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    1. Work dream with feeling of inadequacy, younger son missing

      by , 10-06-2013 at 07:20 AM
      In my work I found out that entry level people do more complex work than I do (not true), and I suggested that from now on I should be involved when they are getting their assignments to see who is more appropriate for a task. It was not that they were doing a poor job alas, but rather i felt inadequate, like i should be doing more complex work than them. I also found out that someone in another team, who in my dream was a retirement age biologist (but in waking life is not), I found out that he knows a lot about creating charts and that we could learn from him, but that he alas is retiring now so we can't. He was leaving and I felt deep respect for him, and had the sense it was mutual. In waking life I know almost nothing about this man other than he works on the same floor as I do, and is much younger than in my dream.

      My younger son was lost. My mother called, but I said I could not talk and hung up on her without explaining why. I was combing the streets shouting his name when suddenly my husband appeared with my son. my husband was supposed to take a flight somewhere, and apparently our son tried to stowaway in the luggage and come with him, but was discovered at the airport. I was so relieved to see him.

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    2. Fragment DV? And 2 dreams about work

      by , 06-21-2013 at 12:16 PM
      June 20-21
      11:15 some fragment about dreamviews. Don't remember what about, but the post was by Sageous

      Dream 1: Luckily not my job
      I was working in some company in an executive level position. I then was offered participation in a project that looked very promising. I at first accepted.

      Then a senior level executive asked for my involvement in a project that would have been a conflict of interest. I realized that I could not say no, but that I could not remain honest and agree.

      I started the paperwork to quit the job, filed a notice, but it had to go to the man who had put me in this difficult position for approval, and approval was being delayed.

      While at the cafeteria I was approached first by the wife and then by her husband who both worked for this company, and was told to make sure to involve the husband in this promising project I had been offered, and then I was shown a photo of my sleeping younger son: it was a threat, do this or else. They said, that I was in an enviable position. I differed but did not tell them.

      I went to the secretary if the executive to whom I had filed my notice, and asked for the notice to be put on hold.

      I then went either to the auditors or to law enforcement with a list of approximate times and places during which some inappropriate incident had occurred, and I suggested that they pull security camera footage for that time. I thought that once all was done there would be at least six people exposed. Could these auditors or law enforcement keep me and my son safe? I sure hoped so. I felt I had no choice, this was the only thing I could do. I woke up while they were showing the security camera footage to everyone assembled.

      Dream 2: My job but not my office - wish file copy were as fast as a ninja
      A tech support person was moving files on C drive of server because it would run out of space. I had not realized that he was doing it, but was on a conference call with him and several others anyway. Someone asked "But would this prevent Outlook from working on the server?" His reply "I didn't know it needed to work there." In reality it does not, but in my dream I said "I use it there all the time." He started shuffling things some more to make this to work. I could see his actions on my screen. There was also a message box informing me that the tech was logged in and working. It said his name was Rory (like in Dr. Who TV series), it had an anime avatar showing for him, and a button allowing one to enter chat with him labelled "Ask Question". A coworker who walked by and glanced on screen and saw how fast things were moving (unrealistically fast), remarked "He is as fast as a ninja." I agreed. One other thing that was different than in reality was the office layout which was very open, with this monitor clearly set up to be visible by anyone passing by, and it was all in a large open space unlike my real office.
    3. Military Documentation: Shoppers Guide -> aquisitions plan (I don't have the cojones.)

      by , 06-02-2013 at 11:12 AM
      In this dream I was part of a huge project creating documentation for the military. My two bosses was the same as in real life, but I had many coworkers whom I had never met before. There were a number of coworkers on this project who were graduate students from a reasearch university, and even in the dream they were new coworkers to me. What was interesting was that in this dream I was significantly younger than in real life - in fact I was younger than these graduate students, and pretty shy around them, trying to impress. However, I was still a major player in the project, often acting as my boss's representative, which was inconsistent with my dream age, more consistent with my actual level of seniority where I will informally at times act that way with my boss's blessing on less important conference calls and such.

      So we were building huge amounts of documentation for the military. (This reminds me of my recent other dreams of creating huge amounts of documents on a large ship. The military part of this dream is probably due to my having interpreted someone else's dream about military last evening before going to bed.) I remember this dream as being long, but now I only remember some significant parts. In one of them we are having an informal meeting in what looked like a dorm room: the graduate students, my Italian American boss who is the less influential of my two bosses - more of a project manager) and myself, and one of the graduate students was saying, "we have all this documentation planned, but what about the shopper's guide? We usually do a shoppers guide for this type of project." Me: "I cannot say. You should really ask our government lead, he is the boss, and he is paying you for this project, so you should ask him whether to do this document." Grad student (this one seemed to be like a leader of the bunch, and in a previous scene he and I had been thrown together, and I was now a bit less shy around him - he was cute.): "Yes, but what do you think? Would you like us to make a shoppers guide? Would you think it useful?" Me: "I think a shoppers guide could be useful. However, I don't make the decisions and I am not the one who pays you, so my opinion is not what you should be seeking." My Italian American boss/team lead: "What she is saying is that she does not have the cojones."

      In a later scene I realized that a document that my government lead asked me to prepare was actually a version of the shoppers guide. So I went to tell the grad students, and I also said "When dealing with the military, proper terminology is important. This is not the shoppers guide. This is called the acquisitions plan."

      I also remember some scene that seemed to be part of the same dream where I was out in a parking lot. It was raining, and I had to retrieve something from a locker in the parking lot.

      I have the sense that there was much more to this dream. I think the scene with my government lead telling me to work on the acquisitions plan was an actual dream scene, not just a memory, for example. Also the scene of being thrown together in some task with the graduate student, which made me less shy around him. I also remember walking down a hallway side by side with the grad student.

      Analysis: I think I am dreaming dreams of creating huge amounts of documentation because I am having a sense of not being creative enough in my work and just creating documents but not actually creating something. I am thinking as a solution I should start making bread or crocheting at home again to get an outlet which produces more tangible non written results.

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    4. You do not exclude a teammate

      by , 05-20-2013 at 09:27 AM
      In this dream I was a male member of a software development team. I remember I was a white man, tall and skinny and strong.

      I don't know what our application was supposed to do, but there was an email component. The developer of the email component was I think a subcontractor of a different company, and the lead of our project wanted to exclude him as much as possible.

      First scene was like a demo, and during the demo the email developer figured out how to make things visible in 3D and in color. the lead resented this even though these were crucial developments in our project but she did not like that this was him who figured it out.

      Second scene, we are in our work area and our lead is telling the email developer that he cannot come to another meeting. I say to the lead, "You cannot exclude a member of the team and remain a member of the team, especially not after what he has done!" I bodily lift the team lead up. She is a petite woman. I sit her on a desk, and jab a finger in her chest to make the point. Then I suddenly get the insight, "Hey, I guess that means you are not a member of this team. Out!" And I point to the door behind me. She says, "You can't do that. I am the boss." And I say, "Yes, I can. And no, you are not. He is." I just know without looking that our boss who is her boss and everyone else's is in the doorway behind me. Will he support her or me? I wonder.

      I never find out because I wake up instead.

      Side note: Even though this dream was non-lucid it had this powerful moment of insight, where I felt empowered. this dram is inconsistent in that I say that one can't exclude a team member, but I exclude her.

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    5. Work: Production or Test Record "Killer Potatoes"

      by , 04-14-2013 at 12:01 PM
      This dream was rather lengthy and vivid, however, due to the way I was woken up, I could not work more on retaining the memory.

      This dream was supposedly about work, but I did not recognize the other people. Throughout the dream I was trying to establish whether a record in the database was a real production record or a fake test record. I went from one set of people to another person. Finally I found a guy who said that it was fake test, and he was sure of it despite only barely looking at it. I said "How do you know?" He: "Because this record is about 'killer potatoes' and there is no such thing." I looked at the data, and yes it was about killer potatoes. I felt so bad for not having noticed that before.

      I tried to then establish who had entered this fake record into the production system, but I could not narrow it down to an individual only to a department.
    6. Dream about collaboration at work

      by , 04-13-2013 at 08:08 AM
      First of all this was a dream about my current work, and it was about collaboration with an external organization which we really are collaborating with. This was a REM dream with fairly vivid visuals and fairly lengthy. It mentioned reasons why we would continue to collaborate unless some other reasons occurred. I do don't right now remember these reasons. I did not notice anything in this dream which was not fairly realistic like in real life, except that I do not remember a strong awareness or strong presence and consciousness of myself - more like a movie.
    7. Sense of Agreement with Bill

      by , 03-27-2013 at 07:36 AM
      I dreamed that I was talking to my boss Bill (I have more that one man I consider my boss at my work - this one likes to say "Remember, it's all bullshit."

      What were we talking about in my dream? I remembered that clearly a moment ago, but then I moved to write it down. Was it dream interpretation? Was it the interpretation of the situation at my work? Anyway, I remember a sense of agreement. Which is as it is I waking life: Bill and I I think are on the same page mostly at least about assessment of situation there I think.
    8. DC: chances are high this is a dream! (Me: not self aware!)

      by , 03-22-2013 at 08:22 AM
      This dream was about a dreamviews thread on what are the odds this is a dream! Completely non-lucid and no sense of self - I was "reading" not participating.

      Here is a fragment of my dream thread - there actually were user names but I forgot which:

      [user1] This is not a dream, not weird enough.
      [user2] Ah but we are not aware of all that is going on - not remembering all. If we backfill for all missing data points, then there is so much weirdness, that chances are high this is a dream!

      First of all, a dream in which a DC says/writes that chances are high that it is a dream, that's beautiful! Now, why couldn't I also have some self-awareness to allow me to make the small leap from that to lucidity?

      I know which thread triggered this! Gab yesterday wrote something like "let's face it our waking life is not weird enough, so we may need to pretend that it is" and I responded that I disagree that in my opinion life is plenty of weird, we just don't stop to question it most of the time, and don't notice how weird it is. In my dream the conversation was not between gab and JoannaB but it might as well have been. Fascinating, the only time I have successfully had an LD thus far after returning to this hobby was also triggered by DV interaction with gab. I think I will ask gab whether she would be willing to be my mentor or something, since obviously my dream self has a strong correlation between gab and lucidity or almost lucidity! Gab is my LD muse! Here is a link to the thread: http://www.dreamviews.com/general-lu...correctly.html (gab's post is #17 and my response is #18, and this is definitely what this dream is based on!)

      Another element of this dream, the backfilling for missing data to get adjusted statistics which may change the whole picture of what the data shows - this was triggered by a work problem I was working on this week! It's neat to see where such ideas in my dreams originated from in real life.

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    9. Explaining Work Dress Code to a Man in a Women's Room

      by , 03-02-2013 at 08:17 AM
      In this dream I was myself and I was in the women's room of my actual work place. I was with a bunch of women whom I had never seen before and one man (in women's room!) whom I had never seen before either.

      In my dream I rationalized their presence that they must be new recruits, people who just got hired. And I rationalized the man's presence that he was there to assist a handicapped woman (whom I did not see but just inferred).

      Some of them were dressed in formal attire as appropriate for after interview or first day of work. The man was wearing dress shirt and tie. However some of the women were wearing jeans.

      So I started to explain that our boss (who was the boss I actually do have in real life, and who actually does have this preference in real life) that our boss prefers more formal dress code such as dress shirt and tie from all employees every workday. Someone asked for clarification: "even for women dress shirt and tie?" Me: "No, but not jeans, more formal than that, nicer." I went on to explain that even though we are an IT shop, but more and more often we do get important visitors, and the place and people thus need to look presentable.

      I remember this dream was very vivid, and definitely not remotely lucid. I remember I accepted the rationale for man in the women's room without questioning it, and I was not remotely bothered by his presence there. We were all kind of hanging out there, relaxed, and bonding. My explanations of dress code were received by the others the way they had been intended as friendly advice / tips to new coworkers.

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