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    1. A Chance to Sail

      by , 03-13-2020 at 11:11 AM
      Morning of March 13, 2020. Friday.

      Dream #: 19,443-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      In this dream, American actor Vic Tayback (as Mel from the television sitcom “Alice,” which I have not seen in over 20 years) randomly serves as the typical sleep-wake mediator (personified preconscious) without much focus on his identity. Instinctual awareness (and control) of the nature of dreaming processes for the usual transitions is viably willful, though there is no lucidity. My dream was influenced by “The Truth About Spring” (1965) though only in the association with sailing and nothing else. (Zsuzsanna and I watched this movie before bedtime.) Despite this influence, my waking-life identity is absent, and the setting is a variation of the King Street area in Wisconsin though incorrectly integrated with docks near the ocean so that the streets are instead water channels.

      Vic is the captain of a sailboat. Several unfamiliar people are present to where there is not much room to stand. The boat’s mooring is at the foot of the stairs. It is a wooden staircase (fictitious feature) of about six steps outside in front of the King Street mansion. I carry a small cylindrical container with one of Vic’s front teeth in it (the reason unknown). There is a cabin, but it seems too small for anyone to use.

      I throw two pillows onto the deck (instinctual awareness I am sleeping), but I go into the house, as I believe the boat’s large square sail is in my room upstairs, in this case, the middle room of the east side of the house. Although my act of walking upstairs does not seem to occur (as it is more like teleportation in this instance), the timing still initiates vivid imaginary proprioception. The sail is in an irregular heap on the floor of my room. I carefully fold it in half as a strong wind moves it about with vivid somatosensory dynamics. My activity seems to last for several minutes and is the most vivid part (as imaginary proprioception usually is). I enjoy the challenge, and after I fold it in half, I fold it again to where the bundle is now only about four feet in length.

      With minor cognitive arousal, I also have a few paperback books to take to the boat. When I step near the wooden staircase outside, a surreal distortion occurs. The water level near the middle of the steps is somehow about two feet above where the water’s surface near the sailboat is. The impossible dynamics confuse me for a short time. I anticipate the sailboat will move away, and it does. However, after turning at the intersection and moving adjacent to a small maze of piers, it returns (as a result of my instinctual summoning) to where it was, and I step aboard. I wake before anything else occurs.

      The most interesting factor is my carrying the imaginary “voice” (tooth in the cylindrical container) of the sleep-wake mediator, who is mostly not active in this dream, dominant or otherwise, giving me greater instinctual control of most of the dreaming processes.

    2. Tooth and Blood

      by , 04-10-2016 at 10:10 AM
      Morning of April 10, 2016. Sunday.

      In my dream, I am in an unfamiliar building which seems to be in Japan, or at least I am aware that the building is Japanese. (I have only been in Japan for a short time for one day in my life in reality in my move to Australia.)

      After a time, a tooth on the upper right (which I do not even have in reality - which is ironic) feels slightly loose. I move it with my tongue. I end up pulling it out with my fingers even though it is not that loose.

      After this, I am aware of my mouth bleeding from the area I pulled the tooth out. I go to the sink (which is illogically in the unfamiliar bedroom I am in, on the opposite side of the room from a large window) and keep spitting out thicker blood. After about five or six times, I start to wonder how much more blood I can lose (it seems like a lot) before I start to feel differently or even pass out. No one else seems to be around at that point. It slowly dawns on me that I am dreaming, which I find somewhat amusing in that my dream self fell for the losing teeth scenario yet again (though it was more common when I was younger).

      Other than when it is relevant to an actual real-life focus (such as recently having a tooth pulled or having an actual toothache), I sincerely believe that dreams of losing teeth have no “interpretation” at all as it seems a common waking transition component, which in actual cause, is simply the dissolution of the dream and the cessation of the dream self (since using one’s mouth is a main way of acknowledging one’s consciousness and wakefulness to others and the unconscious self cannot speak - so the dream renders a focus on the fictional dream body’s mouth as losing teeth - pretty simple), just as falling, rising into the air, or suddenly tripping, or even seeing something falling from the sky is (of which also typically have no “interpretation” and are simply a natural form of the waking transition). Still, I think this bleeding may relate to acknowledgement of the energies of my internal dawning consciousness and physical form in a similar way that tripping over in hypnopompia is acknowledging the dream setting does not physically exist during the waking transition. The color red also dominates a dream when I have been asleep a bit too long.

      I will note however, that when I was younger, most such dreams proved to be precognitive of which teeth I would actually be losing in a specific order. The only way to explain this would have to relate to some sort of foreshadowing regarding body awareness that is presently not understood (which of course does not explain all the other types of more detailed literal and visual prescience). This one is the reverse though. That is, it is the literal memory of already having lost the tooth, though assigned to a common hypnopompic distortion.

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