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    1. Cessna in his Living Room

      by , 10-06-2018 at 09:21 AM
      Morning of October 6, 2018. Saturday.

      Dream #: 18,919-01. Reading time: 1 min 45 sec. Readability score: 63.

      Entering the usual (projected in this stage) vestibular system correlation phase (always based on the subliminal, liminal, or lucid anticipation of the process rather than anything to do with waking life), I find myself back in Cubitis in the early afternoon, in the front yard. I am watching airplanes flying south in the blue sky above. It goes on for seemingly a long time. (Although this is a common dream situation, having been so for over fifty years, it does not have the same essence or mood as my watching the sky before dawn dreams. Those carry more of a deep, blissful nostalgia and happiness, with a false memory of otherworldly activity occurring at about two to three in the morning.)

      There are others with me, though they are unfamiliar people. Everyone in this dream is cheerful. My conscious self identity does not exist in this space. Even the neighbors to the immediate south are unknown and unfamiliar. There are no thoughts of the real history with the real-life neighbors of 1968-1978.

      At times, I consider that I could cause an airplane to crash (though I am not viably lucid) by anticipating it, though I do not focus on human fatality here. Sometimes one of the planes flies close to the ground in the distance, but there are no explosions. Eventually, I see that a Cessna is in the driveway of the neighbor immediately to the south as if it had been there all along. I point this out to one of the other people in the front yard.

      My dream wavers into an indoor setting, where the Cessna is now indoors, in the neighbor’s living room. It is behind the couch (and is not much longer than it) in about the center of the room, though it does not have wings. The owner had called it “fake” even though it is not. He and his wife sit inside the airplane and watch television. The plane faces west.

      Eventually, the man cheerfully talks about having a snake around somewhere, which he put in the room on purpose. I am not concerned and do not see a snake anywhere, though slowly wake at this point.

      Since childhood, I have understood the vestibular system correlation avatar to be a specific form of RAS personification (the waking process linked to the reticular formation in REM sleep). Once again, this is validated, as the core RAS manifestation (in all primates, not just human beings) is a snake. It is almost as if the preconscious is playing with me by talking about having put a snake somewhere in the room with the wingless airplane.

    2. The Usual Snake and Porch Autosymbolism

      by , 07-19-2018 at 01:19 PM
      Morning of July 19, 2018. Thursday.

      In my dream, there is the usual snake scenario, though there are different factors as is typically the case. Our two youngest sons are present in the unfamiliar room. The setting is meant to be the house we are now living, but it is not familiar.

      There is a small snake that does not seem much of a threat. It slithers off into an area of miscellaneous items; mostly toys.

      We see a big green snake. As it slithers out, I swing at it with a sword, though I miss the first time. I chop off its head in my next attempt.

      The nature of my dream changes. Some unknown people are present, but I do not see them as intruders. The setting now seems to be a discernible variation of the Loomis Street house. They are going somewhere. An unknown female is leaving her daughter behind in the back of her car. That seems a bit unusual to me, but I think I will check up on her later.

      Later, the setting changes into what seems to be a variation of the Barolin Street house. I hear a noise on the porch, and I go to check. I consider it might be one of our children, though it now seems late at night. After I open the front door, I see an unknown boy on the porch in the semidarkness. He seems to be an East Indian of about fourteen years old. He is standing in the center of the porch, which is larger than it was in real life.

      “What do you want?” I ask him. He does not move, and I become slightly annoyed. Perhaps he is a neighbor’s son wanting to sell me something, though I remain unsure. I consider that he might be intruding deliberately. I do not know his motive.

      “Suzi, could you get my gun?” I call out to my left. The boy looks concerned and turns to leave.

      "I was just kidding,” I say as he is exiting the porch.

      After this, there is awareness of the world soon coming to an end. I sit on a couch across from Zsuzsanna, and she seems concerned. It is now morning in an unfamiliar lounge room. (It is still implied to be our home.) My dream self does not register the sudden change in time as is almost always the case.

      The world is going to end today. I am not sure how I know. I feel wary of this idea. I think back and understand it somehow relates to an encounter I had with someone. I am in an anomalous state that I cannot resolve consciously. I know it is from a previous dream encounter, presumed to be from before the snake event. Although I know I am dreaming I do not know I am dreaming.

      I soon wake with the full realization that I had been dreaming, feeling relieved. Still, I cannot resolve the enigma of knowing I was dreaming, yet not knowing. It was as if my dream self knew I was dreaming without my conscious identity knowing. Although this has happened on other levels repeatedly since childhood (especially in non-lucid dream control), it has never been expressed in this specific way before.

      The porch showdown with the preconscious avatar (a common form of RAS mediation since early childhood) had different dynamics than usual. The mood was different and seemed more like an interconsciousness avatar. It was even more like an external entity, though this might have been illusory.

      The “end of the world” scenario has occurred regularly since childhood. I rarely have anxiety in dreams, but in this one I did. I think it might have been heavily influenced by “Dream Replicants and the Emergence of Simulacra” by Richard Catlett Wilkerson, as I had also been writing a series of pages about emerging consciousness simulacra. For example, one part in Richard’s text read, “More currently, Carl Jung, and then James Hillman have suggested that even the ego in the dream, who I think of as me in the dream, may also not be me. Linda Magallón has also suggested we give the dream a higher existential reality and address the dream and dreamer and dreaming process as a kind of entity.” Ultimately, it represents my subliminal knowledge of my dream ending.

      The snake scenario, in this case, is typical RAS modulation (which is very common in most people, yet somehow no one ever catches on even with some websites featuring a few dreams a day with the same content). Here, it only served to shift my level of consciousness rather than wake me. Cutting off the snake’s head was autosymbolism for subliminally separating from my conscious self’s identity for a time, as in other dreams. (Snakes otherwise signify different aspects in other dream types when not a segment of the RAS factor, often human intestine, umbilical cord, or electrical cord warnings.) Green shows up more in a particular band of awareness, midway through the dreaming process (also signifying peace and balance depending on the hue), followed by yellow (unification stage of the dream self and conscious self), orange, and red. Red, however, usually only dominates when I have slept too long in the last dream of a sleep cycle.

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    3. Surreal Non-Lucid RAS (as Snake) Manipulation

      by , 02-14-2018 at 08:14 AM
      Morning of February 14, 2018. Wednesday.

      By way of liminal dream control (manipulation of the dream state without lucidity as a result of virtuous circle liminal understanding of what the dream state is), features and events in a dream can get really surreal and abstract, yet still with deep involvement of the dream self and inherent autosymbolism representing the dream state and waking process itself.

      My dream’s setting is mainly in the dining room of the Loomis Street house. My dream self does not regard it as a typical wrong setting. My wife Zsuzsanna is with me (mostly remaining on my left as in our sleeping orientation). I have the task of digging up roots from parts of sections of grass to make a new garden within the floor so that only dirt remains. In this case, after spending several minutes pulling roots from the dirt of the dining room “floor”, I notice the end of a section of a miniature culvert within a hole in the ground of about four inches deep.

      Snakes will come as a RAS trigger during any time period, regardless of life circumstances or the experiences of the dreamer. It is a biological process in all primates. The purpose is often simply to alert the sleeper to prepare for waking, regardless of any real threat (and often light environmental noise, or even a vague awareness of the real environment, is enough to trigger RAS mediation of this kind).

      As such, when I focus on the miniature culvert, I am thinking an animal may live within, that is, that it leads to the animal’s home. I do not even consider how ridiculous the idea is for an animal to build a tiny “culvert” with human design aspects. There is something in the back of my mind, the very familiar anticipatory feeling caused by subliminal expectation of RAS mediation, a main factor of my dreams since early childhood.

      I briefly mention it to Zsuzsanna. My dream temporarily distorts into my older sister Marilyn making a very brief appearance (though mostly as she was in the 1960s) and my illogical thoughts relating to whether or not she had died (though she had in real life in 2014). My brother-in-law Bob is moving stuff around that belonged to her, relating to her death, even though she had been in the house minutes before. The ambiguity of me living with Zsuzsanna on Loomis Street when Marilyn and her husband were not even living there when she died does not come into focus. This error of Marilyn and her husband occurs very often, likely because it was their last address of which I saw in real life before my move to Australia.

      Eventually, my expectations are answered, and a very small grayish snake (though of various shades, including a sort of brown tone) crawls from the miniature culvert. It is only about the size of an earthworm. It eventually crawls to the kitchen. My dreaming mind is expecting this RAS mediation, but it is so weak an attempt, the snake stops moving. I am not sure if I mentally killed it or not.

      Looking into the living room from the open dining room area, I see several separate longer blades of grass on the floor, about a dozen in total. There seems to be an unrealistically large table taking up much of the living room space as I am looking under it from the opposite end of the dining room. I am wondering if one of these grass pieces is actually the snake (which makes no sense as it had just been in the kitchen). The whole time, there is not much of a perceived threat and it is almost as if my dream self is trying to activate RAS again by anticipating a small snake manifesting from a grass blade. No snake appears and I eventually awake, feeling too warm (even with our fan on).

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    4. Surreal Non-Lucid RAS (as Snake) Manipulation

      by , 02-14-2018 at 08:14 AM
      Morning of February 14, 2018. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,685-02. Reading time (optimized): 1 min 30 sec.

      My dream’s irrelevant setting is the dining room of the Loomis Street house. Zsuzsanna is with me (mostly remaining on my left as in our sleeping orientation). I am digging up roots from parts of sections of grass for a new garden within the “ground” (floor), so only dirt remains.

      After spending several minutes pulling roots from the dirt of the dining room “floor,” I notice the end of a section of a little culvert within a hole in the ground of about four inches deep.

      When I focus on the little culvert, I think an animal may live in it or that it leads to the animal’s home underground. (I do not consider how ridiculous the idea is for an animal to build a tiny culvert as if by human design). There is a familiar anticipatory feeling caused by the subliminal expectation of waking process dynamics.

      I briefly mention it to Zsuzsanna. My older sister Marilyn makes a brief appearance (mostly as she was in the 1960s) and I have illogical thoughts about whether she had died. Because of her death, Bob is moving her belongings even though she had been in the house minutes before.

      An answer to my expectation begins. A tiny grayish snake (though of various shades, including a brown tone) crawls from the little culvert. It is only about the size of an earthworm. It eventually crawls to the kitchen. My dreaming mind is expecting this, but it is so vague, the snake stops moving. I consider I may have killed it with my thoughts.

      Looking into the living room from the dining room, I see about a dozen long blades of grass on the floor. There seems to be an unrealistically large table taking up much of the living room as I am looking under it from the opposite end of the dining room. I wonder if one of these grass pieces is the snake (which makes no sense as it had just been in the kitchen). There is never a perceived threat. It is as if my dream self is trying to activate RAS again by anticipating a small snake manifesting from a grass blade. No snake appears, and I awake, too warm (even with our fan on).

    5. The Culling of the Kraits

      by , 11-25-2017 at 01:26 PM
      Afternoon of November 25, 2017. Saturday.

      My beautiful wife Zsuzsanna and our children and I are living in a trailer in a trailer park in an unknown location. It is mostly in a field of low grass and not many land features, not even a discernible city in any direction, though there does seem to be a road in the distance. Thus, the only extant conscious self threads are of my present marriage status and nothing else, not even a focus on what country I am in, yet with my dream self (personified subconscious) ridiculously accepting the setting as legitimate (even though our large family could certainly not fit in a trailer).

      After some brief generic activities with my family, I step outside the trailer and notice a Belize guerrilla grinning at me and holding a rifle diagonally across his chest. He is standing about ten feet away from the trailer’s entrance.

      While all the other members of my family are still in the trailer, I lift my hands into the air while I am standing just outside the doorway, indicating my submission but only mild surprise.

      However, the guerrilla, an unfamiliar male of about thirty, points down at an area of ground with his rifle. I notice no less than twenty dead kraits in a cluster, the outer perimeter of the cluster being less dense with krait bodies in various curvy positions.

      Apparently, he has done us a big favor in having killed the surprising number of snakes, now strewn about lifeless on the ground near an isolated cluster of rocks to his left (my right). Lucidity comes in at only the last second prior to waking and I immediately recognize this common component and its core meaning.

      In approaching this dream with truth and understanding over superstition and the fallacy of “interpretation”, it is seen to be very basic. Some very basic knowledge about dreams is required; one, that this is an isolated dream during an afternoon nap, of which has entirely different symbolism than dreams of other time periods or during longer sleeping periods (due to the nature of circadian rhythms having the strongest influence over the dream state); two, that it was during a very light sleep with minimal REM; three, that this dream type is basically of waking symbolism only, with no relationship to real life.

      The personified preconscious (the Belize guerrilla - based on an unconscious confusion of Punta Gorda, Belize with my birthplace of Punta Gorda, Florida), typically linked to the reticular activating system (RAS) actually subdued it rather than augmented its dynamics. This is because RAS symbolism is only needed in extended sleep. My brief thread of lucidity is all it took to transmute the preconscious into the emergent consciousness. When one is ready to wake (especially during a lighter and shorter sleep), there is no need for aggressive preconscious mediation.

      A snake is the very epitome of RAS due to its “primal fear” status in the majority and bound to be the most inherent waking alert in many imaginary dream environments, yet many people persist in pointlessly bumbling along with imaginary “interpretations”. Being the oldest waking mechanism (other than the falling sensation linked to inner ear dynamics based on the shift in unconsciousness to consciousness), it is apparently even the origin of the Christian myth with the serpent (RAS) in the Tree of Knowledge (human brain in unconsciousness).

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    6. Five shorter dreams, including a snake in a cake

      by , 09-08-2017 at 09:46 AM
      Morning of September 8, 2017. Friday.

      Instead of making a separate entry for each of these five dreams of today, I will, at least for now, include only their summaries in one entry. (These are not all of today’s dreams as I sometimes remember fifteen or more, rarely ever less than five or six, not including the hundreds of short hypnagogic sequences, though those are usually of apex lucidity and too personal to post.) There were other dreams both before and after this sequence of five.

      Dream one: “Sighting a Red-winged Blackbird Near a Bus Stop”. I am in an unknown area in an unknown city, though I do not consider it as unfamiliar or how I got here. A kindergarten teacher is trying to get all of her students to gather together in one area, possibly near the bus stop. (She reminds me a little of my own kindergarten teacher from my childhood.) They may have been on a field trip. The streets have mostly commercial buildings. There is an open area which is mostly like a park on the opposite side of the street from where I am. I see one bird walking about on the short grass. It is a red-winged blackbird. As it slowly moves away from my view, sometimes hopping or flying a very short distance, I notice that the spot on its wing seems different at times, either more red or more yellow, but I consider that this relates to how its wing is positioned. It faces to the right at times. I point at it and cheerfully say that it is a red-winged blackbird. The teacher acknowledges me briefly but seems more interested in gathering her students together. (This is a typical combination of return flight waking symbolism mixed in with coalescence waking symbolism, with the bus stop analogy of returning to wakeful consciousness. The preconscious - the teacher - is passive here as it is not my last dream of the sleeping period.)

      Dream two: “Shaving with a Guinea Pig’s Shaving Cream”. I am with an unknown male in an unfamiliar bathroom, though I seem to be him at times. The other male is in the bathroom to shave, but he uses shaving cream which belongs to the guinea pig. The “guinea pig”, who actually seems mainly like an ordinary male human, stands off to my left and warns about a human being using it as it may be toxic to them or unsuitable at best. I shave slowly and carefully while looking in the mirror as I am seemingly now the other male. The detail is very clear and vivid. After this, with mostly smooth skin, guinea pig hair seems to grow out smoothly and cleanly from where my shaving occurred, mostly around my chin. I am not that concerned as this is apparently happening to the other male and not me even though I presently seem to be him. (This is partly related to removing most of my facial hair recently. Our guinea pigs are sometimes presently kept in the bathroom because of the cold weather, though in a fully-enclosed cage with a solid bottom.)

      Dream three: “Stolen Dimensional Gateway Emerald”. I am with a few unknown males. We enter a large room that has an unusual glass structure in the center which is higher than our height but only about two-thirds the height of the room. It would be cross-shaped if viewed from above. There is a glass room in the center, with four smaller rooms of slightly lesser height coming out from each direction. Each room’s walls are transparent. Here and there are multicolored rocks of the type found near some railroad tracks. I am aware that the emerald used to control the dimensional gateway is missing. In fact, I consider that I may have taken it. There is a vague sense of amusement as another male is annoyed that he cannot use the gateway. I look over a few of the interesting railroad track rocks and mention how the gateway emerald could be replaced, not to actually be usable, but so that other people do not know the real one was taken. “They don’t have anything like that at Walmart,” says the other male angrily. (This is some sort of distorted and failed reinduction - that is, dream reinitiation attempt, my dream self coalesced with the preconscious and my subliminal will projected as from another character.)

      Dream four: “Snake in a Cake”. There is some sort of party (possibly a birthday party) in a mostly featureless room that mostly only has a very large three-tiered pink cake that is about a foot higher than me. I get the impression that it may be taking place in the house on St. Cloud Street (where my older brother Earl lived for a time years ago). A lot of people are present, most unfamiliar, some relatives. After a time, a very large snake crawls across the floor. I relay what I see to the crowd, some people trying to leave, but there are too many people pushing about. I watch the snake smoothly crawl into the base of the cake and disappear. The imagery is mostly in pinks, oranges, and yellows. I relay how the snake has gone into the cake. Someone, an unknown male, says that he is not eating any of the cake. Later, the cake starts turning like a merry-go-round, which is caused by the snake’s actions. The cake eventually falls apart but there is seemingly not that much of a threat from the snake. (This probably relates to becoming dizzy in the past presumably from too much sugar, but I have not had problems with that lately, and I no longer drink cola at all. The snake was not rendered very realistically - more of the “War of the Serpents” mood and style from my childhood, so not serving as a vivid and more dominant waking prompt in itself as in other cases. Pink of a specific hue is often related to mild indigestion in sleep, based directly on taking Pepto-Bismol a number of times when I was young.)

      Dream five: “Earl’s Puppies”. This is fairly vivid. I walk into a room that is mostly featureless. Earl (older half-brother on my mother’s side who died in November of 2007) is standing in the room. There is not much light. He seems healthy and appears mostly as he was in the 1980s. I am aware that he has at least three puppies (perhaps four) inside his abdomen. I hear them whimper a few times and there is movement on his skin’s surface. (His shirt is up.) I am not sure if he had (either deliberately or accidentally) swallowed them whole or is willingly to be some sort of surrogate mother. I ask him if he is concerned about being bitten internally or if it might hurt. He seems cheerful and resolute. (This is likely a result of mild indigestion mixed with hearing the dog next door whining in real life through the veil of sleep.)

      There were a number of other dreams, a couple of which I may post separately at a later time or date. These dreams in order of vividness and clarity were five, two, one, three, four.

    7. Witch Snakes

      by , 08-02-2017 at 04:56 AM
      Morning of August 2, 2017. Wednesday.

      I am with my wife Zsuzsanna. We are with several unknown people. In the first scenario, we are in some soft of unusual park. There is an unfamiliar female, dressed somewhat like a carnival fortune teller, who supposedly understands things about rare creatures in the area as well as how to use certain herbs for health. Still, there is a point at which I decide to leave with the others without any of us really interacting with her. She tells me about how I had changed my mind about asking her something after I already gained my own information about something. It is not really patronizing; just an observation, I think.

      I had taken the remains of two witch snakes that had died of natural causes. They are mostly like a snake other than having the miniature head of a Halloween witch. There is a painting of one in some sort of brochure, which I mention is not realistic because the head does not look right, being too cylindrical. An unknown male seems to have a different opinion, claiming that is how they look when alive.

      I take the fangs out of the upper part of their mouths, though I arrange them as pointing upwards, front down on a surface. Each creature has three teeth, it seems, though I first think that there had been four. It seems that another male might have lost a couple when the surface was tilted, and they slid off, but after there seemingly being at least one with four teeth, it looks like only three from each. I mention how it seems that one witch snake was older when it died, due to its fang-like teeth being cracked (with thin lines) vertically, in the back.

      Our group ends up walking in an unknown area, though it eventually resembles the grounds of my old middle school in Florida on the north end. I talk about how each tooth could be sold to superstitious people as some sort of object for healing. This seems amusing to me and I think I might be able to make a lot of money but then I consider that people might only be willing to pay twenty dollars each as another male gives advice and seems to agree.

      I then talk about how we can create the “same” fangs to have a potential to make more money. I mention how if dirt is placed in the mouth of a clam that a tooth would grow from that location. (This is actually some sort of distorted memory relating to how pearls are formed in oysters. There is probably also a second layer of distortion based on the phrase “pearly whites”, referring to teeth.)

    8. Lorenzo’s Snakebite (exposing dreaming and waking processes)

      by , 06-27-2017 at 12:27 PM
      Morning of June 27, 2017. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 18,453-02. Reading time (optimized): 1 min 30 sec.

      My dream begins, displaying snakes that are neither a threat nor where I am as if they were images on a screen.

      I mentally create a new snake with liminal dream control. The setting becomes distorted. I try to make myself see a snake crawl from our present home’s kitchen. The snake appears but is unrealistic. A second unrealistic snake appears.

      My level of awareness increases when Zsuzsanna and our three youngest children are near the front door, going out to the library (though it is night in the last scene). Although it is our present home, the setting is uniquely distorted (as always). A snake bites Lorenzo on the finger shortly after I warn everyone it is nearby. I am concerned, thinking he should go to the hospital. Lorenzo cries and looks at me. However, the situation becomes ambiguous, stemming from my imagination. Although I thought the snake was venomous, Zsuzsanna informs me it is not.

      They go outside. The porch steps are incorrectly facing north, straight out from the front of our house (a recurring error) and slightly higher than in reality. Lorenzo sits on the ground near the steps. I think he might still need medical attention as he seems faint. I go out and half-jump, half-fall off the steps (vestibular system correlation, which revivifies my dream) to sit on the ground and comfort him as “we” coalesce into emerging consciousness.

      Important: Note how Lorenzo is this dream’s sleep simulacrum (the subliminal association with being in REM sleep), as he is “feeling faint.” Note how the scene directly links to vestibular system correlation (the subliminal focus on illusory physicality and movement by way of staircase usage, which I often initiate deliberately). These two dynamics are vital in decoding dreaming and waking processes and have correlated the same way in many previous dreams. Additionally, a dream character using a door is a common form of autosymbolism for synaptic gating concurrency.

      It is also important to realize how the foundation of my dream stemmed from my conscious will with dream state awareness that transitioned into my dream’s unwilled scenario when I abandoned that alertness. That is how many dreaming experiences occur with many people either not admitting to it or unaware of their mental processes.

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    9. Not Exactly a Deadly Cavern

      by , 01-01-2017 at 07:01 AM
      Dream #NYMC53

      Morning of January 1, 2017. Sunday.

      Reading time: 50 sec. Readability score: 80.

      I first focus on a big eagle when I am within a tunnel in a cavern, looking out through the entrance when farther inside. It seems to be an influence from making an image from a 1968 dream that had a giant bird that resembles an eagle. It seems to fly towards the entrance yet the distance does not seem to change.

      I see a clear pool of water. Something that looks like a snake is swimming in the water, but it soon seems to be a belt somehow moving on its own. Eventually, there seem to be at least a dozen identical venomous serpents that I have no concern about in my lucidity. They are like small coral snakes. They slither in and out of porous rocks. I am eventually aware of Zsuzsanna.

      There is a scene where I see an unknown young girl in a plaid dress (yellows and greens). Down past her knees, she seems to be growing out of another girl, and that girl, in turn, grew out of another, and still another. The fourth girl is lying on the cavern floor. They all seem cheerful. This “human tree” reminds me vaguely of a scene from George Harrison’s “When We Was Fab” music video from 1987.

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    10. Little Yellow Snake

      by , 08-26-2016 at 02:26 PM
      Morning of August 26, 2016. Friday.

      My dream’s setting is a unique variation of our present home. There is an ambiguous perception of bilocation, though the essence of my primary environment is extraordinarily vivid. I seem to be in bed, yet I am also looking down to my right at what appears to be the open storage area in the bottom of the couch I slept on as a teenager. (The back of it dropped down for it to serve as a single bed.) This layout would not be possible in reality. It seems to be on the right side of our bed and perpendicular to it. The size orientation is wrong despite the amazing clarity. (Certainly, no couch would fit in the short distance from the right side of our bed to the wall.) It seems smaller than it should but my dream self accepts this feature.

      Our youngest sons are present in the room. There is a small yellow snake of about a foot long that I consider as possibly venomous. It had somehow crawled inside the couch. The area is perceived as being about a foot below the top of our mattress. There is a horizontal section of the storage space that is slightly apart near the bottom that allows the snake to crawl out through it. I keep touching its head with a stick and it moves back into the narrow space. I feel confident that I can keep the snake at a distance. I use the stick to bump its head and it retreats about four times.

      Eventually, it somehow jumps out from the area and hits my left shoulder fairly hard though does not bite me. It seems to vanish after this. It is so vivid that not only do I wake up slapping my shoulder in reality, I shuffle around a short time before I am fully awake.

      Specific colors in my dreams, when they dominate my focus of attention, sometimes correlate with an aspect of consciousness I am most aware of during the waking process. Yellow or gold often occurs where there is more perception of movement and emergent consciousness awareness that serves to dissolve the illusory nature of the dream state in activating viable consciousness. On the biological level, a snake dream of a more vivid and realistic rendering as this is often only reticular activating system modulation to more quickly alert the dreamer into waking up. Being biological autosymbolism as a derivative of RAS, there is no reason to force the pretense of waking life symbolism into such a dream, especially as it was a factor in making me aware that my left arm would have become numb had I slept in the position I was in any longer.

    11. A Snake with Arms

      by , 03-25-2016 at 09:25 AM
      Morning of March 25, 2016. Friday.

      I am with my wife Zsuzsanna and our family as we are now, although we seem to be living in an unfamiliar house. Still, it seems associated with the Barolin Street house even though it does not look like it on the inside. The main focus in the first segment relates to looking out to what is perceived as our backyard. There are two sets of railroad tracks running parallel to the house, the first not more than ten feet out from the exterior wall. There is an implied backstory that there was a flood. Apparently, the soil had been gray and possibly gravelly, but after the flood there is now new topsoil of a bright brown which is supposedly very rich and fertile. I remark on this feature and it seems a beneficial event.

      I look out through a large window into our backyard and notice a snake slowly crawling away from the immediate area. It resembles a copperhead and I tell Zsuzsanna about it. She seems to imply it may be venomous. Eventually, it looks unrealistically large in the middle of its body. After a short time, it is coming back towards the back of our house, now upright in the manner of a cobra, but with an arm out from each side of its body, similar to a human proportion, and seeming to slowly “strut” (regarding the vertical motions) in a somewhat exaggerated manner, though I do not notice legs. I consider if it actually may be some sort of legless lizard.

      I am again talking to my wife in the kitchen after our back door, mostly all glass held by a small metal frame, seems to fall inward though I am not sure how it happened. I do not want the snake getting in and manage to prop it back up. Oddly, I soon hear someone talking and wonder what is going on. I then realize that there is a bathroom on the other side of the kitchen wall which is either for the general public or part of someone else’s rarely used ranger station that for whatever reason is connected to our house - this being the first time I was aware of it. I can see a gap under the mopboard, which seemingly makes the voice more audible. I realize that the older male is talking to me, perhaps being sarcastic, but I pretend to not know where the voice is coming from as I talk to my wife about it. “Did you hear that?” I ask her, “It seems to be coming from the other side of the wall.” I continue to pretend I do not know more about the voice. “Perhaps it is a recording,” I say, mocking the unseen man.

      Finally though, there are at least five or six seeming park rangers in our kitchen in mostly tan uniforms. I talk for a short time about the unusual snake with arms and its coloring and patterns. I then mention something about calling the police after they start to move things around in the top shelves of our cupboard for no apparent reason, which seems dusty and even with black ash (which is actually a possible feature from ash falling from the cane fires locally, and gathering in gaps inside houses). The idea of involving the police does not really go anywhere and I am not even certain I was heard. The one that had been talking reminds me vaguely of Burl Ives, at least in physical appearance. They move around what seem to be various items such as empty salt and pepper shakers and knickknacks, and there is at least one antique tall white ceramic teapot or coffeepot. They do not take anything down and can barely reach the shelves; they just shuffle things about and I hear soft glass and metal sounds.

      I eventually find myself holding a belt and seem at the ready to swing it upwards and bash someone’s hand with the buckle (and the prong) if any hand goes up towards the shelves again. However, they then just stand about looking up at the shelves from here as if slightly puzzled and I do not get the opportunity to swing my belt at anyone’s hand.

      This is not the first time that I have associated a belt with a weapon in a dream that also featured a snake or even one turning into the other. The connection seems to be the buckle and prong being analogous to a snake’s head (the belt buckle’s prong as one “fang”). It may also relate to an additional association of actually having worn real snakeskin belts.

      Railroad tracks in unfamiliar or unlikely areas have been a feature in my dreams since very young and seem to relate to the nature of the dream state itself, both induction into a dream, and the waking transition (implied conduit).

      Hidden or previously unknown rooms (of all kinds, even small libraries as well as “junk” storage) are also a fairly common dream feature for me.

      It seems obvious that this snake directly represents me in association with waking reality. Firstly, it is crawling away and seems fat in the middle. Then, it is coming back in a sort of strut and moving like a cobra (though without the “hood”) with somewhat muscular arms. This is a direct analogy to, go away I do not want to be overweight, and…come back with muscular arms from exercising and weight-lifting. This is especially relevant as it is moving next to the railroad tracks, which metaphorically represents a “train of thought” in this case.

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    12. Venomous Snake Run

      by , 11-26-2015 at 05:26 PM
      Morning of November 26, 2015. Thursday.

      In my dream, I am living with my family as we are now, though over time, it becomes like a variant of Cubitis (though the hallway is replaced by our present living room, it seems - another new and unique composite as always).

      As usual, the snake situation is very vivid and its approach is somewhat worrisome. I know that this snake is very venomous but I do not know the name of the species. Still, I am somehow able to avoid being bitten by the snake even though I am lying on the floor at times. I seem to be yelling at some sort of unseen presence to kill it, even calling the presence rude names. There is one point where my oldest son comes out and makes an attempt to catch it. There is another point where it crawls over the extension cord on the floor.

      I manage to cut it at the back of its head (with a hoe, I think). It somehow ends up higher, crawling from the top of our refrigerator and hanging down on the right side where I perceive it is wounded to where it is no longer a major threat (though still potentially dangerous if the head is close enough to bite - though it moves slower here). It seems to be tangled in the vertical electric cord (which is over a nail just above and right of our refrigerator to resolve slack) for a short time to where it is difficult to safely tell where the cord ends and the snake begins. (At this point, it seems obvious the snake symbol has an association with a concern over the danger of frayed electric cords or electricity itself - and this also seems to be the case with other “snake in the house” dreams.)

      Finally, the snake is beheaded and its body does not move much. However, its head moves around the house like a toy racing car, still posing a threat and now moving faster than ever without its body. I manage to catch up with it and slice its head across in segments into about five sections (now seeming to be in my father’s room from childhood but only vaguely), almost giving it the appearance of a small cake. It still seems to be somewhat alive for a short time, including the section with its two eyes bulging slightly, moving only a little.

      This dream turned out to be a warning about a frayed electrical cord I had not consciously paid much attention to the day before.

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    13. Sea-Snake-Like Tapeworm in and on my Father

      by , 10-03-2015 at 04:03 PM
      Morning of October 3, 2015. Saturday.

      I seem to be younger and living with my parents again, though I do not feel that much like a child in my dream. (I am not sure where we are living. It seems vaguely like the Stadcor Street house where my wife Zsuzsanna and I lived years ago with our two oldest children.) My mother is also present and is concerned about my father.

      My father (deceased February 14, 1979) is home early from his work in construction. He has his shirt off and is in pain because of a large creature wrapped around his abdomen as well as being partly inside his stomach. Apparently, it is some sort of very large tapeworm or parasite but actually looks like a sea snake. It is wrapped around at least three times in horizontal layers and there is a section that goes inside his abdomen. He sits on the bed and seems in distress. He appears as he did perhaps in 1960 (or even the late 1950s before I was born).

      I start to contemplate why he waited so long to consider having it removed. Now it would be more difficult than ever to have it removed due to its large size. I think about how they would have to put the creature to sleep before removing all of it. The imagery is very clear and continues for at least (seemingly) fifteen minutes. It does not seem it will be fatal, though it does seem to be painful and devitalizing to put up with such a problem. I consider how my father could have gotten around and done his work with that creature there all the time. Apparently, it has only started to worsen recently, as it has gotten bigger.

      At one point, the creature’s head seems to be disconnected but is somehow still alive and clamped on, though I still get the impression that it will soon die from having its head detached.

      Although a snake typically biologically symbolizes the raw RAS waking trigger (likely the case with all primates), it depends on the dream. In this case, it is a rendering of my own intestinal discomfort, of which a snake has represented since early childhood. My father has been validated to represent my waking life status as me being a father in a number of cases (including in prescient dreams most often related to health), more so only as I have gotten older. Due to their shape and coiling, snakes have direct associations with the human intestine (and bowel discomfort and cramps - as well as quite obvious associations with human waste, which both I and another boy dreamt specifically of in childhood), which is even more obvious in this dream, as the creature was almost the same as an “external intestine” in its appearance. However, this is certainly not always the case. (For example, in one dream, a snake served as a frayed electrical cord warning and in a more recent dream, served as a warning to have our electricity off when it began to rain inside our house after the roof was torn off. In another case it was validated to symbolize a human umbilical cord.)

      Edited for clarity on Tuesday, 2 January 2018.

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    14. Snake Afire

      by , 06-05-2015 at 12:05 PM
      Morning of June 5, 2015. Friday.

      This is one of five more memorable dreams of this morning (my dream memory usually ranging from six to nine clearer ones) and has the recurring presence of a snake - which usually makes a dream more vivid and focused for some reason (with the snake sometimes seemingly being the most well-rendered feature), sometimes even lucid. Since very early childhood, I have been aware of how a snake is sometimes metaphorical for the human intestine (such as with either indigestion or hunger pangs) though other times related to something else, sometimes literal, sometimes associated with pain in the fingers (especially if the fangs are seen), sometimes associated with the human spine and temporarily greater back pain depending on context. (This does not always include the cobra, which typically has completely different associations for me.)

      My dream is firstly of the type that is not very well-rendered and with the indoor-outdoor ambiguity. My wife and I are seemingly outside (though with vague indoor features) in an unknown area though I know there are mountains “behind” us to the south, narrowly ranging east and west. Over time, it seems as if we actually are outside near an embankment.

      I soon notice a snake to my right and under a few smaller branches and debris. However, there is no sustained wariness or concern as I soon see that it is dead. A little later though, there is a live one crawling about and I get the impression that it is highly venomous. It apparently leaves the area without incident, but there is still concern. My youngest son is wandering about for a short time. The ground is hard grayish dirt for the most part. There seems to be a very vague essence of being in the backyard in Cubitis, but it does not clearly seem as such and may only be an association. It really does not look anything like the area (especially with the mountains beyond).

      My wife Zsuzsanna somehow contacts someone on a radio and it seems relative to a parks and recreation communication regarding safety. A man in a helicopter shows up and flies over the area checking for the presence and activity (crawling direction) of any snakes. He later walks up with a temporary map saying how they are mostly in the mountain belt at this time.

      However, there is still the one snake that did not actually leave the area. I have a book of matches and manage to set the snake on fire after a few attempts, and which takes a few minutes to send it completely ablaze. It does not move much during this time. It may be an in-dream metaphor for lower back pain in this case, which has sparsely and randomly occurred throughout my life. (There is also a type of firework called Black Snake which I have not used since 1990, which may have served as a reference for the situation.) Again, although the snake seemingly represents the human spine in this case and the fire may relate to back pain (though fire often is associated with growing conscious awareness though of course such would be required to perceive pain in the first place), it may also relate to dream state alchemy and eliminating the pain.

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    15. Sharks and a Snake

      by , 02-28-2015 at 12:29 PM
      Morning of February 28, 2015. Saturday.

      This is quite honestly one of the most ludicrous dreams I have had in years, if not decades…You have been warned.

      I am near the ocean in an unknown and otherwise unfamiliar region. There is a concrete bridge over one area fairly close to the shore. Over time, I notice activity in the water, which appears to be at least two sharks. I am not bothered by the presence of sharks even though I am fairly close to the water’s edge.

      At one point, I notice one shark jump onto another one. Looking more closely, I see that they are apparently mating in this way. Not only that, it becomes a bizarre scene. The female shark is on the bottom but is also on a jetski moving normally through the water and actually seeming to be in control of it (I am not certain if she had eaten an implied human rider prior to this - though it seems likely - where else would a shark get a jetski?). The male shark is on her back but eventually appears to have human-like legs at the rear that help him balance over her as well as stand on the jetski. There is a lot of suggestive motion and drama and it goes on for several minutes rather rhythmically and with no sense of comedy or lack of logic.

      Later on, a few other (unknown) people are in the area. A very long giant (but thin) snake is on the shore (though I see part of its body in the water at one point). It is not like a sea serpent, just like a giant coral snake or similar. I watch its huge head look down at me at one point but do not feel remotely threatened. When it gets closer to me, I start thinking about old monster movies. I start thinking that the motion of the snake is starting to look like stop motion animation from the 1960s.

      From here, there is an idea that the giant snake is knocking down skyscrapers that line one area of the shore. I start watching the action and become aware of a scene that looks mostly like pieces of walls and furniture raining down for a very long time - almost like a continuous “waterfall” of broken pieces of chairs and tables and small random pieces of the buildings, mostly cascading in the same general areas throughout, which makes it seem unrealistic. (I am not lucid at any point.)
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