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    1. Eating Popsicles, Random Jury Duty, Pissed off at Cheerleaders and Black Dachshund Dog Licking Me

      by , 12-03-2013 at 06:56 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Eating a Green Apple Flavored Popsicle (DILD)


      I don't know where in the world I had lucidity, but the experience was so real that it just felt really out of place compared to waking life. And this dream probably occurred after the one I had where I was inside of a room where I was probably doing jury duty or something.

      I'm hanging around with some male child, and I believe I'm with one or two more individuals about my age or much older as well. It seems that we're preparing to go to an ice cream truck, and it definitely feels as if this dream initiated after the weird jury duty related dream.

      It seems that we're at an area that is close to a forest that would be fairly difficult to traverse through, and although I didn't pay attention anything beyond my horizon for too long, it was clear things were a bit foggy. I was standing on dark brown dirt and could hear the small cackling, snapping, and grinding sounds of the surface as well.

      Me and the 1-2 people along with the random child proceeded to the ice cream truck, and the person inside the vehicle immediately prepared ice-cold popsicles for us to have. I think it was for free as well, and we all ended up eating green apple flavored popsicles for some reason.

      I don't know how I came to the conclusion that it was green apple since I could barely manage getting anything with my taste buds within this dream. Either it was a random association with something I heard on television with green apples helping with claustrophobia, or something else entirely. It seems I was quick to finish the Popsicle and probably managed to eat it all in maybe 3-5 bites.

      I guess brain freeze is non-existent, and I guess if it were to occur in the dream, it would just be a psychosomatic experience. After that,
      recall of anything else after that is a bit blurry and too difficult to extend on.


      Random Jury Duty (DILD)


      Throughout the dream, I seemed to have went through random climbing with boxes and trying to reach edges of higher flooring that had 3 feet of space between us.

      It felt like this area was fairly busy with random dream characters, and I managed to see one entity that looked like an individual I met at a wedding one time. She seemed to represent her waking life counterpart fairly well, and I recall she was looking up at me for a few seconds before going about her separate way.

      The boxes I was climbing on top of seemed to be fairly heavy in order to actually stay solid and firm. They looked like regular office boxes with the base with a U-shaped edge loop on the two sides or something. After having constant struggling with trying to get to the higher edge flooring safely, I decided to call it quits and resorted to asking random dream characters.

      I managed to encounter a dream character that looked like the boyfriend of the same female I mentioned above me. It's abbreviate him as "Rl." He was wearing a gray suit with a yellow dress shirt and a red and black striped tie going diagonally from the top right to bottom left along with gray dress pants. He has dark brown shoes as well, probably lace-less, but I didn't bother to pay attention to his feet for too long.

      I asked him a question on where I could find a particular individual/room/event/etc., I can't really pinpoint my actual query unfortunately. He started to point in some directions and informed me I could start by going up the sloped floor that was about 30 feet away from us. I leave, but I'm not sure if I said thanks to him, and proceeded to go up the slope.

      Seemed I had another fiasco with finding where the hell I was trying to get to in the first place. Seemed pretty futile asking questions for a place when all the dream character does is pointing you in one direction and not giving a detailed set of information. The overall environment for the dream was fairly bland with walls consisting of milk turquoise textured painting and regular gray floors.

      After going around like a headless chicken, I miraculously found some area I felt I was "supposed" to arrive at. At this point, it felt like it was a jury duty in a regular high corporation office. I'm not sure when I was lucid, but the
      cluster of emotions ranging from anxiousness, feeling rushed, worried on the arrival for another dream character and such made me lucid at some point.

      I wasn't fully aware of my body moving, I just seemed to shift my awareness towards the head focal region and just scanned the area. I was waiting for a certain dream character that presumably is a doctor of some sort. It seemed that they were arriving pretty late, and it seemed that they were most likely important for whatever event was occurring in here.

      The room itself had a seating format where it would be a | _ | arrangement. Imagine that same format flipped over the Y-axis. Now imagine me on the left side sitting down looking down towards nothingness with the flooring desperately wondering if the random doctor dream character would show up.

      Eventually, I see an individual in a white coat and presumed that was the doctor. I believe he was a Black male that looked oddly familiar to a character from the "Meet the Browns" television sitcom (or lame-com) that was one of the main characters and a doctor. He was holding a document in his hand, and it didn't seem like he had a lot of information contained in it other than a dark gray piece of paper in between the manila folder.

      After that, I had a sigh of relief, though I never contemplated why in the world I would be relieved to know a random doctor showed up. Either way, whatever happen, if this was even a jury duty in the first place, happened.

      I can't remember anything else after that.

      Cheerleaders, Guards, and a Black Dachshund Licking Me (DILD)


      Wow, I guess all those hours of militant image streaming training is starting to help tremendously with the dream recall and filling in the gaps that would've taken longer just to recall decently. I thought I wouldn't be able to devote so much time into recall this, but it seems my mind is connecting things at a faster rate, which is always good I guess.

      It's getting easier to know when I'm lucid now, which is another bonus, but even though I did at least 20+ hours image streaming, I might have to push it more in the near future if I ever get as much time. Or maybe I can just go back one hour of image streaming a day instead of doing like 3 hours one day and 1 hour the next, and then nothing for a few months.

      I'm outside with a group of people, one of which resembled one of my close relatives. It seems that there was some kind of rush built up throughout the dream, as if I wanted to start a raid that would descend into some short metaphorical adventure into exploring deeper into my mind.

      I believe I'm wearing some type of milky cool colored dress shirt that was most likely blue or something of that nature along with a dark vanilla suit and dress pants. I also was wearing a light brown shoes with a yellow rubbery sole texture on the bottom as well.

      The environment surrounding me was a mix of two High Schools that I used to go to. The ground itself consisted of a light gray color, but the sky above me seemed to have some sort of ambient lighting to it that made it look a bit more of a very milky and light violet color.

      It was very spacious, and I there were all sorts of structures surrounding me that I didn't bother to absorb them into my perception in great detail. What was about 30-40 feet away from me was a building where the front had a series of glass blocks. There was double glass door with light gray metal bars for the door handle to push in, and the tint of the glasses consisted of a dark brown color.

      The individual that accurately resembled a close relative of mine was wearing a simple black shirt along with Khaki-colored long pants that was a little baggy around the knee and ankle regions. He's wearing a pair of glasses and has a hairstyle that looks exactly like what my relative would conform to if he got a haircut.

      The hairline makes an "M" shape that's more rounded and spread out which leaves a pretty large gap around his forehead. I forget what color the shoes he's wearing, but I'm presuming he's wearing something similar to mine.

      I get closer and closer to the double glass doors and pushed them in an aggressive manner and I heard the clashing sounds of the small metal gears opening the door. The area inside was pretty dark, but in the dream setting, it seems it was early morning I believe.

      It was easy to spot some backlight that was probably 100-200 feet away from my current position within this school building. The area I'm at looked like a cafeteria similar to what the two High school had the same model for.

      It was very spacious, and continued to become more spacious the more I paid close attention to the environment with peripheral vision. There's some weird dark brown atmospheric overlay as well that adds on to the darkness in the middle of the cafeteria that was fairly empty.

      In front of me were a group of females that looked as if they were practicing some choreographed moves for cheerleading or for some kind of dance squad. There were about two females that I was able to identify on the spot without actually having to pay attention to their visage in extreme detail.

      The contours of their face had an immediate association to the ones I had some interaction with in waking life in the past. The first contour was one of a Black female that was probably around the age of 16-17, at least based on her body composition alone. I'll just label her as "Chels" for the sake of anonymity.

      She had the same radiant personality she used to exhibit to others in general, and the second person that I recalled was a blonde female. Since her name is a bit shorter than the previous, I'll just label her as "Sarah."

      She had the same hairstyle as her waking life counterpart, where most of her hair was bundled up into a ball. Then there were regions of her hair that were spread out and had a tangle, wavy, and spiraling effect at the bevels of the ball's curvature.

      Other than those two, the rest seemed to have a very opaque composition, almost to the point of being pure silhouettes. It was almost as if they barely had life in them, and I wonder as I'm recalling this why I wouldn't be able to identify the other visages except for the two noticeable ones when I was probably a sophomore or junior in High School.

      The cheerleaders or dance squad seemed to be performing very mechanically, almost to near perfection with synching, though this was all presumed based with a mix of peripheral and 360 vision that's fairly difficult to articulate properly into words.

      I believe there's a series of light brown cardboard boxes that were flattened and spread out and most likely taped to the floor as some kind of cheap dancing pad for them to practice on. The floor itself consisted of a weird milky mix of light pink with a barely noticeable overlay of light milky violet as well.

      The tiling for the floor consisted of maybe 3x3 inch squares that were separated with black lines that had a few inches depth to it as well, which adds on to how it matched perfectly with the sounds of footsteps and echoing as well.

      Now, let's focus back to my perspective of being filled with a cluster of emotions in relation to adrenaline, passive-aggressiveness (somewhat), and just a few seconds from a monumental rage that would end off anticlimactically with submissiveness.

      I asked the blonde female Sarah a general question in a fairly rushed and aggressive tonality on whether or not if I could proceed further into the building. She immediately shifts her awareness to me and makes a head motion for "No." I believe she was saying something after doing so, but by then, my emotional responses were so quick that I ended up drowning out my auditory awareness of her voice tremendously.

      I was already in rage and started to scream abruptly which ended up with the room being in complete silence for a while. As I'm reaching the apex of the scream, the same relative I mentioned before seemed to have an expression that seemed intimidated or irritated slightly from the scream.

      To the right of me at about 20-30 feet away from me would be a small set of stairs that would lead to a slightly higher flooring that would be maybe 3-4 feet tall. There were metal bars that were spaced out 6-10 feet wide and had a weird contour where the pole on the top region would go straight up, horizontal, diagonal to be parallel to the small set of stairs, and then downwards to the lower floor.

      I make a power walk towards the stairs while sustaining the weird cluster of emotions, and then I noticed that my close relative started to get ahead of me. He proceeded to the top of the stairs and scanned left and right.

      He seemed to have been paralyzed for a few seconds, and I wondered what was going on. He ended up turning to his right and trying to make a dash towards some area. Most likely the other set of double doors presuming this dream modeled the two High Schools to exact specifications in generalizations.

      I could sense there were going to be a group of individuals where a huge column to my left was blocking me from visualizing. That column and the rest had the similar color of the tile flooring inside the building as well, and for some odd reason, my emotions shifted abruptly.

      From the auditory awareness of a group of men yelling at the dream character that resembled my close relative, I decided to prepare for an immediate surrender. I probably even had a mental rendering within the dream of how it would turn out to be as well, which just added on to me promptly lowering my body slowly while having my hands up.

      Sustaining the 360 vision while having my back facing the set of dream characters that would eventually find me, I paid attention to their details. They were fairly bland and dull for the visage aspect and had a default clothes setting of black shirt and black long pants. I believe there was a white font across their chests, but I can't recall what was stated specifically.

      And as I'm continuing my descent to the floor, I'm finally down on my knees and end up lying down on my stomach. At this point, this is where things started to get really awkward. I have my hands placed on my back and the top of my rear waiting for the guards to do whatever they needed to do since we seemed to have been intruders.

      But it doesn't seem they're coming in my direction, and were probably busy taking care of the relative of mine that probably escaped already. In the meantime while I'm still lying down on the floor, a random Black Dachshund dog appears on my right side.

      I found myself in a fairly awkward position where I was worried that this dog would probably maul my entire face off or something. Fortunately, it seemed the dog had a liking for me and ended up just licking the right side of my ear and face occasionally while looking up.

      I wanted to look up to see what it was looking at, but I was paying more attention in making sure the dog wouldn't do something random and change its demeanor from friendly to rip-your-face-off. I could feel the body head for the dog as well, and I could tell that out of all the dream characters within this dream, this dog had more lively nature to it.

      It's almost as if I could feel its tail wagging and breathing to some extend compared to the lifeless and air-filled dream characters around me. After a while, I can't recall what happened next because things ended in a blur.

      There was probably a dream shift where I was captured and in a different location, but that's all I remember unfortunately.
    2. Prison Camp and Dying For the First Time!!!

      by , 12-23-2012 at 08:11 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Prison Camp and Dying for the First Time (Non-lucid)


      Just a mere nap, and I have this crazy experience, damn, it felt like it was at least a 10 minute dream, or even more. It felt so condensed, a lot of gaps in between, but those parts I recalled had huge significance in my overall experience.

      And I died, which is a first thing, and I was in prison, so obviously, my feelings of being trapped is related to how I feel about people in general and the image I'm trying to sustain, but knowing that trying to do so might actually send me into deeper and more difficult tasks to get out of.

      I was meditating, and what a perfect dream to signify that I'm trying to get out of, my thoughts and attachments of life.......And to finally reach freedom in this dream was so amazing, until a small ad hoc of soldiers shot me down like I was nothing.

      Now on to the dream. There's a lot of sexual references here, but there wasn't anything sexual, just a lot of representations of how I conceptualize certain things, and the mere mentioning of that representation isn't going to be a bother, except the death of course, or it could be a joy to some sadists.

      So, let's go on with the dream.

      I'm on the run, I don't know where I am, but I do have a weird connection to this place and the nooks and crannies of a few specific areas. It's like a dungeon, and I'm constantly finding myself going up stairs, random hallways, reaching upper levels where there's natural sun light, but never going too far into the light.

      My mind is mixed at this point, so many interchanging thoughts at once ranging from the fear of possibly being found out, captured, and recieving a more cruel punishment for endorsing the escape of other prisoners. I felt I had obligations, but at the same time I felt I needed to engage in this neutrality of trying to help others or save myself.

      I needed other people to find ways to know more about the large Prison/Dungeon Camp I'm in, and the gargantuan size of this area, the many areas within it, all too much for one person to even conceptualize possible escape tactics for freedom.

      There's too many things going on at once that it's hard to keep track off and make it into a cohesive and comprehensible chain of events. I remember someone in a black latex suit, a female, probably resembling Catwoman, that I would end up helping or trying to avoid.

      Her role in this was temporary, and I feel I also met Robin as well, but his purpose fades away quickly. There are guards coming after us, and I remember that each time that I run, I end up going to a specific set of stairs that leads me to a myriad of paths that I can take.

      I also noticed that there are anal toys laid of on the right side about 2 feet away from double doors consisting of dark red colors with 4 rectangles going vertical formed as if they were split from a bigger rectangle on the door.

      Seeing the anal toys kind of bothered me, and I won't go into full description of what they looked like. I remember running up stairs that are made of concrete or some kind of gray marble materials with a red carpet in the middle of the stairs going all the way up and down the areas of this huge prison camp.

      When I go through the double doors, random things happen. I remember falling down a deep ditch, feeling perfectly fine, and them climbing my way up to get to more doors to have to choose randomly.

      Basically, the whole dream was full backtracking and pinpointing important locations and adding on to the mental map I had in my mind. It involved a lot of practice, a lot of trail and error, but I eventually learned the nooks and crannies and found myself at higher places in less time than I thought.

      Then I tried helping a few random people escape, and when I tried to escape, I felt I needed to go back to the prison to help more people.

      I don't know why, but I just felt I had to be responsible for saving some people. I keep using that area with the double doors and the anal toys randomly placed 2 feet away from the doors as the major reference point because I know anything beyond those doors is has subjective outcomes.

      I eventually meet an old man who I'm confused as to whether or not I'm helping him, or he's helping me. Anyway, after escaping guards inside the large building, I head outside and find an Asian man is coming inside the base.

      The electrical wired fence opens, and my perception of it opening or closing is a bit skewed. It looks like it's opening, and the old man dashes for the gate as the Asian man goes through it; he's wearing a gray hoodie, and he looks like he's in his mid 20s.

      I can feel the electricity surging in my hands for a while, but I took my hands off the fence quickly and dashed a bit to avoid it completely closing in on me and possibly shocking me.

      I follow the old man while looking both ways on the highway.

      The cars are kind of going slow at the moment, and I head to the left side of the highway where the rough part of the part is. I see a vehicle that crashed for a while now, and decided I should hide there , but I wanted to catch up to the old man.

      I saw soldiers coming up, and as I'm trying to play things off like I'm a normal citizen, things start getting hectic. I turn to the right to get a peek of the soldiers, they were wearing dark gray uniforms, and they're holding to old rifles that look like they were from U.S. Civil War times.

      A random soldier starts screaming, and everything goes in slow motion for me. I turn my face to see what's going on, when in fact the soldier is screaming in a foreign language while pointing at me. I become shocked, and I tried to run, but it's too late.

      The soldiers, at least 10 of them, shot me right where I was standing. I immediately drop on the floor with no control whatesoever, and I remember being dragged immediately by someone, and that's all I remember.

    3. Running in Eva's Underwear, Spiraling Stairs, Boss Battle, Katara Changing Water Colors (SDE Day 17)

      by , 08-31-2012 at 06:40 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Running in Eva's Underwear (Non-lucid)


      I'm watching Naked Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (no, he's not actually naked..), and he's wearing a weird outfit. To me, he looks like he's wearing outfits that Eva would wear. He has two of his eyes still intact, compared to how he lost one in the game during the Interrogation (Volgin's horrible away of actually doing one).

      I know that I'm mentally controlling him now because when I wanted to see what he wore, he turned around and stopped, and I used a camera to get better details on what he's wearing. He's wearing green military jacket like Eva would wear, or it could be the suit he wore after he gets the title of Big Boss. He has swamp-ish green pants as well, or maybe just a faded brown pants color. His chest was exposed, and then I looked down to see he's wearing some kind of weird looking fabric.

      It's black, and it's reflecting some white light, so it could either be some latex, a black trash bag, or Eva's black underwear. I'm going to go with the third option.

      Here's a horribly drawn sketch of how it looked like to me, I just didn't want to forget it
      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Naked Snake Wearing Underwear.jpg 
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      He's walking around in an area reminiscent to the first level of the video game, except, there are a few fancy black gates contained on a small base of brown bricks, which means he's probably going to infiltrate some kind of building. It was like being in the jungle, a Russian jungle.....if that's where the imaginary level was set up in the actual game.

      I continue to control Big Boss, and I see someone passed out, and apparently, it's THE BOSS that looks like she's passed out. Someone tells me that it's me apparently, and I can control the breathing of her, or someone who resembles her. I actually breath in and out for a few times, and then the moment I take a deep breath and stop, "Zzzzzz" signs come out of The Boss' mouth.

      Lol, the amount of Mindfucks in this dream is OVER 9,000!!!!!!!

      After walking around, I forget what happens next.

      Running on Spiraling Stairs (Non-lucid)


      I remember walking up some stairs going in a spiral formation in a building where there's a lot of guards. I'm assuming everyone probably knows I'm there, but they just don't know my exact location as yet. I believe I'm helping someone in the process, since I recall giving out words of advice on certain enemies, more specifically the Guards from Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory who have Thermal Vision Goggles.

      I an't remember who it was that I was helping out with, but I do remember them wearing a bright vanilla outfit, like a complete suit, light blue/white dress shirt underneath, and vanilla long pants. One the sides of the stairs, seems to be red fabric material, probably even carpet material, the walls themselves looked weird. The spiraling wall was a solid light brown brick wall, or something similar to it.

      As I'm going up the stairs with whoever it is that's following me, in a few seconds, I already see a guard with Thermal Vision Goggles. It takes him 1-2 seconds to notice me, but I quickly ran back down and started to jump around everywhere out of fear. As I'm going down and down the long and spiraling stairs, I eventually reach the bottom to meet some elderly Asian man, with mostly black hair intact in the middle of some soldiers in green military outfits.

      The environment is a lot brighter than upstairs.

      They were all lined up parallel to him, and I think they're armed. I look at how they're just conveniently placed for my panicking, and even though I should've been shocked, there was just no point in standing there and possibly getting myself shot. Fuck this, I jump over the soldiers before they even have a chance to come after me. HA SCREW YOU ALL.

      I open the dark gray metal double doors quickly, and I get a small loading screen for the next part of the environment. Finally I'm outside, and HOLY.............there's quite a few Thermal Vision Guards that noticed that I came out. There was some kind of command that I was trying to do, but because there's so many damn soldiers coming after my ass, it's hard to do the two-button combo move.

      It involved pressing the "Z" button, which means it's probably a GameCube controller, and then some button on the directional pad, which was on the right instead of the left. OH, it was the GameCube command to pull up your weapons menu in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, and somehow that whole aspect came into this dream.

      I'm pretty sure I had the option for a machine gun, but again, try being going into a building and the outside where there's more soldiers than you can handle, and the only way to even have a shred of hope is to just run run run runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

      I quickly turn back to prepare to open the large gray double doors again, even though I would probably be back in the same situation with the Asian man and that soldiers around him again.

      After the loading screen is done, I can't remember anything else, though I could tell I was close to seeing if the soldiers would still be inside there.

      Boss Battle (Non-lucid)


      I was at some city, and a huge entity crushes a part of a wide road and makes it elevate, and I go on top of it, and there's weird flesh material that looks like a huge tongue on the bottom of the torn road.

      I saw that there were electrical surges on forming around the tongue, and the tongue itself was white and transparent slime around it. I can't tell who the enemy is, but they're holding a really freaking big sword, and he wastes no time lifting the sword up, and as he's doing that, I see a trail of the pink-violet color of it, like a light saber, except it's in a form of a sword.

      Then he slams the sword down, and I easily dodge it since it takes like 5-6 seconds for him to bring it down in the first place.

      Forgot what I did next.

      Changing Water Colors


      I remember looking at random people in your typical supermarket. There were two people trying to attack each other, but Gaara from Shippuden stops them with his sand.

      Then the dream shifts and I think I'm Katara from ATLA, and I have a cut off block of ice, and the moment I put my hands in them, or when she does, the top changes colors. She then starts making small but very sharp circular slices of ice and shoots them randomly.


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    4. Nuke Building Infiltration

      by , 07-10-2012 at 04:47 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Nuke Building Infiltration (Non-lucid)


      This picture is from the Peace Walker game of Metal Gear Solid, but it's the only one that reminds me of the Nuke Building at the moment.

      I'm going to focus on the environment and people in the dream, because I honestly don't know why I'm back to infiltration again.

      I think I'm going to take Melanieb's advice on paying attention to your environments to make even the shortest dreams pretty long.

      I remember standing at an enclosed section, and it's basically an almost perfect replica of the first floor of the Nuke building in Metal Gear Solid 1.

      This means that in order for the environment to stay true to the original stage, I couldn't fire any weapons, otherwise the whole place explodes. Which explains why things were a little intense for me.

      I had to pay attention to a lot of the guards' movements, sometimes even having to wait it out several times to make sure they didn't have to alter their patrol route.

      And like the original stage, there were some floors that I had to be careful stepping on, because if I tried to run, it will make more noise than usual.

      Those same floors had some ventilation paddings on them, so they would make that loud "clank clank clank" sound if I were to go over them. I think I was controling Naked Snake, not Solid Snake, because the outfit I/he was wearing was from MGS3, so it couldn't have been Solid Snake.

      Hmm....I'm still having that doubt of whether or not I'm controlling someone in a video game, if it's me, or it's both me controlling and being that person simultaneously.

      It felt weird for him to have that kind of outfit suited for jungle sneaking in a nuke building. The atmosphere had a slight yellow hue to it, and it was so apparent, it's like I was inhaling and exhaling energy.

      The outfit was the generic one in MGS3, the same outfit used when Snake did the HALO jump

      The common behaviors for me in this dream were being fearful, because I couldn't let an enemy fire a gun in a nuke building, and the other is a surprise.....I was still calm. I felt a neutrality from my emotions of fear and cautious nature, and I could feel and hear myself breathing for once.

      It's just that all I focus on is sight and more specific sounds like gunfire, foot steps, or even people having a conversation, but never anything that I'm exhibiting like breathing, etc.

      After I figured out the guards' movements, I think things fast forward a little bit.......literally. It was like watching a video clip on some kind of survival stimulation, it was crazy, I was so close to one of the guard's backs, that the only reason I could do that is if I knew this area inside and out.

      I think this is why the dream itself fast forward like crazy.

      I think the reason I had this dream, was probably because of my desire to meet my eternal self, or just to go to the Akashic Records again.

      But what I don't understand is that if that were the case, and knowing that the Akashic Records can be acesses at any time, but because of the brain's mechanism of trying to define the "phenomenon" or "location," it seems it wants to make this information for me to obtain difficult than it should be.

      I honestly am not the type for these infiltration missions, I mean sure I like sneaking games and all that, but if it were actually me on the battlefield or in a building, I would definitely need a guide, or do the analyzing of guard movement to even stand a chance.

      Maybe it's not my subconscious' way of perceiving the confidentiality of the Akashic Records, maybe it's something my higher self/eternal self is trying to show me.

      I know I have a few things to take care of that can affect my future right now, but these are mostly short term things that must be resolved, but again, none of which that are deserving for this type of dream environment to be manifested before me.

      I could conclude that these dreams should teach me to not try to rush things that are dangerous and life-threatening such as the nuke building I was in. But even with something so obvious as that, there has to be more.....I can't just be in a nuke building, or whatever military building without some kind of reason.

      And if that reason turns out just to be for the thrill or adventure, then I guess I need to change how I get that need met in my dreams.

      I've also noticed something, but was too afraid to analyze. It's so obvious, but still, in my non-lucids, I'm usually always in some kind of infiltration.

      Actually, let me rephrase that, nearly all sneaking missions, gunfire, killing, military, infiltration, etc. are all non-lucid states.

      My lucid dreams are obviously geared towards real life environments like colleges, houses I've been to, etc., things related to the subconscious utilizing homologous variation to synch the piece together.

      I know that if I wanted a sneaking mission in a lucid state, it probably wouldn't work out because I'm not that creative as yet in the lucid state. I know I can use archetypes to easily manifest these types of dreams, but maybe I just don't want to do that in my lucids.

      It would probably just feel like a waste, and I would only do it if I was bored.

      Hm.....guess I should be aware of those differences.

      And if I end up having bad recall, I'll just be grateful for what I do remember, and recall as much detail as I can in that confined snippet, and remember more based on that.

      It's something I've done frequently, but it's just because I'm slacking off a bit because I'm being distracted in waking life a lot, at least in Canada.

      I guess that's a good thing, because I'm supposed to be doing things here in the first place, otherwise the money for the trip wouldn't have been worth it, right?

    5. Man in a Green Jacket, Princess

      by , 05-24-2012 at 04:32 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Man in a Green Jacket (Non-lucid)


      Everything is in first person mode, and I have machine gun in hand. The setting is very dark, and it seems I'm invading some kind of stone castle and fortress. I sneak in, and then I go check what's inside a small stone house that seemed to be an area where soldiers could get some ammo.

      I sense a guard, and I check the back window, and the guard starts getting suspicious, I turn around to make sure I won't get shot in the back, and then opened the door in front of me. The guard gets closer, and I tried to hide, but I was too slow to take cover.

      He notices me, and he looks exactly like the guards in Metal Gear Solid 3. I shoot him with a machine gun, and then immediately get out of the house, and I aim my gun at where the other guys might come from, and I'm right.

      Name:  Johnny_tejwin.jpg
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Size:  58.5 KB

      Just Exclude the "J" on his head, and that's how they looked, and the camouflage was a bit more yellow.

      There's at least 3-4 of them out to get me, and I'm already having the machine gun aimed at the head of the guard without even twitching a single part of my arms and wrists. I was dead accurate with aiming, but I still have put a little more bullets in the guards heads to even cause some kind of damage.

      And when I did shoot them, I'm not even sure if they died, this dream seemed to be those rare ones where my shots do not make a difference, and they will keep coming after.

      Then......the moment when I thought I was safe while trying to shoot and run, this man comes up closer to me and tries to shoot me.

      His hair, it's a mix of gray, and white as well, he looks like one of those people that could be a vampire of some sort, you know, the old guy who still looks handsome but deadly....the type of guy that you don't really want to provoke too much.

      He didn't have the jacket look swamp-ish like the one above me, it was a bit more of a regular dark green.

      He was wearing a red tie, black pants I believe, a large green jacket that extended near his ankles, and probably wore a white dress shirt with some kind of black vest on top of that. I couldn't see his eyes, he seemed to be one of those figures with the eyes that stay like this:

      " - - "
      (I would draw it out, but that's my best description right now )

      I continue shooting him, and I even see his life bar, but it isn't going down at all. After I ran out of machine gun ammo, I switch to a pistol/handgun, and started to barrage him with whatever bullets were left in side. This guy was also dead accurate with his shots, and I'm wondering why I'm not feeling any kind of damage....

      I'm still running while having my attention focused on this guy, and he's going really really REALLY fast to the point where I think he isn't even using his feet, he's just freaking levitating and zooming in on me fast.

      Then there's this "Mission Complete!" logo that comes up when I'm seeing things in third person view.

      Some stats show up, but I don't even pay attention to that, I'm wondering how I completed the mission if I'm running like my life depended on it?

      Princess (Non-lucid)


      I see a blonde female in a glittering and silver dress, I can't remember most of her visage, but I'm presuming she was at least cute. I think she's putting on make-up and some earrings as well.

      That's all i remember.

      Well, there's one more dream I remember, but it just involved me going through random things and meeting with random people....not really a good description huh?

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    6. Green Globe, Pool of Toy Balls, Is that a Dragon, Eva and Akashic Records??

      by , 04-22-2012 at 02:27 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Green Globe (Non-lucid)


      I don't really care too much to this dream, except for the fact that this possibly was a precursor to the dream I had with Eva and the Akashic records dream...

      I'm walking somewhere at my University, and I'm following a group of people, but the traffic and amount of people here started to irritate me, so I thought of trying to teleport somewhere....

      The opposite of that occurs, and I find myself instantly flying up pretty quickly. I look down, and was a little scared at first, but instead of trying to think about falling down, I looked up, closed my eyes, and imagine myself propelling upwards.

      Then a white light flashes before more, signaling that I teleported out of the dream environment.

      I'm now floating, and I see a Green globe, and I rotate it with my mind, and I decided I should go to Houston, TX.

      I feel a pulling sensation from this green globe, and feel like I'm being warped into the area I wanted to go to...

      I can't remember much from that dream..
      Swimming pool of Toy Balls? (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a play area that's full of what seems to be toy balls, or something like that? It was kind of dark though, and it seems there's always water in this area as well.

      There's this random lady who is fairly huge, and we're just floating around, minding our own business. Then the lady started to say, "Daddy?" out of the blue, so I presumed someone else was with us.

      I think I see a man who is shirtless, and is wearing dark blue shorts underwater, and the daughter I think lands on him. I was kind of concerned that her weight might cause his to open his air path in his throat, and possibly drown him or something.

      Then all of a sudden, when I go back up to the surface, the girl is floating as well, and she's wondering where her father was, and I think she's close to even crying.

      I go underwater again, and I see this white string near a drain that's sucking up the water, so the dad probably was sucked in there.

      I can't remember much after that, didn't really care too much about this dream in the first place....too random...and it was too dark for me to associate anything from it...
      Is that a Dragon? (Non-lucid)


      I was trying to convince some people to look up at the sky, because I'm seeing a large creature flying, and it looks like a dragon in metal armor, it had that silver color to it with some slight hints of blue.

      I think I saw a redheaded lady as well, not sure if it was Opheliablue, but I was trying to nudge at whoever it was to look up. Even when they did look up, all they did was shrug and have the "I don't know" expression on their face.
      Eva and Akashic Records? (Non-lucid)


      First of all, I'm glad I finally met Eva for once, she was a little bit more degraded from something...and man, this dream was scary.

      I honestly thought I wouldn't have met Eva AT ALL, but it seems the intention worked by watching a few videos about her and Snake.

      (I watched some short videos on the Akashic Records, and I wonder if this dream itself was the path for me to get there, seeing as you normally need a guide to shift you to the right path.....and clearly, I was following Eva like she was a guide....and there were guards.....so there has to be something precious within this library......)

      Watch this video first before reading the dream if you can, there are some things that the lady said like "Cairo, Egypt" and such that you'll find that my mind did some homologous association with it the people in white robes...you'll find out what I mean...I don't know why, but I was browsing through DV articles, and typed "are the akashic recrods real?" on a youtube search bar, and found this late at night before I slept.

      Things start out where I'm at an area that seems to be a green underground cave. I believe I'm in the lighter side of this area, and I finally see Eva.

      There's something odd about her, there's this type of loneliness within her, she looks degraded, used up, raped, or something...it was kind of sickening, but the fact that I still saw her, she obviously had the intention of actually interacting with me for once for a little longer.

      Her hair, it isn't blonde like it was before when she gave me the grey letter with the letter "M" on it with in a non-lucid I had a long time ago.

      It was light orange, but you see, it looked like it was like the color because someone probably fried her hair up a little, I'm not too sure.

      She looked exactly like Eva, she was quiet, but it was definitely Eva. She wore a very bright green military jacket, and she had it open.

      And I saw her breasts, she left them exposed with her opened jacket, and her nipples were pink, maybe a little darker than that. I think the point of her projection was to portray that she was used up by someone or something.

      As for her pants, it was the same with her regular biker outfit, it's just that the jacket was green instead of the usual Khaki type of color all over, and I believe she had black boots as well.

      Her jacket was way brighter than this, so imagine it being opened completely, and you can see her bare skin and breasts exposed to you, with the edges of the jacket hanging on the sides of her nipples.

      She gets close to me, but there's this type of barrier separating both of us, so she starts pushing as much as she can. I take a step back to let her open it fully, and I get closer to her.


      She doesn't look too desperate for small talk right now, seeing as how the look on her visage was a little bit depressed and sad. There were marks on her hair, and some of it wasn't complete. She was bald in a few areas, but she still had her long hair.

      I follow her, and we go up some stairs, we haven't talked at all, I merely pick up her non-verbal cues. There are two characters talking to each other, and I stay behind Eva, completely relying on her to guide me through what seems to be a library.....

      We wait for the two guys to finish talking, and it seems to be that they are wearing white robes like they're from Egypt....

      (Okay something is up...but you'll find out what I mean after)...

      I wait for Eva's cue to move, and she finally does, so I quickly go along with her, and we hide behind some shelves until the two Egyptian robe wearing characters move further to the left. Then Eva goes to a bookshelf perpendicular towards the direction she's going.

      Like, imagine being parallel to the back of a bookshelf, and one being perpendicular to you....so I quickly dash to the bookshelf, slowly moved my head up to see that there are two or so guards on the other side.

      I crouch back down, waiting for Eva to cue something to me already.

      For some reason, I decided to be a little bold, and I start making a little whistle sound to attract the guards. I believe I did that because I thought the guard was too far to hear the whistle, but they pick up the sound a few seconds later.

      I crouch down quickly since I saw the guard turn around immediately. I started to get tensed up for a little, feeling this weird tingling sensation in my head....I definitely made the horrible mistake in making that whistle....

      I have a gun in my hand, and I believe Eva didn't have a weapon at all, so I guess I had to be the support in case things get rough.

      (Normally, when I ignore a DC and get distracted with something else, they usually disappear, but she was still there....it's not my obsession with finding her that kept her there, in fact, my concern over her was temporarily faded because we're in a serious situation with the guards and everything).

      I have my gun ready, and it has a cyan laser sight, and once I realized this, I quickly moved the laser sight to the edge of the bookshelf we're parallel to, because the guard might find the laser dot....but I already knew my feelings of being tensed up and fearful meant the guards were already too suspicious.

      I wait having my gun aimed at the predicted path of where the guard's head should be...I started to get more tensed up, feel the guard coming closer and closer....

      Then I see the side of a face taking a slow peak, and I slowly aim my laser sighted gun to their heads, but they quickly so their whole body to me and try to aim at me, but since he saw that he's not going to win this one, he's shocked, and an Exclamation mark appears on his head....

      Definitely a Metal Gear Solid element there with the exclamation mark....

      (It was like this, but the mark was light blue)

      Anyway, since the guard was moving, I decided I might as well show myself to the others, but I didn't, I just popped my head over to the top of the shelf to see that the same guard told the other one that we're here.

      So I decided to shoot the guard trying to contact Headquarters through this big swamp green radio phone....I believe I managed to shoot him before he did...

      The same man with the radio phone wore glasses, a long brown leather jacket, and it he looked a lot like Ocelot when he was extremely old in MGS4.

      Once he's taken care of, at least, I'm presuming he's dead or knocked out from the gun shot, I try to aim to the other guard that alerted him.

      Then this other guard comes out from NOWHERE, and has holds a pump-action shotgun with one hand. I thought he was going to come after me first, but he's aiming at Eva, and she's still crouching down....I realized that she was too injured to react

      He came so quick, that I couldn't even shoot him because my gun didn't even fire any bullets. He shoots Eva, I get fucking pissed, and the gun magically works, I shoot the hell out of the guy.

      But instead of going to Eva immediately, I had to make sure there weren't any more guards around us, so I move forward to scan the area, and things are okay.

      I take a look at some kind of weird base in front of me, and I believe I'm looking outside the library, like the door was wide open. There was this area with grass, but the type of grass you see in video games, where everything on the floor is just mashed up together.

      I see the door to go to another base....and it's overall color is violet with some hues of bright pink....then I realized...


      I completely forgot about her, and I turned around, but I couldn't do it quickly, everything was going slow, the dream is starting to fade, and this would've been the point where I would've been lucid, since I felt so much emotion in this dream.....

      But the dream fades quickly..

      I wake up, but I still have my eyes close, I'm still thinking in my mind saying




      I thought I should do a DEILD, but I might've forgetten the dream if I did...

      I find it funny that despite finally meeting Eva, who had a few alterations like having orange hair (redhead), green jacket, and some other qualities.......I didn't remember her saying one word to me. Not ONE little word at all...

      All she did was just guide me somewhere...and I honestly believe it was for the Akashic records, but obviously, because I was being stupid and whistled at the guards, I obviously wasn't prepared for it....

      I can't believe one careless mistake I made would cause so many chain of events.

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    7. Castle Infiltration & Lady in Red Dress, I'm The END, Short Seats

      by , 03-31-2012 at 02:57 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Castle Infiltration & Lady in Red Dress, I'm The END, Short Seats (Non-lucid)


      I took a nap that ended up being a little bit too late to take one.

      Dream 1: Castle Infiltration & Lady in Red Dress

      I'm starting out in an awkward position to conceal myself in this dream. This dream had a few resets and moments where I was close to being caught.

      I remember being side a fancy area with gray tiling and gray brick walls, and there's red carpet in the middle of every path to walk on. I hear a man talking about something to some guards, but I can't remember what exactly.

      I had to be really careful of the guards, because they had some weird formation that apparently preventing them from having gaps whenever they turned their back at me.

      I remember there being some reset in the dream when I was caught because I underestimated the guards.

      Here's something new, most of them were blonde females in red latex outfits. I don't know if I should be afraid of them, or fantasize their amazing bodies in this dream, but they looked like serious business.

      After the guy is done talking, I put myself against the wall, slowly moving to the left to see that he's this close from me, but because the area I'm in an area for things to be hung up as decorations, he doesn't bother going through the mini-hallway.

      I see what's near the hall way, and I head outside to the door to the right of me quickly before the guards turned out.

      I think there was another instance where I was hiding in the mini-hallway again, but this time, I was leaning at the right side to see the guards and the guy interacting with each other.

      Since they were closer to the exit, that meant I could hide on the other side.

      The area that's next to the mini-hallway I was in was formatted into a square, so there would be guards at each corner, but since they all gathered to listen to what that guy was declaring, I quickly went to the left side of the square hallway.

      I see the blonde females in red latex suits move the opposite direction, and I quickly leave out to the door.

      Somewhere along in those moments, there was one female who got closer to where I was hiding inside the mini-hall way with decorations and red carpet.

      She actually came into the small room, and instead of staying there and making her tell the other guards, I quickly dash towards her, grabbed her neck, held it really tight, and then stabbed her in her stomach.

      I didn't pull the dagger/knife out, I was still holding onto her neck, and slowly helped her descend to the ground. I believe she had brown hair, the type that had a shine to it, and her face was sort of pure with a light apricot skin tone to it.

      She was wearing a red dress, not a latex suit. But because I was worried that someone might've heard the dagger penetrating through her, and her coughing blood once, I didn't bother to ask who she was before she really died.

      She was completely different from the guards, she didn't have any weapons or anything, she just came in at the wrong time. I look her dead body, gazing at her cold and blank stare at me. She still has her mouth opened, and there's blood dripping out to the side.

      Her skin tone started to become even more pale, and her arms are spread out. I couldn't do anything but leave the area.

      If you want to talk to me, and make yourself less likely to be killed or injured, at least don't wear the same color as the other female guards!

      Why am I killing people so recklessly in these dreams?

      Dream 2: I'm The END, Escape from Bicycle

      The title may be a little confusing, but I was "The End", I'm sure I was because even though things were in third perspective, I could feel myself being him.

      He's basically this old guy who is supposed to be remarkable with sniper weapons and hiding overall in Metal Gear Solid 3, and if you managed to get him to cough up some items, you can get the camouflage that has the best percentage to conceal yourself in the game I believe.

      I'm in some desert area, and there's a guard base. Since I'm using the camouflage of his that can alter to most environments, I didn't have to worry about guards finding me.

      There's wide and big light brown tiling format I'm on that matched the sand's color.

      I was prone (still in third person perspective), and there's a guard in front of me. I'm near his feet, I ponder if I should grab them and make him trip, but I decided to quickly stand up and grab the back of his neck.

      I could feel how hard "The End" was choking this person from behind, I can feel the vibrations and the guard having no chance against him.

      The guard falls to the floor, and then I find myself shifting consciousness somewhere else. The dream shifts to where I'm trying to escape an area full of guards and tanks with machine guns and turrets attached at weird parts of them.

      There's a set of bicycles lined up at a bicycle rack, and most people are trying to escape, but none of the bicycles are moving, something is locking them.

      It seems that the guards didn't care I was there anymore, because they're busy running for their lives as well. I was in a large and dark garage, probably where they stored their weapons and vehicles.

      It opens up, and a guard that looks like a soldier in desert gear is getting on a bicycle, waiting for the garage door to open up. I see there's a bicycle next to him, and as he heads out, I quickly rush to it.

      The bicycle was blue I think, and one of those with the curved metal handles at the ends. I'm trying to pedal, but I have to pedal too much, and it's not really going fast to compensate the effort I'm giving it.

      I tried shifting gears so that it would be a little harder to pedal, but it would not go faster. While I'm riding awkwardly, there's some person to the left of me trying to get on a bicycle, but he can't ride it because it's locked somehow.

      He asks himself, "What the hell is going on?"

      I don't know if he was asking me, because I was too busy trying to escape whatever it is I'm running from.

      Dream 3: Short seats At Lunch

      I'm waiting at one of the lines at a random school, and I take a while on what I want to buy, even though I had enough to eat on my tray. I go to the cashier, but I can't remember paying for anything.

      I sit near these group of people, mostly females, and the seating is really awkward, the seating was really low for comfortable eating.

      I basically sit there feeling like a dimwit, trying to come up with a way to make myself seem normal around these people.

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    8. Bullet Bill, Monkey Shirt, You Mad Sasuke, Sinoblak's Dog?? Metal Gear Suitcase, Chat with Alyzarin

      by , 03-20-2012 at 06:03 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Bullet Bill, Monkey Shirt, You Mad Sasuke, Sinoblak's Dog?? Metal Gear Suitcase, Chat with Alyzarin (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Bullet Bill & Water of Wishing

      I'm riding on a mini-vehicle that looks like a Bullet Bill, and I have to use the pedals on the sides to operate it. I meet at an intersection and I'm waiting for this car to pass, then I find myself going off the road bit near the gas station to the left of me.

      I think I'm headed there to get something to eat, and as I'm getting closer to the gas station, the dream shifts to where I'm in a supermarket, probably Walmart.

      It has white flooring all over the store, and I'm heading in line somewhere I can't remember too much on. I accidentally bump into some little kid who is walking around like he has no brain, and he goes back to his parents.

      I wait in line, and it seems I'm already off the mini-Bullet Bill. A guy comes up to tap me on the shoulder to tell me that I bumped into his son, and that I should be a bit more careful.

      When he told me this, this guy looked like he was going to piss his pants, I swear, if I said something negative in response, he would have his hands up and run like little bitch.

      The reason why I know he's afraid of me is that that he says "Yeah" after telling me I hit his son with the Bullet Bill bike in a silent tone, and his head faced towards the ground a little bit.

      Instead of being angry at him for not being able to pay attention to where his son is walking around, I suppress the urge and then conformed to an innocent demeanor to ask him,

      "Oh, I bumped into your son? I'm so sorry!" I almost said it like I was going to cry.

      The timid father responds, "Yeah, you made a bruise on his leg."

      I looked over to the right of me and see the little kid who apparently is in pain. He is holding one of his legs and is jumping around, it looks like he's crying, but I can't hear him cry.

      I could see this little kid was just being a little pussy and should just suck it up because I wasn't even going that fast in the first place. So I responded to the father in a neutral tone,


      Then I had the sudden urge to find a some kind of dress shirt or sweater in the form of one. So I'm walking around the supermarket, and this definitely looks like Walmart.

      I'm going around random aisles, probably spending some time looking at random items and putting them back. Then I get back to focusing on finding a black dress shirt/sweater. I don't know what exactly happens, but one appears in front of me, or maybe I'm actually wearing one.

      I go to an area of the supermarket where water is being contained in a small area, and I decided to put my hands in it. When I was touching the water, random thoughts started to form in my head wishing for certain objects to appear.

      I think I was imagining keys appearing, and the water instantly creates them and has them floating a little bit. I grab them, and for some reason, I handed them to my mother since she's wondering where her key were.

      After that, I can't remember what I did next.

      Dream 2: Monkey Shirt

      I'm in a supermarket again, but things are a little bit different now. Somebody is asking in a loud voice on who has the most interesting shirt in the store.

      I look at my shirt and see it's red with some random picture on it, and then it alters to an orange shirt with a monkey on it, to be more specific, an orangutan with a finger near its mouth, as if it was in a "HERP DERP" moment.

      So I decided that this shirt I'm wearing looks pretty interesting, and I basically pointed towards myself, hoping the person who asked the question would see me pick myself.

      I can't remember anything else after that.

      Dream 3: You Mad Sasuke???!?, Wait...Sinoblak's Dog???

      I'm outside near Northgate, and it seems I'm testing myself by closing my eyes, and visualizing the environment in front of me. I'm doing really well, and the environment is vivid.

      It's bright as day, which should've made me do an RC since it's raining at College Station today, and I just rely on being able to replicate the environment around me with my eyes closed.

      I guess this made the non-lucid productive for once, since I'm doing really really well in creating a replica in front of me. After a while, I decided to go back to my apartment.

      On the left and right side of the road that I'm walking on, there's these long bushes extending horizontally towards my location for a little bit, and I see a dog in front of me.

      It didn't look like it was trying to rip my neck off, and I didn't realize this at first in the dream, but it looked a lot like Sinoblak's dog, but it was a bit lighter, almost having a gold-ish fur to it.

      It looked up to me, and it looks sad, but since it came so fast in front of me, as a reflex and out of fear, I started to scream at it.

      I wanted to run away from it, but I decided to scream louder, and it started to move back a bit. There was another dog to my right coming at me, but again, it didn't look like it wanted to bite me.

      I continue screaming at these two dogs, and I slowly advanced forward, trying to do the ignore test
      (in a half-assed manner) to them to see if they disappeared.

      But when I turn back, they were still there, and I was still afraid that they would do a sneak attack on me, but they clearly weren't there for trying to attack me.

      I continue screaming, "NO! NOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" until I finally reached my apartment.

      I go in, lock the door, head towards my bedroom, and I see some kind of fight inside.

      I go inside and find that Sasuke is this close from having his hand on Naruto's neck. Everything is in slow motion, and Naruto just has his mouth opened in shock, which gives him time to dodge Sasuke's attack.

      Then all of suden, Sasuke deactivates his Mangekyou Sharingan to the regular three-dotted Sharigan on each eye, then he started to look sad.

      And he just gets out of my apartment feeling emo, well, I guess it's better than me trying to force him to get out.

      Kakashi is there for a while as well, and he looks sad as well, like he feels that Sasuke just doesn't know what to do anymore.

      Then when everyone leaves, I get closer to the exit, and look at the round table to the right of me and see a wig on top of it. I take it and try to put it on my head, the wig has curly hair.

      It's a pretty crappy wig, since the edges to show that it is a wig were hard to conceal. After a while, I take it off did something, but I can't remember what.

      Dream 4: Naked Snake in a Suitcase

      This is a Metal Gear Solid related dream again, while Snake is busy escaping, I'm in spectator mode and see a crap load of guards outside just waiting for Snake to come out. They have their automatic weapons ready, and they're balancing them to help with accuracy I'm assuming.

      Then a random call comes up, which I believe distracted the guards, and Snake just starts charging to the other side really quickly, because he's in a situation where even he can't make it out alive without some distraction.

      Then he moves forward away from the guards, and then goes left again, and a vehicle shows up.

      The backside of the vehicle lands on the ground for Snake to get on, and I believe a Suitcase is on it, so Snake gets inside of it, and the backside of the vehicle attaches itself again. Then I find I'm Snake because I'm peeking through the backside door.

      Someone is still trying to shoot us, even though we're clearly away from shooting range of the gun she's using. I peek again, and she's still trying, but she gives up and just walks left (from where I'm seeing her).

      All I remember from looking at the girl was that she had black hair, a black shirt, and a really really really short red skirt.

      Dream 5: Windows Live Chat With Alyzarin

      I wake up (False Awakening) and I go on my laptop and find Alyssa is on MSN Chat, or Windows Live Messenger.

      She told me about certain times she woke up I think, and I look at the alarm clock, and see that it's 11:05 AM. She gives me all sorts of times that she wakes up, and I can't remember them exactly.

      I find myself waking up, and it's around 8 AM instead of 11:05 AM.

      DAMN IT!!!

    9. Escaping and Beast from X-men, Sasuke, Green Hill, Quiz, Alyzarin?, Kaomea's Gyneocology Check up

      by , 03-06-2012 at 04:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Escaping and Seeing Beast from X-men, Sasuke, Green Hilly Area, Quiz and Clock, Physics teacher and Alyzarin?, Kaomea's Gynecology Checkup


      Dream 1: Escaping and Meeting Beast from X-men

      I had a pretty good recall of these dreams, I was able remember them without thinking too much because I could remember the other senses. Pretty glad that happened, I wonder if the Dream where I met Alyzarin was really her.

      I was running away from some group that seemed to be an organization of villains. I remember waking up or something. And them some comrade of mine wakes up as well.

      We are bound by a semi-circular metal trapping us on a wall. Someone was giving us a speech on how our bodies were filled emotions, literally.

      I see an image of Garfield who is skinny as a meter for which emotion was on top to bottom. Then it starts to drain from the top (the emotions that is), and you could see the animated cat (it's still flat) express the emotions that were going down its body, but the person announcing the cat's emotions was interrupted.

      Then some entity I can't make good facial features of, I'm assuming he's the mastermind or leader. He orders a redhead lady in black latex to send us somewhere since whatever they were trying to interrogate us didn't work.

      So we go inside this room that just has an old light shining and I see a blue creature that looks like Beast from X-men. Beast is doing self torture on himself by having a tight rope can be changed to various pressures on his neck and legs tied as an "X" by tight rope.

      What do you wear under there?-ydxph.jpg

      There were buttons near me that I wanted to press to control the tightness, but he says not to touch it. He frees himself, drinks some alcohol that looks like a Jack Daniels Whiskey. The redhead lady in black latex comes closer to have a drink.

      He starts to use the bottle like he's going to slam it on her head to knock her out, but he does it softly, like he was just playing around with her. I think she wanted some whiskey, but he pulls it back, and finally hits her with it more aggressively.

      She's still persistent and tries to say 'Master' a few times, but Beast pushes her softly to where I have to go, and she's basically walking awkwardly looking dizzy, and she drops on the floor before she could be seen from the open door with the soldiers.

      So to where she passed out, and I was sure that soldiers wouldn't be suspicious because she was walking there, and wouldn't think that I was escaping. I'm near her unconscious body on the floor, see a new door, and I look at Beast silently to confirm if this is the exit or not.

      He nods and smiles I think, and I go quickly. The soldiers by now are screaming "Go go go go!" to find me. I go through the door and I lock it to buy some time for me. I didn't think about how odd it was for the lock to be on the other side rather than inside, but I didn't think about it and started to escape somewhere.

      The dream shifts to where I'm hiding outside in the dark on high grass. Then the DCs in green raincoats that I taught were guards look weird. They're actually out to save me, since they didn't kill me.

      I follow them and see the Third Hokage from Naruto in a green raincoat. I follow them, and when I turn back to look on my left side are soldiers walking slowly in what looks like Russian Soldiers or Nazis.

      Dream fades.

      Dream 2: Sasuke and Jiraiya?

      I think I'm Sasuke from Naruto Shippuden or at least watching him in third person perspective. He's basically testing out his Mangekyou Sharingan, and I see him on his knees in pain for a while, so I'm guessing he doesn't have Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan as yet.

      (If you don't know what I meant by that, it's basically him having the eyes of another Uchiha member, which means that the light in his eyes will not fade away from using Mangekyou Sharingan too much.

      Then I take a first person perspective, and I started to spam Ameratsu like there's no freaking tomorrow.

      The dream shifts to where Sasuke and Jiraiya are on a floating rug??? Sasuke asks Jiraiya that they should kill Sakura and Tsunade since they can do a sneak attack.

      What do you wear under there?-250px-naruto-jiraiya.jpgWhat do you wear under there?-carpet.jpg

      And my spectator view starts to pan over to where I do see Sakura and Tsunade together.

      But Jiraiya most likely rejected the offer, and I see them at an angle where I'm viewing Sasuke's left shoulder and head from above, and the dream ends from there with them moving forward something in the middle of the rug they're floating on was there too.

      I just couldn't grasp what it looked like.

      Dream 3: Outside Green and Hilly Area

      I'm outside some green and hilly area after coming out of some school Basketball stadium I think.

      Outside is huge and spacious, and while I'm on top of this fairly huge hill, I see some random DC in black shirt and regular jeans ride some fancy motorcycle that was purple.

      He fades away riding it, and I look down from this green hill to see the bottom slope is flooded, and I was going to slide down near it, but I immediately stopped before touching the water.

      Then some DC motivates us to walk through this by walking backwards. He has the voice that would motivate people to overcome something like this.

      I follow everyone, while worrying what's in the water. We make it to the dry part on the other side, and I forget what happens next.

      Dream 4: Quiz and Alternating Clock

      I was outside somewhere, probably near some school or college, and I thought I had to go the second part of it first. I realize that I'm late, and I have to go to the other part, and that I had the two mixed up somehow.

      I go inside a door, and meet with the class. I don't think the teacher counts me tardy, and I'm probably 5-10 minutes late. The teacher decided to do something fun, and everyone around me was sitting down on the floor listening to him.

      I saw a few familiar faces, and I think I saw Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho there two for some odd reason.

      The teacher wanted to do some game where we ask a question to someone without trying to laugh, and since I'm in front listening to the teacher, he decides to pick the right side that's front of him.

      From my side, that's the left, and I was first, so I turn around to this guy and purposefully asked, "Do you like boys?"

      The whole class started laughing and the guy was had the "WTF" face on him.

      I don't know why I said that, but the guy asks the next person next to him a question. Then after that's done, I see a TA that's from my Sociohorticulture class come inside the classroom.

      Apparently, we have to take a quiz, but it's open-note. There's a worksheet that I have handy with me, so I use that to take the quiz, but the TA was talking about that we have little time to take it because some people were late or something like that.

      I didn't understand why she said that when all of the classmates took it at the same time, but I start to take the quiz anyway. What I remember from it is that there was some fill in the blanks basically, and all I had to do was quickly look back and forth from the notes that were printed out with the answers.

      I remember some answers being chug, wug, and something else related to dogs. Then I look at the clock and see that time is running out apparently, so I quickly try to go through everything, and I still haven't even gotten half-way from completing the quiz, and I'm really worried.

      Then I look at the clock inside of the class again and find that the time was not running out, in fact, it's been set to the previous time before we even took the quiz

      (That was an obvious reality check I could've done there, and I even did a few RCs when I was doing a WBTB before this dream as well).

      Anyway, I try to fill out the blanks from the quiz, but by this point, I don't know what the hell I am doing, and the TA announces that quiz time is over.

      She comes to me to pick up my quiz, and she says something like, "I will check to see if Brandon has his name on the paper." or something like that, she basically tells me my name, and I never had any other DCs, or only a few, tell me my name before.

      I didn't do a reality check there either. So After she picks up the quiz, I think the dream ends from here.

      Dream 5: Meeting High School Physics Teacher and possibly Alyzarin?

      Apparently, I go to an area that looks like my University, and a mix of it with other High Schools, because I see my Physics Pre-Ap teacher that I had the second semester as a Senior in High School.

      Let's call him Michnick. I go up to him, and he greets me. He looks exactly like the one in waking life, and I greeted him back by saying "Hi, Mr. Michnick."

      I told him that I apologize for not seeing him for so long, and told him I was sick one day, and that the week we had off (I don't know what the hell I meant by week off for something, but I just go with it).

      He tells me to not worry about it at all.

      He also tells me that he's surprised that I still remember his name, I feel a little concerned about this, but the feeling goes away. I shake his hand, and go into class.

      I see all sorts of people, a few are familiar to me, especially the girl who was in front of me and the girl in front of her who was her friend too. Let's call them LY and Laura, respectively.

      Michnick comes up near the board, which is white. And before I pay attention to him, I quickly glance at the board and see that there's something on the board that says Quiz 1 and Quiz 2.

      One was red and the other was green or having a turquoise or teal color to it, I just can't remember which order it was. I'm assuming red was on top and the cooler color was on the bottom, but I don't feel that really matters.

      Since Michnick said to not worry about anything, I basically just chill back and watch the other classmates get their flashcards out in panic of this quiz, which amused me. But Michnick writes on the board in a Maroon marker something related to the word "Aggies."

      When he does that, I automatically assumes he wants me to give a little story about A&M before they start the quiz. Michnick tells the class something that he doesn't like about them having flashcards out probably.

      He gets near me, but he's still a desk over from me, and asks me if I had any stories from some random name of a University that I don't even know. I told him, "I go to Texas A&M University- College Station."

      He nods, and then after a while, I can't remember what I said next, but I do know the dream starts to shift to where everyone is directed in a different room.

      The room looks like a lecture room at Texas A&M, and Michnick is sitting at least 2-3 levels below me (me and him are at the top section of the room, and the seats most likely started from A-Z as columns and the numbers like A-1, A-2, etc. branched off as rows, but that's what I'm assuming to give more detail to this dream that I'm having a really good recall of).

      He has his left leg or right leg folded on top of the other, and I'm sitting on the top level of the seats like he is, but again, I'm a few rows above him. Anyway, there's a student in front that looks a lot like a guy name Mitchell that I knew in High School.

      I won't state much about him other than he was a blonde, and he was wearing a gray dress shirt, and black pants. Apparently, for the quiz, two people were in front of the class.

      They had the option of rejecting Michnick asking them a quiz question and asking another classmate one, or agreeing with going with Michnick's question. Of course most of them would obviously want to reject and ask other classmates.

      Mitchell does a thumbs down sign, and his cheeks look a little red, like he's nervous or something. I'm not really paying attention to what questions the students are asking, but I am looking at other familiar faces in this room.

      I look to the right, and I see this black girl that was in my Introductory Biochemistry course my first semester as a Freshmen in college. She was worried that people would pick her, and she started to be a little loud by saying that she doesn't want people picking her for today.

      (Since the quiz might have a second day to cover any other students that couldn't get their turn for the allotted time given for the class in general).

      It's funny that this girl wasn't picked at all, but after all that, the class is interrupted with a fire alarm I believe. By this time, the whole class is gone, and I think only a few DCs are walking with me as the fire alarm in the school is ringing.

      It isn't ringing too hard, in fact, I'm surprised it isn't loud in the first place, but I didn't care about this. I see Laura and another DC walking with me, but they were just a few inches ahead of me.

      I don't know if Michnick is here or not, but I know we're planning to walk to exit the building without panicking.

      I see Laura in short sports shorts and the same with the DC next to me.

      This DC was really interesting, The sports shorts that she was wearing, it had a light blue lining. She was quiet, but I felt something about her, she looked a little sad, and I could swear that I knew something was familiar about her, it was on the tip of my tongue, but I just walk with them.

      I know this DC looks familiar, and I believe she has make up on her face, like a little mascara on her eyes, and I maybe a little pink on the corners of her eyes. She was pretty attractive, and looked hot in my eyes.

      What do you wear under there?-gfqph.jpg

      She was really amazing, seeing her in sports shorts made me stare at her ass a little more than usual, and she and Laura looks like they're probably in volleyball, judging by the short shorts.

      We go through the double doors, which were maroon just like my University, and I swear this environment feels like Hedenfels because of the brown or gray colored floor and brown colored brick walls. As I'm going down the stairs, I believe I have the urge to just jump like two steps down instead of walking down one step at a time.

      Then I start to realize that this same environment is indeed an almost perfect replica of the 4 levels in Heldenfels at my University.

      I go down jumping two steps at a time, and then I turn to the other set of stairs going downward and I keep doing this all the way to the end. By the time I'm done with this, the dream fades.

      I wonder if the DC that I was enticed by was Alyzarin or not, she looked kind of sad, but calm at the same time....guess I'll just wait for her entry).

      Dream 6: Kaomea's Gyneocology Checkup, and I'm the Gynecologist!!!!!

      I know I had a lingering image for this dream, but I spent all my time remembering the one before this one, so it's kind of short.

      I believe I see Kaomea, it just has to be her because I see her beautiful long hair, and I think I have a good image on her cute face by now, and I know I had her in my mind to find after Alyzarin. She's resting on what seems to be a blue Gynecology bed.

      I think her hands are trapped by some metal bar, probably to prevent her from escaping, or she could've had her arms resting on the pads for her to hold on to. I'm wondering why I'm here exactly because this seems to be a private moment for her.

      But guess who ends up being the Gynecologist?

      ME...THAT's RIGHT...ME...I'm staring at her vagina close up, but I can't get a good image of it, I'm really trying to, but all I can remember is seeing her breasts and her beautiful body.

      She had her eyes slightly closed, and I think she was smiling a little bit. I think she knew it was me who was getting ready with the operation.

      I can't remember much other than the fact that I'm looking at her naked and beautiful body. It had a certain glow to it, which just made me more excited by this. It was so fragile, and so vivid, she is the perfect lady indeed.

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    10. Buying PS2 and MGS3, Playing it, Talking to Old man about it, Golden Dildo

      by , 01-24-2012 at 03:52 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)


      I woke up and had an image of blonde female DC I believe, but I didn't pay too much attention to it to branch it off to what I may have experienced in a dream.

      So I just decided to relax a little bit and try to get my thoughts together and finally remembered something about Metal Gear Solid, and then I was like "Oh okay" and remembered other dreams.

      I think I'll also start giving short titles to the dream I have, even though the Title above pretty much covers the overall dreams anyway.

      Dream 1: Buying MGS3 and PS2

      I was in a room with a random DC who had his games all over the place. I asked him if he had a Playstation 2 and wanted to sell it. He said yes, and I give an offer for "$40" for it (since GameStop, who are really bandits when it comes to trading sells refurbished PS2's for $39.99). I think I also ask if he's selling a Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence game as well.

      I'M ICEDAWGS SLAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-ps2combo.jpg

      I think he says yes, but I end up looking at a case that looks like MGS4. I think the DC asks me a question on more offers, but I forgot what he said specifically.

      Dream 2: Liquid Snake in a red outfit?

      I'll assume this was a different dream, I think it chained with the previous though.

      I was playing a Metal Gear game, and it looked like MGS1 for the PC. I see these different modes in the Start Menu, but I can't remember specifically what they were, I choose a random one.

      It starts out with Solid Snake in the first section of the game, and he's ducking for cover while trying to shoot the guards with his pistol. Then I realize I'm the one who's ducking for cover, so now I take the perspective of Snake.

      (I look back now, and I see something was wrong with this dream, you could actually do a first-person view aim with weapons, like MGS3, but I wasn't aware of it at the time).

      I aim the gun the guard, but I don't know what happened after that. I find myself in another area crouched looking at a guard's movements.

      I was basically in the prone position next to a small opening to a wall. I think I probably got there by crouching from a small hole behind me on the right. The guard starts searching where I'm crouching, and he sees something weird, and he was staring right in my direction.

      He says, "Hmmmm??" like he's suspicious, but thankfully I was too far within his radius for him to get too close, so he just moves on his usual patrol route.

      Then I see this guard again, and I swore he had a resemblance to Liquid Snake. I think he was wearing a red outfit with tiger stripes on it, but I won't put too much faith on that.

      I'M ICEDAWGS SLAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-liquid1.jpg

      He finds something weird going on again at a different location, and calls for backup. Things are at a Caution level, so there's just more guards in the area, but they don't know where I am.

      I think I start shooting them off that knocks them out instead of killing them because they just dropped instantly without any blood pouring out.

      After I shot more guards and tried to get out, dream fades I guess.

      Dream 3: Conversation with old man DC

      I'm sitting with an old man I believe who looks kind of like the professor who gave a seminar on the Memory and Learning course I had to take for Undergraduate studying my first semester in college. Except he didn't wear his glasses.

      We were talking about Metal Gear Solid, and the guy talks about how he likes he can freely aim in the game now. I wonder why I'm having this conversation with this old man. His mouth was open a little bit while he was talking, and he left it hanging for a few seconds as well.

      The conversation was boring to be honest, and I think the dream fades from there.

      Dream 4: Golden Dildo

      I'm inside a house, probably the one I went for college break. I think I come out of the master bedroom, and I see a Golden Dildo (I think) right in the middle of the living room. I'm a little bothered by it.

      It was kind of big, and I'm wondering who the hell would want a Golden Dildo that looked way too big for anyone. Then a female DC to the left of me asks me "Is that for me?" I can't remember how she looked like, but I felt her presence, I didn't even turn around to look at her either.

      (Lol what the hell???? I didn't realize this until I typed it, but I realize I came out of the bedroom with a female DC...I don't know what we were doing before, but the question she asked me makes me assume it wasn't baking cookies or pizza)

      I tried to give her an answer without sounding embarrassing, for some reason, it felt like I bought the Dildo, because I was stopping in between words, but I'm still wondering why the Dildo was there.

      Dream fades I guess.