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    1. My Neighbor Has No Manners, I'm Responsible for the Deaths of One Million People [Wut]

      by , 05-01-2013 at 09:10 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Self-hypnosis works again, and these were dreams a few days ago.

      My Neighbor Has No Manners (DILD)


      I'm inside of my apartment, and the dream scene is so realistic that I assume that it was reality. I didn't want to question anything, I just knew I had to be dreaming either way. It was fairly obvious, the setting was different, it was bright as day outside, and it was a little windy as well.

      I'm only wearing my tighty whities just like in waking life now, and I feel perfectly normal. The dream is fairly linear, and I proceed to get out of my bedroom and starting to walk through the small hall in my dream apartment. It was about the same width as the actual one, I noticed some furniture and such were oddly placed, but I didn't care too much about them.

      What bothered me is that I noticed something weird about the window in front of me. I noticed that there was someone outside, and they're bracing against the wall near my apartment outside as well. I come a bit closer to to see who it was, and it was this odd-looking fellow. I raise up the red curtains, which were definitely not related to the blue curtains I have in my actual apartment, and I noticed that the window is opened.

      To my surprise, as I'm slowly raising up the curtain, the odd-looking neighbor said, "Thanks." I realized he was reading a book, and I saw he glanced up at me quickly and immediately turned his head to go back to reading. I didn't know how to recieve this kind of response, since it was obvious that no one should be bracing against the interior of my apartment, and because of this conflict of reasoning on what to do next, I decided to continue to trying to get the curtains up in a position.

      For some reason, I believe my conflicted reasoning also wanted me to move the curtains so the neighbor could brace properly outside and be able to rest his left arm on the opened window. The window was a bit longer than usual, and in order to open it, there was the generic lock that you had to twist outward into your direction to open up, and I believe this isn't the case for my actual apartment.

      The thought on whether or not he potentially stole items in my apartment didn't come to me whatsoever, since he had a calm and relaxing demeanor throughout most of this dream. I have an awkward time moving the curtains and trying not to get them to touch my presumed neighbor again. I would lift them in the general direction from down and straight up, then I would go from down to diagonally placing it to the left and other angles as well.

      I realized I needed some kind of pin or object in order to keep the curtain in place. The neighbor had to move his arm frequently each time I put the curtain down, and I still didn't know what I was going to say to him, since he has yet to make any kind of concerning behavior and/or action. I quickly look around this limited area in my apartment, and I noticed there's a pink-clip that was somehow a pin as well.

      I don't know how the logic with that worked, but I picked up, and I slowly inserted it inside a part of the curtain. I didn't question that a clip suddenly served as a pin, and I finally managed to get a huge chunk of the part of the curtain that I folded up so it would make a curve like this " J ".

      Then I realized I needed an actual pin to keep things in place, however, with dream logic, that wasn't needed since the vanilla colored walls and the weird looking object I used as a clamp suddenly was able to stick together. After this fiasco, I start shifting my thoughts back to this neighbor randomly bracing against the inside of my apartment.

      His visage looks awfully familiar to one of my actual neighbors, except he doesn't have as long of a hair than him. It's more of a bow-shaped head with out of wack curls on the ends. He's wearing glasses, thin framed, and his face is partially filled with acne, and he has the "Pedro" stereotypical mustache on him as well.

      It seems he was half-naked with just dark brown jean shorts, and he immediately enters my apartment. While I'm busy preparing for a "Wtf do you think you're doing" on this guy, suddenly my kitchen is closer to the both of us. He turns his back on me, and goes opens the fridge to see what's inside. I noticed that there were mostly transparent bowls with food inside with red tops concealing them as well.

      The light inside of the fridge was the generic yellow bulb light, and then I immediately close it, slowly warning this guy that he's not suppose to be in this apartment. Then he takes a spit on the floor, and I'm wondering what the fucking hell is wrong with this dipshit, and that's when I started to break.


      He looks at me weirdly, slightly affected with a tinge of fear, and decides to do one more random action of trying to get something on top of the fridge or whatever the hell it was, couldn't remember to great detail. He wanted to take the dime that was placed on top, and I grabbed his wrist and gave him a "NO" facial expression. I take the dime away from him, and I directed him to get out through the window, and I believe I stated,


      or something to that nature without trying to use curse words. He apparently lived to the right of me, which was kind of awkward, since now I know he's bloody one door to the right of me, and it only makes me worried what he would do next time. I started to question how he got the window to be opened in the first place, since I don't even open my window in my actual apartment in real life simply because it's awkward to have it opened and let people see what I'm doing.

      After that petty drama was over, I decided to clean up the area where he spat. I get some paper towels, and I maneuver them in a circular motion and then threw it into the trash can that didn't have a lid on it. It seems that I had the intention to move my stuff in a U-Haul truck, seeing as I had some small furniture and bags I felt that were mine outside of my apartment. I made sure that I kept a good awareness of my environments, and also an eye in case that neighbor wants to randomly come into my apartment again.

      I didn't pay attention anything beyond the U-Haul truck in my apartment, but with peripheral vision, I could tell my subconscious did a fair job to make it seem like it was a replication of waking life's setting. I had some random brown bag that seems to resemble the one that a Pan-Asia Restaurant I go to from time to time uses for To-Go orders.

      I noticed this was like a mini-trash bag, seeing how there were paper plates that had random residues of food, and there was also a concerning amount of wasted rice in this bag as well. After realizing it was just another way to trash some things, I noticed something very shiny inside, and it ended up being my Zune HD. At first, I didn't want to believe I would trash it, but then I turn back again and picked it up and it seems I really did.

      I had to wipe off the food sauce and residue from it, and then I slowly walked back to my apartment while examining the Zune HD to make sure that it was working. I ended up not paying attention to it and just put it somewhere in invisible land, because I sure don't remember not having it anywhere near my tighty whities. For the rest of the dream, I continued to beleive that this was slightly realistic, the whole event with the neighbor and such, and I felt that I had to post this on Dream Views because that guy was in a really odd position.


      I Killed One Million People (DILD)


      This is one of those dreams where you shouldn't have been lucid in any moment whatsoever. It was so awkward, it's like I was suddenly a mass murder terrorist, and I can't believe how I had this tinge of fear rather than a full-blown anxiety trip. It was also one of those dreams where if I didn't know I was dreaming, I would be really stupid.

      So I'm hiding inside some random room in a building, and I have a device that allows me to hear the conversations of soldiers trying to find me.

      "He's in in the....*so and so and so*"

      I only have a silver gun on my right hand I believe, and I'm really wondering what's going on here.

      "He's killed a million lives..." or something like that.

      I started getting scared on what I could possibly do that could kill that many people, and I started to feel that this was a reality, and that I really fucked up this time. I rub my head a bit and....

      I decided to open the door slightly to see if there's any soldiers around. I go about running randomly, always keeping an increased awareness of my surroundings, and twitching at any sign of movement or any kind of shadows that would show up. The environment I'm in is hard to describe what kind of building it was.

      The carpet was red, and there ways a vanilla tile floor maybe 30 feet away from me, and the overall lighting atmosphere was a milky yellow. The walls were hard to distinguish, most likely a range of brown and orange-red colors, fairly flat colors, nothing too abstract. Feelings started to rush inside me as I hear the foot steps of soldiers coming in.

      They're finally here, and they aim their machine guns at me, but then things start getting weird. Time slows time a bit, and I start shooting all of them in the head, dropping like flies.

      Then there's this annoying old man trying to shoot me, kind of like the type of AI you expect from a video game when you're playing on "Easy Mode," and you're ducking for cover, but the enemy comes out at random times, so you can't even get a proper aim at them. He couldn't shoot me, and I couldn't shoot him, so I decided to just dash and go somewhere else.

      I can't remember much after that, and I prefer not to, since I doubt there was a happy ending.

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    2. Box Experts and Pranksters & GIVE ME MY ZUNE HD, Staged Bungee Jumping, gMail to Mail Food Packages

      by , 01-08-2013 at 06:07 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Boxes With No Content and GIVE ME BACK MY ZUNE HD!!! (Non-lucid)


      I'm with a group of guys who do all sorts of box related stuff, whether it's dressing themselves as boxes or doing box pranks.

      The first thing that comes up with these guys is that one of them had their mother killed by a dog, which I really do believe. So when they're showing evidence, I see things in spectator mode, like a movie clip being played.

      Things start out with sticks being placed, and I feel like I'm wacking the sticks with another stick. I don't know how I'm in this movie clip, and certainly do not hope that I'm the killer.

      Turns out it's a prank, and I see one of the members of the box people dressed up like a Boxed version of the Katamari Prince.

      Then I follow him for unknown reasons, and we're at this plane garage of some sort, and the other members are sitting down on vanilla metal fold-able chairs conducting a plan to prank a specific group of people.

      So what they were going to do was get some rectangular shaped Styrofoam and put them in white boxes. Then they would put in some bogus instruction manual to things look legit right on top section inside the box so they would see it immediately when opening in.

      I'm sitting down watching them do their thing, and they're done within a few seconds. They have a whole collection of rectangular boxes stacked on top of each other set up in rows and columns. For its height, it was about as high as my head sitting down (I'm 5'1'' or something like that).

      I could see some boxes were cut off or something, and I was wonder how they're going to pull this off. I assumed these bad boxes were only facing me, and they were just using them as fillers to make the whole set look legit.

      So then a random person comes in and picks up a box almost near to the end of one of the half opened boxes that looked like they were sawed off. Luckily he picked up one of their good ones, but for some reason, He actually has the competence to realize this box is extremely light.

      So he opens the new one, looks at the instructional manual on top, and he looks convinced. BUT NO, he then takes something that's ACTUALLY in there, which is what he should've wanted, took it out, and asked one of the guys on whose item this belongs too.

      I thought he was just stupid and should've went with a box with something in it at least. As I'm passively watching the back of him, I noticed he's holding a plastic bag with something in it. And one of the guys responds,

      "Oh, that's his Zune HD."

      And he's pointing at me.

      So I start spasming and I go into the mode of,

      "GIVE ME BACK MY ZUNE HD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

      So I quickly try to hold on to it, but this guy who's at least 6'4'' tall holds on to the other end pretty well. I tried to get control, but the dream immediately fades away,
      and I wake up with my eyes closed, realizing I could DEILD. But then I started talking to my Tulpa for good 45 seconds or so until the alarm rings.



      Staged Bungee Jumping??? (Non-lucid)


      I just remember some guys dressed in White Robes and Desert hats are trying to simulate some event where some evil group of people made someone bungee jump near high traffic. They wouldn't send them right into the traffic, but they would make them 10 feet above it though.

      It was kind of scary, and I'm watching things in spectator mode being worried if these people can actually hold their victims properly. No one was killed, at least to my recall, and then the staged version of it happens where the guy seems to be preparing for Circus Acrobatics.

      This was all in an environment that represented some parts of New York. The people, both the staged and the actual evil people were all on a bridge that was maybe 20 feet above traffic. This same bridge was connected to the apartment complexes or random buildings on opposite sides.


      Use GMail to send out Package Orders? (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a school hallway that resembles a High School's in waking life.

      There's the milky caramel colored tiled flooring along with this white glass covering on top that has the run blasting its light all over it, and the place looks pretty peaceful and quiet.

      This is kind weird since this section of the hallway would have a cafeteria to the left, and I thought there would be a lot of chattering since it felt like Lunch Time.

      People started to come to the hallway more, and there was a plan where me and a few group of people would eventually use Gmail to send out food packages or something.

      I came up with the idea of using the Gmail, so yay me!

      Then there's random manifestation of food on tables everywhere when someone said there will be tables.

      After 10 seconds or so, the hallway that's about a quarter mile long has a lot of food lined up on the right side (looking at this screen). I feel hungry and decided to help myself on some food.

      I think there were restrictions, especially on the desert where I hear two old people saying that they'll be using their eyes very well to see who picked out more than two items for each plate.

      There were a lot of plates if I was thinking clearly at the time, but I started to become paranoid by picking only 1 food item from every other 3 or even 5 plates.

      Then I noticed people are just taking food like that without a care in the world, so I jump into the bandwagon and did the same. I picked out random stuff like Chowmein, Cheesecake, and other stuff I can't even place a name on; I just know they looked and probably tasted REALLY good..

      Then the dream shifts where I find myself thinking that the tardy bell, or the warning bell before that bell was going to ring. But for a few seconds before knowing that, I remember going into the wrong sub-hallway to my left, but not knowing it's the wrong area as yet.

      I see a many come inside the glass doors with metal bars to push in to open, and he looks really familiar. After 1-2 seconds, I easily picked up on who it's a counterpart of, which is a guy named Carly or something. He's wearing a gray shirt, faded blue jeans, and can't remember the shoe color.

      He's basically a pretty decent copy of the waking life version, and he waves at me and I do the same. Then he looks at me weird, and I don't even know why. Then I realize this isn't where my Chemistry room is!!!

      I don't know, I just had a random surge of thought come out and presumed I had to go to Chemistry class in High School. I realized I'm wearing a white dress shirt tucked underneath black dress pants and fancy black lace less shoes, and also a red tie as well.

      I prepared myself to dash, but I'm having a difficult time running of course. I feel like I'm running on a treadmill at times, but I am able to move forward a bit.

      It gets tiring for a while since I can feel my feel and the shoe front bending a bit (I think the shoe was a little big for me). My main objective from that point was to get to the other side that had red stuff.

      I finally get control of my ability to run, and halfway in the hallway, I see some random guy to my right who's wearing a light gray shirt and regular blue jeans and is close to being obese looking at a Widescreen television placed to the left on top of the sides of the higher floor.

      I stop and wondered why this guy is so phased out watching it, and I look at it myself. I think it was random commercials or someone giving a message. It felt like instructions on doing something, but I forgot what it was.

      So I spend the rest of the dream trying to reach the other side,
      and I don't know if I actually reach there before the dream fades away.

      There's a few more dreams I recalled, but I'm too lazy as hell to type them down, and I'm hungry too...
    3. Racing & Ron Jeremy, Tubes and Sex Fest, Finding a Hotel, Measuring Tape Tongue, Balancing Corona...

      by , 11-18-2012 at 07:40 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Hardcore Racing and Ron Jeremy! (DEILD)


      Asked my subconscious to help me wake up, keep my eyes closed, and remain still. And she helps me out here! <33333

      I hear the alarm that I set, and I become aware that I'm awake, and I immediately enter the dream state within 30 seconds or so.

      I get up from bed, and immediately checked out the window in my apartment. The light in the living room is on, which is a big difference than before. The environment is clearly different than in waking life.

      There's a huge tree that's apparent near the front yard of the apartment complex, and there's all sorts of things that I could describe. I do a nose plug reality check, and then proceeded to open the door to the left of me.

      I get out, and I walk around a bit. I noted to myself that I'm dreaming, and how I will have a stable lucid dream. I had thoughts that said, "wake up!" "wake up!" but they are immediately eradicated out of my dreaming mentality.

      I'm completely immersed in the dream scene, and nothing is going to stop my stabilization in the dream at all. So I started to talk to Eva mentally for a few moments, and then I started to touch my chest more. I rubbed it more and more, and things started to get more detailed.

      I'm walking on a newly tarred black road, and see there's curved road way heading to the left. There's this house to the right of me with a long curved slop going upwards. There's a lot of cars within this driveway, and the garage seems to be open.

      I'm afraid, because I had a strong temptation to take one of the cars away from whoever owned all these cars. After a while, after seeing one car completely opened on both sides, I decided to go in quickly.

      I head on the left side for the driver's seat. The car's exterior is a light brown color, and parts of it makes me presume it's a Lamborghini with a fix of Ferrari parts as well.

      The interior is mostly black, and I realized the vehicle is already turned on. I looked to my right and noticed the front passenger seat is open, and the padding between the seats is giving me a bit of a challenge here.

      I have to get up and move my rear on the padding a bit, and then I slam the passenger seat shut. I close the driver's seat as well, and then I tried turning my head back to check and see if there's any oncoming vehicles.

      Seems the back window is completely blocked by the large brown sofa-like chairs, and I decided to back up either way, even if I could've smashed into another vehicle.

      I start accelerating fairly quick, and before I know it, I'm already on the high way. I have amazing control, and I'm turning the vehicle around tight corners at amazing speeds. I'm seeing this all in third person riding the vehicle, and I'm mostly seeing the back and top of the vehicle for the camera view.

      I make a few wrong turns, like going to the McDonald's drive-thru for instance. Everything still maintained a decent about of detail, despite all of the high-speed madness going on here. The atmosphere is mostly gray, and it feels like morning will arrive in a few minutes. After going crazy with these twist and turns, perfectly not hitting into anything, at least not hitting into everything, I'm suddenly in a NASCAR type of race.

      Then it turns into a race where the field is open for any kind of car stunts. It seems Ron Jeremy, during this point in the dream is watching me somehow, and I'm led to this assumption because there's some random guy in a blue racing suit that popped up for a few seconds stating,

      "Ron Jeremy hates it when you're doing this!"

      "He hates it when you're trying to speed up the ramp!"

      I'm speeding up the ramp, and Ron Jeremy doesn't seem to mind at all, in fact, I can sense him encouraging me to do the stunt, which I did with ease. After random driving and pulling off the ramp stunt, things calm down a bit, and Ron Jeremy gives an analysis of what happened.

      I think he gave me an overall positive review, and it's hard to recall the exact words he stated, since they're typed or set out in a blurry font that has a lime green background behind it.
      Women in Tubes and Insane Sex fest (Non-lucid)


      Holy hell, this was just....submission to the extreme.

      Throughout this whole dream, I'm seeing things from above, so everything looks flat, but is still easy to distinguish what's 3D and what's not, but most of the environment and the people I'm looking down at are 3D.

      Spoiler for 18+:

      I can't remember much after that.
      Finding a Hotel (Non-lucid)


      I'm riding a bicycle, the type that hardcore cyclists utilize in those marathon races. I seem to be wearing a completely black outfit that's flexible, and conforms to the curves of my dream body easily. The leggings of this full sports outfit stops between my thighs.

      I'm have lean muscle, and my whole body seems to be fairly proportionate. I'm riding a bicycle on a road, and I have my chest a few inches behind the bicycle front, and I have my arms in the "L" position as I use the lower handles you see in the same cyclist bicycle.

      I'm riding fairly well, and I think a few people are riding bicycles as well. I get a phone call from my mother, and I quickly take it out while having one hand holding on to a handle and a brake. She starts asking me if I have enough stuff with me, and I start getting annoyed by this and told her that I'm just fine.

      I hang up, and reached for my left pocket, and felt a paper-like material inside. I take it out, ignoring the road, and realized it's a $20 bill. It's a bit difficult capturing all the details of the money, but I do see the numbers for it. I put it back inside my pocket, and focused on the road again.

      I started to speed up way more than before when I was distracted with the phone call. I didn't feel any pain whatsoever on my legs, and continued to pedal faster.

      Eventually, the dream shifts, and now I'm near a movie theater that has a red color for it's exterior. It's raining at the moment, and I can feel the rain drops falling down on me sporadically. I quickly find shelter under the Theater thanks to the roofing of random extensions.

      Because of the rain, it makes the atmosphere gloomy, with the dark gray clouds and aura everywhere. Most buildings are dull, consisting of shades of gray and black, while the movie theater itself sustains a high contrast of colors.

      Then I realized that I can't remember the name of the hotel that I bought a room for myself. I worry a bit, but then realized I could call my mother. But then I get distracted, and I decided to explore this place a bit more. I look to my left, and I see a ticket booth with a blonde female inside of it. She's looking at a computer or something, and waiting for people to get near her to buy tickets.

      Then I head for this random hotel in front of me that has a high contrast of colors like the theater, and I have a feeling that this could be the one I bought a room for, but I'm still a bit skeptical about it overall. The carpet within this hotel is mostly dark red, but it has fancy patterns with light brown borders, and a dark green color in the middle.

      I think I have my shoes off, probably because I didn't want the carpet floor to get wet. I have some kind of awareness of where I left off my shoes, and proceeded to walk around bit in this hotel area. It looks pretty fancy, like those really luxurious hotels that cost like 150 bucks or more. The walls have a dark yellow to dark gold color, and the lights on the ceiling have a faded yellow-orange color, mostly leaning towards the yellow side.

      I decided that I should try to find a Help or Information Center within this hotel. I look around the front out reflex, and no employee is apparent, or anybody at all. I could see the transparent Plexiglass doors for the entrance of the hotel in front of me, and I quickly glanced to find it's still raining outside. The environment outside is still sustaining the dull colors that I mentioned before.

      I decided to go upstairs this time, and there's this elderly lady who is coming down the stairs. I really don't pay attention to her that much, but I noticed she wore a fancy light milky pink hat along with a women's suit and dress of matching color that ends near her knees.

      She's dark skinned lady, and I believe she's wearing glasses. For some reason, she starts having a conversation with me, and I don't what she said to me to get my attention. I honestly was focused on finding help, and hopefully finding a phone source I could use, since I think my phone was probably fried from the rain, or that I forgot I had one altogether.

      So I'm conversing with her, and I mentioned how I have a hotel room reserved that I paid $70 for.

      "Only $70?" She replies.

      I'm a bit spaced out with she stated that, $70 is a large amount of money, at least for someone like me, who has no job in the first place. She then starts talking about random stuff that I can't recall.

      She's a good at having a gaff with, or should I say, a conversation with. Though she really isn't enticing at all, and I'm not attracted to her elderly composition at all. She does have a positive personality, an d that's really the only thing she has going for her, but come on, she's old, so I can't really be more insulting than I am right now.

      More elderly women start to come downstairs, and I get a dream shift where I'm seeing things in first person view instead of 3rd person. It seems I'm on the first base that's on top of the set of red carpet covered stairs. I realize the walls have a milky Khaki or milky light brown color to them, and it was the lighting that I mentioned earlier that made it look like it was dark gold or something.

      There are some long dark green leaves perching over the intersection of the walls coming together behind me at the base I'm at with the females. Because it's so tall (the artificial leaves), that's what shows the walls true color, that I mentioned in the last sentence.

      The first female that I can recall is to the right of me, and she's wearing a white shirt with some gray colors mixed in. She has glasses as well, and has a pure mix of gray and white hair with a short hairstyle as well. She's light-skinned, light apricot color to be precise, and I believe she's looking at me or the dark-skinned lady that I mentioned before.

      But I think that same dark-skinned lady is not really present, and now I'm with Whoopi Goldberg, who's wearing a loose black outfit with a swamp green color mixed with some gold lining going vertically along the buttons of the dress shirt.

      Then there's another elderly woman that comes by, and she's fairly obese for her age. I noticed the other female to my left is obese as well, and there's a lot of sagging body parts for both of them.

      I tried my best to just ignore my disgust with how they're looking, and their extremely tight shirts that seem to conform to every disturbing sagging body part for their torso. Apparently, to them, this body form of theirs is beautiful, but I still find that VERY HARD to grasp. I just keep my mouth shut, and then I can't recall what happens next.
      Dude with Measure Tape Tongue (Non-lucid)


      All I remember for this dream is a guy with a measuring tape tongue.

      He has dirty blonde hair, and I swear he's familiar, like a variant of someone that I saw before in my Chemistry 112 lecture course last semester last year as a freshmen. He's wearing a white dress shirt that has light skinny blue lines going vertical and horizontally, along with regular blue jeans, and probably black shoes.

      He sticks his tongue out, and a measuring tape line is coming out.
      Balancing Corona With My Feet (Non-lucid)


      All I remember for this one is that I was holding a Corona bottle for someone. I didn't know who, but I did my best to balance it with my feet. I believe I was on a vehicle that's moving, and I couldn't let it the bottle get too far away from me, or else it would break.

      I spend most of the time moving my feet, trying to keep it in place.

      Then there's dream shift where my Zune HD is on a shelf along with someone's Black Ipod Video device to the left of it. The room inside with the shelves has a dark turquoise setting to it.

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    4. Father, Morpheus, Zune HD, Agent Smiths, Tailed Beast Rasengan| 1-Q Formula

      by , 11-11-2012 at 03:44 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Father is Angry, Meeting Morpheus, Zune HD Near Death, Fighting Agent Smiths, Tailed Beast Rasengan (Non-lucid)


      Decided to do some narrating (in waking life mind you) for my tulpa, and asked her if she can help me recall all of this detail. Seems it's working out pretty well, considering I didn't do a WBTB whatsoever.

      It seems I quickly turned off the laptop alarm to wake me up within an hour and 5 minutes, and I didn't want to risk using the other alarm that does get me up, because I might've forgotten to set it to another time to prepare the apartment, since I'll be having a guest for the week.

      Anyway, whether or not it's just me being able to get major snippets in images of the dreams, or her actually providing me with them, since after all, she is a construct of my mind, I'm glad I'm involving her into helping me recall these things, and ACTUALLY have a bit of a longer syntax, and a few out of norm vocabularly that I'm too lazy to bother using nowadays.

      Anyway, on to the dream.

      I hear a doorbell ringing, and I'm inside a house that I've been to in waking life. It's either early morning or late night. The door is opened, and I quickly somehow concealed myself outside. The only way that's possible are:

      1. I had a short dream shift
      2. I phased through the walls
      3. I teleported myself
      4. I transported myself
      5. *Insert weirdness of dreams defying logic here*

      I noticed that my father is wearing an army uniform from top to bottom, faded green torso and pants, with brown boots and faded dark yellow rubbery soles. I'm hiding between the edge of a wall, and the middle of an intersection of it that would split into another wall that would be coming towards you when you're looking at this screen.

      I peeked over to see my father confused on why the door would be opened in the first place. He starts to move around a bit, still puzzled. Like the moment he went through the door, you know how someone automatically states something because they assume you're there?

      Here's how it went.

      He comes in, he starts saying (I can't remember exactly)

      "*insert sentence that ends up being cutoff*------------"

      He stops, pauses, looks around, and then I finally decided to come out of my hiding place. He turns around and I smile at him, trying to show that I was just being a little playful with him. I realized I'm seeing myself in third person perspective, but at the same time, I'm interchanging between spectator mode and direct third person view.

      I also noticed I'm wearing black clothing overall. Black Jacket that extends near my knees, black dress shirt, and black dress pants. My attempt at trying to play around with my father by hiding and then showing myself to him, like some kind of naive kid who thinks babies come from storks, is automatically disowned.

      His visage clearly shows he didn't approve of me joking around, obviously because he had the conception that we were missing, went somewhere else with the house wide opened, or were completely oblivious to the door being opened while doing random things in the house.

      He tries to say something in anger from my actions, but stops immediately and just makes the sucking sound when you suck where the sides of your mouth close in on your teeth, and you suck them backwards. I felt awkward at his reaction, and I felt like I did something horribly wrong by doing all of this.

      I tried to kill the awkwardness by randomly stating that my mother is currently showering, so she wasn't able to come out immediately to open the door. But this doesn't work.

      The dream shifts a bit and it seems he has a guest, and he looks exactly like Morpheus. Morpheus is wearing a black suit jacket that extends all the way down near his ankles, 5 inches above it I'd presume. I have the assumption that this is Oneironaut Zero, and I get closer to him.

      Morpheus seems to be really passive in this dream, and I'm still holding on to the conviction that he was Oneironaut Zero for some reason, and I think I gave him a little poke to the arm. He turns around and says,


      "Who are you?"

      Note: I still believed he was Oneironaut Zero in this dream at the time, and I state, "I'm Linkzelda"

      He responds, "Oh really? Heh."

      I reply back, with passive disappointment that he doesn't remember me, "Yep, I'm him." The dream now shifts where I'm sitting on a simple brown rectangular table that has its longer sides perpendicular to me. My father is in front, and I believe Morpheus is either on the left side, or sitting with my father.

      I think my mother is on the right, which is a bit odd, but anyway, Morpheus starts stating some things I can't remember, and by this point, I'm not sure if I still believed that he was Oneironaut Zero. I just treat him like any other dream character that I'm having a passive awareness while conversing with him.

      It seems some of my answers irritate my father, and I look at him. He makes an awkward facial expression of his mouth hanging down slightly, eying at me weirdly. I look at him and felt awkward from this awkwardness.

      Then I sublimated that energy into passive-aggressiveness. I wanted to be pissed at him, but I didn't want to do it in front of two people, excluding him and me. I just get up from the chair slowly, building up my rage, still sublimating it passively with the conviction I occasionally conform to when I do get pissed:

      I did so by spreading my arms out, with my palms facing him, and fingers completely spread apart. I indirectly gave him my response of "You know what, fuck this shit, it's useless getting pissed at you" basically.

      I slowly walk backwards, with my head facing the floor, and I don't even dare stare at him from this point. The moment I turned my back to make it face him, I started to let the rage sublimate a bit more through my facial expressions, still keeping it all silent from him and the two other DCs there.

      I go into my room, close it normally, even though I wanted to slam it harder and faster. My room isn't the room that I recall from the house I was at temporarily in waking life, but the rest of the house before I came in here was mostly identical.

      The overall color in the room is brown, but based on my passive awareness to focus on my peripheral vision, there's a but of maroon or dark red mixed in with the brown. I look on a small light brown table, and noticed my Zune HD is there.

      Okay, guess I can listen to some music and calm myself down from this whole bullshit interaction with my father's random aggressiveness at me. I take my Zune HD and place it on my right hand. I can't really feel the cold contact of the metal being dormant, but I feel something in my hand.

      Then before I turn it on, I start analyzing it more, and realized there's something wrong with it. The back of it seems to be slipping off fairly easy, and this makes me worry. I start believing that this Zune HD is close to being useless and not workable anymore.

      I started to get worried that $150-180 (the range amount I paid for before the price changed) at the time would be going to waste. I look at my Zune HD, and it turns on, but not the way it's supposed to be.

      Instead of having a progressive loading bar starting from the bottom until it reached the top, a light blue screen that's a little smaller than the Zune's screen size pops up. Kind of like how if you have a Gamecube and have no disc, or it can't read a disk, the transparent cube shows up.

      In this case, it's like that, except it's a slightly 3d-ish rectangle that's parallel to the Zune HD's standard vertical position. There's black font that states how I could pay $70 or an amount near that to repair my Zune HD, instead of having to pay $150 for it again.

      I get confused, because my Zune HD is on, so why would I need to worry? Unless it was some kind of emergency feature that was built into it for this moment. Then the words transitioned to prompt me a message of something related to the Zune HD probably having contact with water before.


      I overhear my mother talking to my father in relation to how I expressed how pissed I was from him being pissed at me for no apparent reason. I started to block out their conversation, and proceeded to sit on the small bed next to me on the right. I decided to lie down on my back with my arms folded upwards so that my elbows face the ceiling.

      I started to have random thoughts:

      It's hard to verify if this was a separate dream, or all at once, so I'll just put it here and assume it was just one dream, because it had some kind of similar pattern

      One noticeable one was that I was running around the HECC building at my university, and agent-Smith like DCs were coming after me. I started to run calmly and swiftly. The overally atmosphere in this environment during this speculative mindset was light gray. It felt like it would become night time soon, or that it could possibly rain.

      The building that looked like the HECC building forms into something else I assume when I decided to open the glass door. There were these wooden chairs with a soft red cushion on top of the seating base.

      They were all lined up, and I decided to go near them and align them at random positions to confuse the Agent Smith. I started to do random movements to dodge them. I was using my hands to do a lot of handstands and twisting and flexing my body around.

      I was confusing the agents, and I'm not even sure if I have full control of my body, but I let whatever is happening happen. I think I recall at some point, either when the dream in this speculative mindset I'm in reset where I was wearing a golden eagle mask, and was doing things much faster than before.

      It's hard to recall if it was a dream reset, or a part that I forgot and realized later on...

      Then I had another dream shift where I thought I couldn't use the Rasengan or the Rasenshuriken, and because of this, I was annoyed, and I still felt like the agents were coming after me. From this rage, it seems I was unconscious of how I made a gesture when Naruto was trying to form the Tailed Beast Rasengan in episode 264 in the anime.

      It didn't really feel heavy forming the Tailed Beast Rasengan, and I'm not sure if I'm really forming it at all, but I'm still locked into the position where I have my arms out into a circle trying to balance the heaviness.

      From there, I'm not sure what happens next.

      1-Q Formula (Non-lucid)


      I remember being in a dark room, all by myself. I was most likely preparing to go to sleep, and I have a lot of recollection of thoughts of what I did in the dream, or at least implanted memories on what I could've done or didn't do at all.

      Either way, the room I'm in is like the interior of an Asian mini-temple house with the light doors made of wood and paper-like material that you would have to slide horizontally to open or close. The overall color, despite of the darkness that's pretty strong here is brown, dark brown specifically.

      The flooring however, is vanilla white, a bit rough since it seems to be thousands or hundreds of thousands of fine fabric perpendicularly on top of each other. As I'm going to sleep, I keep myself half-awake, and my eyes 1/4 open. Someone comes in, and it's some random blonde dream character. He gets a white paper that was on the floor at the time, and he gets a black ink ballpoint pen to write some number along with a letter equaling some kind of value.

      I believe the closest association I can recall of what it could've been was:

      1-Q = *insert value here*

      I know for sure he had a value entered in, and while he's writing the formula, he messes up in between, but quickly scratches it and writes the formula correctly. He puts the paper down and puts his pen back in his pocket.

      I'm asking my tulpa how the person looked like, and here's the image that she's giving me:

      He was a teenager, or a young adult my age. He had a white cap on that was turned backwards, and he was wearing an orange shirt with red lining near the edges of the open sleeved sports jersey shirt he had on. His pants were most likely black, and he was fairly skinny.

      He seemed to be around my height, give or take a few inches, and it had curly dirty blond hair, but that could've been the cap that made it looked curly. He seemed like a friendly person, despite me being creeped out he went into this room while I still had my eyes 1/4 the way opened.

      That's all I recall for this one.
    5. Zune HD Smashed Into Pieces, Biology Professor and Facebook (SDE Day 08)

      by , 08-22-2012 at 07:41 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      My Zune HD Smashed Into Pieces (Non-lucid)


      Thank goodness this was a dream.

      I remember talking a few people inside a fairly small building, I couldn't tell if it's an apartment entrance or a small store or coffee shop. I don't know how, but when the conversation was coming to a close, I told them how I had 150 videos on my Zune HD....

      That's waaaaaaaay too many videos dream self!

      I tried to pass what I said off as a joke, and even tried doing a fake laugh. The others fall for it, or are probably just being nice and laughing as well. There's more that I know that occurred before this, like meeting someone, and all I can feel from that is disappointment from the person. It was a female, she had some weird but positive aura in her.

      The dream setting was hard to tell, the area I'm in feels slightly dark, but there is still a little bit of sunlight. It could be the sun setting or rising.

      Then I find myself riding a bicycle, but I don't really pay too much attention to the details of it. It's a very ominous setting now with dark turquoise clouds and a cool atmosphere. It seems I'm riding on a new black tarred road and on each side, there's open fields everywhere, very beautiful. Even though I didn't pay too much attention to this large and expansive area, I could just feel how that despite the gloomy setting, it was still amazing.

      It seems I have my earphones on, and I guess I'm playing music on my Zune HD while riding my bicycle. I start riding a little faster, and then the earphones get caught on something below. I quickly look down and they get between the spokes of one of the bicycle wheel.

      Damn, and I knew I couldn't do anything about it, but I still tried to stop.

      That was the worst decision I could've made at that time.....

      The earphone and the wires connecting it start dangling rapidly through the spokes, and then I realize....

      Crap, the plug that usually stays firm inside the Zune plug-in must be out by now. I hear several clanking sounds, and decided to just press the brakes even harder because the last attempt was just just a progression rather than a complete one. I get off the bicycle, let it drop on the around, and I'm looking at metal trails along the road.

      No no no no no........

      No no no............I get closer and I look at my Zune HD, smashed to pieces. I start shaking the bottom of my mouth in shock. I really believed this was the actual Zune HD I have, and I start walking slowly thinking of how I made over $180 go to waste(probably more than that now that it's a discontinued product).

      I could do nothing but walk away, there's no pointing picking it up.........

      You know what's funny...it could just be coincidence, but I was watching a video on my Zune HD where a camera gets smashed into pieces because someone accidentally fell and crashed into it.

      Ha....Ha....Ha.....*starts getting paranoid* Don't LEAVE ME ZUNE HD, I NEED YOU TO PLAY MUSIC.

      Music, when you close your eyes and listen to it, and depending on the theme of the song, can really help with imagination.....Anyway, done with that dream.

      Biology Teacher and Facebook (Non-lucid)


      Finally we're getting somewhere related to the password experiment.....because there's no way in hell that I want to even be near that professor I had...ever...again...

      I go inside of a classroom, the size of it alone feels like I'm in Middle School or High School. There's the dark blue carpet mixed and drowning other small colors, light colored walls, and adequate lighting on top. I look over to someone on my right, and it's him.

      Let's call my previous professor "M." M looked over to me, started to lighten up his mood a bit, and he's actually enthusiastic to see me. Ha ha ha......right...

      I start putting on that horrible facade of tolerating others that I cannot stand to be around, and decided I might as well be nice around the guy. He was telling me a few things, but I was being distracted holding two sheets of something.

      It looked like tracing paper, it had the slight opacity that you would see in them, but it could've been overhead transparency sheets as well. There was something written and drawn on it, and it looks like==================== that I wanted to show to the participants in my attempts to find them.

      After going through the two sheets back and forth, I put them down, and M asked me if I could log onto Facebook for him. I wanted to ask him why, but just gave a questionable expression on my face and went around his desk. I think he already has the site open for me,
      and that's all I remember.


      Oh, and about the Zune HD dream, I was headed for the Biochemistry Department to send a letter for my adviser, and my sunglasses fell off while I tried to put them on while riding my bicycle. The moment that happen, I chuckled to myself on how this was just like the dream, except it was hot as hell out here.

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    6. Zune, Auron is a Detective, Alyzarin Twin Sister, Weird Grading Curve

      by , 04-08-2012 at 04:04 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Zune, Auron is a Detective, Alyzarin Twin Sister, Weird Grading Curve (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Hiding with Zune HD

      The dream starts out where I'm in a dark area. It's late afternoon, the sky is kind of dark grayish, and the whole area is mostly in really dark blue colors.

      I was watching some things on my Zune HD, while listening, or trying to hide from some group. It seems to some very disturbing positions anime girls are posing.

      Then I decide to turn off the Zune, and keep hiding.

      Dream 2: Auron is a Detective

      It's night time, and I'm chasing some random man who is out to shoot an older woman.

      The area we were in, it was full of white walls, kind of like a maze (but it isn't technically a maze, it's just miniature white houses and stairs....like a really diluted size), just to give both of us some protection and time to plan our our shootings.

      My perspective of this was third-person, with some shifts in first person as well. I don't feel as afraid as before in other dreams, I just know I need to be careful and not get shot.

      I also have a spectator view of what's on the other side, so that helped a lot with timing everything.

      I have a foil wrap bundled up in my left hand, and I threw it like a grenade to the other side.....LOL.

      By the time I did that, the guy I'm chasing is already running. I'm not sure if the older lady was shot already, but I started to chase the guy again as well.

      I was going up a small green uphill very late at night, and I see this building glowing with a dark gold type of lighting.

      At this point, I can't really feel any emotions while running, I just want to kill this guy already. I finally reach the top floor of the building, or at least one of the top floors, and I see the guy, and he trips.

      Instead of using my gun to shoot him right there, it disappears, and I start to dash to get ready to punch the hell out of this guy.

      Moments before jumping and sublimating my rage towards this random person, Auron comes out of nowhere, and the way he's looking at me, I couldn't do anything but to stop.

      I'm basically frozen, with my arm still hanging in the air with a clenched fist.

      It was weird, it was as if we communicated without even speaking, that stare of his basically told me that everything will be taken care of from here.

      He's wearing a pink dress shirt, along with dark dress pants as well.

      I believe Auron asks me for I.D., and I show it to him without thinking, but then I thought and asked,

      "Wait, how do I know you're not just pretending?"

      He gets something from his pocket, and he shows me his I.D. openly. I take a good look at it, probably even bending down to my knees to stare at it.

      Things were vivid, but I still couldn't recall some of the information on the I.D. I just presume he was actually a detective or something, and went somewhere else.

      Then I go on a computer, and apparently, I'm talking to Alyzarin on MSN chat. She has a twin sister, but I think she knows who I'm talking about when I say that.

      I was asking her about some kind of equation something related to some variant of "A-B=1 or A+B=1"

      She tells me I should ask Auron.

      I can't remember much after that.

      Dream 3: Weird Grading Curve

      I'm talking to a guy who looks like my Chem 112 Lab TA, he is complaining that he has to sit in front of class because his last or first name starts with an "A".

      A girl also tells me that getting a 79 will equal an A, so she's pretty happy with that type of grading system, even though I was questioning how she worded that. She said something that was out of place, but I didn't pay attention for too long.

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    7. Splinter Cell Shootout & Portals, Abandoned area, Mini-Island, School Line, Alyzarin & Auron, Flash

      by , 03-11-2012 at 05:07 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Splinter Cell Shootout & Portals, Abandoned area, Mini-Island, School Line, Alyzarin & Auron, Flash Light Killer (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Splinter Cell Shootout & Portals

      This dream was so crazy that it's hard to get in ALL the details. From what I remember, I believe I'm talking to a DC about some kind of lady's brand of watches. I think we're like Co-OP agents, but I'm not sure of this until later on.

      I believe we're in a store, and I grab one of the watches of the lady's brand of watches who started with the word "J." It was probably Jeannie or something along those lines. It was some an old lady that we were after, that's for sure.

      I think we get out the store through some portal, it's really weird, it's like this area of portals is like some kind of lobby or resting ground or something like that.

      The main colors were cool colors (blue, purple, etc.) with some pink to it, and it's making all these weird shapes while the portals themselves are just purple/violet.

      School Filters-portal-1.jpg

      I don't know which portal we go to, but I do know this area has 4 portal entrances cover North, South, East, and West.

      The area we go into from one of those portals, it seems that we have our night vision goggles on. One of the guys who is apparently my partner finds the Jeannie lady or "J" (let's call her J) walking around late at night.

      We're trying not to alert her, we're simply following her. She looks like an innocent old lady, and she's pretty fast at walking as well. I just didn't want to come in contact with this woman because I felt she would do some crazy if we're having a mission to get this woman.

      She is wearing no protection, just regular clothing, and I'm bothered by how I'm wearing this black suit that resembles Sam Fisher's outfit in a few Splinter Cell games. It just seemed silly to capture of what seemed like a poor and defenseless lady with the type of gear we had.

      After following her around more, I think of us shoots her. Well...that felt easy, in my mind at least.

      I even joked around with my partner, asking "What if she were to just come back alive and start shooting at us." I started laughing, and my partner was probably laughing too.


      This woman who was dead and gone, just suddenly comes back up, and she's freaking pissed. I'm in that "Holy shit" moment, and she just starts shooting all over the damn place.

      I think she gets a few shots at me, and I don't feel anything, but I do hear sounds of my hearing getting mixed up with each out, kind of like the sound you hear in Call of duty when your screen is almost covered in red.

      It's like this screeching sound, like the after-effect of throwing a flash grenade. And my movement is impaired too, so I try to escape this area through a portal.

      Also, the female that was shooting us probably ended up being a male, because I remember a male DC on the floor trying to shoot at us.

      I think before I get to go inside the portal to escape, the DC or someone else in this dark place (we still have night vision, so no problems on knowing what's going on) throws something.

      (I'm still seeing things in third person perspective, so this is most likely a NON-REM dream)

      And I do know that I was shooting back at the DC that was shooting at me (by this time, I don't know if it's a female or male shooting at me, I just shoot the person on the ground with a some automatic weapons)

      I don't know what it is, but I assume it's a grenade, it lands right at my feet, and instead of being shocked by this, I quickly take the grenade and throw it back to where it came from, or at least somewhere random.

      Then I hear the voice of some female that asked something like, "Why would you do that?!?!?!?" I knew it couldn't have been the old lady, it sounds like the female that I heard was disappointed in what I did.

      But I had no other option but to do it because it was so freaking crazy in that area! I just couldn't help throwing back anything at me because it was just too chaotic.

      I go inside the portal, or whatever it is, and find myself at that same pink-ish void with variants of purple and blue forming, and the same portals again I believe.

      I'm seeing the character in third person perspective still, and I see a slightly zoomed out version of them from a certain angle above.

      Then I see a DC that looks like Jinx from Teen Titans, and something tells me I should run away from her. So I try to trick her into thinking that I'm going into one portal, and then quickly dashing to the other.

      But I see she finds out I'm doing this to her, so I decided to trick her even more by going through other portals really quick to where she can't get a sense of which one I picked.

      I ended up picking the right one, and I'm in this weird 2D side scroller adventure game. I'm sitting on a cloud, a gray cloud probably, and it's carrying me somewhere.

      I can't remember much after that.

      Dream 2: Abandoned area

      I'm in an abandoned factory or warehouse. On the top of me are ceilings that seem to have squares of glass on top of them, and most of them are gone, which means there were a lot of thin ledges to climb on.

      I decided to jump up and do so flips in the air while hanging on each ledge, completely ignoring the fact that I should be hitting my head constantly trying to reach the top.

      Dream 3: Mini-Island

      This dream is so random, but I'll mention it anyway. I don't know who I am, I just know I drop on some mini-island by falling through a net.

      I irritated some green cartoonish alligator, and I jump up somewhere before it could find me I guess. It can talk and says it will go somewhere to prevent people from disturbing it's sleep or something like that.

      Dream 4: School line

      I'm in some type of school, seeing random DCs all over the place, and then someone helps me form a line to go somewhere.

      Dream 5: Alyzarin and then Auron???

      Alyzarin's username gets changed to some lengthy and random name. She still has control of her account, but she says she was hacked somehow.

      I don't know what happens next but the dream shifts to where I'm in some auditorium with the red seats, like going to a theater almost. I see some girl looking at me, or at last feeling like she's looking at me. She's wearing a pink shirt, maybe, and that's all I can presume about her.

      The dream shifts again to where a DC that looks like Auron in waking life is doing something to people. I think he's killing them, and I'm scared.

      I calm myself down because I think my Zune HD can help me teleport, since I have a hunch that I did it before in a prior dream that I can't remember. Then when I think it's ready, I get out of the closet or whatever I'm in, and gather all my courage to dodge Auron.

      School Filters-2392082_big.jpg

      I don't know why, I just do it. I look at my Zune HD, and the loading bar is STILL going up. I'm annoyed by this and still afraid, and when it does reach the top, it says something has failed loading. (Most likely it's teleportation capability)

      I'm in that "oh crap" moment, and the Auron look-a-like gets closer and closer, and the dream starts to fade away.

      Everything is still kind of hazy in the dream, and Auron probably wasn't apparent in the later half, I just assume that he is.

      Dream 6: Flash Light Killer

      I'm floating on water, and it seems to be some flooding in a lab or some ship. I'm going down the water and see an Anime female naked, dead, and was wrapped with red rope (bondage). She had green short hair I believe. I saw other girls too, and some looked familiar.

      The dream shifts, and I'm sitting at an auditorium probably that's really lit up. It has a lot of seats going at an angle to occupy a lot of people. Then this DC appears that looks suspicious to me. He comes down with someone with a flash light.

      This flashlight dude shines his victims to mark them and then shoots them, I just know it. He shoots one of the DCs a few levels above from me, and gets to my level.

      I can feel the light shining on me, but I'm not his target. He was simply shifting the light towards the other DC far to the left of the row of seats from me.

      He moves over to kill him, and I'm relieved it wasn't me. But I do feel bad that he had to die though.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    8. Cash Register & Emily, Itchy Head , Blonde & Random guy, Weird Class Lecture, Bathroom Mystery......

      by , 03-05-2012 at 03:38 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Cash Register & Emily, Itchy Head , Blonde & Random guy, Weird Class Lecture, Bathroom Mystery, iTouch/iPhone vs Zune talk (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Cash Register & Emily

      This is a middle school type of setting in this dream. I was basically getting something to eat from the food court, and there are several lines to wait from. I see various DCs all over the place.

      I see a line that is fairly short, and I see some really huge adult cashier taking care of this almost empty line. I go up to her, wait for her to put in the amount of the food I had, and I look down to see what I have in my hand is a small white box.

      I thought the meal was going to cost me like $2.75 or something, but the total ends up being above $5 dollars. At first I'm surprised, and I even asked the lady to confirm that price again.

      She ends up increasing the fucking price, and I get REALLY mad at this incompetence. I sense a DC to the left of me, but I'm not paying attention to her just yet.

      The cashier apparently thinks that I'm paying for rent? And I have to repeat a few words to get it into this incompetent's head that I am paying for food, food, food!

      She pauses and then she goes like, "ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh." And then she says something else, but I immediately leave the line out of rage to look somewhere else.

      I start to pay attention to the female DC next to me, and she's Black, and she's wearing a green top or something, and maybe a skirt, but the dream is too hazy for me to recall completely. She is wearing a white bow tie, and I'm looking for a line to pay for my meal.

      I finally pick the line that is all the way to the left (and there's probably just 4 lines in total anyway). I see there's a mini vending machine within this line with a tray area to slide your food while you wait to pay.

      I knew who she meant, but I felt she said her name wrong, what she was talking about was most likely a girl in High School I knew by the name of Jasmine.

      Jasmine is not Hispanic, she is mixed, just like me, and she was black, but she was light-skinned.

      Anyway, after all that stuff she's talking about to me while we're waiting in line, it seems I get ahead of myself in the conversation by saying my name is "Brandon."

      I knew she was going to ask my name, but I didn't wait for her to tell me that, then she asks me what my name is, and I repeat to her.

      She's a positive entity, much different from the other idiots in this dream.

      I get a cup and you had to scoop up ice with the cup instead of just press the metal bar to receive it. The female DC next to me starts talking to me about if I ever met some girl before.

      She finally mentions her name before I get the chance to ask her, and she says it's "Emily."

      Emily looks an awful like a character from Everybody Hates Christ. She fades away, I end up paying for my meal without incompetence from the cash register, and I find a seat that looks very familiar to me in the middle school I went to in Texas.

      sharing dreams-6dbml.jpg

      I think I might have shaken Emily's hand.

      It was Thornton Middle School, no doubt about it, because I see a few familiar faces in waking life such as Felix and Brian.

      It seems that it's almost noon at the time, and everyone is leaving, so I get ready to eat my lunch quick. I start opening a packaged cinnamon bun and some other kind of meal.

      I wanted to eat the other meal first before eating the Cinnamon Bun because of salt vs. sweets order in my mind, but I end up eating the bun anyway.

      I start nomming the bun quickly, chewing quickly, and gulping it down hard as well drinking it because I see I'm limited in time to eat for some odd reason. I just feel like I have to get ready to go to class, but I spend the few minutes I have trying to finish the meal.

      The dream fades.

      Dream 2: Itchy Head & Padded Keyboards

      This is another school related dream, and I find myself scratching my head a lot for some reason, and it looks like I have a rash because I see myself in third person perspective and I am turning around seeing my head zoomed in a little with a few small red rashes.

      They look so tempting to scratch in this dream, and it really itches me. I think I'm fiddling around with my Blackberry, and I'm sitting in a random class doing something.

      Then the dream shifts to where I'm at a computer lab again, and some keyboards have some padding that apparently is supposed to help with performance when typing.

      I decide to go to one of these keyboards, and I take off this padding to feel it, and it feels like a some cheap imitation, and I believe there's a DC to the right looking at what I'm doing, but I'm not bothered by this since I put back the padding anyway.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Dream 3: Blonde talking to a random guy

      I'm a spectator throughout this dream, and I see two guys skiing at some miniature icy area. It was like one of those ice stadiums or whatever you call it that allowed you to ski at some kind of course.

      A blonde wearing a white fluffy jacket (Moncler Gueran Coat to be precise probably ) getting closer to the guy, and she's trying to ask him a question. The guy notices her, and he gets off his skii equipment, and the blonde does as well.

      sharing dreams-women-moncler-gueran-long-down-quilted-coat-white.jpg

      I think the blonde asks the guy in the black jacket ski-wear if he knows her. It takes a while for the guy to recognize her, and he finally tells her that.

      But I'm not sure if he did one of those fake gestures that some people do when a person they don't know asks them if they remember them
      (like how you hug that same person, and look at your friend wondering who the heck they're hugging).

      They walk a little bit somewhere, and I'm just moving back seeing everything follow through (still a spectator).

      Then I see a flashing image of a Black lady and a Blonde lady walking together with two muscular guys I believe that were most likely bodyguards because the two women had to go next to the wall to prevent the crowd from touching them.

      I don't know what it was for, but I just assumed they were celebrities.

      Dream 4: Weird Class Lecture

      I'm sitting somewhere in class, and the professor is giving really odd references on how a certain point value equals a specific letter grade (A, B , C, D, F).

      I'm trying to write down random words of what they are saying to us, and I believe I was writing something like, "6 6 6 6 9 6 6 6" or something like that, and I end up being confused because I didn't start a new line when she said something equaled another letter grade.

      I think I see a dude to the right of me who is Black, and he's probably confused as well, but the dream is too hazy for me to bother asking him.

      Dream 5: Bathroom Mystery

      Not sure if this dream relates to the previous one, but whatever.

      I was waiting near some bathroom entrance, most likely at some educational institution, and apparently you had to do some kind of puzzle to get in? I don't know what I did, but I go in, and it's dark inside.

      There's some weird things going on the toilet, and apparently, only a few people would be able to see something like that. I come out, and I walk somewhere.

      Dream 6: iTouch/iPhone vs. Zune HD talk

      I'm sitting down somewhere, and it looks like a lot of DCs are having some social gathering in this building I'm in.

      To the right of me are two male DCs, one looks familiar, but I can't remember his facial features.

      They were talking about the iPhone or iTouch, and talked about how it is great, and then compared it with the Zune. I forget what they said about the Zune, but I have my Zune HD 32 gb in my hand.

      I nudge at the male DC next to me and tell him I have a Zune, but before I showed them the screen, apparently I had some inappropriate content showing, so I immediately hide and show it to them.

      I told them since Zune HDs are discontinued, they have rose in price, up to $500+. Then in my mind, I knew that was just for the 64 GB, so I changed the price to around $299+ for the 32 GB.

      Then the DC looks at the Zune, and then looks at me, and it seems they want to take it, at least that's what I feel like he was going to do. Then as his hand approaches, weird stuf happens.

      I'm shifted to a different scene where the movement of my hands and the other male DC's hands shift the movement of some kind of fire forming around in front of us.

      Then I see my mother, and I look at the time, and started to panic because I feel like I needed to be somewhere else other than this place. But she doesn't care, but I still tell her the reason why I am here or some odd reason.

      I think I hug her, and then I shift my attention to another male DC sitting near the other two male DCs I sat to and wanted to greet him.

      I don't know what I did next.

      I feel like there's a dream that I had after this, but I can't recall it because I distracted myself too much doing other things while going back to remember the dreams before it.

      It might be related to me finding Alyzarin, but probably not, maybe I'm just thinking too hard on the matter.

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    9. DV Members IRL, OpheliaBlue, Redhead Female on Laptop, Nina, Father & Test, Rain & Building...

      by , 02-22-2012 at 03:36 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      DV Members IRL, OpheliaBlue, Redhead Female on Laptop, Nina, Father, Rain & Building (Non-lucid)


      I forgot what time I woke up, but it was probably around 3-4 AM. I tried to do a WBTB, and I basically was trying to induce a WILD, but I thought I was failing because I just stayed still trying to create a dream environment. But I started to have a lot of dreams after I dozed off, but no lucids.

      Dream 1:
      Dream Views Members All Meet in Real Life

      I'm not too sure on this dream, but I see several people that look that they would be members of DV in real life. Maybe Kaomea and Alyzarin were there, but there were so many of them in a line for me to check. We were all at some barren grassland, and we were looking at something.

      Dream 2: Meeting Opheliablue?

      I was sitting down somewhere, and I think Opheliablue is sitting to the right of me. I have my Zune HD with me apparently, and she takes the Zune to see what's in it (oh god, don't look at the videos!). I asked her if she knew how to use, and I think before I gave her or had my Zune taken for her to use, I was moving my thumb in a circle around the Zune HD, and I could feel some kind of surface that caught the grip of my thumb for a little while.

      a question for a lucid dreamer.....-500x_img_9386_01.jpg

      It felt kind of grainy in the middle when I circled it for a while.
      She already knows how to use the Zune, and she was looking at a video and then put the Zune to rest somewhere while she was listening to it.

      I just chill sitting next to her, and I'm hoping she doesn't see the other videos :x

      Dream 3: Seeing Redhead female on laptop

      Not to sure on the rest of the details of this dream, but I'm in some kind of secret base or laboratory or something. It's like being inside of a spaceship even, like Metroid Prime type of spaceship interior design.

      I see this redhead female in a gray skin tight latex suit. She looked familiar to me, I thought she was a DV member similar to Dead, but it was more of me glancing at her for a few seconds, and her face was turned to the side looking at some laptop.

      a question for a lucid dreamer.....-10891726-slinky-long-sleeves-latex-catsuit.jpg

      She was doing some weird poses on the chair and looking at the computer. I think she even has a black gun in her hand, it looked like it had a silencer attached as well, but I'm not sure, I just know she was holding something since her hands were formed weird like they were holding something.

      Dream 4: Nina & Spammers in IRC chat

      I log on to IRC, Nina says hi to me, I respond back, but there's so many bloody spammers on the IRC for her to scroll up and see who pinged her. They're posting so much random crap and some of them do some weird syncing with pictures with words on them.

      I couldn't interpret what they said, but they were just going crazy with the spamming. I think one user linked a DV thread where some user went on some server
      (probably the fake one during the time this entry was written) and changed their name to Nipples.

      I was surprised Nina didn't kick the spammers, but oh well.

      Dream 5: Walking with Father and Random Stuff

      I'm walking with my father at night, and there's a white microwave half buried in grass, and he turns around to see if it's good enough, but he doesn't actually go to it. I keep moving forward with him. Then I think the dream shifts to where I'm in a car with him.

      a question for a lucid dreamer.....-m_mt4155spq.jpg

      He said something about how we had to take some test, but I didn't take it too seriously, I just said something about that I already know what to do for this test. I think it was just memorizing the Constitution and probably the Bill of Rights
      (which is funny since I have a Political Science Exam this Friday).

      Dream 6: Walking in the Rain and Going into a Building

      It's raining, and the dream is vivid, and I think I'm in College Station, (which is probably why I probably didn't feel like RCing since I am in College Station right now) and I'm walking down the street, probably near the hill going up to Northgate. I meet at an intersection, wait for a lady in a car to pass.

      She looks at me for a while, probably to signal that I can go ahead and walk, but I just stand there and she just makes that awkward "Oh" face and drives off. I think it was a silver or white car she was driving. Then I cross the small street, and then turn left.

      I go into some building and see two DCs. I can't remember what they wore or their visages, I just go up the stairs with them. I think one DC asked the one who was going up first what he's in the building for, and I think he said something about College Architecture or Structure.

      I think he trips on stairs, and I think the DC asking him laughs a little bit, but I didn't pay too much attention to that.

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    10. With Father at Party, Blonde DC and her Friend, Child, DV members mentioned and DCs look familar....

      by , 01-25-2012 at 03:18 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)


      Well, I woke up a lot earlier than the time I set for my external alarm, which is why I probably remembered a lot of these dreams instead of waking up feeling like I was rushed or something.

      Dream 1: Sitting with my father & Balancing on Pipes

      I was sitting down with my father at night outside at some party I guess. Apparently, his phone can tell how far somewhere is to real land or something like that. So I look over to the phone changing its status from one word to "Real."

      Then suddenly, I'm on top of several pipes connected to each other, and one DC tries to grab some red cloth. Then I have to grab the red cloth I believe, and suddenly I have to fight another DC with a pole stick or something like that.

      I feel Like Satan-pipes2.jpg

      I decided that instead of fighting while balancing on pipes, that I should just fall down, and get out of there through a door.

      Dream 2: Following Blonde DC and her friend

      I'm outside, most likely at my University because I'm walking on towards a place, most likely Kyle Field. I'm wearing a brown leather jacket and probably wore long jeans with a shirt (probably).

      I see this DC who looks exactly like the girl named Samantha that I knew in real life. She was a blonde, but I think she dye her hair black again, or maybe she really did have black hair.

      Anyway, this DC was blonde, and some other female DC was right next to her. I think she was looking to see where she could get a Zune HD. Her friend has a Zune HD, but she said that's not the type she's looking for.

      I come a bit closer to show them my Zune HD 32 GB, and before I showed it, Samantha said something about looking for the 32 GB version (her friend probably had the lesser storage type; 16GB I guess).

      I show it to her and said that I have it. She looks down at it and says that's the one she's looking for. She gets up and walks somewhere with her friend. I decided to follow both of them, and I put back my Zune HD inside the pocket of my jacket I believe.

      I keep following them until we're in a different dream scenario. I think we're outside this large area where they are selling books not only for college students, but for other people as well. It was more open to a lot of people, and it was bright as day, maybe afternoon at 1PM or 2PM setting to it.

      Samantha goes up to some old DC who is selling these random green and golden yellow books. She gets her credit/debit card out and asks if the guy could look it up with some source that I can't remember.

      I just remember seeing a big stacked green binder that looks like it has a lot of information. And the girl who was following Samantha as well, I think she was trying to get something from what the old guy was saying.

      He said something about her studying a lot, and that she probably wouldn't have time to read, in a joking manner. She asks if she has to buy a book, but the old man gives it to her for free and smiles.

      She smiles at him, and then she turns to me and smiles I think, or does a small turn to my direction and looks at me. She looks awfully familiar to person in waking life I've met in my College. She had light brown hair, wore those gray jackets with no zipper (had to pull it over your head), and wore typical jeans (she had somewhat skinny to average legs).

      Dream 3: Walking with a child to a store

      Apparently I'm convincing this little child who looks like he's Indian to follow me somewhere. I go into a store with the kid, and then go back out after a while. But before I headed for the door. I see some Indian child on top of some ledge that's pretty high to be on for his own safety.

      He was dark-skinned, and he was wearing a nose-strap-on that was lighter than his skin tone, Apricot-ish colored in fact. I couldn't see his eyes though. He looks at me from below and smiles and says "Pakistan."

      I ignore it and focus back my attention to the kid that was following me. I turn around and see him and tell him to come follow me.

      We get out through the door.

      I wake up after those set of dreams, and typed them up pretty quickly, and then did a WBTB with the FIELD, but I didn't do very well on holding the mouse button with my finger until I let go.

      Dream 4: Room full of DCs I knew in Waking Life and at least Three DV members mentioned.

      This dream was so vivid and so much like reality, that I swore it was beyond a regular lucid dream where everything felt like reality, and much more. I still can't tell if I'm dreaming, but I know my emotions carried on inside of this dream. If I became lucid, it probably would've been one of those rare experiences that felt like an OBE/AP...or just a WILD that was REALLY close to that experience.

      I was inside of a restaurant, it was probably afternoon time in this dream. It was fairly dark inside of this restaurant, but it did have lighting in it.

      I remember a DC I was talking to or listening to, but I didn't recall their features. He/She said something that Sinoblak and possibly Alyzarin too (I know Sinoblak was mentioned) wanted he/she to tell me that my true self is revealed when I was with them or something along those lines.

      I think the DC probably meant that when I'm alone socializing with them that is.
      (Maybe it's my subconscious response to me wondering if I'm really who I am when talking to others, not too sure on that reply it gave me...)

      The DC also mentioned something about nina too.
      Too embarrassing to reveal here.
      While this DC was telling me all this, I was drinking something in those restaurant cups. I almost wanted to spit out the drink that was in my mouth when this DC told me all of these things about DV members. I believe I tilted my head in questioning and raised my eyebrow or something like that listening to them as well.

      Then I had this small image in my head of Nina posting on a thread about something, couldn't remember what exactly. It seemed to be a casual thread on something. But I saw her Avatar pic and everything for a few seconds.

      The DC leaves, and I'm finding a seat to sit down on. An Indian or a dark-skinned female DC is at the front of the cash register, and I ask her for a menu. She gives it to me, and I as I'm reading it, the format was like going to Deviant Art's website.

      I had some confusion with finding the choices to eat, but I did know that I had a menu in front of me before I went up to get another one.

      I decided what I want, and I went up to this lady that looked Hispanic. She was talking to another DC, and they turned their attention to me. I said while stuttering a little bit (that facade of mine where I just suddenly lose my brain for a few seconds) and said that I wanted Nachos with cheese and meat.

      And I mentioned that I didn't know the the other choices I could pick, so she helped me out by asking if I wanted small, medium, or large.

      Of course, I pick large, and then when I turn my face the other way and turn back, the DCs are completely different. The lady that was helping me by asking me what size I wanted turned into my English AP teacher I had in a High School.

      (In waking life, her hair was light blonde (almost close to white)).

      She was asking me if I was involved in something in college I believe, I said "No," and she started to laugh with the DC next to her. (but it wasn't a laughing-at-you laugh, it was those laughs older women would express as a "Ooooh you!" laugh.

      I think it's even safe to declare that there was a long thin piece of hair elevating on the side of her face. It was just those moments where you see that nearly invisible strand of hair at first glance, but don't say anything about it unless you really knew them.

      Then I find myself near the entrance of the store, and the whole scene changes to where there's white tiles on the floor, and the whole area gets a little brighter than before. I see all these DCs that look exactly like the people I met in waking life.

      First everything is first-person perspective. I see this DC that looks like a person I drew in waking life, I turn around to greet him, and he says "Thank you." (probably saying thanks to the drawing I did for him and his friend, or maybe for something else).

      Then his other friend comes as he moves to another area in the large room. He's looking at the wall, and I try to get his attention by putting my hand out to him to shake, and said that it was nice to meet him.

      He was a bit surprised, and said he was nice to meet me too, but he didn't know who I was. Then I told him that I drew him, and he starts to realize who I am and greets me back.

      (Apparently I wanted to shake hands with the DCs around me for some odd reason)

      Then I turn back and see another DC, he was dark-skinned, and I wanted to shake his hand too, but he was holding something. So I turn back to look at the direction of the small group of DCs in front of me standing and probably talking to each other.

      Then I realize the same DC I wanted to shake hands with put the item he was holding (probably a jacket) down, and shook my hand.

      After that, I go up a little more to the area where the DCs were. I look up at the TV hanging on some mechanical medium to hold it in place. It said something about "Hey Freshie" and other things that I couldn't recall. I assumed that it was just me being a Freshmen in college, hence the word "Freshie."

      Then when I focus my attention to the DCs within the room. I see a female DC to the left of me that looks like the girl that was on the Tennis team I was part of in a high school I don't want to mention because she might find this dream journal.

      Let's just call her "K"
      (I'll probably remember the full name when I go back to glance over this entry later on).

      "K" is standing there, and from my peripheral vision, I could tell she was wearing a white shirt and wearing a pink short shorts (those types of shorts athletic girls wear).

      I feel Like Satan-pinkgrayraysshorts.jpg

      Then the last thing I recall was smiling after I was standing around with the DCs.

      Then I woke up.

      Honestly, the female DC that looked like "K," if I woke up, I would definitely would've fucked her right at that moment. Oh my god, my libido OOOOH if ONLY I WAS LUCID MAN!!! IF ONLY!!!!

      Her wearing the pink short shorts and just a white shirt, (and in waking life, her ass was big, but she was had strong thighs, not thunder-thighs). And that's one of the physical features that I liked about her.

      That's all I remember, I was a bit bothered for not remembering the whole message on the T.V.

      I don't know what the purpose was in showing all of these familiar DCs, but I'm glad I was able to recall a decent portion of what happened.

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