsafe to walk on and was somewhat slanted and which led to a rickety staircase down to the back of the building and minimal parking area. It was a two-storey building; the top floor being apartments and the first storey inclusive of a tavern where my father sometimes performed music). I had found myself in a very vivid dream state, though not fully lucid, and had been exploring the roof seemingly late at night. The precarious staircase that was there in real life did not seem to be there in my dream, which seems to be why I almost fell in an attempt to locate the first step. The Money Cat minion effortlessly pulls me up by one “hand” (or paw) as I fall over the edge and hang in the darkness several feet above the ground for a short time. (A line from the “Money Cat” song is “in the palm of our paw”. The Money Cat minion is also referred to as a “Shadow Cat” in movie references.)

      With this early childhood dream, I already began to develop a clear understanding of what dreams (at least some dream types) actually were in a world where superstitious forms of “interpretation” still dominate the clueless masses in 2017. My Reticular Activating System is behind this preconscious factor, utilizing something I considered eerie (though not in a threatening sense) and wonderful, just prior to sleep. A beautiful integration of The Shadow, an emergent consciousness dynamic (the opposite of what many people believe) coalesces with the preconscious. Its purpose is to soften the natural falling sensation of coming out of the dream state (which otherwise has no relevance to real life). It is that simple. Fully understanding this is likely what caused me to have far less nightmares than other people. (I typically only have disturbing dreams with actual health issues, such as viral incursions.)

      “Gay Purr-ee” had a profound influence on me (in a similar way as “The Bermuda Depths” did years later) and there were a lot of unusual (even unexplainable) personal connections throughout my later years. A few of my early childhood dreams would begin in a similar manner as the opening credits of this movie, mainly in the later 1960s when my family relocated to Florida. I would “be” Jaune-Tom (but as a boy in a human-oriented scenario with the same basic plot). Most other animated movies had little effect on me in this sense. I watched “Gay Purr-ee” on television in Marilyn’s apartment for the first time in my life at 8:00 pm on December 23, 1966.

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    6. Man Panther Shadow

      by , 08-29-1970 at 02:29 PM
      Morning of August 29, 1970. Saturday.

      In a number of repeating similar scenes throughout what seems a very long dreaming period, I find myself somehow arriving on an island very early in the morning before sunrise, each time for “the first time”, though the repetitive nature of the “resets” is not monotonous or of any type of negative effect. I seem incorporeal for the most part, though sometimes standing on the beach in my physical body. Regardless of my mainly unresolved redundant arrivals, I do not become impatient. There is mainly a feeling of perfection, happiness, and timelessness. I have a vague sense of my “mystery girl” (who may be living near the central area of the island) but I do not see her at any point.

      Always in the distance no closer than thirty feet away, is a shadow in the form of a man but is also implied to be feline, with cat ears, and I sense it may be half panther and half man. There is no threat or negative emotion. The overall feeling the character is mostly projecting is neutral though seems to imply a beneficial future and even nostalgia (which seems unusual from a child’s point of view but has happened often with me as a boy). It seems like the creature is somehow always walking along the beach at this time on this seemingly isolated island. There are times when I more vividly perceive that this entity is my own shadow somehow cast from where I am standing on the beach (sparsely recurring including in much later dreams).

      Entry and additional notes confirmed and updated Wednesday, 26 October 2016.

      • Mainly influenced by the movie “Terror Is a Man” (November 1959) though again, completely lacking in anything either frightening or threatening.
      • Additionally influenced by the Money Cat scene from the animated movie “Gay-Purr-ee” (October 1962).
      • Additionally influenced from a previous dream from the night of Friday, December 23, 1966 (“Money Cat” minion saves me).
      • As of this writing, my last dream to feature an association with the Shadow Cat as the preconscious essence was “Catlike Shadow Creature and Shopping” from Saturday, September 10, 2016, though it has appeared in a number of other dreams, typically in a dream’s final minutes.
      • A beach in a dream represents liminal space and in fact is the most powerful setting of this nature. (See off-site link: The Beach, part 3 - Liminal Space.)
      • A cat (or in this case, a panther) mainly symbolizes the nocturnal form of the preconscious (especially in this shadow form), where its origin seems to be (even though cats are active during the day).
      • Shadow forms in my dreams are often friendly, helpful, and even radiate love, the opposite of what the majority of other people claim.
      • This form of the preconscious sometimes seems to be my own shadow, but in this case, I do not consider that a shadow could not appear in this way (for example, with no wall behind it for it to be logically cast upon), the same fallacy that has occurred in a number of other dreams since early childhood.