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    fade to brown

    by , 10-30-2018 at 02:35 PM (209 Views)
    I was having a dream where I led some kids into class but I went wrong way through a staff room and then wrong way up some windy stairs (highly plausible). Then I realised all was a bit weird so I shoved my hand against a wall, fingers out straight to see if I was dreaming and sure enough my fingers went into the wall. I went down the corridor.
    I was in a room, might have been my grandma's, old fashioned white table cloth, big bay windows with light shining in. I was lucid so I decided to make some flowers for the table. A great big bunch of random, colourful flowers. However after a second or so they faded to brown/dead. So I made some more, each time same thing happened.
    Then had some nice cuddle time with some people who came in.

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    lucid , memorable