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    1. Technology and Yellow Pennant Flags

      by , 06-18-2019 at 12:18 PM
      Morning of June 18, 2019. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,174-02. Reading time: 36 sec.

      While in subliminal to emerging liminal mode, I engage in the imaginary pursuit of attempting to discern technology, including text, as a factor of cognitive arousal. I look at my computer in an undefined location. I have the idea to search for the most common words and imagery on the Internet.

      Following a complete search with an unknown program, I see the most common image is one of two types of yellow pennant flags. One appears as a regular triangular form pointing down, and the other has a comma-like curve to the left. They are about the size of avatars, in random order.

      My dream includes three emergent factors. Yellow stands out when returning to consciousness. Flags represent confirmation of territory (in this case, upper liminal space). My use of technology comes about when I try to heighten my awareness while in the dream state (the same as trying to read).

    2. Big Yellow Caterpillar

      by , 01-15-2019 at 07:32 AM
      Morning of January 14, 2019. Monday.

      Dream #: 19,019-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      Zsuzsanna and I are on the back porch of our present home on W Street seemingly before dawn though there is enough light to discern images. My perception is extraordinarily vivid though I am not aware I am dreaming. She is to my left (our sleeping orientation). We are sitting and facing south toward our backyard. There is a big table (that does not exist in reality) that fills most of the space of our porch to the right of the back door (when facing the back of our house).

      I notice two features, both of which are yellow and black and about two feet apart, their heads facing toward the backyard. The closest to me looks like a soft toy. It is an elongated bee. The other one has a similar appearance but changes over time. I ask Zsuzsanna if it is an animal.

      “That’s just fuzz,” she says.

      Making an effort to discern the farthest feature more clearly, I see it is a big yellow and black caterpillar as long as my forearm and with long hairs. I gaze at it in wonder and soon realize I am dreaming, but I eventually wake without attempting to take control.

      One of the only statements I have ever read in any public source that held any truth regarding dreams is: “Similarly, he (Herbert Silberer) has shown that the conclusions of some dreams or some divisions in their content merely signify the dreamer’s own perception of his sleeping and waking.” (This is one of the only factors of dreams with established validity.) It goes on to say, “in persons who are gifted philosophically and accustomed to introspection it may become very evident.” (It was evident to me when I was very young, yet many people never realize it and consequently, pursue “interpretation.”)

      This dream renders the same processes in the same order as tens of thousands of previous examples since early childhood (and it is very similar in content to many others) but holds the interconsciousness thread that features Zsuzsanna, an additional emerging consciousness precursor. “That’s just fuzz” means I am not yet fully discerning enigmatic space (and aware I am dreaming). Porches are “bridges” in enigmatic space and represent liminal space in waking life as being a “bridge” between one’s house and the outside.

      The final emerging consciousness factor is the big yellow caterpillar. It correlates with vestibular system dynamics. Yellow is only discernible in a dream in becoming more aware of my dream self and simultaneously closer to my conscious self identity. A caterpillar is a precursor to flight as a butterfly. The bee is a soft toy here (a pillow association and thus a dream state indicator). Bees typically represent the increased neural activity of the waking process.

      The soft toy and the caterpillar are dual autosymbolism. (Dreams are not symbolic in the conventional sense.) They are on my left because they are precursors rather than active anticipation of the process. (I most often sleep on my left side.)

    3. Motorcycle Mishap

      by , 11-09-2018 at 11:29 AM
      Morning of November 5, 2018. Monday.

      Dream #: 18,949-05. Reading time (optimized): 2 min. Readability score: 38.

      In my dream, I am in an unknown location, though it is likely implied to be America as Dennis (half-brother on my mother’s side) is present. He appears as he was in the 1970s.

      There is an unfamiliar dream state denizen with me (male, about twenty years old) when Dennis starts talking about taking us on a ride on his motorcycle and even giving us our own motorcycles.

      I am not interested and he becomes very angry, telling me what a great motorcycle he is giving me. There is a long argument of the typical preconscious content (though I am not lucid).

      He eventually leaves. There is the typical indoor-outdoor ambiguity, where I look upon a highway that also somehow seems to be inside an unknown building.

      Dennis has transformed into a foot-long piece of yellow police tape (and my dream self does not consider this unusual). “He” is lying near the middle of the highway. I consider that cars may run over him as he is blown about, but I do not feel any concern.

      Conflict in my dreams (subliminal, liminal, and lucid modes) is typically a result of biologically induced reticular formation simulacra and my dream self’s willingness to correlate with the RAS factor of the waking process, and in lucidity, I am actually aware of this factor (thus there can be no doubt, as real lucidity brings about this knowledge - and an experienced lucid dreamer would know that “interpretation” in the popular sense is a misconception).

      A vehicle typically represents (projected or inherited) correlation of induction (beginning of sleep cycle) or waking (end of sleep cycle) physicality by way of vestibular system dynamics, even before full consciousness is achieved. (The preconscious is active in the waking process before the conscious self identity is, which is probably why many people do not remember their dreams.)

      I have not seen Dennis in real life since 1994 and our minimal Facebook contact has remained cheerful. The yellow police tape comes from two factors, the nexus between dreaming and waking (fuzziness about the conscious self identity when sleeping, and the reticular formation by way of the preconscious as authority over the dream self) as a liminal space divider, and a literal association with the Halloween tape we had on our fence recently for trick-or-treaters (as a fence is a literal liminal space divider in real life, which correlates with the nexus of the waking process being a model as such).

    4. Undoing a Cult Leader’s “Magic” with a Giant Golden Candle

      by , 08-22-2018 at 10:07 AM
      Morning of February 22, 2016. Monday.

      Reading time: 5 min 42 sec. Readability score: 66.

      My family and I are leaving our home on Stadcor Street due to an understanding that Daniel (Zsuzsanna’s younger half-brother on her mother’s side) is ill and could make us sick. (This is illogical because he is not around or likely to visit.) I carry a big suitcase as we all leave our house. We walk toward the city of Brisbane, but I have the idea we will be walking to America to avoid getting the illness.

      Eventually, we are sitting at a bus stop in an unfamiliar area with other people after I get tired of walking. (There are at least two bus shelters oriented end to end.) I am uncertain when the bus will arrive or if it will take us to our destination (closer to America, reachable by a short bridge from Australia as they are next to each other in my dream). I begin to realize that I have a car we can use that should be appearing soon. I think it is the fancy white car across the street. As I go to it, I look at the back to notice my first name written clearly above the license plate. That may be evidence it is my car though I consider it may belong to someone else. The door on the front left side is open, and we all get in, though I am the only one that sits in front. I assume the car has three rows of seats, as otherwise, all of us would not be able to fit. There is a periscope as well as an automatic pilot. I quickly drive off while vaguely thinking that it still might be someone else’s car but this is not a concern.

      I safely and effortlessly drive through buildings, solid walls, and over water. I stop at a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean. I look over the cliff to see a few men wandering about on the rocks about ten feet below. Now there is an unknown homeless male with us, and I offer him food. (He has not eaten for a few days and has been wandering in the region.) I pick up a suitcase to use infra-control as a potential to create food in it, but upon opening it, there are only my family’s folded clothes inside, I then open a rucksack and reach in expectantly and see I am holding a baguette. He is cheerfully thankful, as it is his favorite food. I reach in and produce a second one, which I also give him.

      I think about how the southeast section of America nearly touches the northwest section of Australia. It is like I see the Strait of Juan De Fuca (northwest above Washington state in reality) in the northwest corner of Australia, and that links to Charleston, North Carolina. Part of it could be confusing the Victoria above Washington state with the Victoria in Australia. It is not only an error of country location. I think we are still in Brisbane (the opposite side of Australia than my dream’s implication). (However, if you rotate Australia around to line up with the USA, the two Victorias are in the same area, though one is a city and one is a state.)

      We are now at a Brisbane train station. It seems to be nighttime. There is a Russian wolfhound (Borzoi) lying on one of the benches. It possesses the soul of an unknown man’s ex-girlfriend. He hired a cult leader (present near a waiting train) to transform her with magic. I talk to the dog. She acts as if I am ridiculous in talking to her and makes a sarcastic remark about people who talk to dogs. There is an ambiguous awareness that I am in a bus station and the dog is a greyhound (as a Greyhound is a kind of bus). The increasing ambiguity, along with the dog’s sarcastic attitude, annoys me. I decide to help her even though she seems resigned to her fate.

      I tell the young male cult leader that I will change the dog back, but he believes he is the only one with magical powers. I say, “…and now a golden candle, taller than me, appears here,” and it happens. A golden candle taller than I appears before me in a giant brass candle holder. He is amazed and stunned. It gets smaller until it is of standard size. I place it atop a small, round, wooden table that belongs to be the cult leader (even though it is a public area). Some blue, jellylike wax overflows from the giant candle holder. I apologize to him in case any of it falls out to damage the tabletop, though this does not occur. From here, looking at the mixed colors brings me into an abstract state, and I slowly wake.

      Dream errors other than known infra-control: We have not lived on Stadcor Street for years. One cannot walk to America from Australia, and they are not next to each other. I could not carry a big heavy suitcase very far in waking life. Maps (as well as location orientation) are hardly ever realistic or correct in dreams. I do not question blue wax coming from a yellow candle. I do not recognize a talking dog or magical abilities as strange.

      Dream opposites: Walking south to Brisbane would imply walking in the opposite direction of where America would be, though this distorts in conflicting ways later. One of the reasons for our move to Bundaberg was concern over an illness more likely to be present in Brisbane (SARS), opposite inference to my dream’s scenario.

      Dream accuracies: My infra-self is similar to my current conscious self in marriage and family status (as well as living in Australia).

      Subliminal, liminal, and lucid creation and control of dream content: The summoning of the car with my name on the back is common subliminal control of the dream state, having nothing to do with real life. I have often deliberately done this in both lucid and non-lucid dreams. A car represents maintaining the illusory physicality of the dream state. Driving through buildings, walls, and over water (of which I also do with my illusory dream body without a car) is infra-control, unrelated to real life. I often use infra-control or control when lucid to create and control dream factors. The appearance of clothes is a typical infra-sign I am dreaming (as I do not wear clothes in bed while sleeping). My effort worked on the second attempt, which is common.

      General concepts: It is usually harder for me to walk in both non-lucid and lucid dreams than to fly (though I usually end up flying whenever I had been walking for a time). With the highest level of lucidity, walking is more thrilling than flying, as the realism of physicality is more defined and accurate. Since early childhood, I have used reading to attain more of a focus on the dream state (though sometimes the writing changes or becomes nonsensical), especially in reading my name somewhere as here. I use yellow and creating and lighting candles (in both lucidity and non-lucidity) to clarify my conscious self identity in the dream state. The homeless man was a preconscious witness to my mode of awareness while the cult leader was this dream’s preconscious avatar. It all comes down to whether the processes of my reticular formation (RAS) have more or less control as my emerging consciousness (the dog in this case) in the waking transition. A dog usually represents how much control I have in the dream state. Animals becoming people is a common waking status, or in fact, anything going from unlikely (such as a talking dog) to resolved.

      Prescience (updated same day): When I went outside tonight, I found a rucksack of the same colors and size as the one from my dream, lying just outside our house near the curb, that someone could only have dropped tonight. I felt what could have been a baguette through the canvas, but it turned out to be a tall empty water bottle. Zsuzsanna first thought a hookah was sticking out from it, and so did I for a second, until I realized it was a large hydration pack (the kind with a long transparent hose). Looking inside, I discovered it belonged to a Swedish male named Axel. The only other contents were documents, most related to applying for a tax file number. He may have lost it from his bicycle, or maybe someone stole it from him and tossed it.

    5. Little Yellow Snake

      by , 08-26-2016 at 02:26 PM
      Morning of August 26, 2016. Friday.

      My dream’s setting is a unique variation of our present home. There is an ambiguous perception of bilocation, though the essence of my primary environment is extraordinarily vivid. I seem to be in bed, yet I am also looking down to my right at what appears to be the open storage area in the bottom of the couch I slept on as a teenager. (The back of it dropped down for it to serve as a single bed.) This layout would not be possible in reality. It seems to be on the right side of our bed and perpendicular to it. The size orientation is wrong despite the amazing clarity. (Certainly, no couch would fit in the short distance from the right side of our bed to the wall.) It seems smaller than it should but my dream self accepts this feature.

      Our youngest sons are present in the room. There is a small yellow snake of about a foot long that I consider as possibly venomous. It had somehow crawled inside the couch. The area is perceived as being about a foot below the top of our mattress. There is a horizontal section of the storage space that is slightly apart near the bottom that allows the snake to crawl out through it. I keep touching its head with a stick and it moves back into the narrow space. I feel confident that I can keep the snake at a distance. I use the stick to bump its head and it retreats about four times.

      Eventually, it somehow jumps out from the area and hits my left shoulder fairly hard though does not bite me. It seems to vanish after this. It is so vivid that not only do I wake up slapping my shoulder in reality, I shuffle around a short time before I am fully awake.

      Specific colors in my dreams, when they dominate my focus of attention, sometimes correlate with an aspect of consciousness I am most aware of during the waking process. Yellow or gold often occurs where there is more perception of movement and emergent consciousness awareness that serves to dissolve the illusory nature of the dream state in activating viable consciousness. On the biological level, a snake dream of a more vivid and realistic rendering as this is often only reticular activating system modulation to more quickly alert the dreamer into waking up. Being biological autosymbolism as a derivative of RAS, there is no reason to force the pretense of waking life symbolism into such a dream, especially as it was a factor in making me aware that my left arm would have become numb had I slept in the position I was in any longer.

    6. Tangled Yellow Tape

      by , 10-23-2013 at 07:21 AM
      Morning of October 23, 2013. Wednesday.

      In a dream that seems somewhat age-angst-relevant (concerned about getting older I suppose, not “old”, just older), I am back in school, but it is not any school I ever went to and my classmates are all unfamiliar. There are about seven or eight students (at least three females and a few males) and my mother (who died years ago) is also there. It almost seems to be a music studio in my home in Cubitis as well as my mother’s last room in Wisconsin at a sister’s house before moving into the Manor. A taller dark-haired female (completely unfamiliar in all ways) who seems to be someone important to me talks with me. Later, just as the school day is an hour from ending, I start to get annoyed for some reason, wondering what I am doing there. My mother asks a different taller dark-haired girl (who has her back to me and looking at a computer, as are most of the others - with about five or six computers in the room, which I never saw growing up in reality) about something in a way that seems to imply she is trying to be a “matchmaker” somehow and mistaking her for the other girl - asking her something about an e-mail address or something, I think. I am rather annoyed and shaking my head and trying to get her attention away from her and make subtle hints about it being the other girl (which really makes no sense at all from my perspective) without anyone knowing the person has (or could have) a connection to me.

      I get more and more annoyed, the most annoyed being from a cassette tape that I had recorded a lot of music on and it (the tape itself) turns into tangled yellow felt inside the cassette case (which makes no sense - I have had brand new “dud” tapes in real life but not like this - I also have had tapes get “eaten” in real life years ago, but it has not been a concern for about fifteen years or so - and why would I try to record on felt anyway - I have worked with felt and wonder why people ever bother to use it - it is extremely fragile and very short-lasting). I get the feeling, that, even though it seems I have two or three years of school left that I am “never going back” (which I say in my dream) and am “done with it all” as well as the seeming two weeks for the particular “class” I am in at the time. It seems rather final and even positive in some ways (but considering it also seems to be at my own house, it makes no sense). After a time, as I am waking, I realize I am not a young teenager, but am fairly “old” and feel quite strange as if I had moved briskly through time. Not really a regret, just wondering what had happened.

      “Red tape” is the idiom that refers to excessive regulation or rigid conformity to formal rules considered redundant or bureaucratic though there may be a subtle association with the “yellow tape” - possibly also a subtle relevance to “yellow pages” and communication. Felt may relate to feeling as in human feeling or feeling healing (though again, I see it as fragile and very short-lasting).
    7. Casket of Yellow Candles

      by , 06-02-1998 at 12:02 PM
      Morning of June 2, 1998. Tuesday.

      Reading time: 54 sec. Readability score: 57.

      I deliberately step into an interesting street scene, but during a sequence of more quickly changing settings when the human forms have not stabilized. (Dream characters usually transform at the rate of about once per second in the first dreaming stage of the sleep cycle, until I allow them to stabilize, though they also sometimes melt into and out of each other during these stages.)

      A group of East Indian men (most from about thirty to forty years of age) approaches, some in traditional clothes, some in suits. They are carrying what I think is a casket. Moving closer, hovering in an incorporeal form while maintaining vestibular system correlation, I see the lid is now off. The “casket” contains long yellow candles (emerging consciousness color) aligned in the box lengthwise end to end. One of them alights, and I hear a male ahead of the group say, “Oh, look at that,” more in wonder and respect than surprise or alarm, and I wake softly, feeling alert and well. There is an essence of magic, though not “real” magic, only the knowledge of the dream state and how to mediate and modulate it.

      The “lighting a candle” process is a thread (both in infra-awareness and lucidity as here) that I have used since early childhood to more clearly define my conscious self’s existence, especially with incidental sleep apnea, though which is quite rare and is not a factor in this case.

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    8. Delta Butterfly

      by , 12-14-1979 at 06:14 PM
      Morning of December 14, 1979. Friday.

      I perceive myself as being someone else; an unknown male of about forty. I seem to be planning where soldiers will go by using a large map that covers a table, and I point out locations as other males stand around watching. The country that the war is against is unknown, but is possibly China (though it may also be somewhere in Africa, though that seems illogical in conscious afterthought).

      Over time, it becomes obvious that I have made a mistake, in that a large yellow butterfly has landed on the map, by which I am then incorrectly designating features of the butterfly’s wings as being rivers, rivulets, and locations of possible villages. The people observing and listening to my instructions do not seem that concerned or amused, but I notice a few walking away.

      The butterfly has landed so that its head is over a delta and its superimposition also creates the illusion that its bottom half is over the ocean or other body of water. At one point, I am trying to work out where the perimeter of the butterfly ends and the map details begin.

      When I look up, many people have gone to a different table, where at least three unfamiliar males, possibly astronauts in blue coveralls, are looking at a larger map on a table, one male pointing at it with a pointing stick. (This scene was directly influenced by a View-Master “Project Apollo” frame, which I gazed at many times as a boy.)

      I am somewhat puzzled. The butterfly has made my presentation problematic but now I am vaguely unsure if the meeting was about going to war, or returning to Earth. Somehow, “returning to Earth” does not seem quite right as it would entail that we are not on Earth presently (though this is not certain either).


      Over twenty percent of my dreams since early childhood have rendered return-to-consciousness symbolism as related to flight, though always unique, with positive, negative, or neutral imagery which often seems unrelated to waking life (though is sometimes validated as prescience). This is obviously based on subliminally anticipated hypnopompic effects, mainly including the feeling of falling (which is spontaneous and biological, without the pretense of “interpretation”).

      The concept of war in this case is related to the “struggle” of the fictional dream self, the transient identity and neural patterns changing via the dynamics of emergent consciousness and beginning wakefulness, which is sometimes represented by the color yellow (though red when I have been sleeping too long). It is also seen as a “journey”. In this case, it is even more obvious by the questioning of whether we are on Earth. Technically, we are not, as it is the dream state and I am not walking around on the real Earth.

      There are some curious layers here including “delta” as an association with sleep as well as ocean waves, a play on “delta waves” (relating to deeper sleep rather than REM). It is also associated with the song “Delta Dawn” (sunrise). Water is my most common association with being in the dream state (and its sound has been used in virtually endless commercial relaxation recordings to bring about sleep). The butterfly creates an illusion of “returning to land”, which is akin to returning to the real world from the dream state (as thousands of my dreams have been proven to contain this same type of waking symbolism, though always unique).