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    1. The Volcanologists

      by , 07-25-2016 at 01:25 PM
      Morning of July 25, 2016. Monday.

      I have befriended, as a coworker, Terry O'Quinn (as John Locke on “Lost”). We are volcanologists working in an apparently isolated area, though there is no impending threat at first. Eventually however, I develop some sort of insight into seeing what is to come, though this is more as a typical pretense in somehow subliminally directing my dream (which happens a lot in non-lucid dreams). There are about six or seven in total working in this setting.

      I inform them that they all died - though speaking of events about three days from now. They seem a bit wary of my advice that they should leave. They do not want to scrap the study, but I somehow convince them.

      Suddenly, at one point as we are walking, we are all in the Cubitis living room. I gaze cautiously at a small bright orange circle (like a shallow hole possibly revealing orange rather than red lava inside) on the knotty pine wall to the right of the hidden door that was there in real life, somehow linked to a light switch in this otherwise dark room. (This is a sunrise metaphor and waking precursor and seemingly symbolizes a desire to somehow see my deceased parents prior to the new day as both my mother and father used that room during different time periods.) There is a sense of electrical energy rather than volcanic and there is no threat, just a sense of awe and curiosity. The others follow my lead willingly. There is an interesting scene of an earthquake but I inform them that there is still time to escape.

      There is a scene where Michael Dawson shows up to drive us to the airport. He looks as if he has been badly burned by being close to the eruption, though it is more like an unrealistic type of “burn” where he is more like a shadow made of ash. It is an unusual effect but he seems perfectly fine and is even cheerful.

      At a later point I am looking at Terry O'Quinn through the window of a commercial jet airliner that is flying high in the sky (and it seems I somehow phased through the wall of the aircraft I had just been in to do this). He notices me and there is the idea that I am his guardian angel or even his idea of God. He is aware of me and acknowledges my presence in a somewhat cautious but respectful manner.

      Finally, there is a bizarre scene where I am looking at the front halves of the heads of all the volcanologists as they are lying on the surface of a table in a medical laboratory. They are slid around almost like dinner plates a couple times. I am trying to work out where the rest of their bodies are though they seem fairly alert and are answering questions and getting examined somehow.

      There seems to be a question over how I knew they would have otherwise died. I reveal my ability, which supposedly came from some sort of injection in this same laboratory. A female medical worker seeks to give me another injection to undo my abilities but I cause her to fly backward across the room and against the wall with telekinesis. I am able to fly away as well as to help the volcanologists escape their second possible fate of being lab rats.

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    2. Being a Superhero and the Great Sun Barrier

      by , 07-04-2016 at 10:34 AM
      Morning of July 4, 2016. Monday.

      At first, I am wandering about in what I first think is a business building though there are not that many people around. There had been a slight focus on catching a bus (from the La Crosse post office area - even though I now live in Australia), but my attention shifts. I see an unknown male walking towards me in the dimly lit hall. I notice in one large office I glance into that Terry O'Quinn is standing in semidarkness near a desk as if ready to go home. I say “Hello Anthony” and wave and he seems slightly startled and annoyed by my presence and simply responds with “Huh?” I keep walking thinking that I should have called him Mister Quinn. I do not catch that I had called him by the wrong name (and although he has a brother named Thomas Anthony Quinn, I got the name mixed up with the other Anthony Quinn, the Mexican-born American actor who died in 2001).

      I am now a young female flying in a loose-fitting superhero costume. My very large cape has narrow vertical red and white stripes (which is an obvious association with the American flag and its waving though I do not perceive this as such while in my dream, although a cape itself is a dream sign that represents being under a bedsheet or blanket). I feel good as I fly through an area between tall buildings. A young male approaches me from the opposite direction and he is wearing the same costume as I am. We end up on the ground where there are several other people, which seems somewhat of a family reunion in a metropolitan park. After a time, he seems in awe that I am flying without aid. It turns out that he had been held up by wires (I assume, linked to all the buildings). I can see a number of wires that are attached to him from different directions (which is an obvious play on the dream self as being a “marionette” of the unconscious state in non-lucid dreams), almost as complex as a spiderweb. Eventually, he seems angry that I can really fly and he cannot. Suddenly, I am a different character, myself as I am now. I am now apparently the father of the previous female character who is still with us. I tell him that I had flown all my life and he seems surprised and annoyed. I tell him that I had flown a lot in Wisconsin when it was too cold for others to be out, though it also seems that my family is the only one with members who can fly. Eventually, my female character is now me again, but later becomes a male flying character (though not the other male who “flew” with wires).

      In the next scene, I am going to Terry O'Quinn’s house (its location of which I somehow know though none of this dream’s settings are familiar in any way) to, I think, as a courier, get some documents relative to a business venture. It still seems to be in the afternoon. A group of about ten or more males are standing in a sparse arrangement (somewhat equidistant) in his front yard. They seem to not like my special abilities, including my flying ability, and start to approach me aggressively. I blow lightly in their direction as I am going onto the porch and somehow they are all knocked down by an invisible force and do not get up.

      I look into Terry’s bedroom (obvious dream sign; the dream self reflecting on the conscious self still being in bed), and see that he had been sleeping, and as such, he again makes a sort of frustrated “Huh?” sound. Deciding not to annoy him any further, I walk back out onto the porch, which is now perpendicular to where it had just been seconds before (that is, rotated ninety degrees to the right - and this is a long-recurring sudden illogical setting change) and facing the street instead of the large yard at the side of the house. Soon, a male in a business suit comes out to talk to me. I try to discern if this is Terry, though I ask him if he is Tony, but it is someone else. He is a younger male (perhaps about twenty) wearing horn-rimmed glasses. He is talking to me about Terry and his tax forms (relative to business) but I do not quite understand the last sentence. He says something with a very strange playful tone (though as if also being sarcastic towards me) that sounds like gibberish. I ask him to repeat what he had said and he repeats it more loudly than before. I still cannot make out what it is as it sounds more like just a fast “nyah nyah nyah” noise. I tell him in a playful though assertive manner, almost as if talking to a child, “I can’t understand you and I don’t think I ever will” and then begin to hear lightly dramatic music playing in the background as if my dream has an overhead “soundtrack”. He just sits on the wall of the porch grinning sheepishly.

      As I am walking down the street, other people are looking at the sky and something seems wrong with the sun. It is supposed to be afternoon but is slightly darker than it should be. After a short time, the sun appears as a goldfish drawing etched into the sky in bright orange strips of fire (which almost seems natural and normal). A circle of fire is around it. However, this fire seems to hit an invisible spherical barrier a short distance out from the sun. “There is a barrier around the sun,” several people begin to note and say as a small crowd gathers around near one intersection. Everyone seems concerned. I am not that concerned considering that if this were real, it would be the end of the world.

      Time passes, and eventually there are images in the sky of witches in a circle, from about the waist up, holding their hands out vertically and trying to match the fire shooting out of the now crystal ball sun by sending their own fire (from the palms of their hands) back into the “sun”, which seems to “explain”. the supposed barrier There is a loud sizzling sound that also seems to have elements of hissing, breathing, and snoring.

      What a long bizarre and surreal mixed-up dream. What is unusual is the goldfish, as a fish is typically an induction symbol (which directly represents the dreamer in the dream state), though here is the waking precursor and light-of-day symbol (dawning consciousness as sunrise and circadian rhythms metaphor). I guess this is because gold represents conscious activity in the dream state, so the goldfish oddly serves as this dream’s flight symbol (that is, the main consciousness displacement representation that occurs in the majority of my dreams). Fire represents emerging conscious awareness within the dream state and as such, sometimes causes the dream’s dissolution (unless lucid).
    3. “Lost” Babies (partially precognitive outcome)

      by , 09-13-2015 at 03:13 PM
      Morning of September 13, 2015. Sunday.

      This is a long meandering dream of watching a fictional spin-off to the television series “Lost”, which is not the first time this has happened, and resultant dreams always have baffling inconsistent plots.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and family and I are apparently living in a new unique version of my Cubitis home. This time, the layout is similar to reality, but an additional design is implemented. The original layout is rotated one-hundred-eighty degrees and then superimposed on the original so that there is a hallway to the northwest as well as to the southeast. Of all my dreams set in Cubitis since 1968, this is the first time this particular distortion has been rendered as far as I know. The television is near the center of the room and we are facing mostly north while watching it, but holographic projections of the characters emerge at times and although they do not interact with us, they seem like a “real” presence now and then. (The albino ones vaguely remind me of the supposed alien energy beings on “Under the Dome”.)

      This version of “Lost” has the original characters appear as children and focuses more on adventures they had while growing up, seemingly in a rural area. The main focus is on Hugo “Hurley” Reyes and the child version of him even has unusual sideburns. There also seem to be very unusual young albino versions of all the characters (who interact with the original characters) though who may be connected to some sort of experiment as they seem more like less-defined waves of energy at one point, or almost like suspended chalky vibrant water taking on human form. At one point, the characters are “real” and mostly to the right of my armchair in a small group facing my direction. They are talking to an adult who was not in the original show; a young black female detective.

      There are two scenes in which an adult John Locke (Terry O'Quinn) is killed. It surprises me that they killed off a main character (so thus my actual memory of the series is truly lacking in my dream). One scene involves him lying on his back over a bed of nails submerged in the middle of a fast-flowing river. Another scene involves him falling through the floor of some sort of unusual room and also dying, due to enemies on the island finding him and pulling a special lever in the cave-like room.

      There are a lot of random distractions in the various scenes and no cohesive plot of any kind for the most part. John Locke, I reason, must be being continuously cloned (or otherwise somehow “copied”) for him to die more than once.

      Finally, the episode is drawing to a close (and it really did seem like an entire hour and perhaps even longer) and Zsuzsanna and I are ready to go to bed. Oddly, however, I “remember” or come to “realize” that Terry O'Quin is staying with us. I have this clear idea in my mind on asking him about what I had just seen (as I do not seem to recall all of it, at least precisely). I especially want to know about some other trends to be appearing on the show. I see him approaching our living room from the south hallway.

      I speak clearly to him, “How many times did you die in this episode. Two? Or three?” He says in a friendly respectful manner that he had died twice in the episode that Zsuzsanna and I had just watched. I start to ask him about other details of the series. At this point he raises his left index finger vertically up to his lips as if to “shush” me, but also grins in a very friendly manner. He apparently does not want to reveal any upcoming surprises concerning the show. I also realize that he just wants to get some sleep. He then does an exaggerated tiptoe walk to the (fictional) north hallway and I see for the first time that he is wearing a woman’s silky teal-colored nightgown that comes to just above his knees. I see this as a little unusual, but I start to wake after this.

      Yet again, my dream reflects precognitive and shared associations (remember that I do not always include this in online versions as it happens continuously and it would take up too much time for me to indicate each and every event from day to day), in the loose and impersonal manner they usually do. In this case, just as I was writing this, Zsuzsanna tells me of a show with kids and one old man in a dress who resembled Terry O'Quin and even did the exact same mannerism with the “shushing” gesture.