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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. Fragment

      by , 05-31-2016 at 08:03 AM
      My dream recall has been zero from having a little vino on hols


      last night i just remember the end of a dream. I was flying around some world, I think I was in my holiday world, all sea and islands with spares greenery.
      I sensed a friend was around, so I flew around and found her. She was kind of busy so I had some trepidation of bothering her. She was standing ona seni submerged bit of rocky island. She was wearing a white dress , kind of silky and it flowed in a twirl , if that makes sense. On her head she had a tiara thing going on weaved into her jet black hair, which was pulled up a little. She was partnered with her boss, who was preoccupied with fighting a monster. She was dressed in red robes, oriental looking and had dark fair hair.
      i offered to use my magic, including secret magic to make them more powerful so they could beat the monster more easily. They agreed and when finished I left them be.
      Tags: busy
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. worries

      by , 05-26-2016 at 08:06 PM
      D1 - F & E are using different methods to do some magic but it is silly as they are not in the right environment to practise it.

      D2 - Outside a workplace, it looks a bit like a tourist agency. The windows are floor to ceiling and there are lots of posters on the windows. I need to get inside to get hold of a box containing some sort of technology, heaven knows why, but it is urgent.
      Unfortunately I am ashamed at needing to and do not want to approach the manager there.
      I wait outside and when some office workers appear, I follow them, they are suited. They go to another entrance further along and I am disappointed as this won't enable me access.
      I secretly use my powers to teleport the box outside to where I am standing. I open the cardboard box and rumage through it. There is a big white main bit and lots of smaller components. I find to smallish cuboid bits wholed out, with some metal bits inside and start to make measurements that I need to aquire.
      I sense the manager is returning to the office and will notice it is missing. Not wanting to be found outside with the box, I embarressingly enter the office. The employees suspect nothing, as I have been there before, and I am able to wander through to a back room where the box should be. I continue to examine things.
      For some reason the box is now much larger as I worry about the bosses return, and is filled with clothing. It is women's clothing, lots of dresses. There is also a military uniform, looking very seargent pepperesque. I feel this last item will endear me to the boss, who is female and has military connections.
      The boss a lady with tussled greyish silver hair and glasses with thin frames, enters and makes her way towards where I am.
      I wake up Oo.

      The glass which is a dream sign, I think maybe relates to feeling fearful of exposing my true self to the world

      Also I am about to go on holiday, so maybe why the travel agents
      Tags: boss, glass, office, parts
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Money Worries

      by , 05-24-2016 at 07:47 PM
      D1 - I have no idea, there is some kind of big ominous robot, quite smooth and grey and green, it is backlight so pretty dark. Either side are duplicates that are half size. There is some significance to all this and of course it all seemed important in the dream lol.

      D2 - Queueing with a load of kids, also a woman with a buggy and baby inside. We are waiting for some kind of rations.
      I am feeling worried. The queue is super slow, it seems we will be waiting a long time. Everyone is acting like its an everyday happening.

      D3 - Some guy has come into my mum and dad's garden, wandered in (this actually used to happen lol). I am busy talking urgently to someone and so do not have the time to talk. My friend gives him the low down on the best file compression algorithum for using on his mac.

      D4 - I am in the back of someones yard, it is a real mess. I am doing gardening to make some extra money, I am quite happy till it hits me that this money will not be enough.
      I go taking people on tours of london, even a Harry Potter tour but again I get little money. I try to find out how to encourage more people on my tour and am busy learning my lines, and reading up on places of interest.
      I am frustracted and worried.
    4. Aarry Potter

      by , 05-15-2016 at 01:27 PM
      D1 - Harry potter and Hermione are doing a tour, recounting to people their story, but it seems like an endless tour.
      Repeating the same droning speeches over and over, Herminone is gettomg wprn out, she is wearing a lovely velvet jacket in light blue and matching hat, her hair hangs in ringlets she is mostly asleep.

      D2 - I am in a darkened room, light comes in from underneath one blind. I am waiting for an email from someone but keep only receiving ones I don't want.
    5. I dream a dream

      by , 04-26-2016 at 06:24 PM
      I dreamt I was dreaming about a certain person i cant get out of my mind (not that id want too lol)
      In the dream I was exstatic about her being in my dream again, I was telling people how I had perfected the technique.
      And the I was refering to a piece of paper for method of induction.
      There was as always music involved, playing.

      A dreamy dream lolz

      woke up in the night blissed out but by morning just smiley,
      rest of day smiley too LMAO!!

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      Tags: loop, love, lucid, music
      dream fragment , non-lucid , memorable
    6. Beating myself up

      by , 04-21-2016 at 07:43 PM
      D1 - I was writing a letter in an agreed code to the love of my life. I was communicating in the way we had agreed in a language only we understood. I was working away when somebody started nosing asking me what I was doing. Then there was someone else sending a letter, too her, a normal letter. I got annoyed that they were sending her things and started to question whether I was right or not.

      D2 - Some dark dream about large enemies in a dark inky watery world. A struggle for survival, repeated over and over.

      D3- At work I am feeling the emotions carried over from the previous two dreams, I am distraught, feeling too many emotions, saddness, anger and hopelessness all overcoming me. A boy is goading me and even though I know I will lose my job I chase after him, meaning to hurt him, I gets some steel prongs and catch up with him on a stairwell. We struggle and I hit him, bubbling over with anger. I hit him again aiming to kill him though at the same time not wanting too. He just looks at me strangely not retaliating.
      A teacher is coming and I know they will put me in prison.
      I know then that I am dreaming and change the prongs into broken peices of a plastic spade, harmless. They can harm no one any more.

      I realise the boy of course is me, when I was younger
      who I blame for the mess I am in now
      although he obviously intended no harm

      The dark world is the world I have been living in I think.
      just fighting for survival.
      I walk out of that dream into a calm place on a seashore, I sit feeling the calm and peace wash over me.

      I think I know the first dream too but it is a bit to personal and near the bone right now.

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      lucid , non-lucid , nightmare , dream fragment
    7. Medieval cross over

      by , 04-01-2016 at 03:32 PM
      D1 - At work trying to teach kids missing number problems ad nauseam
      usual dream sign of doing something over and over till I find a solution

      D2 - Staying in an impressive chateaux, of great white stone, big as a castle. I am looking out and an enourmous sunlight courtyard and above a great stone bridge between the two sections of chateaux. It is late evening and the owners of the property start to troop in, wearing all their finery.
      The men are suited in Louie 14th style foppish wigs and silk jackets, whilst the women wear silk gowns bared to expose their breasts.
      My eyes are drawn to their pink nipples Oo lol.

      D3 - At work I am caught by my boss on the way through a large room, staff room ? There are many chairs around with people lounging about drinking coffee and banter is flowing.
      He asks me to edit Elf the movie as he wants to use it for this years xmas story (omg I only just realised xmas is one of my dream signs).
      I agree under duress, I have the weekend to complete the task.
      At home I have forgotten about the task, and in a slight panic rush to complete the task.
      I find as I am editing that their is subplot after subplot appearing like russian dolls within the scenario, in exasperation I exclaim how on earth did he think I could do this.
      As I am finding the subplot they turn into a dream world of their own and I am inside the film. A medieval story of knights and beggars ensues.
    8. Pleiades Puzzler

      by , 03-25-2016 at 07:49 PM
      D1 - dual world. When I travel at night down my parents garden I find a mirror world. With different parents etc.
      I have a dinner with them
      D2 - Working in a house/office people start to bug me at counter, I give them blue ID cards.
      D3 - Searching for a house to buy in unpopular part of London, long commute.

      D4 - Sentence ending is missing in another language. I work out it is Pleiades, in the dream it means happiness.
      I don't remember its waking state meaning.
      It imagine the Ankh sign becoming like a fish with its arms down swimming up my chakras. Then it takes normal form
      balancing between my third eye.

      I awake very serence and spaced out. Very peaceful
    9. Universe calling reverlation time

      by , 02-22-2016 at 07:13 PM
      D1 - Someone repeatedly tried to copy my super powers. I thought they were crazy as they were doing it all wrong
      It was a beautiful woman standing infront of a cresent moon, the moon had a yellow light on it.
      She tried seven times making a low tonal sounds. On the last attempt she succeeded.

      D2 - On holiday heading back with luggage to a car park, car was gone had to hike up a trail to another car park, feeling lost.

      D3 - Going out, on way down the stairs, look in on Sam to see if he wants to come. He is already heading out with a new mate, I feel lost again, and look for an old coat reminscent of past times.

      After dream one.
      My mind is contemplating dream meaning, one syncronitiy after another coming to mind of recent times.
      Dream meaning comes to me with an accompaning strong physical sensation.
      Meaning was that not only do opposites change into each other but other elementary forces can interchange,
      such as love becomes fear, fear of losing control changes into pure love.

      I felt a burning heat that moved like larva in a tight stream up my chest. At the same time the world seem to flip between waking and dream state, with everything in waking state appearing as a dream sign and sync. My mind was a total rush, as everything seemed to become clear for a moment.
      It subsided and the sensations remained for about an hour.
    10. Time travel with a difference

      by , 01-22-2016 at 06:55 PM
      D1 - I find out why I have been falling in love with the same red haired person through time.
      I meet Matt Smith and Karen Gillan , and here is the synch
      adidas wrote-tumblr_ne194k2u8z1tmmag1o1_5002.jpg

      Anyway best thing is, is the time machine is a train. We travel and tracks through space and time, on outside of train for some reason.
      Meeting past life red head, earlier red head this life time and later red head this life time. Which are all supposed to be same soul
      Anyhow was cool.

      D2 - Brother and ex-wife are in some kind of limbo, with 2 years not knowing what to do or where to live. They visit a warehouse with lots of boxes with special coding on them. I figure out how it works but can see no point for such a system as they have next to no stock.

      D3 - Horse riding competiton. Our side is very confident but are tricked due to this. Our last hope is a good rider, he jumps and swings himself onto the horses back much as a gymnast onto the parallel bars. But we are still tricked it seems.
    11. Wavey

      by , 01-20-2016 at 06:36 PM
      Dreamt of Siren in her mermaid form, should I black wavey hair. We chatted and she was smiley and fine. Didn't punch me or anything.
      Tags: siren
      dream fragment
    12. Vampires on my stairs

      by , 01-12-2016 at 07:58 PM
      D1 - I am somewhere nice and sunny, its seems like it maybe morroco, the buildings are gray and there are lots of criss crossing tiny alley ways. A customer comes into my shop and I offer to give them some free stuff. I am trying to promote some cards i have made for children to collect. they look kind of strange but I have got into the idea and am quite hyped about it. He seems very happy.
      I go outside with my son (?) and try to find S I spy her around the corner through an archway, unfortunately my son has headed back the other way looking for her. I have a dilema whether to tell her quickly where we are or to rush back and find him before he gets lost :/

      D2 - I am making something in my parents kitchen, a weird concoction indeed. Seems like I have got pesto in there somewhere and what looks like some kind of thick pancakey thing, and other stuff Oo. My parents come into to the now darkened kitchen, I quickly hide the evidence as they serve up masses of food. As a child my parents were often quite frugal with food, waste not want not. So I feel guilty.

      D3 - Stuck in some other world, I try to escape but to no avail. I feel wrapped in a blanket of fog. I have to kowtow to the empress of the vampires. Oh well, my powers are no good here. I leave but am followed by her minions. I sit in my house but there are invisible vampires on the stairs, watching my every move.
    13. life aint no groak

      by , 01-10-2016 at 04:37 PM
      D1 - There was a creature that did not need human comforts, it moved out of the house where it had been as a human. It now lived in a hollowed out tree, surviving on things left on the tree floor. It was very cold and dark but it did not care. It just existed. Children came to the tree and it did not mind or pay them attention.
      It went to work and carried out its duties with minimal interaction with others their and was able to dupe them into thinking it was a human.
      The creature reminded me of the groak from the moomins.
      Which One Is Cuter?-groke_by_grokey_groke-d5v1oyt.jpg

      D2 - At college sitting outside with a group of others, a girl is tuning up her guitar. A string is broken. It is a steel length with barbs on it. I offer to fix it and use my powers to melt and then stretch it back to normal.

      D3 - Taking my daughter (when little) to a cinema to see a film. The cinema is on two floors and is very stark, qrey concrete walls. I buy tickets only to find the picture is not on, as the projector is not working. People are occupying themselves by eating in an upstairs resteraunt or drawing on the large screen with is not in use.
      Eventually the film is back on but it is not the right film, no one cares as it is a children's film and pretty much the same. But I know my daughter will care and try to get a refund. I cannot however find my receipt or remember if I did infact purchase a ticket.

      D4 - Some of the college students from the earlier dream are having a car race, the car is multicoloured with slogans all over it, mostly green thougth. We are in last place with the other cars infront bunched up. I use my powers to fix the car in time to speed ahead and win at the last moment.
      In the student bar after their is a guy who was on the other team. I am concerned he will pick a fight with our team leader, so I invite him to sit with me at a table, away from the others. I then will be able to use my powers on him if he tries anything.
      I ask fi who is there if she will hold my hand, I use my powers and when we hold hands it does a glowy red thing.

      I feel I have been living a life with no joy. Fairly bleak like the groak.
    14. Lifes waiting room

      by , 01-07-2016 at 07:03 PM
      I spent multiple dreams stuck in the same queue in an airport. maybe things are about to take off?
      Tags: airport, holiday
      dream fragment
    15. Mysterious symbolism

      by , 12-30-2015 at 11:46 AM
      D1 - Again an array of spherical objects appearing in my dream, each one a unique combination to be manipulated and changed to try and create the best possible combination. Now being used for something else. I have to perform sex in some specific position, I guess fits previous theme.
      [Maybe to do with chakra alignment or something, idk, or unlocking something hidden]

      D2 - Was in school then escape to a very muddy and grassy area where kids are in groups, some on high mounds some lower down. We are escaping/being chased. We warn others of oncoming zombie apocalypse and plan out where its best to seek shelter/acquire food and weapons. Then I decide that maybe I don't really need to do that, I could just be friendly. Dream abruptly is kind of short circuited and stops.
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