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    1. Pterodactyl Model Panning (causation explained)

      by , 05-15-2021 at 08:32 AM
      Morning of May 15, 2021. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,871-02. Optimized 2 minute read.

      Note; The waking-life model is red. For the image, I made it the same as the predominant color in my dream (though there were other colors). The additional optional outer wing piece is for a torn wing feature.

      My dream begins with me sitting near a river, though the water lowers over time. (This attribute has remained the same for this dream type for over 50 years. One influence is from isolation tank films I saw as a child, though it also naturally corresponds with melatonin mediation and ultradian rhythm.) Typical indoor-outdoor ambiguity (impossible to discern as such in waking life) is predominant at some points, though there is more morphing of the setting than usual. The locational inferences are unknown. I have recall of my real-life identity to the extent of where I recall I have three sons.

      I think of creating a portal so that my sons can see a living pterodactyl through it. We do not intend to go through the portal but to watch different events through it.

      A somatosensory phase response (a natural, predictable shift to attention on using my hands toward resolving REM atonia) becomes predominant, and there is a spontaneous flight-related association with the Aurora Pterodactyl model kit from the early 1970s. I had one when I was a boy. In this instance, the process curiously mixes with finding gold coins (also somatosensory summoning), but only as a supraliminal influence. (I do not think about panning for gold in my dream, only recovering all the pieces of a plastic pterodactyl model.)

      After my sons watch a living pterodactyl through the portal (a precursor to managing the vestibular phasing of dreaming) for a few minutes, I begin finding many different sizes and colors of pieces from various fictitious versions of what is otherwise the same Aurora pterodactyl model kit.

      Many parts are smaller than the waking-life kit, but there are no larger versions. I see little cyan plastic wings, but also green, blue, and other colors. There are more outer wing parts than other features. I also notice some small wing connectors; rectangular prisms. I become fascinated by their variety and study their random arrangement for several minutes. However, there is no dream segment where parts of a complete model are collected and assembled.
      Revealing dream content causation:

      I continue to be fascinated by how the same processes and phasing responses (often in the same order throughout my sleep cycle) result in so many unique and engaging narratives.

      This dream’s narrative is a result of my typical familiar lifelong metacognitive status and its management:

      Water induction corresponds with beginning my navigation of REM sleep and is usually the first process depending on my dream’s time.

      Vestibular system ambiguity (vestibular cortex phasing response) is from being in REM sleep and links to my metacognitive pursuit of mind-body reconnectivity, often with flight associations. In this instance, however, the phasing curve favors my metacognitive focus on REM atonia (physical immobility in sleep).

      As is often the case, my dream focuses on managing the virtual division between dreaming and attaining wakefulness. Here, it results in a “portal” (rather than the more mundane summoning of a door) and the mental and physical duality of dreaming that is absent in real life.
    2. Toy figures change size

      by , 08-22-2014 at 02:22 PM
      Morning of August 22, 2014. Friday.

      I am looking over my two youngest sons’ toys (the boys are also in the room) which have been gathered together on the floor near the center of the room. I am not fully sure of the location. It may be the living room from Cubitis but may also be Barolin Street. There are no obvious features to go by and my in-dream perspective is not focused on the environment itself anyway. There are several plastic toy soldiers (multicolored rather than monotone) that are on a much larger vehicle (mostly which I keep facing me, where I am sitting on my knees, it seems). The vehicle also has a couple smaller vehicles in the back that are around the same scale as the toy soldiers. This seems “normal” at first regarding real-life proportions, until I later realize that the two quite different scales of vehicles would not exist at full scale in real vehicle scenarios (though I doubt in conscious afterthought that children care that much if all of their toys are all at the same scale as my dream seems to imply) I test a toy army truck at the toy soldier scale that whirs a bit, being one that goes by itself for a short distance when activated by manual movement somehow. The gear design under it seems fairly complex.

      A bit later, I look at a truck that is only slightly bigger than the scale of the toy soldiers which is sitting in one section of the back of the much larger toy truck (which is on my left with the larger vehicle facing me). In a short time, the smaller vehicle is much larger, about one-quarter the size or larger of a GI Joe jeep I once had. There are then much bigger figures, about the scale of the larger plastic toy solider figures I used to have. In a way, I am also thinking of smaller versions (about two-thirds the size at this point in-dream) of the GI Joe and Johnny West dolls I had as a boy. One of the figures is a pregnant female. Her stomach opens up (being similar to a model we had at the middle school) and the womb and baby can come out in a few separate parts. The colors of the pieces, four of them, are mostly pink and blue. This last part seems to vaguely relate to a previous real-life task of trying to come up with a way to fix the small broken keyboard “leg” - which was replaced by a new one and that one in turn broke shortly after. They do not make things very well any more.