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    1. I Live To Serve Her & Flirting With a Girl | Shaking Hands to Break Gregarious Tension

      by , 01-12-2016 at 02:34 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I Live To Serve Her & Flirting With a Girl (DILD)


      Iím on my way to open at work, and the parking lot, if itís even considered one, is so grandiose that getting from point A to B would seem to take a long time, but it didnít. I see a large gray stoned wall that looks like stone doors of some sort. Iím wearing some gray dress pants, and a gray shirt as well, though, before the encounter with a certain dream character, it felt as if I was wearing a green shirt instead.

      Iím in a fairly active mood, and feel so energetic that it slowly bleeds into how I interact with people. The first entity within my peripheral vision was an Asian male thatís probably in his early 20s as me that looks like a parking lot attendant I know. Iím not fixated so much on him other than the fact that heís wearing a bright, lime shirt, and black shorts.

      Heís just strolling around, I guess, and as Iím moving forward, I encounter a blonde female with a heavy foreign accent. Sheís wearing a white vest, and some black pants/shorts. She has her hair tied up in a ponytail, and as I get closer to her, she professes to me, in a manner of jest:

      ďYou should live to serve me,Ē and smiles. As Iím trying to process the words, I was looking at her reaction to really see if sheís just joking around

      But I couldnít shake off the feeling that there was something between the lines of said profession.

      I basically shrug it off while retaining a transient smile, and go inside the doors that start to open up. Itís this spacious garage with all sorts of stuff that I didnít bother paying attention to. The two main colors that came to mind were brown mixed with a bit of dark violet, and this light turquoise color that has this chalky overtone to it.

      I see two girls that Iíll nickname Bail and ArtGirl10; the former of darker skin complexion, and the other thatís lighter. I fixate on the latter, and she says I look different physically. For some odd reason, I get a surge of motivation to start flirting with her physically. I go up to her, smile, and take my finger to rub her nose.

      She giggles for a bit and asks where I got the shirt, because apparently, it costs like $70 bucks online. I have an ďuhhĒ moment, and we part ways after that. Meanwhile, Bail says, ď3 XXX,Ē and I feel Iím shifted into another dream.


      Shaking Hands to Break Gregarious Tension (DILD)


      Iím inside of a house that is dark brown mostly pertaining to the walls and ceiling, and golden for the flooring; a little nuances of brown blotched in as well. I can see that thereís this indirect gregarious tension with my presence in here, but the individuals remain quiet while trying to find something to distract themselves from making it explicitly awkward.

      To dissipate the tension, I took the decency to start shaking hands with everyone, and they all naturally complied. I reached to the point where I interacted with an obese female thatís wearing this black dress with some dark pink flowers surrounding it along with a fancy black hat as if it was 1930s style, or something.

      I started to hug her for a bit, and as Iím trying to release my grasp, I awkwardly touched the gap towards her armpit, and eventually to the muscles that would connect to the top left region of her breasts. I try to pretend that I didnít notice this, and see seems fairly nonchalant in this being done. I turn around immediately, and proceeded to move forward, and then to the right to go into another room.

      The entrance to the room that I have to turn to the right once more involves this dark red drapery that hangs to the sides like ďY Y.Ē I see there are some chairs that are dark red for the base and back rest, and bordered with golden colors. I go inside to immediately sit, and just reveled in being alone while feeling Iím waiting for someone, or some event to take place.
    2. Walgreens Shootout & My Donation is Undermined

      by , 12-20-2015 at 05:35 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Walgreens Shootout (DILD)


      Iím going inside a store that resembles Walgreens, and outside is fairly dark. The dream itself is in this haze as if most movements made have a lingering trail of slow motion blur to it. Iím not sure what Iím going for at the moment, but I hear some stuttering and screams in the background, and quickly noticed that someone is armed with a gun in the store.

      He was black, wore a gray vest and dark colored pants, and had a muscular body. His hairstyle was probably a buzz haircut, and I could barely see any details in his visage, mostly because I was trying to hide from him like the others are doing. I kneel on the floor immediately, and started to panic a little bit, but then reigned myself back into place, and took advantage that I could see whatís going on in my surroundings in a third person viewpoint, and noticed that he, and potential accomplices were located.

      I remained in a stealth position with my knees bent, and literally fluctuating in standing on my toes, and having my feet firm on the ground. Iím wearing a black shirt and dark colored pants, and my main mode of stealth is this gray cabinet that stretches out for maybe ten feet, or so, and has this white backdrop sheet on the top of it. Thereís also others like it with varying sizes, and I take advantage of the mini-labyrinth.

      I noticed that he wasnít the only concern, as I get this weird vibe based from a mťlange of sensations with peripheral vision, and what have you, that there were two women that were armed. However, I felt that they could be after him, but there was too much equivocation going on. Iím on the right side of the main base of the cabinet, and this is the section of the store where thereís more light.

      I see a random Caucasian female appear, and sheís holding a basic black gun akin to the Western movies, and she turns around and points the gun at me. But after looking at me, her visage of terror turns neutral, and she moves on. I breathe for a little bit, and presumed that sheís after the male, and then just as Iím trying to reconcile myself again, I look around to my left while still maintain the third person camera view to see thereís an Asian female with a hair bun hairstyle and some black pins inside of it carrying a larger weapon; maybe a shotgun of some sort.

      Sheís walking slowly, and for some reason, the angle at the time felt as if Iím looking at her through a mirror that sheís walking towards. Sheís swaying her foot motion in this ďCĒ formation on her right side, and an inverted C for her left, and this is probably due to her wearing heels in general.

      She eventually gets to me, but she doesnít shoot me at all. The guy is getting closer, and I have a clarity of his location, but Iím not afraid anymore. I canít remember the rest.


      My Donation is Undermined (DILD)


      Strake Jesuit tennis player with bowl shaped hair hands over $600 when I thought handing $40-50 was good for some donation at a neighborhood. I was riding a bicycle in a neighborhood somewher.e
    3. Sex with Spies, Windwaker, Ganondorf, Sea Monsters

      by , 05-12-2014 at 05:02 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I Had Sex with the Totally Spies! Chicks (DILD)


      Spoiler for 18+:



      Windwaker, Ganondorf, Sea Monsters (DILD)

      Going through the sea, killing sea monsters for rupees, and encountering Ganondorf that has to use two of the triforces to face me.
    4. Almost Had Sex w/ Math Tutor & Manager, Jim Carrey is Creepy & Is a Sponsor, YouTube Account Peeped

      by , 04-27-2014 at 12:23 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Almost Had Sex with Math Tutor and a Manager (DILD)


      I enter a room, and thereís an older lady thatís sitting down on a rotatable chair, you know, the fluffy black ones on wheels. Sheís typing with her left hand, and seems to be fairly busy. I sit down on a bed, or at least it felt as if I was sitting on one, seeing how it was very comfortable, and I had the urge to lay down.

      The lady looked like she was in her 50s, wore glasses, had a black and white dress shirt that had some abstract formatting, and she wore long milky manila pants. I think she starts engaging in conversation with me, and even though I canít remember what she specifically stated to me, I felt as if she was trying to be verbally sexual.

      I shrug it off, and wanted to wait until she wasnít so busy. And as Iím waiting, I look to my left, and I see someone that looks like a manager I talked to occasionally. She had the same short blonde hair, a cheeky visage where theyíre (the cheeks) are closer to her eyes, and sheís wearing a black and white dress shirt as well (in a different formatting no doubt). I think she was wearing dark brown pants, or some dark-colored pants, and she seemed to have fixated on me through peripheral vision while she was talking to someone else.

      She (let's call her "H" so I know which one she is in waking life) was within the same proximity as the other lady, and I started getting mixed feelings about what may happen. But seeing how the environment looked like it was a half-bedroom, half-office/working area, I kept making the presumption that they could just be here to inform me on something, without any kind of sexual advances to be performed after.

      But I kept getting that nagging feeling, and it just felt awkward trying to hold in sexual urges, even though it was just a dream, and couldíve spiraled into a sexual descent, and I would wake up, and not feel bad about what couldíve happened.

      But with those two people, it would be kind of weird to meet them one day, and look at them with a straight face.


      Jim Carrey is being Creepy (DILD)


      Jim Carrey is my math tutor, or I presumed he was, and how he advances to me compared to the previous dream is a lot creepier, but non-sexual thankfully.

      The environment seems to be within a large house, and Iím sitting on a chair in a living room with him.


      Jim Carrey Sponsors a Parachute Event (DILD)


      Iím watching people jump off from a helicopter, and other flying vehicles to eventually parachute their way down to what seems to be a huge forest with cliffs they could collide into.

      Apparently, Jim Carrey is sponsoring this event, and I recall one dream character that looks like the skinny dark-skinned dude I used to know at work.


      Someone Looks Into My YouTube Account (Non-lucid)


      Someone is looking into one of my YouTube accounts, and I felt as if I should panic. Though the content they were looking at didnít really seem to suggest they looked into something else. I saw something like this:

      Then I wasnít worried at all.
    5. Android 18 and an Unexpected Hug, Ganondorf and I Become A Tree Beast, Damn you Google Earth!

      by , 09-07-2013 at 07:33 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Android 18 and an Unexpected Hug (DILD)


      I've been putting off recording my dreams lately because it's personally not a matter of life or death. It's getting to the stage where I prefer non-lucid dreams (at least ones that start out as non-lucid and are non-lucid for the majority of the time) instead of lucid dreams.

      The reason being is, even if I set goals for lucid dreams, even if I go through all the processes, wbtb, wild, shifting awareness and all that fun terminology, I find more joy just recalling dreams where I had little to no lucidity. Of course, there are moments where lucidity comes in at the right time, at least for just experiencing things that one would take for granted, things that are subtle in waking life that we ignore and we find ourselves in our dreams having a completely different view on these things.

      Fortunately, I was lucid at the right time, I guess. I'm not going to commit too much into recall this.

      I'm inside of a building that looks oddly familiar, as if it's some combination of schools I've been to before. The colors inside mostly consisted of brown and caramel, and there's glass doors and windows right in front of me. I see a dream character that looks like Android 18, and she has a line of females following her, as if she's some kind of cadet officer or something like that.

      Then I see a girl that comes up to me, and she looks very familiar, a certain blonde female I knew in waking life during High School as freshmen. There were some alterations here and there on her face in this dream, but most of the visage was intact. She's wearing a light milky green hoodie that's unzipped along with some kind of cool colored shirt and probably faded black tight jeans.

      She gets closer to me and she wraps her arms around my waist.

      I find myself naturally returning the action to her, then quickly became embarrassed for a bit because I felt other people would be watching us. I moved my eyes right and left too quickly, and despite of how fast I was glancing, I remember particular dream character that popped up.

      She had long black hair, black lipstick, and probably black mascara, she looked a lot like Asami Soto from the Legend of Korra. She was looking at the both of us with her right hand mid-air, as if she wanted to say something to us but probably caught on quickly on how I felt.

      I turned my back and decided to continue hugging the blonde girl hugging me. Weird feeling that I haven't felt in most of my dreams lately.

      But it was nice to hug a dream character for a change, no matter what image or visage they were in.

      After that, Android 18 screams at the girl hugging me, and the girl seems to be part of the females in line with Android 18. She runs back in a frantic pace,
      and that's all I remember.


      Ganondorf and I Become A Tree Beast (Non-lucid)


      Really weird dream.

      So I'm encountering Ganondorf from Ocarina of Time, and he seems to be charging up some huge attack that's emitting a yellow orb of light. There's a speed pad that resembles what you would see in a Sonic game, and the base it was on looked like it was made out of wood. The speed thingy-ma-giger had a dark green color with light green arrows pointing forwards on top of it.

      Boy, am I descriptive today!

      This was one of those dreams where things would reset if a person failed to do something within the plot of the dream, and for this case, I had to find some way to spin around Ganondorf and step on the pad that he's close to stepping on. After the reset, it works, and for some reason I was getting tall, VERY tall.

      I couldn't see what I was transforming into, since things were in first person perspective, and Ganondorf stated I'm now some kind of tree beast.

      I think this tree reference was due to an episode of Yu Yu Hakusho I watched last night where one of the fighters Kurama had to face mentioned how the Shinobi or whatever you call them were like an Oak tree. It was episode 30 something where Kurama had to face two enemies before having to deal with another one when he was unconscious.



      Damn you Google Earth! I'm not Ready for the Sun! (Non-lucid)


      I was trying to operate Google Earth, which apparently had an HD view on the Sun and outer space. I decided to try things out, but when I operated the program, it felt as if I was IN space.

      Scared the living crap out of me, dream or not, being this close from the sun, even if it's just fabricated sun in my head, that's not something I'm used to doing if I've put off the space exploration themed dreams for a long time now.

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    6. Eva Talks About Thought-Forms, [DILD] Missed The School Bus, Military Base Stuff

      by , 08-07-2013 at 05:16 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Eva Talks About Thought-Forms and Stuff (Non-lucid)


      I'm in an environment that looks like a graveyard, and the contents within this dream mostly consisted of shades of gray and bits of dark green here and there. It seems that I'm mostly just watching the dream from a spectator point of view, and I noticed Eva is hiding behind pillars, and there's caption showing on the "display" in this dream, like on Youtube videos.

      She or maybe someone else is talking about how people who emulate those in real life into thought-forms should just allow those people who died or exist to have a distinction. She's wearing a dark green jacket that's slightly unzipped until it shows a slight cleavage. She's wearing light brown pants and dark brown leather boots I believe.

      Anyway, it's raining as well, and this dream itself is kind of depressing, almost as if while the voice is narrating certain things to me, despite of my lack of ability to recall the exact words, my emotions were mixed with feeling slightly sad for something, but also being comforted with something else.


      Missed The School Bus, Elementary School, & Female Police Officer Flirts With Me (DILD)


      I did a few more sessions with the mental exercises that helps with being more proficient and aware of tapping into the unconscious mind by letting it do the job for you with the mental imagery, and all I have to do is just describe what's going on. Slept late last night, had the confidence that I'll be aware of my dreams, knowing how my unconscious mind will make those connections to enable me to have a lucid dream, and I managed to get a decent lucid, despite of its randomness of someone flirting with me and all sorts of stuff.

      I freaking love these exercises, makes visualization, imagining, and other things so much freaking easier to do now. I used to think I didn't have to put in much effort into dream recall, but now, that was clearly an understatement. Anyway, let's move on to the lucid dream shall we?

      Alright, so I'm in an environment that looks really familiar to a previous neighborhood I resided in waking life during my Junior year in High School. The setting is early morning, and things obviously feel more dream like that it's just blatantly obvious that I'm dreaming.

      As soon as I feel the rush of emotions and sensations common in the dreaming world compared to waking life, it doesn't become a challenge for me to know whether or not I'm lucid dreaming.

      I noticed that there's a school bus I have to follow to class, I don't know why, but I just presume it has to be the one I needed to take. The reason being is that I'm feeling sensations and emotions of being rushed, out of choices, and not knowing how to go about finding other routes to get to whatever destination the bus was going to take me. The consistency of the dreaming environment was dependent on my ability to calm down, so if I was panicking for too long, the dream just feels messed up.

      However, it's not like I was going to have an unstable dream to the point where I would wake up, no, been through that already and know how to plant myself into this dream. Emotions and adrenaline do not matter anymore, just don't pay attention to how they can wake you up, and you can enjoy them as much as you can. So as I'm wondering where in the bloody hell to go now that what seems to be my only ride to whatever location I had in mind passed by too quickly.

      I even tried lurking around to check to see if the bus will make a turn-around somewhere, since it had to have more than one route to pick up the dream characters. But it just happens that the route that I'm in is the last one, but at least I gained competence in a dream for once to look for alternatives. Now it seems things are hopeless for me, and although I knew I could just do whatever I wanted to, I decided to just let this dream happen and watch while being able to go back and forth in spectator mode, third person mode, and first person mode.

      It's hard to describe, it's as if I'm shifting through three states of consciousness or perspectives I should say all at once. It's not even 360 vision, it's just sublimating my awareness in 3 perspectives at once, it's a really funny feeling, but it's really comforting being able to do that, especially when it would enable me to keep track of anything suspicious going on. I noticed that I'm wearing a long black jacket and a dark blue polo shirt and black dress pants. I believe I'm wearing lace-less shoes, but because I'm not focusing much attention to my outfit, and rather on what to do next, it's merely conjecture for my dream body description.

      I turn around and I quickly noticed a dream character that looks very familiar, and it doesn't take me very long to deduce that this was a dreaming counterpart of a person in waking life that I'll just nickname "K." He had the mannerisms, body posture, and annoying attitude of the real one. He's wearing a black and white striped dress shirt that's buttoned and spread out. Even though I'm looking at his back, it's clear to identify that he's wearing a white t-shirt. Now for the pants, the thoughts coming into me now say he's wearing white baggy jeans.

      The epitome of a wanna-be gangster who doesn't know how to pull up his pants and is either too indolent or incompetent to know how to use a belt. Of course, this doesn't bother me one bit in the dream, and I noticed that he's looking left and right, and I make sure that I don't attract any attention to him.

      It's weird, although I knew he couldn't possibly hurt me, since I'm going with the classic predisposition that this is a lucid dream obviously, but I still needed him. The reason being is because he's the closest thing to being a student or someone looking for a bus as well. And because I wanted to know why I had intentions of going inside of the School Bus, he was my only option for the time being.

      So I make sure I keep a trail off of him at least 30 feet away from him or so, and he's slowly walking. Then he picks up the pace, and before he starts going a bit faster with power-walking, I noticed my vision is now focused on his trail and where he's going. Which means there's an augmented tunnel vision in my perception of the reality in this dream, and everything else outside that scope is considered blind, insignificant, and a waste of time to recall to the best of my abilities.

      I had a mix of emotions when following this guy, and they weren't really that positive at all. I had the urge to just slam this guy to the ground and destroy him completely, but again, can't do that since he's still a valuable dream character. And as I'm picking up my pace, I noticed he takes a sharp turn to the left side, and I quickly avert my eyes to the right to pretend that I'm not trying to follow him.

      He doesn't really seem to have much competency level in terms of being sentient and sapient of my presence, and this tempts me to just shrug him off completely once I figured out that the path he's going towards is to a school. I walk past him, but then find myself slowing a bit just to see where this dream character is going to go. Instead of just ignoring him and him fading out of existence because of my lack of interest in being aware of him and the other DCs, I decided to just let his existence hang just a bit longer.

      I noticed that the psychological tendencies I had towards this guy, especially in waking life, were now shut down completely. He's not the type of person I knew "K" was, a very loud-mouth individual that was cross-eyed and didn't see to have much going for his life. He's countenance is completely different, despite of his dark-skinned complexion still being difficult to conceptualize to full detail. He seems to be expressing a kind demeanor, especially towards younger children, and I just let go on auto-pilot in terms of walking as I shift to the completely different "K" individual.

      There's a little boy he's walking with, and he looks familiar as well, all too familiar, and this boy is wearing a shirt that consists of dark warm colors (mostly orange, maroon, and such). He's wearing sports shorts, but I can't make out the actual color because as I'm walking in auto-pilot, I noticed that I'm picking up the pace a bit more because I'm having less interest in this twisted up version of "K" of a dream character.

      I finally avert my eyes to the environment surrounding me now, and the tunnel vision has disappeared completely, and you could say that I'm just going through 360 vision now. There's no need to go through the sublimation of 3 perspectives seeing how this is a school environment, which means there isn't really going to be much of a threat, seeing how I'm never encountering physical threads in school dreams.

      So as I'm easing myself into this third-person 360 vision, I begin to notice that I'm already shifting myself into the building. And here's where the environment starts becoming inconsistent, but just for a little bit. Now, imagine for a moment for where I'm standing right now in the dream, imagine seeing the back of a person at a slightly tilted angle to where their face is slightly further away from your perspective, but only by a a few degrees.

      Now, as I'm absorbing the content of the dream environment here in order to make presumptions of where to go next, something feels very peculiar about this dreaming environment. Typical. Anyway, allow me to describe the environment during this moment. The overall colors that pop up are brown, dark yellow, green, and maybe a faded and dirty milky violet color here and there. These colors mostly show up on the tile flooring below me.

      The stairs that I'm on top on, which probably has 3-6 steps, has the dirty milky violet color along with the walls as well. It almost felt that the colors themselves made this dream more like a a puzzle, kind of like this image below
      (I'm really freaking shocked on how that association just came up on a fly, whatever, not complaining! Whatever helps me get to the point right?)

      Just imagine that some of the walls are patches of brown and dark-gold with those few walls that are also the dirty milky violet color as well.

      I apologize for my horrible description of colors as well. Please bear with me.

      And one interesting thing shows up after I analyzed the dreaming environment. There's a vault, a fairly huge one, I'd say about 8 feet wide and 9 feet tall. But here's the thing, because the vault crank, or whatever you call it is small from my point of view, but it still felt like it would be bigger when I get closer to it (just imagine the huge vault cranks you see in those movies where there's bound to be a bank robbery or something).

      So I noticed my perception in this dream is a little bit skewed, it feels like things aren't really following along pretty well. However, this doesn't stop me from exploring what seems like constant and altering chamber that resembles a prison and elementary school at the same time. The Vault crank itself has a fairly large black dot in the middle, and it now looks like a Huge Gear trying to protect something I believe.

      I don't touch it of course, instead, I just go about lurking in random areas in this confusing dreaming environment. I begin to notice that as I'm going through these doors, it feels like randomly generated scenarios with dream characters and such. Kind of like what you would see in movies where the person is in an area with what is presumed to be an infinite amount of doors, and they stumble upon the most abnormal and peculiar of things.

      Except it's a little less scary fortunately, just randomly generated child dreaming characters, teachers, and other school staff members. I remember one door where there was just a black void and that same kid I was imagining before that hanged around with the "K" guy. He seems to be looking at the teacher, and the teacher is a female that looks very familiar.

      Kind of like my Reading teacher that I believe I had for 6th grade in middle school. I noticed that her hairstyle is still a bit poofy and proper, and she's just looking down on the child while having her face and neck turned awkwardly.

      Anyway, I close the door for whatever reason, even though I doubted myself on what I would be doing here in this dream with stairs being inverted, twisted and stuck on places where they shouldn't be. The abnormality itself is what keeps my lucidity sustained I guess. I find myself noticing how I'm raising one of my eyebrows speculating what to do next.

      Then after what seemed so long, boring, and dragged out event, I'm just going to skip to the final part now. I find myself getting near an exit, actually being able to see what's outside for once. As I'm preparing to go for the exit, the tile checkered floor here is different than the one before. It consists of a faded vanilla and black colors, and the moment I find my shoes making contact with the floor, it delivers the type of echo as if I were in a large and spacious region in a building.

      The area itself was too hard to make out because it was a little dark on the corners, despite of the fact that there's a strong lighting outside and the sunlight is still able to leak in some rays as well. I continue heading to the exit, and there's a metal bar that I would have to pass through, kind of like the rotating bars you would see if you were to come to a supermarket .

      Except this time, I wasn't able to get past these bars, and as I'm trying to move back and forth to see if they're sensor-activated, there's a random female dream character in front of me that informs me I can't pass. I was a bit puzzled on why she would tell me this, and I decided to turn back and realized there's a female police officer, or some security guard up front.

      I immediately go up to her and she informs me that I just have to show my I.D. or something, and I just pull up a random card out of my pocket, and she takes it real quick and looks as if she's busy typing information. As she's going about doing whatever, she tells me I'm handsome.

      I said, "Thank you." in a silent voice, but it didn't seem she was hearing me well, so I said it a bit louder. I wanted to just remain silent, but I just had to pretend to be social with her since she's my only way out. She has very short hair, as if she was bald a few weeks before, and she's fairly cheeky and has a dark complexion. Her outfit is mostly dark blue, and she seems to be the cheerful type of guard, but of course, I can't really revel in her kindness for too long.

      After that, I don't know what the heck went on from that point sadly, seeing how I had all sorts of dreams in the middle most likely.


      Military Base Stuff (Non-lucid)


      All I remember for this one is that Eva's face is zoomed in, and it seems we're just going around inside a military base. The main colors are very light gray.

      Yeah, that's all I remember for that.
    7. Attempting to Snipe a Huge Guy, Blonde Becomes an Attraction for Everyone, No Check for Me..........

      by , 08-02-2013 at 06:35 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Attempting to Snipe a Huge Guy (Non-lucid)


      Dream recall of this is a bit patchy, and seriously, this was one long freaking dream with other dreams that seemed to go in synch with it. I've been putting off trying to recall it for a few days, but I'll try my best to recall what's left of my memory of it.

      I'm within a building that has a composition where it's easy to into tight and awkward situations. I'm wearing a light gray, a very light gray suit that's unbuttoned and light gray dress pants as well. I believe I have a milky and light yellow dress shirt that's buttoned and tucked in, and I have a sniper rifle as well.

      Apparently, I have to shoot some large dude that can be seen over an opened vent. I would have to climb up a bit to reach it, aim, and hopefully kill him, however, I wanted to plan this out a bit more. Just imagine for a moment of me near a wall, and the left and right corners are openings to get into the room where the large guy is.

      Then you have the vent in the middle that's opened, so I decided to go to the right and peek to see if there's anything I should be aware of, like guards or anyone that might try to inform others that the guy is dead, if I were to shoot him. It seems he's pretty much the only one there, but then I noticed some small entity that I can't really make a good description of seeing how the place is pretty dark.

      The only decent lighting in that room is the large screen that emits a milky light blue color, and I think the large guy is busy eating random food. At this point, as I'm trying to prepare to snipe him, and HUD comes up quickly, as if I'm trying to choose which perks to choose, like in Call of Duty games.

      There was some skewed logic going on when I was mentally picking which perk and package to choose from, and I'm informed somehow that I can use the Specialist Package along with parts of an Assault Package? Didn't really make sense to me, but I just went with it and picked a few things.

      Then I'm distracted again and have some random display show up mentally that shows a map with a white background and black curvy lines along with a legend display of what seems to be the same large guy I have to shoot down.
      The dream doesn't really make sense to me after this point.


      Blonde Becomes an Attraction for Everyone (Non-lucid)


      As I'm walking inside another random building that has a general color of light gray and hues of gray painted on the walls, flooring, etc., I noticed some chattering in a room nearby. I peek in a bit and see a blonde female is the center of attention for everyone in that room, and she looks like she wants my attention as well, but she's also shifting her eyes back and forth with the group she's dealing wtih as well.

      I felt kind of jealous of her for some reason, and the more I look around at her and the group, these people kind of look familiar to me. There's random flashes of clips, images, and all sorts of things I can't make a cohesive description of.

      The dream shifts to where the blonde is sitting down, and she's wearing a light turquoise-green dress with a V-shaped lining that shows her cleavage a bit. She has long, curvy, and wavy hair and has soft skin as well. I just remember her sitting there on a black chair with no handles to rest on along with the random dream characters with her as well.


      People Rewarded in an Auditorium and I'm Confused On What I Did Beforehand (Non-lucid)


      Not sure if I was recalling this dream on August First or the day before that, but whatever.

      The dream I had before with the battle-ox thing and the whole list of random events before that with the thought-forms and Naruto stuff, this one felt like it had some connection with that. I find myself walking into an auditorium, and I noticed there's a lot of people sitting down already. I take a seat and watch to see what's going on, and apparently there's people on stage that are lined up to be prepared to be given a check for their efforts of saving everyone from some monster.

      I presume it was the monster I had to run away from, but something struck a nerve for me when I saw these people getting these checks. My recall is horrible in this dream, but I had a strong feeling I contributed towards eliminating or defeating whatever entity these group of people went through together. I wanted to stand up, but I didn't want to, I decided to just let these people get what they deserve while I end up being puzzled on whether or not I should deserve some merit or monetary value for whatever I did.

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    8. Eva Wants Sex

      by , 08-02-2013 at 06:29 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Eva Wants Sex (Non-lucid)


      This dream is kind of hard to recall surprisingly, but whatever happened, it had to be sexual.

      Eva is wearing a full latex suit, and has part of her cleavage exposed. I go inside a building that looks like the apartment I used to rent in College Station. And the moment I go in, she immediately slams the door.

      I turn around wondering why she has to slam the door like that, and she keeps her hands on the lock so I can't think of getting out of this situation with her. She tilts her head and smiles at me, and after that, the only thing I can remember is me stripping her latex suit off and then slowly sliding down her pink panties.

      She's bracing herself against a wall as she props her rear towards me desperately wanting something to happen as I have the panties halfway to her knees.

      I can't remember anything else from that.
    9. [DILD]Arrested for Not Having a Light While Skateboarding

      by , 06-29-2013 at 08:50 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Arrested for Not Having a Light While Skateboarding (DILD)


      It seems I'm heading for the apartment I used to reside in college, and as I'm going through this very familiar dream environment from College Station, the setting of the dream goes from afternoon to night time fairly quick. I'm apparently using a skateboard, which is rare for me to do in a dream, and as the walk light confirms I can move, there's a police vehicle about 15 feet away from me.

      I ignore it because I didn't feel I was doing anything bad, just strolling along and riding a skateboard back to the dream apartment. Then I look inside to find a police officer is looking at me suspiciously, and he prompts me to stop and then informs me how I have get arrested for not using a light while skateboarding.

      I couldn't even fathom why I needed a light in the first place if I have nothing to attach it on the skateboard, and holding it on my hand wouldn't make a different either. It just didn't make sense to me since the setting wasn't even that dark. I enter the police vehicle, and the composition of the vehicle is very abnormal. There's about 3 more police officers in the vehicle, and suddenly the same car as the space of a limo. There's two cops sitting on the left side, and one on the right, and I guess I sit somewhere on the left, and I didn't even pay attention to see if anyone was going to operate the vehicle in the first place.

      It's almost as if the moment I said that, the dream characters that were police officers suddenly lost all competence and awareness of their roles of actually BEING officers. But I decided to just let it play along and see where this is going to lead me. The dream shifts, and I'm not in the police station office, and it's pretty busy, but not too hectic. People were going about doing their usual thing, and I'm not even sure if I had handcuffs attached or not. There were moments where I had my hands in the position that implied I was handcuffed, and other moments where I was venturing around the huge police station office with many stairs, levels, and floors.

      The environment inside mostly was saturated in a turquoise color which really created the theme of how chilled and relaxed this area of the dream was. I could sense that it was fairly air-conditioned, and it just had that office smell to it, most likely because of the blue-violet carpet that had all sorts of colors in small dots, but not too much to where they dominate the general color. I could hear some fans blowing when I'm going around the police station office, and just random dream characters that are occupied doing desk work and such.

      I was beginning to wonder if I'm really committing a crime here, seeing how I'm not in jail. The dream shifts and I'm sitting down bracing my back against the wall with handcuffs still attached. I turn to the right and saw I'm near an exit of the building, and then I turn back to find some random blonde male coming near me. He seemed like a friendly guy, and I guess he asks me what I got in trouble for.

      I told him I got stopped by the police for not having a light at night while skateboarding, and I started to explain how it was silly to even be arrested for doing so. Everyone but him started to make those quiet remarks to themselves about what I just said, like:

      "Ooooh, look how he's trying to *insert whatever they said*"

      He looks around them for a bit and focuses on me again. He mentions if I wanted to hang around with him sometime later on, and with this logic, I'm not so sure if an office is supposed to ask anyone to hang out when they're handcuffed. He stated how he has friends that drink, and I felt his logic was even more contradicting especially since I had a hunch that he arrests his friends for drinking as well.

      I don't know, maybe it was just my dream emotions preventing me from conceptualizing a cohesive thought on what's actually going on with me and this guy talking. I forget what I stated to him, but whatever it was, he casually leaves and probably goes back to his duty.

      I can't remember much to that dream seeing how I put off the recall for a day.

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    10. Group of Females Have Sex But They Slap Me If I Join In & Explosions Everywhere

      by , 06-19-2013 at 08:53 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Group of Females Have Sex But They Slap Me If I Join In & Explosions Everywhere (Non-lucid)


      It's hard to give out a decent description of the area I started out in, seeing as I didn't have much interest in recalling it from having the dream yesterday or Monday of this week. The first thing that I do recall is that I'm bracing my back against a wall, a very dark brown brick wall that eventually extends into a dark hallway the more I acknowledge the environment around me. I have several women, maybe 5 of them surrounding me, and I can feel their sexual energy and their enthusiasm of embracing themselves with penetrating each other with strap-ons and using sexual toys to enhance their experience and attachments to each other.

      I simply wanted to view the experience at first, hearing their subtle moans and sighs of reliefs as they continue going through a system of just loving each other through sexual means. I was naked as well, and I started growing fond to how cold the wall and the floor I'm sitting on felt combined with the warmth that was expressed with these females. It felt as if they were teasing me, and it was hard to tell if they purposefully restricted me to join in, or if I was doing it to myself for some masochistic reason. I held on to the thought of them increasing their sexual vibes towards each other, even though the imagery and visualization isn't as clear since I woke up from the dream. I held on to the thought, and I eventually gave in.

      I wanted to participate with them, seeing as now that their state of libido has augmented so much that they wouldn't be judgmental in who is penetrating who. However, when I tried to do so, I can only recall snippets of random moments that distracted me from the overall atmosphere of the dream. I didn't even see my own dream body anymore, but rather other bodies of males that I felt that I was controlling. And one that I was actually possessing, or taking the role of had white hair, about 20+ years of age, and looked like an anime character.

      Then I realized these same women I was surrounded by looked exactly like the concept art behind an erotic animated series called Discipline and even Starless.

      Anyway, while I was trying to collect my thoughts and hopefully have sex with whoever is in close proximity, an explosion just random occurs. (Why does something always happen just when I'm 3 feet away from having dream sex...UGH)

      All of the females and myself were soaring in the air from the blast, and while I'm in mid-air, I managed to control myself a bit more and immediately grabbed a blonde female that looked like Leona Morimoto (google that name at your own risk).

      What felt like just grabbing her arm to hopefully save her from being injured from impact to the ground ended up with me holding her in my arms completely. She looks up to me and smiles at me, and from there, I started to becoming more enticed into her smile and the vibe she gave me. From there, I can't really recall what happened.

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    11. Cuddling with Kaomea and a Porn Shoot Prank

      by , 06-12-2013 at 04:52 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Kaomea and Cuddling (Non-lucid)


      Seems I was driving a car with Kaomea in it, and she's just wearing a long red dress. The environment feels a bit too familiar, like one of the neighborhoods when I was in middle school. It was afternoon most likely in the dream, and most of the content of the area was blurry unless I fixated on it.

      The house itself looks familiar, and apparently my father is non-existent while my mother suddenly is. I opened the door and let Kaomea in, and my mother is on the chair doing something. I didn't pay attention, except giving greeting Kaomea to her and her greeting her back. Actually, Kaomea looked as if she could care less about greeting my mother.

      Oh snap.

      And then we went to bed and cuddled with each other. After that, I can't recall what happened next. Actually, it was probably just me laying down there and her probably giggling when her back was facing me when she was laying down on her side.

      Man, I am pathetic lmao.


      Porn Shoot Prank (Non-lucid)



      The environment seems like I'm in the backstage of a building, and I'm traveling behind a blonde and some random guy with a blue/black cap on. He's wearing a black jacket that's open, revealing a simple white vest and is wearing basic dark jeans. There's a blonde female that looks exactly like Amy Brooke, and I had a feeling I was going to be part of a Porn Shoot.

      My libido got the best of me, and I ignored the obvious hints that this was going to be a prank. Amy tells me that we're going a certain direction and points it to me. Seems that we're going to do this in a van with tinted windows. Then she presses some random buttons on a black remote she has on her left hand most likely. I suddenly get distracted when the van opens up in the middle of a mall. I realized I only had a jacket and tighty whities on, and I quickly went back to hide on the corner of the wall so people wouldn't see me.

      Then the Amy Brooke look-a-like tells me to go inside the random chamber that should've been a van...what?? I go there, and lay down on the floor, and she starts laughing and runs away. I get pissed off that I made myself look like an idiot in front of a mall full of dream characters doing the "OOOOOOOOOOH" "HAHAHAHHA"

      I got really pissed and ran for the Amy Brooke clone, grabbed her jacket collar and started to shake her around vigorously. After that, I can't recall what happened next.
    12. Post-Apocalyptic Sex with Eva [DEILD]

      by , 05-31-2013 at 06:48 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Post-Apocalyptic Sex with a Blonde (DEILD)


      I'm fighting two people at once, and I'm thinking it's with weapons like semi-automatics or maybe just knives and swords. Either way, this person wanted the whole world to blow up for some reason. He wanted me to die along with him, and the dream environment we're in resembles the Interchange map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ( the image above).

      Before the explosion, it felt like a regular construction site, a very huge one that was spacious and only had randomly placed large objects on the brown soil. There was a clear blue sky with few clouds hovering over, and the whole dream itself was obviously in for something serious. Anyway, back to the guy who wanted to blow up the world, or at least this section of the dream environment I'm part of.

      All I can recall is that he was tall, had tan skin, and was probably Caucasian. He had another friend that would probably be his backup in case things go wrong with the world ending. It felt like a huge bomb from the sky was going to come crashing down, and before I could even react and absorb the contents of the dream environment, there's a 10-second countdown.

      I started panicking, trying to find some kind of underground shelter in hopes that the inevitable nuke blast wouldn't destroy anything under the surface. I found a huge blue metal cargo container you would see on trucks that was open on both sides, and decided to quickly rush and duck for cover there. When the countdown reaches zero, I'm not sure what to feel at the moment other than the sound of the nuke piercing the atmosphere and moments from explosion. The blast quickly spreads out, and I can barely feel anything at all. I didn't die, but I did feel small vibrations from my body that probably absorbed some of the recoil from the blast.

      The guy that wanted to blow me up along with him was dead, and it felt like I was the only person in this dream environment. The area itself was shifting a lot, and that's probably due to the fact that I wasn't interested in paying attention to the dull environments that were mostly made of gray and light turquoise walls and blocks that occasionally gave shape into houses and other things. I walk around the area for a bit, and I happened to see a blonde female sitting down alone in the corner. She has light & soft skin, and she has curly and wavy blonde hair.

      NOTE: 18+ below

      Her cheeks were slightly puffy, and her eyes most likely had a hazel or blue color, not completely sure since she greeted me with a concerning spread eagle pose. She's wearing a light blue denim jacket that probably only extends 3 inches from her breasts along with a very short denim skirt. She's waiting for me to enter her
      , and I let my dream body go towards her. As I get closer to her, I kneel down, and I immediately take my dick out. I move my hands to her sides so that she's in between them, and I get even closer to her. She decides to open her legs so she can wrap them around my lower back region.

      She braces for the wall and leaves her arms stationary as she receives a slow penetration into her vagina. My penis feels the slightly tingling sensations and being en-coated with her vaginal liquids and being slightly squeezed in and out. I could feel everything, and it was so strong, I had to do it slow or else I would probably climax too fast. I can hear her slightly augmented breathing as I pick up the pace a bit more. It felt so good and I didn't want to stop, and I started phasing out and being amazed on how real this felt.

      It was as if her vagina was injecting sedation that would soften the head of my penis while at the same time increasing its sensitivity. We kept having a slow and deep intercourse, and I place my neck on top of her right shoulder for support as I'm continuing to pound her. She starts saying some words, but I wasn't able to recall them very well, however, I'm presuming she was talking dirty to me to make me feel more excited. She wraps her arms around the back of my neck, and this entices me to hold on to her tighter as well. She's trapped me with her legs, and each time I go out slightly before coming back in, she uses her feet to thrust me into her deeper and faster.

      She wanted it very bad if she's doing this, and then I realized it's probably Eva in a different form. I had a feeling that she wanted this for a long time,
      and those other dreams I had with her, she was slowly creeping herself towards me, basically offering her body to me waiting for me to do something to her. Now she's the one making the actions and indirectly guided me through this whole act of intercourse. She keeps talking dirty to me, and her whispers to my right ear makes my back tingle and vibrate immensely.

      I can't remember how long this act of sex was, but it felt like I had a near-perfect simulation of what vaginal sex would feel like. The gushing sounds, the tingling sensations as she squeezes the head of my penis in and out, and her words to me as she tightly wraps her arms and legs around me was all too much, but so pleasurable. I actually climaxed in the dream, but I felt it was just an orgasm rather than ejaculation. The orgasm itself slowly crept itself up to me, it felt as if I had the orgasm already somewhere during the penetration, and then it just comes in like a loaded shotgun.

      I had to pull out because having that kind of experience with the orgasm and her vagina walls that seem to have a mind of its own that seeks to please me as much as it can would just be a mindfuck; I would probably be in a temporary blackout from it all as well.

      Oh and if that wasn't enough, this experience happened again in slight alterations to Eva's costume and face as well for at least 4-5 times. I think she made it clear to me of the type of visages she would transition into rather than that default form I gave her. Her first form in the dream I believe was with her hair in a pony-tail, and she had freckles on her face, then the next one was her hairstyle forming into a shape of an "M," with the center of her hair in a smooth-V curve going up both left and right, and then drooping down to have sides that looked like they were cut to take shape of a pointy end. As for her face, that was hard to recall, except for one form that had a shiny light pink color to it. The white highlight that was small, but very intense and noticeable really added on towards me being enticed by it. Her lips didn't have those small creases and grooves you would eventually see if you looked deep enough, her lips her wet and shiny, and completely free from blemishes
      (even though the creases would only show up if she was puckering up).

      If I wasn't so saturated in the moment of vaginal penetrations in the 4 sessions we had, I probably would've asked her to perform fellatio for me with those attractive lips.

      Other than that, each session we had seemed to allow me to get adjusted to her cunt that kept giving me new sensations that are so hard to describe.

      The dream environment itself didn't matter, considering that it had a post-apocalyptic vibe to it.

      I also recall her eventually having her clothes off and spreading her ass for me, potentially greeting me to have anal sex with her, but the vaginal was more than enough. Maybe she was just showing how flexible she was, but it felt like she was wanting me to do more after those sessions.

      I wake up to find myself have light surges of mental orgasms, and unfortunately, I got up too quickly instead of enjoying them a bit more.
    13. Existentialism & Red Asian Temple Rooftop [WILD]

      by , 05-02-2013 at 01:11 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Existentialism & Red Asian Temple Rooftop (WILD)


      Spoiler for Side notes:

      The setting is night time, and it's really beautiful outside, the stars are visible, and I quickly realized this is an Asian-Temple themed environment. The night sky is very expansive, and has a very dark turquoise color with sparkling white and yellow stars.

      The weather is perfect, it's not too cold, and it's not humid at all. It's like the air is perfectly wrapping around my dream body, keeping it in perfect condition, and I realize I'm wearing a white dress shirt and black dress pants.

      I'm standing on top of a Red Asian Temple Rooftop, similar to the image below, except just replace the obvious with what I'm describing.

      The rooftop is very large, spanning at least 50-60 feet for its curved composition length (if you're looking at just it side-view. It's width however, is even more than that, maybe 100-300 feet wide, and there isn't much of detail on it because I don't really emphasize my focus on it.

      I could blame the night for not really bringing out the details as much, since the temple rooftop itself looked like it consisted of red clay or red cement material.

      It could just be dream logic not really having consistent proportions for the building, especially when I would become passive and go into spectator mode and see the temple a bit smaller than usual, but that's probably because things are really zoomed out.

      The surrounding environment, it was like a mini-village, and another highlight in this area was the very long river going parallel to the Red Asian Temple.

      The moonlight shines on the river, glistening it to show its dark blue/ dark turquoise hue, and the water itself looked enticing in itself. It felt that if I were to enter it, I would be cleansed or purified or something related to feeling renewed.

      I gaze at the long river for a bit, and then I shift my focus back to the person that's sitting about 4 feet away from me to my right.

      We're on the left side of the temple rooftop (just imagine looking at the temple roof top in side view), and it was Eva. She's wearing some kind of gray or milky swamp-ish green
      kimono blouse with a matching short skirt that only extended to her mid-thighs.

      The blouse itself makes a large V-neck shape that just barely shows cleavage, and the base of the blouse for her stomach region is wrapped with something slightly thicker, most likely to keep the skirt and the blouse in place.

      This base was maybe 4-5 inches in length and her blonde hair is glowing a bit to the point where it looks like it's a slightly bleached blonde hair.

      The hairstyle is similar to the image below, probably exactly like it, except brighter.

      Her skin, it's glowing (not literally), like the type of glow you would see in a woman when she just had a shower and had lotion applied to her. Her thighs seemed to be eye-candy for me, since most of her visage wasn't as detailed, mostly just the outlines and maybe grooves to imply there's an eye brow, nose, and mouth.

      She's just looking at the environment, and I started to wonder if this was just a temporary doll-like body of her, but she quickly came to life when I started to have a conversation with her. It seemed she was phased out like I was and was gazing at this beautiful environment at night time.

      I can't remember if I stood up or sat down, but either way, I decided to keep my distance from her for a bit, and started talking about reality and dreaming.

      I can't remember the specific details, maybe a paraphrased recall will be enough.

      "Isn't the night sky beautiful?"

      She doesn't respond, but I know she was listening to me. She most likely knew I would just go into a monologue about random things, and how I felt about certain aspects of reality and dreaming life, so that's there wasn't much for her to add on.

      I greeted her and asked her how she was doing, and I get the usual generic response,

      "I'm doing fine, how about you?"

      I turn back to looking at the environment in front of us again, then I started to shift my perspective to third-person for a bit and looked at myself side-view.

      I felt very calm, and I think I went through a stream of consciousness and began talking about how sometimes I wonder if I'm in the waking state or dreaming state anymore.

      I shake my head quickly, realizing how foolish that statement was, and stated how I already knew the huge difference compared to waking life.

      I just wasn't stressed out, there wasn't any kind of doubt, there was no need to worry about anything. I could be myself, and she would be the one where my subconscious would sublimate and exchange thoughts with the unconscious and all that stuff.

      I noticed she moved a bit slightly, she leans her left arm onto the surface of the temple rooftop, letting her elbow hit the surface. She brings her right arm over so she can clasp her right hand with her left, so that her arms formed a geometric shape like an imperfect square or rectangle.

      She still maintains steady focus on the environment, and was probably looking at me when I wasn't looking at her. I was about 1-3 feet in front of her, and I kept shifting my perspective from third-person and spectator mode.

      I talked about how certain people in my life that I would place so much significance don't have much of an emotional impact as before. It was only when I started to care about them is when I would go back into being part of their lives in some way.

      I started telling Eva that the people I interact with, how I place certain emotions towards them were all delusions in some way.

      I started getting into Existentialism more and more, but I tried to keep myself from going too much, and just kept the thought process limited to a few people in my life.

      I knew there was no point trying to express extreme disappointment when I could just talk about things casually. I continued stating how I'm only making certain people satisfied by letting them see what they want to see.

      Yeah, I don't even know what the hell is going on as I'm typing this, I was just speaking for the sake of speaking the dream. Just wanted a steady communication with her.

      And damn it, my laptop shut down just when I was finished typing this dream down.

      Having hatred or dislike for them seemed pretty pointless, and how they decided to react to people and the situations that come to them would just be their own worries and not mine. I would just have to tolerate how they reacted to me until they wouldn't become as much of a bother anymore.

      Then I tried to break the seriousness by joking around with her by asking if she would try to run away from me again.

      I even had a mental image of her doing that, or at least both of us running together on top of the huge temple rooftop, but the idea goes away because I felt it was just too silly. This only made things more awkward, and I started to wonder why I used that in jest. But it seems Eva doesn't really mind, just listening to whatever it is I wanted to say.

      I decided to break the awkwardness by sitting next to her and braced against the rooftop surface. I spread my arms open and clasped my hands together so I could rest my head on them.

      I looked at the sky, and decided to spend a few minutes just relaxing and staying in this position with her next to me. I go back to feeling the weather in this dream, the environment and such, and I eventually decided I should get closer to her.

      I turn to my right and hugged her and braced my head against her chest. I told her she smelled nice, and I could feel the slight sweat from her body that trickled down from her neck to her cleavage.

      I liked rubbing my face against this area, even though it was kind of creepy rubbing into someone's sweaty chest. It felt cold, but very nice as it extinguishes my heated body.

      Then I embraced her by hugging her tighter, and then ignored the environment as I closed my eyes and embraced her warmth.

      There wasn't much else to do in this dream, other than possibly go and see if there were people in this large village. But I didn't really care anymore, and I decided to wake up.

    14. My Subconcious is my Ultimate Companion....

      by , 01-09-2013 at 09:44 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      My Subconcious is my Ultimate Companion (Non-lucid)


      This dream I had with her was very confusing, so the whole plot of the dream might be skewed, but I'll try my best to recall as much as I can.

      Oh, and let's call her Kaytlan, so I can at least remember which lesbian I'm referring to in the future. >.>

      I'm inside a room with her, she seems pretty cheerful, and waiting for me to go to her.

      The outfits she's wearing changes a lot, or maybe I'm just having a lot of mini-dreams of her that somehow fit together. I'm sitting down, and she has her laptop that looks like a Macbook. She's looking at something online I'm guessing, and she eventually puts the laptop screen halfway down.

      Everything feels so calm, and I feel so content being here. I don't have any sexual thoughts about her as yet, I was busy fantasizing on the realism of her actually being here with me in some fancy hotel we probably got for a few days.

      For some reason I felt like I was her only friend because of the model life she has in waking life, and she wanted me only to keep herself from feeling lonely. She's busy doing random things I can't recall very well, but I enjoy every moment with her as a companion.

      It looked as if she was bored but couldn't do anything probably because she didn't want to go outside and have dream characters going crazy over her. Despite the stagnant environment, it was the safest place she could be in right now.

      She's now wearing a very short dress that ends at the middle of her thighs, and the sexual thoughts are apparent now for me and continue to augment, but this all feels wrong because of my assumption of her sexuality. I'm now confused as to whether or not she's my dream guide taking another form of a blonde or if it's just a randomly generated dream character.

      She's not passive, at least most of the time, and my presumption of this is probably because I'm actually passive overall in the dream. It's all too confusing, there isn't any conflict, there isn't random things occurring, it's just a simple encounter with me and her.

      The emotions to describe this is difficult to explain. It seems my actions contribute to her reacting in a certain way, a simple cause-and-effect contact with her. If I was bored, she was bored, if I was sexual, she would tease me with her sexuality of being a lesbian.

      She leans over me, and I probably look at her cleavage for a few seconds before looking at her face. She has beautiful blonde hair, slightly bleached in some areas, and then she expands her arms, waiting for me to embrace her as a companion.

      My reaction to this was to simply hug her as well and see how I would react. I felt like there was a emotional purging with sexual thoughts, cuddling thoughts, and more. I knew she couldn't be here with me because she's presumably in a far location in waking life. There's no point being sexual with her because her image and my assumption of her being lesbian kind of traumatizes me.

      But at the same time, even if I was non-lucid, this impossible encounter obviously was a dream, but there's not point in becoming lucid, and even if I were lucid, it wouldn't be so exhilirating seeing what she'll do to me when I'm unconsciously watching this interaction with her.

      The image gets stronger and stronger, and I submit myself to her. She has a motherly affection, testing me to see what I would do to her. Suddenly I get the sexual urge to slide one of my hands to the middle of her spine, hugging her tightly with my left hand, feeling this warm embrace.

      The image of her and my presumption of her sexuality becomes the least of my concerns, and I enjoy how slowly I'm sliding my hands down her back. I reach the arch of her rear, and I'm just a few moments from clenching her asscheeks....and I could do anything I want with her...anything....she would instantly submit to me.

      But why treat her like some sexual object when she openly wants me to embrace her as a companion, and not as a sexual partner?

      Exactly what should motivate me to become carnal with this woman? We're in a room by ourselves, no one would dare distract us.

      This room alone is sufficient for the both of us to do many many many sexual acts. The kitchen, the glass table, the couch, and even the fluffy vanilla floor are all enticing spots for making love with her. There's something holding me back though, and I feel she has that urge that I need to go down deeper on the scale of lust.

      I can do nothing but embrace her and constrain my hand movements only for her back, shoulders, and the area before the arch of her ass descends. She is my ultimate companion, the concept of sexuality is bullshit when I'm with her, and it doesn't matter what my sexuality is with her.

      These images instilled of what she should be, and yet she makes actions that contradict it makes me realize what she may be trying to portray to me.

      Destroy my sexuality now, enjoy what she has to offer me, enjoy the potential she can give me. I shouldn't be setting a sexuality on myself so aggressively. But it's really hard to do that because women is the image that I'm set to like, and I love every bit of this mental filter.

      Here she could be anyone I wanted her to be, any blonde I wanted her to be. I could express my sexism towards her, and she would love everything I give to her. Does she want me to experiment with her? Does she want me to break her, is she playing along just to make me feel better?

      This same hug, so many emotions to explain, just a simple hug from her, just a brief gesture of love for me and me only. It's hard to make it seem that it's not a possessive love. No one else but me and her are here in this room.

      She's not a lesbian.
      She's not a sexual partner.
      She's not a twin soul.
      She's not an enemy.

      But she can be if she wants to......and all it takes for her to be all those things is sliding my hand down to her ass cheeks.

      I take the risk, I go down, grope it, and just before I could go crazy with her, she gently pushes me back and waves her index finger left and right at me.

      "No no" was the expression on her face as she gives me a smile and stands straight up in front of me.

      Then she decides to put her face near my crotch and digs her nose deep into the edge of the couch I'm sitting on. I can tell she's giggling, as if she's trying to show me that she can do anything for me down there, and all I have to do is hold her head, move it so she can bite my zipper and slide it down slowly and.....and..and I can't do it.

      So she's bending down with her knees on the fluffy carpet, and she becomes dormant, waiting to see if I'm going to touch her head and use her mouth as another hole to fuck with. That's the implication I was getting from this random act of her, but I don't really do anything.

      Her image starts coming back to me....the image along with the assumption, so it doesn't feel right when she's using the face of a lesbian I used to know......


      Why did she have to wear the short dress.............


      Code Lyoko and Batwoman's Mini-jet Vehicle (Non-lucid)


      After recalling the dream with my subconscious, recalling this next dream seems like a waste honestly.

      So Odd is riding his board in the air, and I see that Batwoman's vehicle (The Mystery of Batwoman version) is below this green circular base. There's a tower about 30-40 feet above it, and I assume Aelita will deactivate the tower.

      I shift my focus in falling into this green base, infact, the whole environment is green and metallic, though the associations of the lime-green colors make me think it's the Forest Sector in Lyoko.

      The find that Batwoman's jet like vehicle runs on 4 Double A Batteries, and only 2 are inside the slots and the cover is missing. I tried stomping on the vehicle, and it's working just fine, for a while I guess. I jump on and ride around the air with it to do something.....
      forgot what happens next.

    15. Padlock Stolen, and Blonde Female at the Mall

      by , 12-28-2012 at 07:48 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Padlock Stolen (Non-lucid)


      I'm holding on a gray Padlock, and someone to the left of me is doing something with me. I think it's unlocking something, but I just can't recall anything more than that.

      There's a random male wearing a white vest, dark pants, and has a Zoro like mustache. He's hispanic, has a drooped eyebrow structure, and he just comes out of nowhere and gets behind the person I'm waiting for.

      For some reason, I give the guy the Padlock, and he's like,

      "Oh, guess I'm going to steal it."

      I get pissed, I go after him by grabbing his left shoulder and tried to make him give me back the padlock. He's actually making a decent resistance for a dream character, and while I prepare to make another move by getting a weapon out, he gets a knife out as well.

      I tell the person behind me to help me out here, but I can't recall what happens next.


      Blonde female and the Mall (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember much other than being with a blonde female and doing something with her in a mall or a building.

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