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    Q&A explained

    , 02-20-2020 at 05:00 AM (146 Views)
    So I was cautiously avoiding a flood when a mysterious girl confronted me saying I must have cheated. But thatís obviously not the case. Regardless she still claims she has all the answers. I ask and She basically responds, trivially p doesnít equal np, Abby was a free spirit who had a different route from me, Fhanz is fueled by revenge and Virsieras is my perfect model.

    The first could be an answer to real life. The second is obvious. For the third, it could be said that Iíd given up on revenge for Abby and he resolves the conflict between my rational and emotional sides by connecting together and ďavengeĒ instead by having better relations especially with family. And finally Virsieras could be modeled after my friend Liz who has only appeared in one dream herself. This means I should be more ambitious.

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