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    1. The UFO and its Leave-taking

      by , 05-23-2018 at 11:23 AM
      Morning of May 23, 2018. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,783-02. Reading time (optimized): 1 min 30 sec.

      My dream’s setting is unique and unfamiliar, but its implication is our current home in the late morning. The sky is bright blue with the essence of beauty and peace. I watch a silver 1960s flying saucer. I think it is the transportation of aliens without the recall of what “alien” means. I see it as rare and beautiful, with a cheerful shiny newness, and there is no sense of threat. It hovers in one location for several minutes. There is a soft humming sound that creates a sense of amusement and perfection. I tell Zsuzsanna I will have to get our oldest son to see it. (My dream self’s memory is incomplete as usual, as we have five children, but, other than Zsuzsanna, there is only a recall of our oldest son.) When he comes to see it, a jet is approaching it from the right (though the jet is moving too slowly to be real). Suddenly, the spacecraft is gone. I am somewhat annoyed.

      The scene transitions into higher liminality, mostly undefined, though I am aware of our son on my left. We study an A4-sized photograph that indicates the movement of the UFO. It looks like a linear series of cirrus clouds. Its direction is implied to be from the top to the bottom of the photograph even though there is the ambiguous implication it had been in the center before the image was captured. I think the path of the jet is also defined by another sequence of narrow fuzzy white strokes that curve down to the bottom right (implied to be going in a different direction than the UFO even though it had originally been flying towards it). I am unable to comprehend the significance of the three trails because the one going to the top might be part of the one also going to the bottom (from the center). There may have been two flying saucers near the same area that speedily flew off. I am slightly annoyed about not discerning what had transpired.

      This dreaming experience is primarily an ambiguous combination of static vestibular system associations (still images otherwise implying flight) with the waking transition, mixed with cognition, and an attempt to discern what is otherwise the illusion of the dream state.

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    2. Indoor UFO Events

      by , 12-02-2015 at 06:02 PM
      Morning of December 2, 2015. Wednesday.

      This dream is about as illogical and distorted as they come relating to perspective and focus, though there are a few vivid parts (such as when I read the writing on our ceiling - and for some reason, ceiling writing has only appeared in dreams over the last year or so). The location is unknown. It may be a distorted version of our first apartment on Gellibrand Street in Clayfield. The rooms are all in a line with at least two doors opening to a public hall.

      Over time, there is a focus on UFO events. This makes no sense, as I am only ever inside our apartment looking at our wall (on the other side of the public hall’s wall only) and ceiling. Still, it is somehow as if I am seeing into the “real” sky at times (though not at all consistent in perspective and awareness). An egg-shaped light moves on our ceiling and down our wall and at one point, seems to direct a ray into a “military building”.

      This “military building” (to my left - on the other end of our apartment) turns out to be our television. I go over to it and see a young male (who reminds me of classmate Steve J when he was a teenager). He seems to be in a radio station and there are no other people visible. The ceiling at his location seems to have been damaged and he ducks a couple times as if the ceiling is unstable or shaking, but the scene is not very dramatic. Oddly, I am able to talk to him as if he can see me directly through the television screen. I ask him if he saw the ray of light come down and hit his building but he says “no”. Still, static and distorted horizontal bars appear on the picture after a time and I am wondering what is going on. (As far as I recall, this is the first time I have dreamt of talking with someone in a television broadcast. I do question the logic of him being able to directly see me with no evidence of a camera anywhere on my side - as again, he seems to look directly at me from the screen - but I do not become lucid. We talk for awhile but my dream shifts slightly).

      I am then in a conversation with two people that remind me only a little of my sister Carol and her second husband Mel (and there seem to be aspects of other people’s faces integrated, though I cannot be sure who they are). I explain to them how I watch the sky at certain times very late at night or very early in the morning prior to sunrise and always see mysterious lights (lifelong dream focus) - some of which seem natural and some of which seem based on unknown technology. Yet again, this seems “true to reality” as happening all the time, but in reality, such events only happened twice (once in Florida with a slowly moving egg-shaped pale light and once in Wisconsin where it looked the same but was immediately followed by an “explosion” of the aurora borealis).

      Eventually, I notice a large lump in our bed, implied head (under the quilt) nearest the wall (our bed lengthways out from the wall near our kitchen door when assuming our Gellibrand Street apartment). I become wary and uncertain how this seeming stranger got into our home and wonder if he is dangerous and I also notice our kitchen door to the public hall is open. I go and get my barbel and hit him hard on the shoulder from the side of the bed though not hard enough to badly injure him. He moves out from under the blanket a bit (without getting up) and it turns out to be my brother-in-law Robert S. This is a surprise but I apologize and ask him if I hurt him that badly and he says “no”, though seeming quite groggy.

      When farther back from our open kitchen door, I see writing on our ceiling directly above our bed, in three rows of hand-printed felt-tip marker ink. I read it closely and it says “First faking by Bob. It ain’t here.” Looking back a couple times later, it shows the same text as before (which is atypical as writing often changes when looking back). Apparently, Robert (Bob) had somehow caused all the UFO events due to being annoyed with people believing in such things - but this is not certain because when I ask him if he wrote the message on our ceiling, he says “yes” but later says that he did not do it.

      From here, the couple that vaguely reminds me of my sister Carol and her second husband approach me. The male asks me what I want to eat, showing me a large serving tray (what is it with serving trays in dreams lately?) which reminds me somewhat of the layout of a cheap and virtually inedible TV dinner (though about twice the size). I am not hungry and not keen on eating right now and this realization, along with a slight frustration on knowing how to say “no” to the other male, shakes me out of my dream.
    3. Yet Another “Uhny Uftz” Dream (with Dick Van Dyke)

      by , 08-04-2015 at 02:04 PM
      Night of August 4, 2015. Tuesday.

      Even though I have only seen the “Uhny Uftz” episode of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” a few times in my life (the first occasion being September 29, 1965 on my sister’s television on Rose Street), it sometimes surfaces in my dreams as the autosymbolic model of vestibular system correlation.

      In my very vivid dream, I am in the same setting and scene as the image with this entry, and mostly lucid and in a very peaceful state. I recognize immediately what is going on, and, although the scene is a bit eerie, it shifts dramatically.

      Instead of Dick Van Dyke continuing to remain pressing nervously against the windows of his office to see if he can make out the flying saucer presumed to be out in the night sky, he is suddenly on board the flying saucer (apparently alone, though this is uncertain, as I am watching the scenario while incorporeal) looking out over his building and city (even though in the show’s episode, it was only a toy flying saucer). He appears as he did around this time period (though he is now eighty-nine years old in real life). There is an amazingly comfortable sense of peace (even though I sense that he may not fully realize where he is or perhaps reflect he is dreaming). He remains standing and smiling and gazing out happily over the city below.

      I explain this dream type further in “Dreams of Type PRECONAV-VSCPCEL, 01-15”.

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    4. Taking a Chip from a Government UFO

      by , 04-08-2013 at 10:08 AM
      Morning of April 8, 2013. Monday.

      I am walking through an unfamiliar area near a woods on the edge of a small town. I am with a stranger that reminds me of Harrison Ford, but there are a few other people in the area, including Carol (an older half-sister on my mother’s side).

      I notice some jets flying overhead, as well as a small UFO, which looks like some sort of very unusual jet.

      I point out the strange maneuvers and flight paths of the aircraft as they turn to one side, go around a tree, and come back again. I cheerfully expect them all to crash and my anticipation and confidence grows that they will. One soon crashes in the far distance, causing an explosion and resulting fire.

      The UFO (which I actually suspect to be some sort of small military aircraft) comes very close to us, but there is no threat. It continues just past us, crashing to the ground and sliding slightly. It is not very big, the main section not much bigger than a metal garbage can lid, but it does have small jet-like wings.

      I am able to understand that it has a computer chip in a particular location. I walk up to it (it is mostly still in one piece and of course had been unmanned - in fact, too small to carry much weight) and reach down (there is still a bit of fire and smoke near some parts of it), and pull out a computer chip that slides out and is about the size of a stick of gum, although thicker.

      We walk to other areas. I am happy I have the chip, but we need to stay away from government or military areas. Somehow, though, we are near Area 51, but it is in an urban area in my dream and thus not really isolated. The UFO conspiracy theorists that try to get in are said to be “missing a week” by other people; something to do with 52 weeks in a year and Area 51, “missing a week” being an expression for a person who believes in aliens and is “not all there”.

      Each UFO is a result of the government activity in the region and their controlling of agriculture. The chip I have was made to release harmful chemicals over certain fields to destroy certain crops as well as fertilize and help certain others, thus interfering with the livelihood of certain farmers in the region.

      I notice a group of about five military police of various ages who are annoying an innocent family at a farm when I go in, but I remain unsure why the military are present. The family is sitting at a kitchen table not having done anything wrong, and I am aware of the misguided bullying of the MPs. One young man pulls out a matte black gun for no reason and points it at a dark-haired girl. I take out a screwdriver with a partially transparent orange handle (seemingly my weapon of choice in recent dreams) and hit him fairly lightly on the top of the head with the handle, making a strange hollow metallic sound that is almost musical, with a sort of organ-like tonal delay and even a chorus effect in the 440 Hz range. He immediately falls unconscious, sprawled on the floor near the corner of the table by his intended victim.

      The other military officers do not even seem to notice and casually go on with their business elsewhere, ignoring their man lying on the floor.

      I notice that the lid can be slid back from the chip on one side, and I see that there are tiny smooth and oval radioactive stones of two sizes in an alternating larger stone and smaller stone geometrical pattern in three or four rows. There is more talk on how the government is using UFOs, which are small unmanned jets of a similar shape as the original Romulan Bird-of-Prey design. I had a model of one as a child, having gotten it for Christmas.

      There was minor prescience as is often the case, but relating to something Zsuzsanna had heard. A woman came up to her (a local who has a house full of cats, believing it is her duty to take in every stray). The woman made a comment about how she liked the name Gabrielle (without knowing it was Zsuzsanna’s middle name), mostly in reference to another name that was not really similar. She then made a bizarre comment about the ground being poisoned. I think it was around the same time I was writing this entry.

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    5. UFO and Robot Girls on “Lost” (full meaning given)

      by , 09-20-2007 at 03:20 PM
      Morning of September 20, 2007. Thursday.

      This entry contains two of several dreams of this date.

      My most recent “Lost” dream has something to do with robots, mostly all female scientist robots. There is one scene where one is working in a lab, but does not have a human face, only a curved sheet of metal. Others do not even have that, but do have a “head” of sorts. There are some unusual encounters where I mostly interact with a couple female robots at a time, mostly touching “hands”, perhaps testing the sensors, yet they do not have any skin, either; all the working parts are mostly showing and turning about, similar to a skeleton with bits of wire and small gears here and there - yet somehow, there actually seems to be some sort of potential for these robots to have human feelings (both emotional and tactile).

      Another dream involved an idea of an ancient spacecraft being buried somewhere and a man hunting for it in relation to a symbol. The appearance of the spacecraft supposedly has something to do with the apocalypse (which primarily foreshadows the end of the dream and little else). He had seen it before and had drawn a picture of it. Another man joins him in looking for it in the area which it has been determined to be. This is a hill (common emergent consciousness feature) near a small town. The spaceship rises from the ground while the men are standing in an area nearby. It is very similar in design to an old-style orange juicer. It glows a brilliant white and makes a loud but somehow musical roaring sound. This dream is very vivid and seems to mean something even after I wake for a short time (and of course it does have meaning - that I am waking up). I cannot be sure if it is being flown by beings inside or is some sort of glowing energy that shifts slightly. There is a very intense feeling as it roars off.

      My first dream above is simply a rendering of robots in connection to the “artificial” nature of the dream state, that is, as different from reality. It is similar to a glitched-out apex lucidity dream but this dream is entirely non-lucid.

      My second dream here (which is similar to, and with the same meaning as, “Spaceship Stratum” from 1978) is simply an extended waking transition metaphor as most dreams are on one level. A UFO is typically the conscious mind, rendered as a UFO for several reasons; one, the unconscious mind as the dream self is not seeing directly through the conscious self’s eyes so renders it as potentially “alien”, and two, a UFO is usually “above” the unconscious self and so represents “rising” (waking up) conscious awareness (though cleverly here is rendered as being within the unconscious self’s “territory”, that is, buried in the ground at first, which implies cooperation between the dream self and conscious self with no liminal space inherent), and three, emits light and represents waking from the dream state (light of day as metaphorical for waking consciousness), and four, is a flight symbol (main dream state metaphor as dreaming itself is “flying”) leaving the dream.

      I can add a three-layered fifth validation here with this particular dream. This UFO looks like an orange juicer. An orange can represent the conscious mind (in reference to associations with the sun - which represents light of day and the conscious mind and wakeful awareness, most especially the “Sunkist” label). Also, when people wake up to have breakfast, they often have orange juice. Since the potential with an orange juicer is to watch liquid getting lower and going down into a glass or other container, we also even have the “water getting lower over time” as the waking mechanism (except that here, it is orange juice).

      Or, I could go on and list many other layers and metaphors that validate the above meanings; for example the play on “Sunkist” as in “kissed” relating to Sleeping Beauty being awakened. Or, I could stop here.

    6. Fishing in Debris

      by , 09-12-1997 at 04:33 PM
      Morning of September 12, 1997. Friday.

      I am fishing amidst much man-made debris in the shallow water (not sure of location), although I do catch a rather large fish. Whenever the fish jumps, there is a larger splash that reaches me and a couple other males (one unknown who may be with the military, the other possibly from my maintenance job at a college). (Much of my wife’s dream of this date had the same aspects as my dream for no discernible reason.)

      There is a giant black derby “cloud” that “rains” over parts of the ocean and eventually goes more inland, continuing over rivers and smaller streams, mostly. Very briefly, it seems like a UFO, yet continues to function as a raincloud. It seems familiar as if I may have seen it in an illustrated book of dreams in real life sometime in the past (though I am not certain).

      I take a large jar of olives to an Italian wedding reception. I carry it in my left hand. I have something else that is smaller and in thin plastic wrap - sort of near my right hand (something sweet I think; I get the vague impression of a small amount of caramel popcorn), but floating it along near the jar with telekinesis, I think. An older male (who gives the impression of being at least part Transylvanian) comes to the door. I do not go in to the actual party.
    7. The UFO is a Giant Firefly

      by , 06-23-1981 at 12:23 PM
      Morning of June 23, 1981. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 5,300-02. Reading time: 50 sec.

      I am in the Chipmunk Coulee region in Wisconsin, where I have not lived since I was about five years of age. I am in a clearing just outside a wooded area on a hill. It seems isolated, peaceful, and beautiful. I am unaware of anyone else.

      Eventually, it is nighttime. I see a big bright greenish-yellow light that I cannot identify. At first, I think it may be a spacecraft. As it comes closer, I see it is a giant firefly, about the size of a small airplane. It does not seem to be a threat, though there is a sense of puzzlement and wonder.

      [projected transitional vestibular system correlation]

      This event type, though always different in each sleep cycle, is a result of projected anticipation of the waking process itself and stems from the correlation of the imaginary physicality of the dream state with my legitimate physicality and orientation.

      Yellow (especially as light) is a factor of emerging consciousness associated with sunrise, often only discernible in the final stage of a dream.

      I anticipate the dream state as being unlike waking life. The result of my thought creates a UFO, but it resolves as the increasing mental energy of my emerging consciousness. The result is a positive and wondrous association.

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    8. "The Flying Saucer"

      by , 07-19-1979 at 04:05 PM
      Morning of July 19, 1969. Saturday.

      This dream, looking over notes and doing a bit more research, seems to have been influenced by the following real-life events and associations:

      1. “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (original movie from 1951).

      2. Visits to a parking lot near a store at an early age (not sure where, somewhere near Port Charlotte, I think) where an elephant would perform tricks near our car. It terrified me when I was much younger, but as I got a older, the fear subsided. My mother had said that I had yelled for them (my parents) to roll up the windows of the car when we first went there when I was really young. An older sister still has photographs of these events.

      3. Movies in the earlier grades in school about Pompeii and volcanoes in general. My wife said she had dream influences from such movies as well. I dreamed of volcanoes fairly often during my early years and once in real life, was startled by a sudden hailstorm which I thought was lava and volcanic rocks pouring down on our roof (this was a few years after this entry’s dream) and so I ran and hid in the closet until I realized what it was. Due to the fact that there was a large rutted metal section as the roof over most of our carport, it was really loud.

      4. The “Uhny Uftz” episode of “The Dick Van Dyke Show”, first seen September 29, 1965.

      Contrary to what my dreams sometimes presented, I was never alone in a car at an early age.

      My dream begins with my becoming aware of being in the middle of my backyard and assuming it is Sunday, late morning, perhaps around ten. A shadow appears on the ground, which is perfectly round, moving southward over our neighbor’s house. Perhaps it is a cloud, but perhaps not, so I go inside. I get a very vague sense of a “poisonous cloud”. Inside, in the living room, a man on a news report is talking rather unemotionally about a flying saucer having been sighted.

      I am slightly lucid, so I decide that I will take control for a time and visit Brenda W, a female classmate who lives north of me. We go back to my house and I notice the news reader is still talking about the flying saucer and some sort of (I think) toxic gas or some such. Brenda is laughing because when the man is speaking on the television, certain things he is saying seem to be going on outside in the backyard at the same time as each spoken reference (round shadow, flashing light, strange hum…).

      Later, Brenda seems to have gone home and I am seriously annoyed at this, as I want to spend the day playing with her (more like “playing house” even though I was quite young at the time). I decide to go back to her house. Soon, though, the round shadow appears on the ground, but I do not really look up. I start walking faster and faster, first trying to hide under trees, but eventually I start running and turn to go south towards town where there may be bigger and safer buildings and more people - and I have a vague idea that Brenda may also have gone there instead of going home.

      Amazingly, I run so fast and “perfectly” that I manage to run straight down the wall of a gulley, then turning about at fully ninety degrees upright again, treading effortlessly and swiftly over the surface of the deeper stream - only lightly splashing the surface, and turning my entire body again at ninety degrees and going straight up the wall on the other side - and then continue on as if nothing strange had happened, my only concern being that I had wasted a few seconds by not running in a straight, horizontal path!

      Eventually I am in town (Arcadia) and I do not notice any people around. Even though it seems to be the weekend, I notice a few cars in the elementary school’s parking lot and think it may be a meeting of the teachers - or perhaps a few alarmed people did not know where else to go for safety.

      I notice that the flying saucer seems to be landing, so I go to duck down near a car (but do not yet get into the car). It lands and looks just like the spacecraft from “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. The “door” of the flying saucer opens and…as I start to climb into the front seat of the car to hide…

      Out walks a large elephant…

      The elephant lifts its trunk straight into the air and out sprays a massive amount of lava and volcanic rocks. I jump into the car, but I notice the volcanic rocks quickly stacking up over the front window of the car (almost in “fast motion” animation) and so…it is the end of everything.
    9. Leprechauns and UFOs

      by , 07-18-1976 at 01:18 PM
      Morning of July 18, 1976. Sunday.

      I am in Cubitis or Arcadia, but not near my home. It may be a business office in the center of town. It seems to be late at night. Over time, there is a meeting where people talk about how certain things do not exist, including fairies, witches, devils, and oracles or wizards who pretend to interpret dreams, as well as astrologers and flying saucers. Some people give a speech.

      Eventually, the most intelligent speaker steps up and talks about different things relating to the supernatural as well as UFO reports, though at one point he confuses “angels” with “angles” as in the “angel” of descent of a meteor or other body falling to earth. (My father did this in real life at the time; that is, sometimes spelled “angel” as “angel” in his song lyrics, which my mother found amusing).

      Near the end of my dream, this last speaker turns out to be a “real” leprechaun who then boards a 1950s-movie-like flying saucer, and the audience is somewhat stunned.

      By a strange coincidence, my father talked about “seeing a leprechaun” the same morning, without knowing of my dream (and he rarely ever mentioned anything of that nature), talking about the newer green utility box near the culvert and seeing it through the window (through extended morning hypnopompia) as such. Later on, I imagined the same thing in hypnopompia in the morning, probably by the power of suggestion. I thought the outcome of my dream was quite amusing and would have made a good plot for a funny short film.

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    10. Dinosaucer (Another Flying Saucer)

      by , 11-01-1974 at 08:01 AM
      Morning of November 1, 1974. Friday.

      Note that this dream journal title came long before any other associated names which I have since learned of (though I have never seen anything related to the “Dinosaucer” series that apparently first aired in 1987 and do not know much about it at all).

      This dream ends a little like the flying saucer dream from my childhood, though a brontosaurus emerges in this one (somewhat snake-like) instead of the apocalyptic elephant. This dream is much shorter than the elephant version and is not as emotional upon ending (and does not directly imply the end of the world as in the elephant dream).

      After hearing about reports of a possible alien invasion in my dream (from my mother’s large pale green radio), I find myself near my school. The single flying saucer that eventually lands looks like the one from the original “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (from 1951). I do not recall much vivid detail other than the brontosaurus neck and head emerging from the door of the flying saucer. (I never see the body at any point.) There seems to be an eerie (though unrealistic) contrast between the dinosaur’s head and neck and the shadow it casts near the outer area of the spacecraft.

      It is possible that there is an association with a cereal prize/premium that was called “Noggin Nodders” (from Kellogg’s). I had several of every piece in the set in different colors. The one that seemingly influenced this dream in part was a snake head emerging/wobbling from a log.