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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. Remote writing; Azerbaijan

      , 11-12-2018 at 04:49 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      2 night ago I had an awesome dream.

      I was looking at some papers which I just finished writing on. I knew I was remote writing.

      They were at least 3 distinct styles and types of writing.

      One looked like a letter, with beautiful handwriting, small, slanted to the right letters. All uniform, same size, cursive.

      Another one looked like a page from an encyclopedia. With serif typeface that was printed, rather than hand written. It was complete with images, and description of images.Topic was something about languages or grammar. I saw the name of a male author, which I didn't recognize.

      Last one was a page with beautiful drawings I recognized as chinese style, but they were distinct. Golden and black inn color. It was maybe animals.

      Last night:
      I was with a group, on our last day of a trip to Azerbaijan. We were deciding if we want to stay at the resort, where I just discovered a spectacular looking beach. I was taking pictures of it with my iphone. Or, if we want to spend last day in the town to shop for souvenirs, and be closer to mode of transportation which will take us from there.
    2. January TOTM - Pencil - success, Pandora - fail

      , 01-04-2017 at 05:10 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Finally had good conditions to WILD.

      Took a nap in the afternoon, so went to bed later.
      Last night bed 11:30pm - 2:30am
      2:30 am - 2x300 Alpha GPC
      2:30am - 3:30 am one more hour of sleep for 4 hrs total
      3:30 - 4am - WBTB
      3:50 - 2x4 galantamine
      4am sofa

      Estimated length - 45-60 min

      5 am still heard the chime on my watch, after I already turned to both sides than back to my back and finally fell asleep shortly after when I felt first signs of falling asleep.

      Woke up 6:27, after last part of the dream was already non-lucid - FA of me writing down my TOTM.


      (I wanted to do the opening of a forgotten christmas present, massage, tell pencil to draw. I realized I have not used a pencil in a long time, so before bed I was visualizing how I will pull out a pencil from my back pocket and I thought about if it will be regular one or a mechanical one. I also visualized pulling out my box cutter, cutting the tape on a present and opening it. And how I will open my door and there will be Pandora.)


      As soon as I realized I'm asleep, I got up and went to my front door, as I visualized it before bed. Opened it but there was nothing. So I went to the window to get out that way.

      I flew to the neighbors window and I felt naughty, because I knew it's at night, he is asleep and I will be intruding. I looked in both of his beds which looked like someone slept in them recently, but they were empty. I looked again, and there he was, under a sheet, on his back. I giggled and went down on him. I wish there was a nice way to describe this in detail, but there isn't, so this is all I can say. I was wondering if he will notice and wake up. Another girl joined us. I was like "I didn't need help, but ok."

      I'm standing on a street, looking around what to do. There is an area to my left with lots of people, between some trashcans. They are watching something going on and I know I was part of it before. Not as a spectator, but as a performer. From my previous dream you can guess what it was about.

      I remember I wanted to do some of the Beginner tasks just for fun. So I kneel down and my hands touch beech sand. It's so soft, like the softest flour, cool to the touch because it's nighttime. I play with it, take it in my hands and let it run through my fingers. I smooth it with my hand and watch the pattern my hands make. (It's so simple but very cool detail and I will do this from now on often.) I decide to look for some seashells and I find a huge mollusk with some seaweed, but it opens and I can tell it's dead. I wonder how come It doesn't smell.

      Throughout the whole even, at least 3 times I realized that I can't see well. I brought my hands in front of me and forced myself to see them. They were slowly appearing in better detail, until I was satisfied and moved on.

      Somewhere in the middle I realized this is quite a long dream and it's nice and stable, almost no fadeouts, only dream scene changes. I was not worried about it ending or me waking up at all.

      I remembered the "Tell pencil to draw something" TOTM.
      I sat at a desk, pulled out a pencil from my back pocket (just as I visualized before bed. It was logical, because I carry a pen there at work, but have not seen a pencil in a long time.)

      I looked at it as I pulled it out. It was a regular pencil, with forest green shaft, white band at the top and black top. No eraser. I put it down and say "draw something". I look at the desk and there are some marks as if someone draw with an eraser. That's not good, so I ask it again. I lose the scene here.

      I end up at the similar table again after something else, pull the pencil out again and this time it's shorter, as if it was drawing a lot in the meantime. Some female is sitting opposite of me and we are talking and watching the pencil. I ask it to draw. It does some calligraphy ribbon on the desk itself, but it doesn't look like a drawing. I look at it and when I look back, surprise! There is a beautiful, technical drawing, like from a blue print, of an airport. 2 runways, 2 passenger buildings with boarding attachments and some perimeter buildings. It's clean, no shading or anything else. Only blueprint, except it's on white paper and with the lead tip.

      I pick up the pencil to examine it. I want to read what kind of pencil it is, the manufacturer and anything you can usually see on a pencil.

      There is a lot of writing on it, lot more than it should fit. There is something in faded golden letters on every side of this many sided pencil. Left and right side of lettering is faded, the middle is more readable. I look at the lead and it's loose, ready to fall out. Great details.

      I am hover flying over the street. I am sooo happy about this. The feeling is incredibly good.

      I want to turn but realize I have low control. I decide that it's my dream and I can do whatever I want. So I slow down in nice and controlled way, turn around and fly where I wanted to.

      Hrm, the inevitable sex. With others, by myself, came to happy ending 2 or 3 times.

      6. FA
      I'm at my moms. I rush to the desk ans start writing down my dreams. I draw the airport picture too. If I didn't, I would have not remembered how it looked after I woke up for real.

      My brother is in some radio program and so am I. I'm some "performer" and the tell me they will need me to do it now, and also say some commercial. I tell them no way, I'm writing this down first, nobody talk to me till I'm done.

      I retreat to my room to continue. My mom barges in telling me stuff, and I yell at her to not talk to me. My dad comes in with vacuum turned on, I yell at him too. Mom tells me through the door that they are leaving to some fun place and to go with them. I don't even reply. I don't want to lose the memory of my dreams.

      THANK YOU! I LOVE my higher self, my subC and my mind. My partners and friends. : D
    3. Star wars ooh yeah

      , 12-02-2016 at 11:08 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed around 9pm coz early shift. I switched to sofa for better recall at 11 pm.

      I'm on a shore of an ocean. Can't see the water well, because it's at night. Standing on some walkway few feet above the sand, looking down. Me and others from my group of safety guards/lifeguards are looking for some coins/tokens and other things that someone left in many places on the beach. They have some significance. I open my hand and show others what we are looking for. I see some coins on the sand but when I zoom my vision in, it's just an american quarter. I find this a productive task.

      Change of scenery
      I'm walking on a sidewalk with a chainlink fence on my left side that has branches of a bush growing on it. I spot a huge tank on the grassy lawn behind the fence. I quickly duck, but it's too late. They saw me and a skinny, long cannon on this rust-red, 2 story high tank which is long and wide as 4 normal tanks, starts turning towards me. It looks like a tank from star wars.

      I stay hunched over and I ran alongside this fence. I stop in the middle, where I see another military vehicle, that is like made of some see-through plastic. Somebody catches up with me and in effort to see over the fence, he kinda pulls it down a bit. I fall down on my back because the enemy saw me and eagle like tallons couple of feet long are grabbing at my legs. Someone either lobbs a granade at it or something similar, but I'm able to pull away.
    4. Doomsday

      , 10-29-2016 at 11:49 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night, bed 9pm - 3:20am

      I surfed the TV just before bed and stopped on a show called Doomsday. I had a bunch of "end of the world" dreams before and wanted another intense dreams like that. This is what I thought about while watching ICBMs streaking through the skies.

      I just got to some beach. I'm walking to the sand and at the edge of it there is a pile of white socks. I laugh, knowing that all those people took their socks off to go on a sand and never got them later. I take mine off too, but I put them in my bag. I get to a building and walk inside. I walk around up and down the stairs and pick up two magazines to read later.

      People start running around and I hear from someone, that Cesar (forgot the name) was assasinated. I think of the same reason that began WW1 and I know the war is about to start. I pull out my phone, throw the magazines to the floor and I need to call my mom to kinda say goodbye.
    5. Invasion; Chile

      , 06-11-2016 at 01:38 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I was just thinking yesterday why am I not having cool dreams like I used to.

      Last night:
      I was in South Amerika, I think Chile. We are looking at some monitor that's showing different beaches in Chile. We are picking a beach for a vacation. Someone says that when there is a heatwave in Mexico, it's also hot down in Chile.

      Few days before:
      It's night. We are running through some landscapa that is just dirt with occasional bush. It looks like lots of people went there, dirt is all roughed up. Someone is attacking in the distance from above. I see a hole in the ground. We go in. A huge rock blocks the entrance after we get in. We walk through some tunnels dug in the soil, it's pretty well lit with yellow light from unknown source. I have a feeling it's headqarters of resistance against alien invasion.
    6. California separates from continent; Saphire ocean

      , 09-28-2015 at 07:19 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Sleep 2pm 9"45pm before night shift

      I intended to wake up around 7 for a 30 min WBTB then nap on a sofa like yesterday, when I got a DILD. But I was too sleepy to do that. Instead, I got one of the longest, most vivid and detailed, interesting and beautiful dreams I had in a long time.

      DR 1:
      I missed mom's call. I'm trying to call her back, so I open the contact list. As I do that, about 15 tiny thumbnail pictures and videos start to load as a list of contacts. Screen is smallish, so the names are cut off. I pick one that says "call ..." because I thin that is mom, and I hit dial.

      Someone answers but says nothing. Instead a video starts playing. Rather a live feed and I recognize my mom's street. I start talking, asking if it;s her.

      Pisture changes and now I see a young boy playing on the beach. I recognize him as a kid I used to babysit. I realize I called his mom and somehow I see the video she is taping with her phone at that moment.

      Somehow I'm transported to that location. I'm sitting on a beach, kids and their mom is there. I look at the ocean and I can't believe it. It is incredibly georgeous. Saphire blue, see through to the bottom. Waves are mixing in some whites into the blues and the sunshine is giving some light effects like what you see on the walls or ceiling of an indoor swimming pool reflected of the waves that are splashing around. I'm looking around and waves are hitting the beach from few different direction, then retrieving back to the ocean. The blue is incredible blue.

      I look at the sand and it's pure white. I say to kids that it's time to go find some seashells. As I look up and down the beach, I don't see any large ones. So I just look close to me where we are sitting and a few colorful small ones are there.

      Then we are sitting in a small swimming pool. Kids are in the water, I'm sitting on the edge. It looks like a small gazebo. It's separated from the ocean by a metal gate on one side, so water comes in but not anything dangerous. I ask them how is the water, because I was freezing. (I had the AC on and was getting really cold)


      I'm traveling back to California. At the house, I look out the window and I'm amazed. There is not much land around. The house ( I see it now from above) sits on a piece of land that is not bigger than the house itself. All around us are small islands, channels of water and ocean.

      Islands are all elongated in same direction. As if they were leftovers of the land that tore itself apart by being pulled from 2 ends. Some islands have trees on them and they look like tops of hills or mountains that used to be there before.

      I ask what happend and they say "liquifaction".

      I feel the house moving, as if floating away on the water. I tell them that it's the same sensation I had in a dream not that long time ago. (it's true, dream of house floating away on the sea of lava in India - "Volcano in India")

      I'm taken to a house to visit someones family. (All these 3 dreams are somehow connected)

      I walk into the house and we are walking by a living room full of people. Another one, also full of people sitting on sofas and chairs, watching TV and just lounging around. I realize they have to have more than one living room because the family is huge.

      I say hi to all of them and they reply. Some I meet face to face and I'm surprised some are black. I wonder who married into black family. They are all very nice but I sense some tension.

      A boy walks up to me, says hi and I shake his hand. His face is disfigured.

      Another very tall young man walks up to me. He is in boxer's shorts and he is telling me that he is in the boxing championship in Saudi Arabia and he is doing quite well. I shake his hand and it's all rough and also disfigured, and his face too. I realize that you can be successful like that as well.

      I walk into a very small bedroom. The bed is right next to the wall and the window and the ocean is righ against the window. As the waves are splashing around, they are starting to spill into the room. I yell at someone to come and do something.


      We are on the ocean. I look to the righ and a humongous wave is coming at us. It's a tsunami and we all say this is it, we are done. Goodbye.
    7. Florida beaches

      , 10-22-2014 at 01:08 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night bed around 8:30pm - 1 am

      Night shift 3am - 8:30am

      nap 9:45am - 4:15pm

      Last night lots of dreams, mostly work related.

      Nap DR:

      I'm riding a bus. We are approaching Florida. Coming down a very long hill. To the left, nice vista opens. There is a valley with some jagged mountains running through the middle of the valley, parallel to the road. They are getting smaller as we travel. They are just dry rocks, like california or nevada desert.

      As we go on, I start to see some lakes. Some water is tropical blue, and I'm thinking it's actually ocean already, not a lake. Like a bay, or something. Then I see a shorline behind the mountain range.

      I scramble for my camera, and I think I have the exact same one as IWL. The waters are so blue and drop dead gorgeous. I'm getting all emotional, so happy to see it. (I was looking at pictures of cancun and Isla Mujeres yesterday IWL.)

      We get out of the bus and bus drives away. Looks like we have some time to explore, even if this is not our destination. So we start walking. Now it's dark, no street lights, just a dirt road to the beach. There are some houses, it looks like an abandoned village. I remember I wanted some icecream. We walk into the shop. They are closing. The icecram is already out of the bins and it looks bad. As when you have old icecream in the freezer. It's covered with plastic. Every kind has strawberries in it, they are just cut up differently. I say I'll pass, but a friend of mine tells me I could just get a chocolate one. At first I don't wannu, but then the desire for icecream comes back and I get one.

      We continue to walk towards the shore in pitch dark. I hear some guys ahead, and also on the sides of the road. I shine a huge flashlight at them and the 4 guys standing on top of a rusty car with AK47s suddenly act all shy, as if caught doing something. I tell them to relax, they don't have to be scared of me, lol.