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    1. At sea or at home

      by , 06-14-2016 at 05:28 PM
      D1 - In a large dinning area with lots of tables with white cloth on with a few people around. The hall was L-shaped with double doors at one end. All the food seemed to be horrible seafood, grey looking creatures. My daughter and I didn't know what to do as they're was nothing palatable to eat. Feeling nausea

      D2 - In an apartment feeling calm and peaceful, a warm feeling of tranquility washing over me. There are square windows without frames, it looks like a place I used to live. It is early morning but I am not rushing, I am laughing about something with a friend.
      I lay in bed and look at an ipad, it has a function to encode the video I am watching from Irish to English, I laugh at the absuditiy of it, as the people only had a sligh accent LOL.

      I realise I haven't felt like I have a home for a long time. Not having anywhere to call home is not a nice feeling, hence the nausea.
      Tags: home, peace, sea sick
      non-lucid , memorable