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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 19-02-XX Back in School

      by , 02-28-2019 at 05:16 PM
      The dream took place in the present, but took place in two of my former high schools. The first was at the Sint-Agnes school, on the small courtyard by the street. I told Mr. Ferret how much things had changed, but then I realized it was always that way.

      In another part I was at KTA Brasschaat, possibly with my father. I remember running through the empty hallways, knowing exactly where I was going. We also went through some classrooms. At some point I went down stairs really quickly. So quick, I started to hover. There was much more, but I forgot. Later that day in real life, it turned out that there was a high school reunion at that very school, to which I hadn't been invited for some reason.

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    2. 17-11-11 Back in Time (School), Fighting Lizard Demons

      by , 11-15-2017 at 05:43 AM
      In the first dream, I was (for the umpteenth time) in my old school, but a good ten years back in time. Oddly students were seated in the hallways instead of classrooms. I left the building and flew off to look for girls (subconscious awareness this wasn't real and I could do with my DC's whatever I want). But suddenly I remembered doing a certain thing to a certain person would accidentally prevent another thing (that's supposed to happen) from happening. I was in the past, after all.

      Long, and complicated dream, can't be bothered to write it all down. I'm half human cop, half lizard/demon. I'm in the police station, and walk over to the coffee machine to get some coffee. I get weird looks from the other officers who are seeing me for the first time (the first half-demon cop on the squad). I notice they made the buttons of the coffee machine bigger so I could still use it (I had very big mutant hands).

      In a later scene, I'm still the demon-lizard-guy from before. I'm in Hell, fighting off big demons attacking the "base camp" of the good guys. I'm having to solo several big demons, wrestling them by their horns. The humans were reluctant to join in the fight because I looked rather demonic myself. I couldn't get hurt but was still getting thrashed pretty hard by the demons, who were a lot bigger than I was. Luckily, Thor (from the MCU) suddenly appeared and joined in the fight. He knocked out a few demons with his hammer.
    3. 16-01-10 Yes, School Again

      by , 10-24-2017 at 02:22 PM
      I was in a school, again, but I'd already graduated. Someone who works there (perhaps a teacher) speaks to me, and assumes I should be in class. I told him I was 26, and to leave me alone. Then I ran into a former classmate, Tim Botte, near the gym area. They were still doing something there (notes don't indicate what) but it was clear he had also graduated years ago. "Oxy 1 has shut down", he said. This refers to my job in a chemical plant at the time. The "Oxy" plants use ethylene oxychlorination to produce DCE (1,2-Dichloroethene).
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    4. 17-10-22 Googling Dream Disc, Desert Sand, Semi Truck ASMR

      by , 10-22-2017 at 02:42 PM
      Several dreams in the late morning/noon, all pretty weird and cool. In one, I was given a disc by someone (an old woman?). I think it was a heavy metal album. I asked someone in reality (or I thought it was) to immediately Google the band and album name to see if it existed. I think I was trying to prove a theory I had about dreams. Super meta, right? Of course, the person Googling wasn't real either. He messed around on his desktop (opening and closing irrelevant programs) and wasted my precious dream time. I woke up before we got any results.

      At one point I met an old schoolmate of mine, Yannick VM. After interacting for a bit, I think he realized I was no longer as big of a dick as I used to be, and he got a little less cautious.

      So, once again, I was leaving (?) SCHOOL. Nine years later and I'm still having nightly dreams about schools. Fuck. Anyway, I left the place running. I ran on some kind of wooden walkway through what looked like a park. Eventually I ended up... back in a fucking school. I was an adult though, but I still feared running across the courtyard the way I did would draw attention from the teachers. Then, the scene changed. The environment changed into a desert. The school was still there I think, but swallowed up by dunes of sand. The sand had a red hue. It reminded me more of the Australian outback than the Sahara, Gobi or American deserts. I was sitting in a dune buggy now all of a sudden. I was feeling the sand, running it through my hands - amazed how 'realistic' it felt.

      I think I was with my brother, investigating a crashed semi truck. I was listening to ASMR at the time (while sleeping), and the girl talking in the video was "translated" in the dream. Some of her sentences were kept intact, but some were changed or added completely. The things she said were pretty comical. It sounded like a radio playing in the background. Oddly, I could also see images that accompanied the person speaking. While doing things in the dream. So I was seeing two things at the same time. The mind is amazing.
    5. 17-10-14 Accidentally Blowing Up School, Matrix-Style Shootout

      by , 10-22-2017 at 04:32 AM
      I was in a car, with a former classmate of mine (Nathan) and a few others. There was a discussion going on between Nathan and the others, and it was getting pretty nasty. I feel he was being bullied. Despite the fact he hates me in real life, I felt sympathy for him. I wasn't sure which "side" to choose.

      School again. I was in a large, strange room deep in the school building. Looked more like a large cave than a room. There was a giant statue in the room, at least 30 foot tall. A person was holding a speech to a bunch of people, me included. Then, there was a shootout. I was being shot at by several enemies, but time moved slowly so I could dodge the bullets (looked like a scene straight out of "The Matrix"). I shot all 10-ish enemies faster than they could blink. Then, it turned out it was all an "act", a scene for a movie or something. All the bullets in my gun were blanks. I unloaded my weapon, and noticed the last round was real. But it wasn't a normal bullet. It was made of glass, and filled with a green liquid. I think I moved it too abruptly or dropped it, because a mechanism triggered and the liquid turned red. The bullet made a beeping noise. The beeping got faster. I got out of there like lightning and ran for the exit. Right after I had run out of the building into the open air, the whole building exploded in a massive fireball. My carelessness had killed dozens of people. Including my "co-star", a girl I had (fake) shot during the scene we were playing earlier. She appeared in front of me as a ghost, and she scolded me for killing her. Another girl appeared in a flash, a fiery superspeeder (like the Human Torch of "Fantastic Four") and ran into the school. She hadn't realized it'd blown up. She wasn't hurt though, thanks to her fire-based ability. An eclipse appeared (the landscape looked very fake suddenly, like a badly animated Photoshop), which signified I'd fucked up badly and there would be consequences for my actions.

      EDIT: During the shootout in this dream, there was another point where I could not pull the trigger. It wasn't "heavy" this time, rather the opposite, loose - like the springs inside the pistol's mechanism were broken.
    6. 17-10-19 Sweden School Escape, Left on Island by Gaff, Flying From Gym to Zeebrugge

      by , 10-22-2017 at 02:52 AM
      I was in a classroom in northern Sweden. A few more people (all adults) were there with me. They had locked us up for being residents of a hostile nation. They started unlocking the door, and I knew they'll execute us all. I told the others to get ready to fight, and went to the door to open it as soon as it was unlocked. I felt like we were all going to die. The situation was so desperate, we might as well put up a fight. I opened the door, and the others rushed outside. We fought, and most of us were shot dead on the spot or otherwise killed or restrained (to be shot later). I was retrained as well, by a man I remembered from a previous job (in real life), a Dutchman called Michel. I practically begged him to let me go, and much to my surprise he did (out of view of the others). Grateful for the favor of my former colleague, I made my way out of the building, across the courtyard of the school, toward the large gate. It was snowing. When I got to the gate, the police arrived. If they found out I was with the other prisoners, they'd arrest me and I'd get killed after all. I pretended everything was normal and I was just going home after a day at work. It worked, and I got past them, onto the streets. It was very cold, snowing heavily, and it was very dark and gloomy even though it was midday. I was wearing my old Sergio Tacchini coat, something I used to wear when I went to high school myself (graduated 2008). I briefly thought to myself it's no surprise Scandinavian people got so depressed living there, with all the gloominess. I could hear the soundtrack of the dream in the background, a very fitting tune my subconscious made up on the spot. As I started waking up, I wondered how to proceed from there. I had to get out of Sweden somehow, and head south.

      I was left behind on a tiny island (just 30 feet across, maybe) by a villain - Gaff from Blade Runner. The island was in a very (extremely) wide river, relatively close to the southern shore. There was a lot of fog, and a chill in the air. Gaff could fly, and he flew off towards an extremely large (width and height) skyscraper on the opposite shore, basically Wallace HQ from Blade Runner 2049. The building was so tall, I thought to myself that even if I could fly, I'd be too scared of heights to go there. Suddenly I was with another person on the island. Gaff. And he was a friend suddenly, also left behind on that island. And I could fly. He held onto me (on my back) and I had to fly us to the shore. But he was so damn heavy! I don't know if I managed to keep from plunging into the water. I knew one thing: we had to destroy that building.

      I was in a large open room, maybe a gym. I could fly, and realized doing circus tricks would indeed be a good way to make money and get famous. I did some tricks for an audience, like backflips and stuff. Some guy suspected I was on an invisible support, or hanging by a thread, so I invited him to come and feel. They remained unconvinced (I could feel a wire suddenly, as if I *really* was hanging from a wire, except I wasn't). I got really furious at the guy (not really, I think I was just acting and wanted to do a good villain speech to terrify the DC's). I cut the scene to the next one, somehow, as this is what would happen in movies (I could be director and character of my dream at the same time). It was night now, and I exited the gym through the back exit. I saw the people who were watching earlier at their cars, ready to leave. They were talking some more. I looked at one of them with some regret for my earlier behavior, then flew away. Higher, higher and then away over the city. It was day all of a sudden, and I didn't notice this transition. I was now aware I was dreaming, but it wasn't a sudden "!!!" moment, but more as if I'd known all along (I did not). I had to dodge some kind of windmill on a rooftop, and I think the blade hit me (I felt it). No injuries, though. I flew along the coastline now, approaching the harbor of what looked like Zeebrugge (Belgium). The waters were fierce and I could see a large cargo ship smashing violently into the waves. I wanted to fly home, to Brasschaat where I live. I realized that was far, but trying to teleport was too hard (dream felt real) and too risky (to avoid waking up). Just a moment later, the image froze and I lost the dream. I knew I could maybe "restart" the dream but that would take too much effort so I opened my eyes.
    7. 17-10-XX Back to School... Again

      by , 10-13-2017 at 04:50 AM
      Another "back to high school" dream. I hate these so much. I remember it was 8 in the morning and it as time to leave for school, but then I thought perhaps I didn't *have* to, as I knew I'm 28 years old... I think I magically lived back with my dad at our old house.

      Why is my mind permanently stuck in 2008?
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    8. 17-05-02 School Again, Stabbing Kitten

      by , 05-05-2017 at 02:37 AM
      Another dream in which I have to go back to high school... it never ends. This time though, it didn't feel like a nightmare. I felt okay with it.
      I also recall having a heartfelt conversation with one of my former bullies, Max. That was nice.

      Awful dream. I was holding a kitten in one hand. I wanted to cause myself emotional pain by hurting the innocent, and losing my own innocence in the process. I wanted to do something awful, knowing it would hurt me. I repeatedly stabbed the little kitten with a knife...
      Tags: school, violence
    9. 17-02-07 Manifesting Dream Cat in Reality, Classroom

      by , 02-07-2017 at 03:59 PM
      I was in bed (in reality) but not really sleeping. At one point, I started hallucinating (with my eyes closed) about seeing our old cat, Sylvester. It moved strangely, and I knew he wasn't real. So it was a hallucination I was controlling it. He walked closer, and hopped onto the bed. I was now seeing a dream version of my bedroom through my closed eyes, and I was still in bed both in the dream and in reality. Sylvester walked over me the way cats do. For a second, I was convinced I had woken up and had somehow "pulled" the cat I dreamt up into reality. That belief was short-lived when I accidentally opened my real eyes - and my long-dead pet vanished in front of my eyes.

      I was, once again, back at school. I wear, that place just won't let me leave. I'm in the classroom, and the rest of my former classmates are there too. Max, one of the guys who used to torment me, was trying to get under my skin again. And succeeding at it, but I tried to hide it. I sat with my head resting on my hands and subtly gave him the finger. They laughed. At some point I'd gotten up from my desk, and accidentally sat down again next to Ken, another guy who was occasionally tormented by the populars. He was in the "loser club", a group of 4 or 5 kids who were looked down upon by the popular kids. Even they wanted nothing to do with me, though. Anyway, I realized my mistake but tried not to make a big deal out of it. I grabbed my stuff from my own desk and sat down next to him.
    10. 17-01-X2 Old Schoolmates

      by , 02-01-2017 at 12:54 AM
      I was in the company of Jeroen and Sander, two fellows (brothers) who used to be in my class (Jeroen was, Sander was still in the previous year) waaay back in 1998-1999-2000. I think we "walked and talked" while moving through a long corridor. I was bullied, excluded and tormented in those days (and all the years after that until 2008). I asked Sander if I ever hurt him, and he said I did. I halfheartedly apologized. It's true, they used to be really fat, and I wasn't. The rest bullied me, and my frustration needed a way out, so I bullied the only ones I perceived as more pathetic than me, the fat kids!
    11. 17-01-29 School Shooting

      by , 02-01-2017 at 12:23 AM
      I'm in a bathroom, one that closely resembles our bathroom from when I lived with my parents. I think I was getting dressed, but I had a friend (a black dude, never seen him before in real life) who was still in the shower. When I got out of the shower, I accidentally left the door open, and water had spilled all over the floor. The floor was made of light gravel (as it used to be in real life), and the water got between the gravel, soaking into the floor.

      I left the bathroom, and found myself in a massive corridor that resembled a shopping mall. I went all the way to the back of the hallway, and up an escalator. There was a military outpost there. The soldiers were clones, like the ones from Star Wars. I apparently got into a big fight with one of the commanding officers, who betrayed me. The clones under his command immediately opened fire on me. The day before I watched an episode of "The Clone Wars" in which a clone commander betrays the Jedi. I grabbed my own gun (a pump-action shotgun, I think) and fired on my attackers while I rushed back down the escalator. I ran back through the hallway and exited through a door somewhere.

      I found myself in one of my former schools (it was a mix of several of my former schools). I wandered around, not sure where I was going. I was still armed to the teeth, and realized I was around children... in a school. They'd think I was one of those terrible school shooters, and I didn't want that! I hid the gun in the sleeves of my coat (!!). I now had two guns, one in each sleeve. I walked through classrooms, and across the courtyard of the school. One person recognized me, and shouted something at me. But it was definitely the present, not the past. I walked behind a couple of girls who were on their way to their next class (I guess), and saw a teacher I recognized (in reality, he is a German actor who plays the medic in the movie 'Der Üntergang', or 'Downfall'). I asked him how to find the building where the adults take their evening classes (that was apparently the large building I had escaped from). Not sure why I was trying to go back there.
    12. 17-01-27 Rampage!

      by , 01-31-2017 at 01:42 AM
      Awesome sequence of dreams, very memorable. I had orders to assassinate a military officer (using a sniper rifle) at a military base. But I had trouble identifying him, and there were far too many other soldiers around to get a closer look. I think I temporarily gave up.

      Another scene. I'm in a big city, at night, and it looks like it's the 1920's. It's raining. I'm in a parking lot (lots of old timers, that's how I know I was in the past), and I wanted to steal car to get out of there. My motivating for this criminal behavior is a mystery to me. The door opened, as door locks didn't exist yet in this dream version of 1920. The car alarm went off, and it was loud. A voice told me (or my own inner voice?) that I needed keys to start the car, so it was pointless to even try. But it was too late... between two buildings, I could see a man, a cop, approaching - investigating the alarm. I tried to casually walk away from the vehicle, but knew he'd seen me and was following me. He would arrest me soon, I thought. But then, something happened. I "felt" like I could fly. I could sense gravity "tugging" at me, almost begging me to take off - it's hard to describe. I realized it was the ultimate way to escape arrest. Here begins the "pseudo-lucid" part of the dream. I have all the abilities I'd have if I was lucid, and have some subconscious idea that I am in control and this isn't real, but at the same time not really... once again, very hard to describe. I still blindly follow the "plot" of the dream as if I wasn't lucid. I take off, and look back at the cop in mid-air. He stands there, looking at me, bummed out he couldn't arrest me. I give him the finger, and fly away. The flying, despite the rain and the darkness, felt exhilarating as hell. I looked down, or saw my shadow on a building, and saw I was wearing my long black trench coat. I was also wearing a black leather cowboy hat. I flew through the city, fast. So fast, I flew straight towards a building and knew I'd hit it if I didn't make evasive maneuvers pronto. But as usual, I knew such high speed maneuvers would be difficult, and I was too lazy. I decided to simply fly right through the building instead. I expected to violently burst through the windows and through the whole building, but instead I just kind of "no-clipped" through it, as if it was a fake video game object. This felt dissatisfying.

      I flew into the next scene. Near the base from the beginning of the dream sequence was the Hollywood sign, which I flew past. It was sunset. I decided to finish my mission. Here things get violent. Continue reading at your own peril. I landed in the middle of the base, and smashed my way into the largest building. I fought soldiers, and defeated them easily using super-strength. I smashed them into walls, through walls, into each other, and worse. If doors were closed, I casually smashed them down, or just walked through the wall (physically breaking it down, not phasing through). At one point, to get to the floor above me, I just super-jumped up, smashed through the ceiling, and ended up on the floor above! In combat, I used a form of super-speed (the same mental power that propels me in flight) to bash into soldiers, to get a bit of extra punch. Anyway, I couldn't find my target. I grabbed a soldier, and forced him to tell me where his commander was. The soldier told me he was in the small building across from the big one I was in. I walked over to it, and casually bashed in the massive steel door. There he was, the target. Suddenly, I was attacked by several soldiers that came running at me from the courtyard. They stabbed me with their knives (in the chest and abdomen), but my skin was as solid as Superman's and they did not penetrate. It felt very uncomfortable, though. I easily "defeated" the soldiers. Again, very violent moment coming up. I turned to the surviving soldiers, as I was holding another one in my iron grip. I told them I would rip their buddy's head off. The commander mockingly said he doubted I could do that. The soldiers, on the other hand, said he should not doubt my words. They'd seen me in action before. Eager to prove my power, I started violently jerking my prey's head to the back. I used my mental "lucid powers" to imagine it being easy, but it still gave a lot of resistance. In the end, I could see a red "line" in his neck where the skin started tearing from the pressure... That's where the dream ended. It was ludicrously violent, but it felt so good. I was an absolute terror, the "anti-Superman". It felt... liberating! The entire dream had a pretty cool pop-rock soundtrack, and I think I may have heard the song in real life before.

      In a later dream, I was an "escort dude", or gigolo. People were standing by a black board, and had to "grade me". Disturbingly, my mother was there too, and also graded me (gross!).

      I was in a classroom, among teenagers, but I was an adult myself. I lost my temper, as the other managed to say things that got under my skin and made me relive the horror of my own high school years (and history with bullying). I was desperate to affirm my superiority over them ("I'm an adult, you can't bully me anymore!") but felt utterly powerless. Guess that's why I enjoy ripping DC's heads off...

      I was carrying trash bags while riding on a motorcycle through my hometown. One bag in each hand... Cool 80's synth music played in the background.

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    13. 16-10-15 Tsunami, High School, University

      by , 10-17-2016 at 12:29 AM
      I think I was on a really big ship, in the middle of the ocean, and we ran into a tsunami. I think the ship had to turn itself into the wave, to mitigate the impact and sail right through it.

      I was in a high school class. The building the classroom was in looked tall, and very industrial. It was located in an industrial one. Anyway, I was having an easy time, as my classmates were all teenagers, and I was 27. I think I was hitting on the teacher (young woman), wowing her with my knowledge? Later on, in the same classroom (I think) I got into a battle with someone. I think I could control rock, because I sent rock sprouting out of the ground towards my opponent. This person could control ice, however. She (or he) froze the rock and shattered it, which frustrated me a lot.

      This time I was in a (quite small) university classroom with people my own age. We were left alone with no teacher. Suddenly, people behind me (I was sitting in the front) started randomly having sex, and I just sat there feeling awkward as hell.
    14. 16-10-07 Sick on Mars, Bus Rampage, Monsters & Murder

      by , 10-08-2016 at 04:41 AM
      I'm on Mars, with several other astronauts. We're actually wearing space suits this time. I got sick, because of a disease that was typical to space travel, and Mars in particular. I had diarrhea. I was sitting with my back against a rock, feeling miserable. I actually sh*t myself. There were several escape pods lined up not too far away. Small rocket-propelled craft that, when activated, could carry one passenger back to Earth automatically. I felt terrible, but didn't want to be the first to turn back.

      Forgotten dream that took place abroad somewhere?

      I was driving a bus like a complete maniac. I had to dodge the pumps of a gas station at some point. After this, I was stranded (next to a highway? near a sewage tunnel?) and separated from the others (my mom and others?). We had plans to go out for dinner. I also recall being in a school at night, in the pitch black. I don't remember what I did there. Then there was a young woman (I think she was called Kate). She was dressed in "punk" style, and had short hair and piercings. I told her she reminded me of "Christine Aguilera". I thought she was hot.

      I'm in a garage. I exit into a very large, very dark room (reminds me of a parking garage). It was so dark, I could not see the walls in the distance. From the darkness, several creatures, monsters - attack. They came from all corners of the room. What exactly happened next, I don't remember. But I think I murdered someone by throwing one of the monsters at them. The monster then killed them. I don't know who the victim was. I think I vaguely recall two children sitting on the ground? Girls? Anyway... suddenly, Kelsey Moody (a guy I've met several times at a cryonics meetup) showed up, and started threatening us (suddenly, I was with some other guy). He had seen what we had done, and would make sure we would suffer the consequences of our crimes. My "partner in crime" was Dave Franko, the actor who plays the guy from 'Nerve' (the movie). When Kelsey had left, I said to Dave that we could either kill him, travel back in time and not do this at all, or we'd be fucked.

      I remember seeing a suit of armor. That's it. A hypnagogic vision.
    15. 16-10-01 School Meltdown

      by , 10-02-2016 at 11:59 PM
      I recall being with a bunch of people (funny how I'm so often near people in dreams, but most of my days IRL are spent in complete solitude) in a school. At some point, there's a guy who loses his shit (a teacher pissed him off?) and violently throws a glass bottle onto the ground, shattering it into a million pieces. I admired him for "sticking it to the man" and tried to express my admiration, but he was pissed and ignored me. I think he bumped into me as he walked away.

      Later, we're sitting at a table together. We were teamed up for some reason. Suddenly, unprovoked (we weren't even speaking), he got mad again and shattered another bottle on the table. He silently threatened me with the sharp, broken bottle he's still holding. Then he got up and left. This time, I got furious with indignation. I made quite a scene, trying to get someone to listen to me, and acknowledge what that guy just did. I said I could have been killed, but no one listen or took me seriously. I talked to some authority figure, who dismissed my claims and even implied I was a hypocrite and had done something similar myself. I denied it, as I could not remember doing such a thing. This accusation me even more furious, borderline hysterical actually. The feeling of powerlessness, of being mocked by everybody, I just couldn't handle it. I yelled that I was going to the cops. I saw my former boss arrive at his office on his "shift". He noticed the drama, but ignored it and went into his office. I think I tried calling the cops earlier during my meltdown, but couldn't do it. I was just too pissed to properly use my smartphone...
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