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    1. Dreams in the Heat

      by , 11-26-2018 at 11:21 AM
      Morning of November 26, 2018. Monday.

      Dreams #: 18,970-4, 18,970-3, and 18,970-2. Reading time: 1 min 45 sec. Readability score: 74.

      This entry contains content from three dreams.

      It is nighttime. I am living in La Crosse in an unknown part of town. It is freezing outside. I am aware of Marilyn (half-sister on my mother’s side), but I do not recall that she had died in 2014. She appears as she was in the 1960s. There is no factor of my conscious self identity present (other than my subliminal awareness of being asleep as evidenced by putting blankets around me) and no memory of ever having lived in Australia. (The non-lucid dream self, contrary to popular misconception, lacks viable contact with the unconscious mind.)

      I am uncertain of the living arrangement, but I am going for a long walk (without knowing the backstory). I make several attempts to wrap two blankets around my winter clothes but cannot cover all of my neck. One is the plaid one familiar to me in real life and which I presently have in my computer room. (I did have it over my shoulders when it was cold.) I go back into the unknown house (though familiar to my dream self) at least once. I can see my breath when I am walking outside.

      Although I have one blanket around my shoulders like a cape, I try to wrap the other one over the front of my body with less success.

      That dream was caused by being overheated before waking.

      In another dream, I see an outer view of the Starship Enterprise (in outer space), looking at it from the front. Soon, I see three Apollo astronauts coming out of a square trapdoor opening at the top of the saucer section, near the front. Their size is far too big to match the scale of the spaceship. Logically, they could not have come from the space inferred. There is only room for them to stand atop the saucer section. I am semi-lucid at this point.

      In my final dream, I am feeling too hot, and I am wholly aware of being in the dream state. At this point, I decide to wake.

      Trying to wake up is a bit slow. To do this, I absentmindedly become part cat. I have a cat’s tail and paws for hands, but a mostly human body. I try to climb a wall that represents achieving full consciousness, but instead, my legs and arms rapidly move in place with no results. At this point, I am virtually incorporeal but watching my other dream self still trying to climb the wall as part cat, part man in an exaggerated flurry of illusory physical movement, and I wake from here.

    2. Rebuilding Cubitis

      by , 03-27-2018 at 08:33 AM
      Morning of March 27, 2018. Tuesday.

      I am in Cubitis, but my old home is gone. On one level, it feels somewhat strange for me to be there and see the flat ground extending over what used to be a living area. Still, my dream becomes so abstract, only the basics can be relayed in text. The orange grove is still present. (In real life, the house is still there, but the orange grove is gone, thus this dream is of opposite implications.)

      There is the common ambiguous awareness of being indoors and outdoors at the same time (even though the house or its carport is not yet present).

      A backstory begins to form. An unfamiliar elderly lady is going to live in a new house where mine used to be. I decide that I will build it, or at least begin to build it. Curiously, I am somewhat aware of Zsuzsanna being in my life, but in my dream, there is little else of my conscious self identity present.

      An unfamiliar young girl and boy come from the north as I am “building the house”. So far, I only have one corner with two bottoms of walls, only a few inches high, yet I am also now aware of a part of the carport floor. Eventually, there is an argument relating to a new piece I am adding to the house. The piece is like a long narrow section of concrete with equadistant small spheres illogically attached. The girl makes the claim that a couple of the spheres are cracked as well as part of the concrete, but I see no such feature. I do not yet add it to the house, and I get very annoyed. The scenario makes no sense at all, though is not as wholly abstract as other dreams. The carport as in waking life seems to be present and yet not present (until the last part of this dream segment). I am thinking of how others will come in and complete the house, yet there is still the ambiguous focus that I will do it, though by mental will.

      I soon notice a cinder block wall behind the work I have so far done, oriented to the east. This seems problematic, because the house needs to take up the entire original area and there is otherwise not much room for the building. I consider if the house should be exactly like the original was, or if the unknown woman will need that much space.

      I go over to the gray wall, and after a little effort, push it over. It lands flat and even with the edge of the incomplete carport floor and I consider, and am satisfied, that this fallen wall will now serve as part of the carport surface. I move my hands over the area with an enhanced sense of touch and a clearer awareness, as the act of pushing the wall down vivified my dream (due to the fact that a wall is a liminal space divider between different levels of unconsciousness and in-dream perception).

      From here, as a result of having pushed over this in-dream “divider”, I wander off into a different dream state (though sometimes a wall as such is a more defined division between the distorted dream self identity and true conscious self identity).

      The rest is a meandering mess. I go into my teenage years mode for a short time, wandering about, then into an unfamiliar kitchen setting where one man seems somehow stuck under a table with his leg somehow caught around a chair leg. He is lying on his side on the floor, halfway out from under the table, and another male is trying to help him up. The man on the floor is someone I had only talked with once years ago in Clayfield (I think his surname was Papadopoulos and this is the first time he has ever appeared in a dream as far as I remember). Zsuzsanna is present. I walk around to another part of the room. As I shift into a different dream setting, I am attempting to read some sort of listings in a newspaper as I wake.

      The man on the floor is my emergent consciousness factor (the other unknown male, the preconscious personification), the typical distorted precursory autosymbolism for waking and getting up out of bed. The act of reading in the last scene validates this, as this signifies my thinking skills beginning to emerge as I wake. As dreams are autosymbolic, not symbolic of waking life or with nebulous “interpretations” as such (as literal prescience and autosymbolic waking life factors are far more obvious and discernible), there is nothing here that is new or unusual to me in the dreaming sense.

      In life, I will never stop dreaming about my Cubitis home in infinite unique forms, or in fact, of any place I have ever lived or been, or unique fictitious settings either. There is not a waking life reason for this; it just is what it is, the nature of unconsciousness.

    3. Water From the Wall (into Mixer or Humidifier)?

      by , 05-28-2017 at 06:54 AM
      Morning of May 28, 2017. Sunday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our children and I are living where we are now in reality. It seems to be late at night. I eventually hear unusual gurgling sounds, like water being pumped through a pipe or sprinkler system. I am puzzled by the nature of the sound and what it could mean. I listen to the sounds for several minutes. At one point, it sounds somewhat like a coffeemaker (though we do not have one or ever drink coffee).

      On the far end of the counter, where the small oven is in reality, is some sort of machine that resembles a squarish mixer, though no bowl is present. I have a false memory that it is some sort of humidifier that keeps our house cool in summer. There is also the clear but false memory of having taped over the plug on the end of the electrical cord to keep it more secure in the outlet.

      I tell Zsuzsanna about the sound. Eventually, water sprays out of the “mixer” from the area where the wire whisk would be. It sprays down in a circular pattern (somewhat like a shower head). I am aware that there is a system of pipes behind the wall but that something has malfunctioned. I worry about water getting into the outlet. Even though I had taped over the plug to keep it secure, I decide to unplug it for now, which will supposedly stop the water spraying out.

      The water and water sounds within the wall (liminal space) are common dream state induction factors. The mix of water (sleep) and electricity (increased neural activity within the dream state) is a bit unusual, though still directly symbolizing the dreaming and waking process in real time. There have been a number of similar dreams throughout my life featuring these dynamics but in different ways.

    4. “Flying Colors”

      by , 04-06-2017 at 10:06 AM
      Morning of April 6, 2017. Thursday.

      For a short time, it seems that I may be at some sort of lecture (with an unknown backstory). The one talking is the Temperance Brennan character from the “Bones” television series. She is wearing a white lab coat. Curiously, there is a wall halfway to the left side of the scene where she seems to sometimes speak from behind it at an angle.

      She leans out and mentions something about “flying colors” (in a serious tone) which I perceive as an important phrase.

      A female cartoon character, who vaguely reminds me of a Peanuts comic strip character in overall appearance (though not any specific one), jumps up to the left and yells “Ee-glah!” at her. Temperance Brennan backs up in surprise and annoyance to go back behind the wall.

      Directly after waking, I am thinking that “flying colors” is not really a common expression as first perceived and that my dream was just generating gibberish. However, looking it up, I remember that “with flying colors” means “with great success”, though I do not recall hearing it much.

      Last checked and enhanced Tuesday, 25 July 2017: On “failed flight waking symbolism”, I have repeatedly stated that waking symbolism of this type, being inherent to the real-time dynamics of the dream state, is unrelated to the conscious self and real life for the most part. Despite the fact that the preconscious initiates the waking transition by saying something about “flying colors”, which means “with great success", the emergent consciousness factor (as a cartoon) forces her back behind the wall (which relates to metaphorical divisions of consciousness). It may seem contrary or contradictory to use “with great success” with a negative phrase such as “failed flight”, but in this scene, it is how it is rendered in the context of my dream and actually implies success (or otherwise I would not have awakened, get the picture?).

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    5. Unusual Wall Induction

      by , 02-21-2017 at 08:21 AM
      Morning of February 21, 2017. Tuesday.

      Although many of my dreams begin with water induction (which includes water sometimes flowing from a wall or ceiling), I do not bother to include that detail unless atypical or unusual, or in this case, sustained, with no main dream body or waking prompt that I can recall and already in the dream state indicator phase (being in bed).

      I am in a very relaxed state. Zsuzsanna is sleeping with me to my left. I focus on the wall to my right. It is of a light teal color. I notice that there are “fringes” at three different heights on the wall. I reason that these “fringes” (similar to an association with a hippie fringe jacket) might indicate that the paint is peeling off in an unusual uniform manner. (Still, the bedroom we are in has only a bed.

      I eventually confirm that water is slowly flowing out from each height of the fringe feature (each of which is horizontal along the entire length of the wall), but not enough to cause actual flooding, only minimal depth on the floor of only about an inch. I try to focus and consider if this is presently because of rain or perhaps some of the pipes leaking. It does not bother me at all; I remain only slightly curious (probably because water induction and reinduction triggers some degree of liminal dream state awareness).

      A wall is autosymbolism for the division of liminal space, that is, the barrier between the incomplete dream self (the very limited subconscious self, typically rendered in a fictitious scenario and without viable memory from either the unconscious or conscious self) and the conscious self identity. This is a correlation with RAS mediation that otherwise renders a door or doorway as an exit point out of the dream state. I liminally am in control in this case, and I am using water to reinduce and sustain my dream (validated by the waking autosymbolism being to my right). Interestingly though, this dream became literally prescient, when an unexpected storm tore our roof of in November of 2017 and paint actually did peel in an unusual way as here, proof that liminal dream control can correlate with literally prescient threads, which is very unusual to say the least. (In other cases, I mentally paint a wall to initiate dream state reinduction to “freshen” and sustain the dream state. Additionally, although the room was mostly featureless otherwise, it had an atypical feeling of being in our real home. At any rate, this dream is a composite of water reinduction and wall reinduction.)

      I had thought (for no particular reason) about an unusual model kit I built as a child just prior to this. It was a show car with fringes around the bottom and bullhorns on the front; the AMT “Hero” Lincoln Continental kit. (I had many model kits when growing up.)

      Last reviewed on Friday, 18 May 2018.

    6. “Walls Have Eyes”

      by , 09-10-2007 at 03:10 PM
      Morning of September 10, 2007. Monday.

      There is a building that is somehow on the edge of another dimension or mind (or someone else’s “mental universe”). We are renting the place and live here as a family, but it seems a bit too small at times, and also, it is as if we may be moving soon. Someone I do not know, possibly the owner of the property, hands me a special drill that will go through the really tough wall on one side (which seems to be to the north) so that I can look directly into this other dimension or mind (apparently in case someone is planning to do something wrong to my family or me). The drill looks like some sort of odd combination of the handles of a bicycle, an egg beater, and a modern electric drill.

      However, both the drill bits (there are two, which form a sort of binocular-like set-up) and the wall seem to be made of some sort of odd, but tough material that is similar to plastic, but yet not plastic. The resulting holes are perfect for a pair of human eyes to then look through.

      There is this idea that I would then be looking out from this dimension (or “my world”) into another dimension or alternate world as a character in someone else’s dream (but would have no control of that character, just supposedly somehow seeing from their eyes from my own perspective and “world”, the view of the other world adjusting with no movement required on my part). This seemed quite vivid. Even so, I do not observe much. I mostly view what seems to be ordinary human beings walking about in the distance. There is not the slightest feeling of being a voyeur at any point, probably because another level of my awareness somehow knows I am dreaming.

    7. The Ghostly Green Cat

      by , 12-02-1977 at 06:02 PM
      Morning of December 2, 1967. Saturday.

      A green cat is seemingly “haunting” an unfamiliar area of an unknown neighborhood in my dream (though possibly implied to be near my sister Carol’s house in Wisconsin). It glows brightly, mostly while walking atop an older brick fence near a residence where there are a lot of shrubs and flowers in the front yard. The green cat does not seem to be a lost pet, but perhaps the ghost of a stray. It does not frighten me in any way. Although I see it walking towards me at times, I also seem mostly incorporeal and perhaps unseen by this “ghost”.

      A cat is linked to the idea of sleep yet being active at night, and therefore is a good representation of the dream state itself. Here, the cat mostly only appears in liminal space - the top of a wall. Although the color blue usually serves as induction, green sometimes does as well (in contrast to red, which mainly seems like a waking priority prompt).

      This was possibly influenced by a very small plastic figure of a green cat (which may have come from some vendor novelties my brother Earl had in his apartment near ours at North Monroe Street) that I had in a large box of various small items, which included a soft orange rubber cockroach, a black brontosaurus with its head turned around over its body, and a plastic flying lizard among many other items.

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    8. Zoo Breach

      by , 10-28-1975 at 01:27 AM
      Morning of October 27, 1965. Wednesday.

      In this dream from age four, I had been exploring Myrick Park in La Crosse, seemingly on my own yet without concern. It is different than in reality, probably more influenced from larger zoo features (or perhaps even a jail from a Western) that I might have seen on television.

      There is a brick wall that I notice has an open space, as if several bricks had been taken out. I consider the difference between seeing animals, which look like some sort of llamas combined with large dogs, seen through the vertical bars (on my left), and how the animals might eventually be able to escape through the opening in the brick wall (to my right). I consider that I should move away from the brick wall area so as not to encourage the animals to escape. There is not a feeling of fear, only wariness.

      This dream utilizes “wall breach waking symbolism” as a sustained waking transition, which has remained a lesser but consistent type of waking symbolism for over fifty years of devoted dream study and validation. It does not always have implications of possible danger. Still, a far more intense version can be seen with “Look Out for the Bull” from December 12, 1965 (though recurring), where a bull actually crashes through the wall (near a corner) in a relative’s house upon subliminal anticipation of the waking prompt.

      Doorway waking symbolism (where a doorway is naturally rendered as the exit point of the dream state) has been far more common since early childhood. I do not think there is much difference between doorway waking symbolism and wall breach waking symbolism (as the dynamics work the same way, though more so with induction by contrast, in apex lucidity and conscious control of the dream state) other than perhaps the reticular activating system functioning with slightly different dynamics, which may be based on how fast or prioritized the preconscious dynamics are, which in turn may relate to how deep (or for how long) I have been sleeping or how loud the real environment’s ambiance is in intruding into the dream state.

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