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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. First deliberate OBE

      , 10-21-2021 at 03:24 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      So, I have been watching a lot of Youtube videos on mediatation, chakra balancing, heart-brain coherence, past lives regression, afterlife, OBEs and binaural beats on all of the above subjects.

      About a week ago I had a WILD with some Alpha GPC and galantamine.

      1. I asked to be shown something spectacular. At first I whisper the request, then I remember how interesting it feels when you talk out loud in a lucid, and I start shouting it out.

      After phasing through many walls through what seemed to be an empty underground garage/storage space, I enter a huge office room. Dozens and dozens of single seat desks with young people. The room is very colorful. Lots of blues and reds. I look closer, and everybody is building legos, lol. It's a "test kitchen" for legos, haha. People are building them to test them.

      I think the dream was caught by surprise by my request, because I sensed some hesitation, as if it didn't know what to show me, haha.

      2. After I walk through the lego room and the last wall, I end up outside. I ask to see my past life. I'm shown pictures that are displayed in front of me on a large old fashioned 35 mm film in the air. I see some images and to each of them I say No, no, no... Few pictures show a cemetary and I say NOPE, NOPE.

      But the dram is not really listening and I end up laying in a very shiny black coffin with the part by head opened, so I can see outside. I'm looking at this from above as the coffin is slowly sinking into soft mud.

      So, I think I'm done asking for past lives for a while haha.

      Deliberate OBE.
      This morning around 6 am my cat woke me up making noise with some plastic bags. I told him to stop and he did. Then he did it again, I had to get up and hide it. I was a bit annoyed because I had last hour to sleep and was worried I won't be able to fall asleep again.

      But as soon as I layed down I felt vibrations. Not very strong and they were not too concentrated.

      I start saying UP, UP, OUT and as I'm laying on my side with by back to the window, I start to feel headrush and I'm moving with my back leading the way towards the window.

      I remember I wanted to see my body, so with great effort I stop moving through the window and I walk back to my sofa. The room is same dark as in WL, illuminated with few night lights. Just enough to see that I'm not on the sofa. The layout is the same and I feel that it is my real IWL room.

      Then I remembered to check the top of the kitchen cabinet to see if the things I left there few years ago are still there and what it is. (I left there some things when doing OBE experiments).

      It's hard to move and I remember that I have to practice navigating and moving in the astral.

      When I get outside, I'm somewhere else, not in front of my apartment. Some kind of underground garage with thick concrete walls, well illuminated. Out of the room comes out a man, who I know is my husband. I'm all excited to tell him "I just had a first conscious OBE". I have a little bit of trouble pronouncing "conscious". He is happy for me.

      Then I look at my hands and I say "look I have no body" but I see my normal looking hands. Only one finger is a bit shorter, as if I lost the tip in some accident, but it healed already. I'm disappointed because in Astral, we don't have a body. I try this one more time later, and i have the same human looking hand. I can even recognize it as mine in WL.

      THANK YOU!
    2. Wanting too much left me without a chair

      , 05-08-2013 at 10:33 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Wednesday, 5/8/13

      Last night bed 12am - 7:30am

      DR: With my best friend M on a train. Arriving to the bus depo and going from there. Bying some newspaper and checking out books. (I do love newspaper and books in WL.)

      Something about being with a group in mountains.

      Didn't want to take a nap today. Last few days couldn't pull of a WILD, perhaps because I'm so used to morning naps, it's just like another normal sleep time.

      So I read some OBE articles and got so excited, that I decided to take a nap afterall. I go on sofa at 12pm. Got some weightless sensations very soon. Did some rhyming mantra and breathing. Started to feel as if rotating on axes, but couldn't make it stronger. So I tried to get the falling feeling, in which a succeeded little later on.

      Got some gorgious HH images. A huge, colorful wasp on light burgundy background and two other images of two more insects. But I had my heart set on OBE.

      I got some vibrations and tried to open my real eyes to see if I can see any hallucinations in my room. I managed to open left eye and I saw myself laying on sofa, same position as I knew I was. I had same pants on I did in WL. I noted my hand was in strange position, but I knew that's how I had it IWL. I couldn't move my head, so I had limited view to my right, where the window is. Room was fully lit, as I knew it was. Tried to pry open my right eye and succeeded for a moment, but almost immediatelly lost sight in both eyes. (So, it wasn't my WL eyes, but my dream eyes I had opened.)

      Before I lost sight, I tried to get up and I felt myself getting up and it was the strangest feeling, because at the same time I saw my body not moving. It was almost as if I was saying to my body "I'm going, are you staying?" I got up and ended up in my aunties bathroom. I was still trying to have OBE, so this experience ended, because I was not trying to keep it alive.

      I'm back on sofa, saying "up, up". But I realized I'm getting too needy and I shouldn't. Can't help it, I really want it. I have to prepare myself better next time.
      Tags: bus, lake, obe, travel, wild
    3. Flying in rain OBE or LD

      , 04-29-2012 at 12:54 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Wednesday 4/25/12 Bed 12;30
      WBTB 5:09 - 5:42 GM4 + ch 700 5:27

      Bunch of short WILDs that felt like OBEs because of exits.

      DR/feeling of laying in bed in RD. Head buzzing, turning head down for a headrush, making a turn all the way upside down to enter LD/obe.

      Couple times I got out and went flying in the yard. It was raining here in Cal. IWL and I wanted to fly around in rain while OBE so badly. So, I finally flew in the rain. It felt nice, like regular rain.

      Couple of times I got out, trying to grab on things like window sill, but I got snapped right back into my body. One time I tried to look at me sleeping, but it looked like bed was empty.

      Was in some building, trying to get out of there. Also on roof of RD10.
    4. OBE#6, experiment #2

      , 01-09-2012 at 09:43 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Wednesday 1/4/2012
      DR 5am - illegals crossing river; in class with teacher S; game show on TV

      Thursday 1/4/2012
      Took an evening nap - new HH - 1 tiny heart and 1 happy face

      Friday Jan.6/2012 bed 11:55pm

      Set up another experiment - put a small piece of paper with one letter and a colored pen on top of my kitchen cabinet to try to see it in OBE.

      GM at 5am
      woke up from OBE at 6:35am

      Iím in my bed trying to OBE/WILD. I suddenly realize, I see my room from the correct vantage point, as Iím laying on my left side. Itís darker than in WL (I have some nightlights IWL). All I see is left side of the bed. Right next to me is my cat. I see her as energy in shape of sleeping, balled-up cat. I immediately start rolling out. It takes me a few tries, Iím amazed, she is like a little speed bump. Iím not worried about hurting her, because I know, IWL she is closer to my feet.

      So I roll out and fall to the ground. I start crawling on all four towards the kitchen. IWL, its about 8 feet from my bed. As Iím crawling in total dark, I realize, I could feel my way. As I raise my right arm, I bump into a piece of furniture. I grab the round, smooth, cool leg of a desk/chair. Right behind it is a cabinet. I donít know how, but next thing Iím looking at the top of the kitchen cabinet. Itís much brighter now and I can see a piece of paper identical to the one I put up there IWL and I clearly see capital letter T. Next to it is a small packet of handy-wipe and text on it is in orange cursive. I take it as a color of a pen I left up there. Other than this, there is a bunch of letters and postcards, addressed to me. I can clearly read my full name written in cursive, not in my handwriting. There is also a book. I really wish I could read that all, but I wake up.

      After I wake up, I check , if I got the letter and color right. Nope, the paper I left up there has a big square on it and the pen is green.

      I was disappointed, especially, because I donít own any table or chair, that could account for the leg I grabbed in OBE, and I really wanted to go OOB in physical realm - identical or near identical to waking life. It took me almost 2 days to realize, that I actually do, and Itís exactly where I felt it.

      I played back in my mind, how I rolled out and crawled and as Iím following my path, I see a small foot-rest, that has 4 6-inch legs and they look exactly as what it felt in my OBE.

      WBTB 7am-817am

      Regular Dream:
      Iím in Mexico. Some nice resort. We go to the pool. Beautiful clear blue water. I dive in, feels good. Next time we come, the pool is closed. Someone with flu contaminated it. Bunch of people disappointed.

      We decide to go to the beach, but we see dark clouds gathering in the distance. Wind is starting and I see something like a tornado. I take pictures. People are trying to take shelter in the yard of the hotel. Iím in the yard, next to the door. Someone is banging it, trying to get in. The white door is locked and padlocked. I open it anyway and in walk two children. More people come in. Also one female officer. We start to joke, saying wow, this is not a dream, unlike other, that were dreams. I agree with her, this is not a dream.

      Then a big UFO appears in the sky. We are all looking up. I'm taking lots of pictures. The UFO separates into different shapes, itís trying to tell us something. Suddenly, a pile of broken-up weapons appear on the ground. I have a feeling, they tell us to ďtake out the trashĒ, as in weapons are trash of the mankind and we should get rid of them.

      Saturday, 1/7/2012 Bed 10pm
      Traveling on train with my friend M. There are 3 different stations, that feel like videogame levels.

      Sunday, 1/8/2012 Bed 12:45 am B-complex 50mg at 5pm
      Lots of dreams, didnít write them down