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    1. Vegetarian Vampire

      by , 08-07-2018 at 10:18 AM
      Morning of August 7, 2018. Tuesday.

      Reading time: 1 min 22 sec. Readability score: 73.

      In my dream, I am present and seemingly corporeal, going from place to place by walking, yet I do not interact with dream characters or events. A supernatural story unfolds. No fear or concern exists.

      The setting is unfamiliar. An unknown residence is near a lake. The events mostly take place at night. There is the typical indoor-outdoor ambiguity in some scenes.

      A male vampire had killed his master accidentally. He had mistaken him for someone else and had thrown him in the lake. A female vampire is present at one time, and she is concerned at how he had killed the wrong person. The male walks around, uncertain of what to do. Their original plans to take over human society will never occur.

      In the last scene, I am standing close to the male vampire, though he acts as if I am not present. He stands near a table with a plant pot atop it. It seems to contain a Dixie Lace pitcher plant with real blood flowing through the veins.

      He is pulling leaves from the plant and seemingly eating them. I hear him munching. However, I start to consider that he does not like the taste and is spitting it out rather than swallowing it. A leaf of the plant is blocking my view of his mouth, so I cannot tell how much he is eating. He may be only pretending. Before waking, I have a vague thought that I am on a movie set and that he is not swallowing the leaves even though the scene implies he is.

      Something or someone being in the water (and the conditions and depth of the water) correlates with the curve of ultradian rhythm and the sleep cycle, though the infradian and circadian rhythm is also a factor at times, cycling from the presence of small ponds to flood dreams and water lowering waking symbolism. The cycle has occurred on a regular basis for over fifty years. The nonthreatening presence of the vampire was from remaining awake in bed longer than usual.

    2. Stone Grape Vampire that I am

      by , 08-04-2017 at 12:18 PM
      Morning of August 4, 2017. Friday.

      In my dream, I am apparently living in the middle apartment of the east side of the second floor of the King Street boarding house, an impressive mansion that was part of a tour, but not that great on the inside.

      Still, it seems that an unfamiliar male has taken residence in this apartment. I am not fully sure of what the situation is, though I do know that I am a vampire. That is, I am a pretend vampire for a time, and I am using some sort of technology to exist as such. The technology is apparently unseen by the “real” world I live in. (It is of a lifelong recurring theme of using invisible technology that exists in another dimension to bring about whatever is to occur in my dream, though which I usually incorrectly see as being my real world.)

      I show this male and a couple of his visitors how I have fangs and how I can levitate. There is an unknown male with me, though I eventually assume that he is my friend Eddie. We both seem to be about twenty-five years old. Eddie cannot seem to decide if he looks the most like Christian Slater or Stephen Geoffreys and consequently acts like both in an overacting vampire pretense. He seems amused by our act but eventually does not say much other than agree with my own pretense, which is more serious. We are wearing cloaks and are ready to fly through the night sky of La Crosse.

      Time seems to have passed and I am now seemingly on my own, flying in an unknown region, seemingly late at night.

      I see the preconscious below, walking along with an unknown friend, an unfamiliar male of about the same age. I decide to fly down and see what is going on.

      The preconscious, an unknown male of perhaps thirty or more, seems happy to see me, but he tells me that my flight did not look as if I had been flying regularly. I do not get angry, as I know it is an illusion anyway, though which he does not perceive as such. His friend wants to see my fangs, and I will them to grow out.

      He has a gift for me. It is supposedly my favorite food; a bunch of “stone grapes”, from a supposedly very rare plant, which looks like a normal bunch of grapes other than being thorny and more woody and having no discernible grapes on it, only small seed-like features that are very crunchy. I put it up to my mouth and eat the entire bunch, feeling my teeth gnaw through it, but I do not taste anything other than a slight tree-bark flavor. I know that no human being could eat this, but it is apparently a very thoughtful gift and I thank him. Still, I know that this hidden technology of mine (which is phased within another dimension, only operable by me) only makes it look like it has gone past my teeth and into the back of my mouth to swallow. He does not realize this. He does not know that it phases out of existence once it goes past my teeth. There is no way I could have actually eaten anything like this anyway, but I do not want him to be disappointed or disrupt his faith regarding his belief in vampires, or cease to trust me in my vampire guise.

      He kisses me lightly on the right temple, in affirmation of a long-term friendship, and I wonder if I am just a creature to show off to a friend of his every now and then, perhaps once or twice every several years. Apparently, being friends with a vampire like me has given him a status of bravery and strength, but I consider if I am seen as just a “pet” to brag about knowing. Still, I hold no anger.

    3. A Day’s Transition to Vampire Witch

      by , 06-09-2015 at 09:11 PM
      Morning of June 9, 2015. Tuesday.

      I have had more vampire-related dreams in the past month than I have had in my lifetime, which is hardly any as stated several times before. In this one, which is fairly vivid though not lucid, I am also a young female, which I suppose sounds unusual to the inexperienced. Then again, considering I dream fairly often of being a letter of the alphabet or a rune (as well as having been vehicles, including a bus - and even a building), the situation is moot.

      In this dream I mostly fly around showing my fangs to anyone who annoys me and sometimes creating lightning from my fingertips. My flying position is typically upright, though sometimes diagonal. There is a scene where I take the heads off of several males and roll them across an area in a parking lot near a storefront, like a bowling ball. I am not exactly sure what I look like, though after a time, my dream takes on a new theme.

      The only familiar characters at any point are my best friend from school days (Toby T) and my wife’s mother. There is a strange changeover in emotion. I “know” I am female, though there is a point where doubt begins to grow. I am at a movie theater (prior to seeing any known characters) where everyone else is nude, and I feel very embarrassed about wearing clothes (recurring in-dream situation), especially such a large fancy outfit, so much so, I begin to move away, closer to the theater wall so people will not know I am dressed. I contemplate removing everything I am wearing, but my dream shifts to a different setting and situation.

      Somehow, someone “knows” who I am, though the setup makes no sense. I am recognized as an actress by at least two people at some sort of public venue, though apparently actually a male, yet still a female in the movies. As I am standing, even though I get a vague impression I may be male (I feel a small movement which creates the impression of a small animal crawling under my clothes - and seems rather unfamiliar yet somehow “right” and some sort of “evidence” that I may be male), I decide I will be nude from then on to prove my status as a “real” female vampire witch. (This is completely different from the first scenes of my dream in my character focus and overall mood.) I “know” that I will excel in exposing these other people as just gossipers. (Besides, the mouse will probably escape and not be seen anyway - in-dream “logic” - imagine a male part being able to come and go like a small animal with a mind of its own.) My total certainty about this aspect of my dream is a very familiar but ambiguous presence of somehow knowing I am the dream-maker, yet not at all lucid.

      In another scene, which seems to be a different dream, I seem to be a male (though still associated with magic and vampirism). I am in some sort of friendly meeting with three unknown females with darker skin, in an undefined building (in a mostly featureless rectangular room and sitting on the floor). Although they seem to like and care about me in what seems an augmented empathic setting, I feel a bit strange (but do not express how I feel) in putting on a pair of pants that are over-sized, the crotch and back area almost bowl-like and almost going up to my chest when pulled fully up against my body. I will certainly need a belt, but at the time, I do not have one. It is difficult to imagine going out in public like this with any sense of dignity. One of the females leaves to go to a public venue. Once again, I feel embarrassed upon wearing clothes in-dream (a lifelong recurring theme, often associated with realizing my pants are an ugly or weird style, sometimes clown-like) even though the three females are dressed informally for the most part and do not appear out-of-place.
    4. Not Quite Dracula

      by , 06-04-2015 at 12:04 PM
      Morning of June 4, 2015. Thursday.

      As I have written in a few other entries, I have never had a “serious” dream about vampires (or zombies either). In fact, the only vampire dreams at all have only occurred in more recent years (which is unusual in that I watched far more vampire movies when I was younger yet never dreamed of being chased by one - probably because I never found vampires scary or threatening in any way even when young, this in my realization of how many dreams are otherwise directly or even solely influenced by movies or television shows regardless). This entry makes the sixth online entry (main tumblr journal) regarding the vampire theme (out of about 2,000 online foundational entries for my more complex and revealing work later on, hoping to build to about a meager 10,000 which represents only about a quarter of my writing), and there are not that many others documented. Obviously, without Hollywood movies, or perhaps more detailed literature as such, there would be no dreams about vampires - only less detailed monstrous threats perhaps (with human features), such as other types of unrealistically-rendered “demons”. I have dreamt of a large threatening bat but in a different context. The “were-hyena” dream (from 1990) is one of the only human-like fictional monsters I found threatening, and that dream was mainly a result of real-time environmental audio precognition (where I dreamed of a particular sound before it being linked to a very similar sound in reality - a type of recognized and personally well-documented dream anomaly I have never read about elsewhere).

      In this dream, there is no direct instance or coherent rendering of my dream-self. I am mostly watching as if being a vaguely-aware bystander. The main character is a male of about forty at the most, of whom I do not know or find familiar in any way. He is in a meeting with Dracula and seated to my right at an old wooden table. Dracula is on my left but is rendered with extreme distortion. While he has the head of a bat (only about half the size of a human head), that head is hanging down from a snakelike neck so that his head is actually not visible to the person he is conversing with and actually at about the level of just below his ribs. It seems to involve the vampire wanting the man to read for him (in my last nonthreatening vampire dream, I was to write Dracula’s biography). Apparently, the man is illiterate or not a very good reader and seems to be explaining this.

      Over time, I began to notice “more” (which is probably a typical changeover). The bat head may be either fake or be an additional extension from the snake-like “neck” from his upper chest area. I notice what looks like a sheet over a human head which is then implied to be the “real” vampire’s head - a dream detail which is probably a result of posting online an older - though enhanced with adult writing style, and freshly researched - dream from 1969 (“Sgt Carter Stalked by Killer Newspaper” from March 8, 1969). Although a new dream being influenced by a minor focus on a much older dream is something I have come to see occur more often as I grow older, I have more recently noticed it as having occurred now and then in past times more than originally noticed or realized.

      I suspect the man is not that surprised by the distorted vampire because I get the impression that he cannot see very well (although the vampire with the sheet over his head probably cannot see very well, either - even if he saw through the additional low-hanging bat head eyes he would probably only see the underside of the table).

      From here, my dream shifts into the vampire becoming something else, supposedly more “demonic”. He seems to be threatening as he walks toward a Rapunzel-like character and is growing horns as he is walking. However, it soon seems that he only has one larger horn though farther to one side, which makes me associate him with unicorns and juvenile fantasy. My dream takes on a rather distorted cartoon-like essence before collapsing into the abstract.

      Interestingly, one of the first things I read when looking at another dream-based site today was someone dreaming about a vampire that changed into a creature with horns, without deliberately searching with such terms, though such synchronicity (or form of precognition) always happening continuously and too often to keep any record of.

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    5. Being a Ghost Writer for a Vampire

      by , 05-23-2015 at 11:23 AM
      Morning of May 23, 2015. Saturday.

      As I have stated in past entries and within the scope of about 40,000 dreams, I have never once had a realistically threatening vampire or zombie dream. The oneironautic history that I note for the most part, contains only one comedic zombie dream (of the traditional kind - not relevant to the common modern misuse of the word) from 1981, and perhaps a handful of comedic vampire-related dreams.

      This dream is no exception. There are only a few vivid scenes but there was nothing threatening at any point. It seems to have been based on a recent reflection of the Keanu Reeves “Dracula” movie from 1992, which seemed partly modeled after the Bugs Bunny cartoon “Transylvania 6-5000” (from 1963) and had too much of a carnival-like essence to feel anything like a horror film. However, the only scene I recall much from the movie was where Dracula and Jonathan Harker (Keanu Reeves) are talking (I think for the first time) and me remembering how incredibly astounded I was, as if I was halfway between being half-asleep and within a cartoon-like fantasy of one recursive panel. Additionally, the 1992 “Dracula” movie strongly reminds me of the Mad Magazine artist style of Sergio Aragones, especially “The Shadow Knows” feature (no relevance to the old-time radio program) where the altered shadow seems to be a “truthful representation” of what a person is thinking as in parts of the movie, making it more like a surreal and juvenile composite of Mad Magazine and the Bugs Bunny cartoon.

      In my dream, I am apparently in a castle in Transylvania (on possibly the third or fourth storey), though it somehow feels, at times, like my childhood home in Cubitis (which only had the one ground-level storey). I have been hired by an older Dracula of about sixty years (who seems far more mature and “realistic” than the one from the 1992 movie) to write his memoirs, though the background stories of which are “too long” and extensive to make a feasible biography, so by which I need to make a condensed version based on thousands of old documents and records as well as listening to his stories and thus serving as his “ghost writer” as well as making real-time suggestions about what should be included. These numerous piles of old documents, stacked (each up to about a foot high though varying) at different angles and sitting about on at least four old equidistant wooden tables (of about two and a half feet high), though implied to be in a smaller room in the castle, “feel” during one time period, as if they are in my childhood bedroom in Cubitis, and may possibly represent, in some ways, the numerous dream journals and dream-related materials I had produced at the time (though this is only a guess). There is also a possible play on writing - linking “Pencil vania” with Transylvania and other terms including “trance” and “vein” or “vain” and perhaps even “brotherly love” concerning Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the idea of brotherly love superseding vampiric threat, though the later hand contact may be implied to be from my father (though I dreamed of both an older brother and my father during this same date in other dreams).

      I am eventually seated in an armchair in what would otherwise feel like the northeast corner of the Cubitis living room (though again “actually” in the implied Transylvanian castle) with Dracula seated in another armchair to my right (this being the exact same location I had watched so many episodes of “Shock Theater” as a child, a main opening of which featured a vampire walking through a cemetery with parts of it enshrouded in mist). For a time, he places his left hand over the back of my right hand in a friendly manner. At this point, the sense of touch is greatly augmented and I clearly feel every nuance of his hand and fingers over the back of my hand, as well as the implied strength and even a slight reassurance (I do not really perceive myself as a potential victim as it is - besides, he needs me to ghostwrite his biography). After seemingly several minutes, he removes his hand as if perhaps the heat from my body is “too warm” for him to bear for very long (some sort of odd in-dream logic I guess).

      I do not remember much after this, though the concept of a vampire must surely be different in-dream due to their apparent inability to tolerate warmth for very long (possibly a play on one lore being that they cannot be in daylight, which infers warmth). It is also possible that the vampire’s hand over mine is a result of “contact” (or the suggestion of such) by a “newly born” dream entity or tulpa in an attempt to inform me that I am in a dream state (yet which did not trigger lucid awareness as such). The final scene is also possibly one reason why I have never dreamed of vampires in any “serious” context - that is, they cannot be a threat if they cannot tolerate human body heat (even though that does not project the nature of the “real” lore as such - though my own mind’s logic seems to supplant it automatically whenever I am in a dream state).

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    6. Cloned Vampire Son?

      by , 05-11-2013 at 11:11 AM
      Morning of May 11, 2013. Saturday.

      This was an odd but very vivid dream (semi-lucid, becoming fully lucid). It may have resulted from a new type of meditation with affirmations I have been trying for the first time (which always brings unexpected new dreams that are sometimes far from actual intent in meditation the first time around). It goes along the lines of mentally saying “One point one, I am dreaming…”, “this (situation, feeling, or imagery) is in my dream”, “Two point one, I am dreaming…”, and so on, up to “One hundred point one…I am dreaming…” assuming I get that far before entering my dream state. I use “point one” because if I decide to continue with “programs” in this same way, I will have to continue with “point two” and so on, so as not to confuse different desired dream elements and sequences at a later date.

      In my dream, I am in a typical combined building of two bigger places we lived several years ago; the house at Barolin Street in this town, and Stadcor Street in Brisbane. I get out of bed, thinking I am in my dream, and I am, but I soon decide it is too “real” to be a dream, even though it is a fictional composite building I am in. I sometimes wonder how other people can dream of real and undistorted locations, when Zsuzsanna and I often dream of composite locations (two or more) as even when we know the place, there are usually additional rooms or elements from other locations (past, present, and future). Over the past twenty years it often has also been two or more countries (or cities or states) in the same place. This seems normal to me, as dreams are often a “unification” event.

      I soon become aware that our youngest son has somehow been duplicated as some sort of random half-formed tulpa, getting energies from an unknown source, perhaps my residual layered hypnagogic constructs set up earlier. He is apparently a vampire. (However, his teeth mostly come out more like that of a rattlesnake than a typical movie vampire). I hold onto him so he does not get away and cause trouble or fool other people, as he is wearing the same clothes as our real son and is becoming less transparent as I hold him. The rest of my family comes in (including our real youngest son) and my wife is amazed, though somewhat wary.

      We have to get rid of him and it does not matter how, as he is only an imaginary form and is even annoying to the real version of our son. Eventually, though I am not sure how, he turns into ash (sunlight or fresh air coming in?) which blows away before any threatening drama unfolds. (However, there is no actual fear at any point in my dream. In fact, there is an overall essence of beauty and peace).

      In real life this same morning, Zsuzsanna had told me (after I mentioned my dream) that she was presently reading a book from the library, that I did not know about, in which a vampire has the name of our son as in my dream, which is Oliver, an unlikely name for a vampire (in my opinion).

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    7. Out of the Television

      by , 09-29-2007 at 03:29 PM
      Morning of September 29, 2007. Saturday.

      I am living in a ghetto, in, I believe, an old apartment building on what seems like at least the third or fourth floor or higher. Actually, I am not sure if I live there or not since I do not recognize anything or seem to know a couple people I may or may not be living with. They do not even seem all that aware of me. Mostly, they remain in the kitchen and I mostly stay in the living room area.

      The main focus is on the television near the front door, of which something rather strange is happening to it. There are what seem to be holes and cracks in the glass, but which, oddly, actually seem to seal up as others appear elsewhere. There is some sort of concept that seems difficult to relate, like the glass is some sort of link between two different dimensions; “mine”, and other worlds beyond, but which are perhaps random, or changing, and varying in potential, growing stronger, or growing weaker (at random?).

      I am somewhat wary; not really afraid; just suspicious of what could result. Some sort of ugly face forms in parts like a jigsaw puzzle (sort of like bits of static forming into three-dimensional solids from more random pieces) automatically sorting itself out over the imagery of an unrelated television show. Out comes some sort of monster, vampire-like (but not a typical “movie vampire”), and mostly colorless. Now I am somewhat concerned, as the creature screams (seemingly in anger at being disturbed?), but I am still not afraid.

      Time passes. The creature actually seems afraid to go very far after seeing the city outside the window (it is late at night). He cowers on a sofa and eventually seems to be annoyed by this world and eventually breaks up into bits of “static” (like squarish moths with reflective wings) which flows back into the television. Even though he is like a powerful demon or devil, mankind seems far worse to him than his own essence, and the “monster” is more and more like a sad comic strip character before he goes back to wherever he came from.

      Later, there is more activity across the glass of this strange television. I see eyes again, but this time it is a beautiful girl in some sort of dark green Robin-Hood-like outfit (but with more variety in color and ornamentation) that very slowly emerges, head first. She has a bow and a set of arrows and seems to be some sort of elf-like creature and “at one” with the powers of nature but somehow more powerful (both physically and mentally) than any human on Earth - because of that supposed direct link to the forces of nature. I do not think she can “control” nature, but remain in some sort of perfect “frequency” (harmony) with the energy as a whole. I do not think she can speak English or understand it, although she seems to be linked to me somehow (perhaps a more fanciful version of my wife). She seems to reflect more of a sense of personal power than the earlier “monster”, almost as if I subliminally created both but which were “incubated” in this other dimension behind the glass of the television. My dream eventually breaks up into less vivid patterns that I cannot quite remember other than a feeling of deep respect and understanding for beings that “incubate” within the energy of the television somehow, which seems to represent features of the Source (or other levels of consciousness) in this case rather than real-life television, which I do not respect at all. (Of course, the television itself likely represents the dreaming process in indirectly utilizing other levels of mind and perhaps collective consciousness.)

      The female elf-like and Robin-Hood-like character is a seemingly neutral character that has sparsely recurred in my dreams since around age sixteen.

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    8. The Jacuzzis

      by , 09-09-1985 at 03:09 PM
      Morning of September 9, 1985. Monday.

      Watch out…for the horrible vampiric monster…the…Jacuzzi!

      I have said before that I have had hardly any serious nightmares in my life. The more vivid one in my young adult years was during an early afternoon nap. This was the first version of a short series of dreams (only the first one being an actual nightmare), where the name was semi-lucidly altered to something like “Chalcosi” (from “chalcosis” - or chronic copper poisoning), relative to their skin having a paler copper-color when dying.

      It was of a horrible legendary creature that supposedly only lived seven weeks. They liked to eat people. They were to blame for the majority of missing people cases. I somehow fell in love with a “teenage” (in appearance only) version of the vampiric creature who I spent time with on a couch in the middle of the night as the rest of her family went out to eat people. This creature was born as a dangerous albino snake with boa-constrictor-like potential. It then changed into a killer albino tree-dwelling rabbit that sometimes leaped upon people at night. It then becomes a larger lemur-like creature (still albino) - becoming more monkey-like in some ways, and eventually an albino human-like creature with somewhat shark-like teeth (and growing as such, a lost one always being replaced, but almost immediately). As they neared death, their skin became a slight coppery color. Their hair was always white. I guess sometimes they wore wigs and sunglasses to hide their true identity, as their eyes remained snake-like. They lived in groups of a dozen or so at various ages.

      Of course, again, this horrifying creature was known as…

      A Jacuzzi! Watch out for the Jacuzzis, they are coming to eat your neighbors!

      I awoke from the first version of this in a strange hypnopompic state. I felt dizzy and out of place and was hearing applause and disembodied voices, including the impression of a cheerful announcer talking about someone winning a Jacuzzi on “The Price is Right” - this as I saw the faces of the creatures fading in disorienting spirals. It was only then, after I was waking, that I slowly remembered hearing the word “Jacuzzi” on “The Price is Right” (which I only caught parts of now and then at a sister’s house during this time). I looked it up and finally remembered that it was a fancy whirlpool bath and not a dangerous monster.

      Updated on Tuesday, 28 June 2016: I can now look at this and easily recognize an unusual atypical and subliminal form of water induction (since “Jacuzzi” is a hot tub brand and in fact a whirlpool bathtub implies an essence of the Merkaba as a tornado does) and the strong metaphorical references to circadian rhythms (and even evolution). Albinos also symbolically represent moon induction (which is often linked to water induction relative to the symbolic “tidal” shifting of consciousness in dreaming and waking). Even more curiously, “Jacuzzi” rhymes with “Suzi”, the anglicized form of my wife Zsuzsanna’s first name, more relevant here as I have a relationship with this female Jacuzzi. The unlikely rabbit stage is a symbol for something emerging from the unconscious mind as a rabbit lives in a burrow and even this was a Source clue, as Zsuzsanna lived in Maryborough when we first made contact. Not only that, the age of the girl matched Zsuzsanna’s age from this time period - and to add to that even more curiously, she had a period where she drew vampire animals (and certainly not everyone has an interest as such). This is all very interesting and in fact, validates yet again that most dreams have precognitive layers of one form or another.

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    9. Cujo before “Cujo” (precognitive)

      by , 09-08-1975 at 03:08 PM
      Morning of September 8, 1975. Monday.

      This dream was much as if I was watching some sort of strange “wavy” cartoon yet with a rendering that made it seem at least ninety percent “real” or live-action regarding the vivid imagery. A Saint Bernard appears and ends up in a cave full of bats, where he is bitten a few times - though sometimes it seems to be in an underground chamber where the dog then emerges from near the roots of a tree. He then either gets rabies or becomes vampiric and attacks his family (where there is at least one young boy). I do not see much happening and my dream seems to “reset” several times, sometimes with the events not rendered very well and sped up a bit, yet almost seeming like an “old memory” at times and bilocated in my Cubitis living room where I also seem to be “sleeping” in the northwest corner - though I am actually in my bed in reality. I am aware of a name that is like “Cool Joe” (after Snoopy from the “Peanuts” comic strip, a reversal of “Joe Cool” and first seen May 27, 1971).

      In my dream, I was also aware of the name Castle Rock, which is interestingly the name of the fictional town in the novel. The dog also seems to be a sheepdog at one point after one “reset”. This has subtle links to my “Time Divergence” dream (July 4, 1976) and a strange repeating dream experience (and my perception of time extremely altered) related to “Hardcastle and Mccormick”, which I almost always misremembered as “Hardcastle and Rock”. As I have noted before, sometimes these experiences seem more related to incidental word associations through a “higher source” at times, rather than having any real meaning, almost as if the Source is playing some sort of “trick” to see if people are paying attention.

      This was surely precognitive with quite a detailed perspective (though there are significant differences in my dream and the actual novel and movie), though rather pointless as with much precognition. The novel apparently did not come out until 1981 (which still feels extraordinarily odd to me as I still feel and “remember” that it came out years before that, before I moved from Florida in 1978), though it is perhaps not impossible that there was talk of it beforehand, though I do not recall reading anything on this and I really did not have access to much news when living in Cubitis during this time. Oddly, I also dreamt about scenes from the movie “Firestarter” (as well as many other movies) before the novel even came out. I have never been sure of why this happens or what the connections (if any) are. Also, it is one of hundreds of more detailed precognitive dreams I did not really think about until several years later. I did not even realize when I saw “Cujo” in real life that it had actually come much later than my dream details. On a side note, Stephen King discusses “Cujo” in “On Writing”, referring to it as a novel he “barely remembers writing at all”.

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