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    1. Eagle Angel

      by , 11-27-2016 at 05:13 PM
      In a work bathroom, I look in the mirror and see a youth with long straggly hair, wearing two ties Oo one red and black and the other blue. I am in to much of hurry to change and head into the bar, where some people are ordering sandwiches and pints of beer.
      I end up in a grassy area, it is partially sunny, more like fading sun of late afternoon. There are some stone benches outside the building, in the cold.
      I'm lucid and try and summon someone but it doesnt work, some women have appeared but they do not seem to be her. I use mind control on them but soon get bored with the clumsiness of it all.
      Again I try to summon her, this time the sky is filled with brightness and I find I am aerial again looking down on S who has been summoned.
      Her long blonde hair cascades down to her waist, she is in the form of half angel with big wings and half bird (eagle I guess) with long white tail feathers. She is flying towards the setting sun. And we are high up above the sea. The glittering makes everything seem like a giant stained glass window.
      Its all very captivating, as is she.
      Tags: angel, eagle, work
      lucid , non-lucid