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    1. Lorenzo’s Snakebite (exposing dreaming and waking processes)

      by , 06-27-2017 at 12:27 PM
      Morning of June 27, 2017. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 18,453-02. Reading time (optimized): 1 min 30 sec.

      My dream begins, displaying snakes that are neither a threat nor where I am as if they were images on a screen.

      I mentally create a new snake with liminal dream control. The setting becomes distorted. I try to make myself see a snake crawl from our present home’s kitchen. The snake appears but is unrealistic. A second unrealistic snake appears.

      My level of awareness increases when Zsuzsanna and our three youngest children are near the front door, going out to the library (though it is night in the last scene). Although it is our present home, the setting is uniquely distorted (as always). A snake bites Lorenzo on the finger shortly after I warn everyone it is nearby. I am concerned, thinking he should go to the hospital. Lorenzo cries and looks at me. However, the situation becomes ambiguous, stemming from my imagination. Although I thought the snake was venomous, Zsuzsanna informs me it is not.

      They go outside. The porch steps are incorrectly facing north, straight out from the front of our house (a recurring error) and slightly higher than in reality. Lorenzo sits on the ground near the steps. I think he might still need medical attention as he seems faint. I go out and half-jump, half-fall off the steps (vestibular system correlation, which revivifies my dream) to sit on the ground and comfort him as “we” coalesce into emerging consciousness.

      Important: Note how Lorenzo is this dream’s sleep simulacrum (the subliminal association with being in REM sleep), as he is “feeling faint.” Note how the scene directly links to vestibular system correlation (the subliminal focus on illusory physicality and movement by way of staircase usage, which I often initiate deliberately). These two dynamics are vital in decoding dreaming and waking processes and have correlated the same way in many previous dreams. Additionally, a dream character using a door is a common form of autosymbolism for synaptic gating concurrency.

      It is also important to realize how the foundation of my dream stemmed from my conscious will with dream state awareness that transitioned into my dream’s unwilled scenario when I abandoned that alertness. That is how many dreaming experiences occur with many people either not admitting to it or unaware of their mental processes.

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