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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. Akashik library; Past life; Ocean; Sx

      , 09-28-2021 at 06:47 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Finally, thank you Lord! I have much less stress in my life.

      I'm able to spend some time LDing and meditating. Mostly focusing on my betterment, healing, creating my own future... based on spirituality and it's link to science.

      In my absence, I have had a random DILD here and there and some WILD experiences. Mostly recently, after I started focusing on it again.

      Last week I watched youtube videos about meditating, past life regression, healing and creating our own future with power of our mind. Then I WILDed with intent of visiting a past life.
      I had a bunch of exits. One of them took me into a village with some women and kids in front of an old house. I didn't see the surroundings, but I felt that we are inside of castle walls. I walked up to them and wanted to shake her hand. I asked her what's her name. But she didn't reply.

      When I woke up, first thing I did was say Irene Ridel Stone. I have no idea why I said that and I don't recall having any dream with that name. Just for the heck of it, I googled that name and one result came up. Woman living somewhere in US, who died 4 years before I was born.

      Yesterday (monday) I watched some youtube videos for relaxing, healing, creating own future, akashik records, past lives...
      Took 3x300 Alpha GPC at 6:40am
      Took 2x4 galantamine about hour later.
      WILDed to deep relaxation video.
      Woke up at 10:30 from what I estimate was 1hr long event.

      I remember I couldn't get up or float up or wiggle myself out to roll out. Nothing worked. Everytime I was just there. In between, I realized I'm still asleep and I entered another landscape.

      1. I'm flying at night close to the ground with ocean on my left. I'm trying so hard to steer that way but the force that's flying me is so much stronger and it won't let me go there. (I love ocean).

      2. Nighttime again. Someone points out the Moon. I look at it with amusement, knowing, that I tried so many times to get there, but never succeeded. I'm not gonna try. A man behind me dressed in black with old fashioned hat tells me that he can get me there. I understand that he has powers. He grabs me and I jokingly say "oh, you gonna just throw me there"?. He does that, but it doesn't work.

      3. I'm asking to see my past life. Another exit and I'm so happy. It's daytime. Sun is shining bright and it's a beautiful day. Everything so clear. I'm in front of my parents house. Instead of a small thick forest with lush trees and grass there is a small forest with palm trees. But there is no grass and sandy soil is very dry. Short palm trees are all laying down in all directions, as if from drought. I'm thinking that this is not past, but maybe future. When after climate change it will be warm enough for tropical plants to grow in Europe, and it will be dry.

      I'm happy to have this what it thought will be the last lucid.

      4. But then I materialize in a huge hall. A man walks up to me and hands me about 10 folders. Shows me a desk where I can look at it. It's my past lives. He says "if you need more, guy in Istanbul can tell you more". (just before WILDing, I read a few entries from my DJ. I know I have many dreams from Peru and from Istanbul. Not sure what came first, haha. Me living in Istanbul in a past life and that's why I have so many dreams from there, or I just read my dreams about istanbul, that's why the guy in this lucid said it).

      But I ask him if I can look at the library instead. The wall on the left is huge, full of books and it's fascinating. I start walking around. A hallway that looks like in a theater takes me to a short stairway leading down. There is some people standing next to it and I understand it's not advisable to go down. That's where dead people go. I see some people down there and I know they are dead, and also a lady standing on top where I am. But for some reason she didn't go down yet.

      5. Oh yeah. There was another exit. This time to a sunny ocean view. Beautiful tropical see, I fly to it and this time I'm able to go and enter water while grinning ear to ear from happiness.

      6. Also, got lucky in 2 separate exits. : )

      I'm super happy about my experience. I know there is something more to this life than what we see.

      Lol I got logged out while typing this. Thank god it got saved : )
    2. False memory; Saving someone

      , 01-04-2019 at 06:19 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      This was about a week ago. Very nice, long, detailed dream, with lots of background info in the dream.

      I'm on a quiet street on a hill, in an old, established neighborhood with small houses and lots of trees and greens. Someone is suppose to be driving me to or from there, but there is a delay. I'm suddenly overcome with memories and realization, that the house I'm looking at, is the first house I have lived in after arriving to this country. I know the street name, I recognize the backyard with some small wooden platform serving as a patio. I recognize the tall trees around it. I know that the staircase leading from the front door is a curvy one, going down into the house. I don't want to visit the room I used to live in, because a ghost lives there. As I'm looking around, I'm remembering more and more details. After I wake up, I know this was all a false memory.

      We go down the hill to the coast. Shore is a bit rocky, but there are a lot of people playing in the ocean. A small inflatable boat overturns and we wait for people to swim up, but they never show up. I'm scared to jump in the water, which is kinda choppy. But everybody stepped back, so I dive in. I want to swim under the water to the people under the overturned boat, but I surface and swim like that instead. I yell at a passing by canoe to stop and help, but they don't. I fully expect to just flip the boat upside down and see the people there in the air pocket. But my dream ends soon after I get a good feeling from saving them, but before I actually get to them. I know they are safe.
      Tags: ocean, saving, water
    3. Remote writing; Azerbaijan

      , 11-12-2018 at 04:49 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      2 night ago I had an awesome dream.

      I was looking at some papers which I just finished writing on. I knew I was remote writing.

      They were at least 3 distinct styles and types of writing.

      One looked like a letter, with beautiful handwriting, small, slanted to the right letters. All uniform, same size, cursive.

      Another one looked like a page from an encyclopedia. With serif typeface that was printed, rather than hand written. It was complete with images, and description of images.Topic was something about languages or grammar. I saw the name of a male author, which I didn't recognize.

      Last one was a page with beautiful drawings I recognized as chinese style, but they were distinct. Golden and black inn color. It was maybe animals.

      Last night:
      I was with a group, on our last day of a trip to Azerbaijan. We were deciding if we want to stay at the resort, where I just discovered a spectacular looking beach. I was taking pictures of it with my iphone. Or, if we want to spend last day in the town to shop for souvenirs, and be closer to mode of transportation which will take us from there.
    4. DILD, WILD; Video Game; Earthquake

      , 10-03-2018 at 04:43 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Still sleeping about 8 hrs almost every night.

      Had a short DILD 2-3 days ago. Just counted my fingers and realized. That's it, lol.

      A WILD, I took 3x300 Alpha GPC at 2 am, woke up at 4:30 from a WILD. I saw myself walking between 2 parked trucks, or maybe tight store aisles. I realized I'm dreaming and I'm suddenly there. Later, I'm telling someone that I had a lucid.

      Last night:


      Like a video game. We have to get someplace. There are couple of possible paths we can take. All over water and some islands, and coral near the surface, so we could walk on it. Tropical waters in some places, cold, muddy, with ice on them in other. Was interesting.


      Female leaves with her daughter to a new house. I stay behind with a man to finish packing. I leave in a truck, an 2 houses away from the old house, I feel the car shaking. First it's a long gentle wavy motion, getting stronger, then weaker and stronger again. It ends with 2 sharp jolts. I see a map of so cal in my mind, and I know this was the big one. 7.5. The woman returned and so did I.

      Interesting dreams, kinda liked them.
      lucid , non-lucid
    5. Super modern city

      , 08-16-2018 at 03:57 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I was in this very modern, futuristic looking city or resort. Have a feeling it was in Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Dubai...

      It kinda looked like Dubai with all super tall buildings made from glass. All shiny, clean. I walked out on a balcony, realizing it's miles above the ocean, the floor is glass, and there is not much of a railing around. I dropped to the ground and backed out on all four, scared. Haha.

      I wanted to do something good, so I went to look for someone bad. I found a guy trying to take hostages or something. I took a grenade away from him and threw it out the window just in time. Interesting thing is, that I don't think he was gonna do anything bad, until I kinda forced it with my mind.
      Tags: dubai, ocean
    6. Lava; Telescope; Puerto Rico

      , 08-03-2018 at 03:33 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Day before yesterday DREAM

      This was very cool, very long, detailed and it had a beginning, middle and the end.

      I'm in a low flying airplane. Coming in for a landing. Pilot finds a dirt road out in the hills and lands on it. We are rolling on the ground, up the slight hill, hoping to come to a stop without hitting anything. Then we turn left, parallel to the hill and I think we are going to turn down hill now and roll down and crash. But no, we come to a stop. I'm thinking pilot turned the plane like that so we can take off easier.

      We walk on the grassy hill to a restaurant. Look around and we decide to have lunch, then go back to the plane and continue. I know we are somewhere far, but have no idea where. I look for signs, anything that would say the name of the place. Someone says Puerto Rico. I'm happy.

      My best friend M from childhood decide to skip lunch and go look around. We are in Puerto Rico and we want to see the ocean. I look to the left, and from the top of the hill I see blue of the ocean. I say "aaaand there it is". We head down on a winding dirt path and end up by a bay. She wants to go in the hotel to look around. So we walk through the hotel, but I keep telling her that we are gonna get caught, because we are not guests there. She eats from a buffet and she wants to use the pool. But I urge her not to and we just walk around. It's a huge hotel, with pools, hallways, place outside that's in a shade, beach is rocky with clear ocean water.

      I keep telling her we should head back, so we don't miss the plane leaving. Suddenly there is a voice on a PA system about intruders. We gotta run. We are dodging security guys through doors. As we are leaving the complex, I see another bay. It's possible to walk-skip on large rocks mostly hidden under the water, only the tops are showing. So you can go like that deep into the ocean. My perspective changes and now I'm looking at the bay from the ocean, not from the beach. Someone is showing a map and explaining, how the ocean bottom suddenly drops into great depth just where the skipping rocks end.

      DREAMS last night

      Someone is showing me and my dad a new type of a telescope. It's small, but it should be really good. Looking at all the controls.

      On the shore of a lava pool. Lava is all white. People are watching how some people are dipping in the lava. Some kind of a ritual, or just display of machismo. Guy comes out, all covered in white lava, and as it cools, he kinda just rolls it off of him. There is a girl and they dip her back in a lake. I tell someone to stand back, because it can splash on us, and that's when I feel lava on me. It's really hot. I don't understand how those people don't die from it. They pull this girl out and she is in bad shape. I don't understand why are they doing this.
    7. Flying; Mexico

      , 03-23-2018 at 12:44 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I'm in a city. Talking to someone about flying. I see a commercial airplane high in the sky, so I tell the person I will fly to that. As I get closer, I reallize it's flying too fast and it will fly above me before I get to it. But I see more con trails and I can fly to those if I miss this airplane.

      Trying to fly to the highest building. Not much luck going fast. But trying. Hopping from one building to another. Trying to trick my dream around me by standing up on the building and pretending it's the tip of the tallest building. The dream changes and I'm standing very high up, looking down the city is far below me in the deep.


      turist attraction 3 places, long, round, long, whales are migrating swimming through them, people watching, taking pictures. I pull out my camera. Whales come through a canal into a smallish round room, they rest there, we watch them, then they fall down through a waterfall into another canal thats much lower than the room. I'm taking pictures, amazed at the majestic beauty of the animals.

      Trying to drive to north east tip of Mexico, where Caribbean waters on the left meet Pacific waters on the north. (Yes, I had the geography wrong). Talking to some locals about the drive. Then my vision zooms in and I can't believe how turbulent the waters are up north. Incredibly huge waves are crashing against each other, colors of brownish and white. It's spectacular.
    8. Random WILD, random DILD

      , 01-28-2018 at 01:54 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Week days ago. I'm drifting in and out of sleep, as cats are jumping up and down from my bed. It's around 5am or later, my normal waking time.

      I'm starting to feel dreamy, s I push my head into the pillow (just by thinking it) and immediately I get a major head rush. Swushing in my head, as if water was running near by. At that moment, my cat decides to throw up and that gets me out of it. : (

      Random DILD next day or day after.
      I'm sitting in a fast city train. Like an above ground metro. On the left side, by the window. There is a large body of water on the left, when I notice some passengers standing up, looking outside on the left side, raising their hands with their phones. I stand up and crane my neck to see.

      A large, rectangular shaped space craft is crashing down. It's brownish, color of rusted metal. It's made out of all kinds of twisted metal. Almost like a Borg ship from the outside. I can't believe what I'm seeing. It's so real and I sense some danger coming on. We can't stop the crash. I'm looking for my phone to take pictures, but I don't have it on me. Craft hits the water with a huge splash.

      Now we go by a huge crane that's topped over in the water. It's like a super tall dockyard crane. It's starting to lift itself up. When it does, the cabin starts to resemble metallic mouth and it starts to open and roar. Almost slow motion, looks like those three-legged walking Martian machines from the modern War of the Worlds.

      At this moment I think wait a minute, this can't be real. I look at my hands and count my fingers. I realize I'm dreaming. Get out of the window on the right side of the train and start flying. It's not easy but I'm getting higher and higher with help of some buildings which I semi-climb, fly up to.

      The train and the crash was so incredibly realistic. Thank you, subC!!!
      Tags: flying, ocean, water
    9. Shark; Water; Bad guys

      , 11-14-2017 at 07:04 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Two days ago I was standing on a wooden platform just inches above water. I was watching a huge fish swim below me. The more I looked, more I saw it and it turned out to be a great white shark. Mostly I only see big black fish with white spots, like behind a dirty glass. We were going to swim and play in the water, so we watched for it to stay away and we picked a spot where we thought it wont go to.

      Standing on a low seawall. Looking at a clear water with pebbles on the bottom. Only a few inches deep, getting a bit deeper a few steps further in. Someone jumps in and I realize the water is cold, But I love water and it looks so inviting. Plus the pebbles and sea shells are intriguing and with great pleasure, I jump in feet first. We are all fully dressed and I know I will be wet up to my knees, but I don't mind one bit. I keep looking into water for sea shells and I'm happy.

      [I have noticed something interesting about my dreams, but mostly about lucid dreams. Sometimes I can't see far. (Sometimes yes, with binocular vision, or without it). But it can happen, that I only see my immediate surroundings. Rest is like black walls. As if I was on the set and that's the only place. Behind it is just walls and something else, but not the dream scene.]

      Last night:
      I was walking up the street in my home town, from direction of my high school. As I got to the intersection, it was blocked off with some kind of a checkpoint with ropes blocking the way. Bad guys were standing there. I was with others and we were not gonna have it. I got an automatic rifle, went behind the bad guys and started killing them.
    10. Airplane falling down

      , 02-04-2017 at 03:35 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      I'm standing on a large white, mediterranean style patio, overlooking ocean. We are about 100 feet up in the air. The distand shoreline can be seen directly ahead of us.

      I hear a large jet above and it's engines give sound like the thrust was reversed. I look up and say "don't fall". The large BA/TWA jet makes a turn back to the land and starts falling down fast in a tight spiral. It makes a huge splash. I look down at the water and expect to see some large waves and sure enough, they come and hit the wall on the right.
      Tags: airplane, ocean, water
    11. Diving

      , 01-19-2017 at 01:45 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Had some weird and gross dreams.

      But one was awesome.

      I'm walking by a seashore, on some kind of a wooden path. A part of a path that's on the water gets lose and floats away few feet. Somebody jumps in and starts to pull the planks out. I look at the water. It's at night, so I only see the small portion illuminated by some strong lamp from the shore. Water is calm, clear, with some foam in some parts. I think about sharks for a second, then jump in. I dive to the bottom which is only maybe 5-6 feet away. I swim by the bottom, looking for submerged pieces of the walkway. There are some other things, but I pick up 2 planks and take them to the shore. The dive feels awesome.

      Thank you!
      Tags: ocean, water
    12. December TOTM II

      , 12-13-2016 at 06:27 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 8:50pm.
      1:50am - 2x300 alpha GPC and back to sleep
      3am - WBTB
      3:25am - 2x4 galantamine tablets by relentless improvement
      3:50 - sofa
      5:03 - woke myself up to record my lucids after maybe 30 min long one

      I didn't turn to the side before the lucids. And my cat didn't lay on me as usually. But half of the lucid she was in my arms and we were flying together.

      As soon as I got lucid I started working on my TOTMs. I remembered them all, except the "burn a house" because I didn't want to do that one and "buffet" because I already did it.

      Advanced TOTM - Spin around and teleport yourself to a random location. - fail - I don't remember where I ended up.
      I'm laying on a bed on top of a hillside at night. There is a high dropoff on my left with ocean glittering from moonshine. My cat is laying on me as he is usually when I WILD.

      I remembered first TOTM and started to spin. My cat in my outstreched arms, kinda like 2 ice skaters, haha. I was giggling so hard. At first I was just spinning in one spot and I lost my vision. Then I felt familiar sensation in my head and I was lifted up and carried up to the right. I'm pretty sure I landed somewhere but I don't remember.

      I think I ended up flying over this huge river that looked like it's in Africa. Lot's of water flowing over some huge boulders making white froth. Lot's of people in and around the water, having fun. There is a huge animal and whoa, it's a Brontosaurus. People are bathing their huge elephant just few feet from there. Looks like they are all coexisting in peace and harmony, like a future advanced or alternate society.

      We fly some more and I wish the river to turn to ocean and it gets wider until we are over an ocean at night.

      I'm walking down a street at night and remember the
      Advanced TOTM - Lift a car with super strength and carry it somewhere. - fail. I forgot to carry it somewhere.
      Streets are empty, but a huge red fire truck just turns a corner out of my view. I want to go after, thinking "really, you had to pick this huge car?" it when a huge green garbage truck turns to my street and is heading towards me. I'm thinking I'm gonna get so run over if this doesn't work.

      I read Ophelia's DJ during the WBTB and she teleported people. So I outstrech my arm and will the truck to float up. I'm not even surprised when it does. It wobbles a bit about 5-10 feet above ground. I want to do more, so I turn it upside down then let it drop. It's all crumbled and I see some movement in the cabin. I walk up to it and say "oh yeah, and the driver si fine, he is ok".

      Now I'm looking for a Moon and I find it and start flying towards it. Everytime I want to fly faster or higher, I actually slow down. So I give up on that.

      I'm in some city between building. I remember the
      BONUS TASK! - Go into a room and close the door. Tell yourself that while you were in the room, time stopped for you, but continued to advance outside of the room and it's now 100 years into the future. Describe what the future is like! - success

      I look into a window of couple of houses but they look scary. I find one that's ok and I tell myself "this is my house". I walk in and remember I need to go in a room, so I walk through an empty room to another room and close the door.

      I was preparing for this as I was falling asleep. I planned on finding a lever on a wall which I would pull and a counter would show numbers go up to the future.

      So I put my hand on a wall looking for a lever. It's not there. I say "I turn back and there will be a lever". I turn and nothing. I look again and there is a metal ring hanging on a chain that's coming out of a hole in a wall above my head. I say "ok this will do". I pull on a chain, it turns some flywheel and I hear it turn fast then slow down and stop. Before it stops, I pull the chain again and I do this 5 times, because 5 times 20 years is 100, right?

      I walk out the door and now that room has some people in it, sitting on chairs. I say "oh, hi" and I rush to the main door to see outside. It looks even older than before and the houses are all different. Now there is a roof over the whole street. I'm thinking maybe this is a museum and I take another door to get out to the "real world". But it leads me to same place. I get frustrated and start to think that this is how the future will look like and I'm not liking it.

      After this I woke myself up to write it down. As soon as I sit up, I'm like uhm, which tasks did I do? Did I just dream doing them, haha. Fuuuu. Then I recalled the last one, then the previoius one and then the first one.

      Went to sleep after this since this was all just aboout 30 min long. Had a very long non-lucid with Ophelia. She was mad at me and asking me for some money for a trip we took together. I was like OK, but I thought were were pretty even. Her BF was there too during the whole dream. They wanted me to leave so I did. Then they stopped me at the door and somehow we ended up in a futuristic, or just very modern city in Asia. I even new the name. Going up and down the escalators and sitting in rooms in highrise buildings. OP told me she wants me to have a sex change, haha. I was like from what to what, haha. It didn't make much sense. I remembered her gender-bender dreams and I just couldn't figure out what is she now and what am I and how would that all work, lol.

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    13. Lucid ocean and Flying

      , 10-18-2016 at 05:56 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed at 8 pm. Alarm set to 1am, but I woke up at 12:47 so I took 2x300 Alpha GPC then. Went back to bed to sleep another hour before staying up for WBTB, but couldn't fall asleep for good 10 min. So when second alarm rang at 2am, I kept sleeping. Woke up at 2:50 and I almost blew the whole thing. Stayed up for 30 min before felt I was already awake enough. I read Opehlia's DJ for motivationD. Took 2xGM at 3:20am and went straight to sleep.

      8pm - bed
      12:47am - 2x300 Alpha GPC
      2:50 - 3:20am - WBTB
      3:20am - 2x4 pure galantamine
      3:20am - sofa

      About 40 min long.

      Took me about 10 min to fall asleep, after my cat jumped off of me. The head sensation, which normally is feeling of buzzing and cold spot in the top back of my head, was this time different. I had a sensation in the perimeter of the whole head. Imagine my head being an egg, so the sensation was in the eggshell. It was interesting and strong.

      Part 1:

      About 20 min long.

      I did a lot of walking I think mostly outdoors. There was some kind of a plot which I don't remember.

      One of my goals was to slow down and look around. So I stopped and look backwards. It was awesome, because this is first time when I did it. The picture was clear and everything was very detailed. I looked up and wanted to see stars. I could see how the dream was trying to work on my wish. The skies were changing, black was moving and some small light were starting to come up, untill the skies were full of stars. Then I wanted the moon and one stronger light was trying to break through but I didn't wait for that to finish.

      At some point I was walking through some rock and I heard something. I thought it sounded like ocean waves hitting the shore. I got excited and as I walked down the other side of the rocks, sure enough, there was beautiful shoreline. Like in norther california in Big Sur area. Dark blue waters and rocky shore. The waves hitting the rocks and the sound they made was so spot on. It was so beautiful that after a long time I again felt such an incredible joy. I felt my face grinning ear to ear and I was so happy. I saw some people in the water so I waded in.

      At some point in this lucid I thought that maybe I will wake up, but then I thought no, it's too early, I will not wake up.

      I don't remember if I turned to my right side at the begining, or when I woke up in the middle. But I remember waking up and opening one eye to look. My room looked normal but I counted my fingers with other hand to make sure it's not an FA. And lol, I counted 6! I'm like how the heck did I do that and counted again. 5 this time. I went back to sleep because I already didn't remember much from the lucid and I still felt the head sensations so I was hoping to get another lucid. And I did.

      Part 2:

      About 20 min long.

      This was happening mostly indoors. I think this is exactly how it was in my previous lucid - outside first, then indoors.

      It's some kind of a huge building, like a mall, but not that moder. Lots of people. But I didn't get to see any individuals or talk to them, I think.

      I was standing on some large stairs gooing up, when I thought I should fly. But it was so realistic, I couldn't fly. Then I thought that I should be able to fly anyway, because it's a dream and others do it.

      I started to float up a bit. I though "higher" and I went higher. I started to fly forward and the dream reacted to me saying "faster" a few times, until I was going decent speed. It was awesome.

      The interiors from this and previous dream remind me of the architecture of Naboo from Star Wars.

      Thank you! I would like more dreams like this. Flying, looking around, talking to DCs. Slowing down and being a part of a dream.

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      Tags: flying, ocean, water
    14. White ocean; Amazon card

      , 03-22-2016 at 04:38 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night bed 11ish-8am.

      My mom is driving an open top car, on a winding road. Ocean on the left, hill on the right. I look over the ocean and the sunrise is just spectacular. The skies are so beautiful, and the ocean is so calm and almost white, only a touch of lightest blue. I tell my mom to look but she is not looking, so I tell her to stop and she slows down and pulls to the hill side of the road so she can look. ( I think I got this because I watched kardashians and they were driving in snow)

      I'm working for someone who knows and works with celebrities. It's New Year's Eve and we are prepping for a party. I get a phone call but people that just came are so loud, I tell the person to hold on, I need to walk to the back rooms of the house where I know it's quiet.

      So this person tells me that I defaulted on paying for some Amazon purchase. I tell her I didn't and I find some receipts saying that I paid it off on January or February 23rd.

      She tells me if I want an Amazon card, I need to get my blood tested. So I go the another room where someone I know is talking to me about it and asking me which arm I want to have blood drawn. I say neighter. This whole time I'm holding a tiny cute puppy in my arms.

      Somehow they talk me into it and I lay on the exam table, puppy still in my arms. I gave her my left arm and she puts a needle in it. I look up and Pierce Brosnan with his partner walks in. He looks sharp in black tux and white shoal. It's 15 min to midnight. I wonder what are people thinking about seing me there.
      Tags: ocean, water
    15. Sweden

      , 03-12-2016 at 12:48 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Day shifts this week. Last night bed 9pm - 3 am. 4:30am shift.

      I am with another adult and 2 kids. Walking on some kind of a berm and seashore I think in Sweden. We suppose to get to the other side of the bay, across the water. There is a narrow path I see, surrounded by water. It's a low tide and we can walk across on the rock all covered in green moss and still wet.

      At some point we walked up on a hill that was along some other path and I saw the bay in the distance, with a smallish town huddled on it's shore. Windows all lit up, otherwise only dark silhuettes of the houses were visible, because it was at night.
      Tags: ocean, sweden, water
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