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    Turquoise Dreams

    Flying in rain OBE or LD

    , 04-29-2012 at 12:54 AM (301 Views)
    Wednesday 4/25/12 Bed 12;30
    WBTB 5:09 - 5:42 GM4 + ch 700 5:27

    Bunch of short WILDs that felt like OBEs because of exits.

    DR/feeling of laying in bed in RD. Head buzzing, turning head down for a headrush, making a turn all the way upside down to enter LD/obe.

    Couple times I got out and went flying in the yard. It was raining here in Cal. IWL and I wanted to fly around in rain while OBE so badly. So, I finally flew in the rain. It felt nice, like regular rain.

    Couple of times I got out, trying to grab on things like window sill, but I got snapped right back into my body. One time I tried to look at me sleeping, but it looked like bed was empty.

    Was in some building, trying to get out of there. Also on roof of RD10.
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