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    1. Red Red Wine

      by , 05-02-2021 at 08:38 AM
      Morning of May 2, 2021. Sunday.

      Dream #: 19,858-02. 3 min 40 sec read.

      This dream begins with the same premise as a March 4, 2021 dream, though with different details and an unrelated outcome. In the previous dreaming experience, my mother gave me two American fifty-dollar bills and her bankbook. In this dream, she gives me one fifty-dollar note. I consider asking her for an additional ten dollars (imagining it as an American ten-dollar bill), but I do not. In both instances, I want the cash to pay some of what I owe my landlady. I had considered getting the additional ten dollars in this dream for food.

      Neither dream self version has any level of waking-life identity or recall, including any memory that my mother and landlady had died or that I have lived in Australia since 1994. Because I am sixty years old in real life, the supraliminal association with wanting sixty dollars may be the correlation in this case even though my dream self is only about twenty-five years old here. (I had established that because paper money is associated with being carried in a wallet that contains an identification card, it is a potential indicator of my imaginary dream self seeking my real-life identity to resolve the duality of the dream state. It is different with coins that I mainly summon to increase somatosensory awareness.)

      I teleport to the King Street mansion (boarding house) to give my landlady the fifty-dollar note. My metacognitive vestibular phasing response predictably corresponds with my dream's ongoing narrative. The staircase does not reach the second floor. Even so, I can maneuver to the door of my apartment that in this dream is the northeast corner room. An unknown male is living in the adjacent room.

      My dream, for a short time, becomes a typical haunting scenario. I summon an unseen ghost to move objects around for amusement. There are three responses with furniture moving on its own as my landlady watches. (Ghosts most often represent my metacognitive state, where my conscious self is incomplete and "haunts" the dream state, the fundamental reason why I summon hauntings other than for entertainment.)

      Eventually, I realize I need to get to my technical institute class. However, I do not have a good pair of pants. The blue jeans I am wearing now have large mustard stains on each leg. I try to come up with a way to wear my pants without the legs being visible, warping my physicality as a result. I float around above the missing part of the staircase, using my belt in different ways, and having my pants only come up to my knees. I then recall I may have clothes at my brother's house.

      I teleport to where Dennis (half-brother on my mother's side) lives. (The bedroom does not resemble anywhere either he or I ever lived in real life.) Another male, unknown, is present (though he vaguely reminds me of a man who lived in the King Street house for a time). I see about four pairs of my blue jeans, one on the bed and the others on the floor. I wonder if Dennis minds if I had left them here. He seems cheerful.

      As I try to put my pants on, I repeatedly cheerfully sing, "Red red wine goes to my head, red red wine goes to my head." I sway about in amusement. The other male, sitting on the left side of the bed, starts to sing a different line, but Dennis puts his finger to his lips to shush him. I soon wake.

      At least one dream from each sleep cycle for over 50 years has included my metacognitive concurrence with being asleep in a literal response (though my dreams are not symbolic in a conventional sense anyway). In this instance, it also has the anticipation of waking and putting on my blue jeans. The difference is that, in real life, my jeans were near the foot of our bed on the floor. In my dream, there were some on the right side of the bed on the floor. (As I have pointed out in thousands of previous entries, dreaming features are like this to avoid associations with waking life, the opposite of the majority of people, including "dream eperts," who are not metacognitive dreamers and consequently cannot ever understand why dreaming narratives are as they are.)

      The wakefulness simulacrum is sitting on the left side of the bed, and in reality, I sleep on the left side (though this is more about the metacognitive catalyst of the dream state above typical errors). Even so, Dennis shushes him as one does when someone is sleeping in the same room. This event has occurred in many past dreams since childhood with different narratives.

      So why "Red Red Wine?" There are several reasons, the first being the association with how dreams lack cognizance (and absence of intellect) and mind-body connectivity (REM atonia) as when drunk. The line "goes to my head" is a reference to dreaming. There is also a subliminal reference to the unsung line "Makes me forget that I still need her so" (the virtual amnesia of dreaming and how my waking-life identity is otherwise absent in this dream). Red is also a reference to the predominant waking-alert factor as well as blood. Additionally, Zsuzsanna had been focusing on a post on Facebook without me knowing. It was about wine (in a thread of enigmatic space that most people deny, yet is how I dreamt of Zsuzsanna long before we met in the first place).

    2. Powder in Wine

      by , 01-19-2015 at 07:19 AM
      Morning of January 19, 2015. Monday.

      This is another typical King Street boarding house dream, with nothing relevant to my character or present life. It is a dream I could have had thirty years ago and not known the difference in waking up then or now. Still, I document everything for long-term study (as always, since early childhood) regardless of the type that seems like residual “what if” dregs from the 1980s.

      I make my way to King Street. A male I knew at that time, Don K, is walking with me at one point, carrying a couple full bottles of wine. We end up going into the house through the main front entrance and the landlord and landlady (though started by the landlord), both deceased in reality, go into a bizarre rhythmic “mantra” (with the accented phrasing in the opposite areas as would otherwise seem normal). It seems like some sort of insult to anyone that goes into their house, including a relevance to their desire to be alone. The “song” is one of the oddest things I have heard in a long time.

      Don and I end up in the pinhead’s (Leonard S) old room at the southern end of the house. The room is mostly empty. We then drink from different wine bottles. I notice that my bottle, in addition to containing red wine, is also thick with dry powder that does not fully blend with the wine and is apparently crushed sleeping pills. Still, I drink parts of it in small amounts, not really wanting the full effect of either. In reality, I had never taken any form of medication of this kind and rarely ever drank. I attempt to stir it but there is so much powder, the fluid nature of the wine is minimal and nearly too viscous to flow naturally from the bottle. I take about five drinks over time. We are seemingly going to go to Third Street and perhaps meet with others but my dream fades.

      What is interesting is that in the past, I was often within dreams of the future, including those involving the “mystery girl”. Now that I actually “live the dream” so to speak, I often mentally travel to mundane facets of the past (with alternate histories and even no-longer necessary “rehearsals”), almost as if it is some sort of “balancing” function to remind me of the human aspects and encounters of my otherwise legend-like path.

      Don was actually the one to inform me of the King Street house availability (while we both worked at the same factory), which was my first unshared apartment in real life at seventeen. It is interesting in that Don was also the worst possible reference I could have had, yet once the owners learned that I was not at all like Don, they let me rent the apartment. Ironically, he was evicted from his apartment shortly after I moved into mine, for drunkenness and leaving broken glass on the lawn.

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