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    1. Distorted Playground - Vertical Slide

      by , 05-06-1973 at 11:06 AM
      Morning of May 6, 1973. Sunday.

      Dream #: 2,330-03. Reading time: 40 sec.

      Features of this dream (stemming from vestibular modulation) have occurred many other times, the setting a variation of the playground in Florida from my elementary school. In this dream, it is at least four times bigger. As is typical, there seem to be random members of the public in addition to the students and teachers. I wander around and notice more features than in the real playground. There is a slide (about half the height of the real one) that is almost vertical. I climb its ladder and notice a few classmates carelessly hanging off the sides near the top. I do not feel like going down the “slide” and somehow get off the feature without doing anything physical, perhaps teleporting to the ground, to find myself walking farther south without incident. I do not attempt to use any other playground equipment. I watch from a distance. One feature resembles the monkey bars from the real playground but with a crow’s-nest at the top that seems precarious.

      Tags: playground, slide