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    1. Ghosts in the Wardrobe

      by , 10-13-2018 at 01:02 PM
      Morning of October 13, 2018. Saturday.

      Dream #: 18,926-01. Reading time (optimized): 3 min. Readability score: 65.

      In my dream, there is not much of my current conscious self identity intact. Part of the first setting has the essence and “memory” of the Cubitis house’s kitchenette (where I have not been since 1978), but it is incorrect in the overall layout. There is an open area to the right (when facing west) that leads to a big bedroom, with other rooms beyond that. Additionally, there is a washing machine instead of a stove, which I do not find unusual. The house seems to belong to Marilyn (half-sister on my mother’s side; deceased), even though she never lived here. (I do not recall that she had died and she appears as she was in the late 1960s.)

      At one point, I watch the washing machine turn at an angle. Eventually, an invisible force drags it into the bedroom, leaving it near a door on the opposite side of that room, near the bed. I find this fascinating and tell Marilyn.

      I discover that the ghost of a boy is hiding under the bed after Marilyn tells me about him. I perceive him as sitting up in a meditation position even though this orientation could not be possible in reality.

      Another room seems to be like a small broadcasting room of a radio station, though mostly featureless. I talk to Jim (half-brother on my mother’s side; deceased) through the window, which seems closed, though I can hear him speaking to me. I do not go into the room. (I do not recall that he had died and he appears as he was in the mid-1970s.) He tells me that I should never talk about the ghost to anyone else outside of our home. I disagree. He seems sad. I then have an intense reflection of my marriage to Zsuzsanna and all the miraculous events we have experienced, and I begin talking about them as if they were the result of a divine force above us, yet astoundingly, my dream self does not enter dream state realization. (I still seem to have no recall of who I am or of my current real-life status immediately after this.)

      I go back into the bedroom, and Marilyn tells me that the parents of the ghost boy, who are also ghosts, had been hiding in the wardrobe for a long time. The unfamiliar and somewhat stocky man in a suit is wearing glasses. His eyes seem unusual. His right eye seems lower than it should, at a slight downward angle towards his nose. It is also a shorter distance from his left eye than what would be normal.

      I hold out my right hand for the male ghost to shake. I am very sincere and cheerful. He willingly shakes my hand. I then place my left over his as we are still clasping hands. My sense of touch is enhanced. I am confident and peaceful as I acknowledge him with a sincere smile, as if I am very happy to meet him.

      It is a typical non-lucid dream of the type I have had since earliest memory. There is no evidence that the non-lucid dream self has a viable link to the unconscious mind in REM sleep as many people believe. Virtually every non-lucid dream I have had since earliest memory reveals otherwise.

      I could look at this dream in two ways. I could see it as the common waking process. For example, I could see the male ghost as my emerging consciousness avatar and our shaking hands as coalescence of my dream self into my conscious self. (There have been many similar dreams.) However, knowing that telepathy (for lack of a better word) is a common dreaming process, there may have been something transpersonal going on here as with my recent “Jethro” dream. The link with the interconsciousness occurs at a specific level between dreaming and waking, though I can also perceive it at times when awake (especially with Zsuzsanna). That is evidence that interconsciousness exists either above preconsciousness or parallel to it, since interconsciousness is often more discernible than preconsciousness, though the reticular formation, RAS, and the preconscious is a waking alert factor in contrast to how the interconsciousness is a transpersonal dimension beyond the individual and a prerequisite of survival of the species, rather than just the individual.

      [key descriptors]

      subliminal creation of a bed as a reminder I am dreaming

      subliminal creation of a wardrobe as a reminder I am dreaming

      unification ritual

      REM dream state indicator (focus on “unusual eyes”)

    2. Werner Klemperer and Imposing Dogs

      by , 07-15-2015 at 08:46 AM
      Morning of July 15, 2015. Wednesday.

      I am in a building in a public place with Zsuzsanna (in an unknown town and unfamiliar location), possibly a train station, sitting on what is somewhat like a long wooden chest though meant to be a bench near the center of the room. She is on my left. Along comes Werner Klemperer (March 22, 1920-December 6, 2000, as from “Hogan’s Heroes”, though in a formal suit rather than in costume), seeming cheerful and cordial as he sits down on Zsuzsanna’s left.

      I am not surprised at all for some reason. I move forward (not standing up) and with some difficulty, try to shake his right hand with my left hand, which results in a bit of difficulty. He does not seem sure how to hold his arm in this situation and for a moment, it seems as if our hands are reversed or at least turned sideways (for example, the back of my hand facing out and forward, thumb down). Even though it is quite awkward making at least three attempts at a “normal” handshake, there is no residual embarrassment. He moves out farther but does not stand either.

      Zsuzsanna and I talk to him a bit about what he thinks of the “Lost” television series (which began in 2004), which makes no logical (or interpretable) sense due to him having died before the first episode ever aired. This seems vaguely familiar in conscious afterthought as if there was a very similar scenario in a dream of a few years ago (regarding two or three large televisions being in the same setting). However, this is one of only a few dreams that ever had him as a character, the last one possibly being in 1978 (though I did not do a full scan as it takes some time) - though all other instances regard his Colonel Klink character and persona, I think.

      There is not much after this. He does not seem to be too decisive about “Lost” either way. The meeting seems vivid and otherwise realistic for what it is.

      In another highly illogical dream scene, I am trying to stop dogs from coming onto the porch in an alternate version of our last home on Barolin Street, though the windows are actually mostly closed anyway (and are sash windows rather than the jalousie windows as they were in reality). I am forcefully slapping a pillow against the closed window, to make a particular dog back away from it. There are at least three dogs though which are not that aggressive. One does grab the end of the pillowcase in his mouth for a short time, as the window then seems about one inch open. Nothing that stressful ensues and no dogs get in.