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    Burke's Nightly Escapades

    Very similar to real life. Every single dream I have had i can relate to real life in one way or another. Feel free to comment! I enjoy reading what people have to say about my dreams.

    1. Poolside Shootout

      by , 06-07-2012 at 09:06 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I was inside a pool outside some sort of hotel. It was a modern hotel much like a holiday inn or something similar but much nicer. I got out of the pool and started walking towards the hotel and up a flight of about 12 stairs. There was a lot of landscaping around the pool and the back of the hotel, mainly flowers, some yellow and red, a few purple. I noticed my friend was leaning up against the wall and I waved to him, saying "hi." At this time I looked over to my left and noticed a large plane landing in the grass. A ton of people started rushing out of the plane all with guns and full body armor. They looked like SWAT or some type of secret service. I grabbed a gun out of nowhere and started shooting. It was some type of sub-machine gun which never seem to run out of ammo.

      Then, my friend got a shield of some sort and kneeled down in front of my to provide cover. I didn't stand behind him and just stood there shooting at the guys. I was consistently getting hits but they just kept coming out of the plane. They began to shoot back with full force but weren't very good shots. They all seemed to miss by just a few inched, I could see the bullet trail going over my shoulders and head. I decided it was getting a little close for comfort so I rolled back behind my friend and kneeled down on one knee and took aim. I started shooting them all and was getting a pretty good kill rate going. However, it was about here that the dream begun to fade very quickly and before I knew it
      I was lying in my bed.

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    2. Plaza Shoot Out

      by , 06-20-2010 at 02:04 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      Location: A plaza of some sort

      I was in my friend's car in the passenger side seat. He started driving quickly around the corner towards a large Spanish plaza with a fountain in the middle inside of a larger semi-circle with a road going around it. I stopped immediately before hitting the fountain in a Need For Speed type stop where you drift into a stop. He then opened the door and two other cars filled with people stopped about 30 yards away.

      Four men in total stepped out of the cars and pulled out guns at us. My friend then ducked behind the door as I just sat there and watched. They opened fire and my friend pulled out a gun form his pocket. He started firing back. I was sitting in the car the entire time as bullets were flying in through the windshield and coming within inches of hitting me. My friend then jumped back into the car after a few minutes of constant shooting, and sped off. Then I
      woke up.