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    1. Hobbiton has gone to the dogs?

      by , 04-04-2016 at 04:07 PM
      Had several other dreams early on but cannot now recall, I tried to use a technique to remember them but gone.

      D1 - Had one dream where I thought I was dreaming and had just been in a meeting room but something was wrong. i dreamt that I went back into the dream to change something. But it was a dream

      Tried to WILD but just found myself in dream, don't remember any vibrations or anything.
      D2 - Went up to hobbits round front door and I kind of got stuck there for a while, I was totally phased by how the door opened. Did it open like a notmal door or did it open in the middle like two half circles or best of all I decided open into the hillside by rolling, like a slidy door. with the door rolling round and round, and back, cool!
      On entering the house I was immediatley drawn to the kitchen to the left of the main hallway. I went to peek in the kitchen door and that was as far as I got. The kitchen looked nice, wooden shelves with stuff on them, and shafts of sunlight. But completely incongruous to all I had expected there was a motorcycle lite by the shaft of light Oo wt...worse still was to befall my eyes on the old fashioned silver and black motorbyke was a dog, a sheep dog :/ what has the world come too
      There was much activity in the kitchen, I know not what of but I left, in disgust and woke myself up outta there.
      I woke up and tried again.
      This time I was out in a field of thick high corn near a path, and there was Sam Gamgee or so I imagined. (In what I remember of the hobbit he had been collecting vegetables and took them back round to the house so I tried following him). I could only see the back of Sam, if that's who he was.
      He sure enough went back to the Frodo's house (?) but instead of being able to enter via the big back window, I was confronted by big white framed double glazing, and no sign of a way of entry.
      So I went back round to the front of the house to try yet again,
      standing in tall in old green robes with a hood, was Gandalf....nope it was another ... dog!
      this time it was a big grey (gandalf the ...grey evidently) long haird dog, standing on it's hindquarters, with it's face showing
      at this point I felt quite insulted at how my subconscious was seriously taking the piss out of me, and gave up.
      Dog Gawn it! for sure.

      Note to self, next time remember I want an authentic hobbit house not some weird fabrication.
      And then I remembered, seeing my neice's new godamm pooch and that he must of been the cause of this mess up!

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