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    I Need More Nights Like This

    by , 11-18-2012 at 02:01 PM (426 Views)
    #1 - Maybe Some Post-Apocalyptic Future? [Non-Lucid]

    The first memories of this dream are very patchy. What I remember is that there were lots of these robots that looked like they were designed to be piloted by people for combat. They had the typical dwarfish body with a big round cockpit head design. However, when you actually got inside, through an opening in the top, there was a huge lair inside each one. Some of this dream took place in first person and some in third person, but apparently I was this girl who was just a little bit creepy-looking and sort of lanky, and my face was divided in half with colors so that (I believe) the left side of my face was my normal skin and hair color and the right had pale white skin and light navy blue hair. My hair was also much straighter than it actually is. Though I don't quite remember the experience (though I suppose this whole dream could pretty much count), I also recall taking like eight hits of LSD and almost snorting a line of MDMA, but then I got distracted. The clearest part of my memory comes in when I'm walking around an apartment complex looking for this huge drill vehicle I guess one of my friends was supposed to be at, and when I finally found it I started talking to them (I want to say it was a girl). They were shocked because I had aged more than them, and I explained that it was because I spent so much time in a combat robot lair and time moves faster in there. I think there was a little bit more to that, but... that's about where the vividness fades out, and I wake up.

    #2 - Dream Fragment [Non-Lucid]

    Something about having a big dinner with my parents and Linkzelda or something like that, I remember seeing them both separately but not really any other details.

    #3 - Dream Fragment [Non-Lucid]

    My friend N (who is not on DV) and I were arguing against some posts on DV, and all I remember is that the subject was blue and white suits, either for skydiving or skiing, and a claim that you have to do ridiculous things just to be noticed in this world.

    #4 - Dream Fragment [Non-Lucid]

    Just a direct quote from my notes for this one, it's hard to really remember it now. "Talking to Auron about how DV doesn't cater enough to people who want to improve their bodies through 3D models? Or something like that...." >.>

    #5 - Creepy Thoughts [Non-Lucid]

    I was visiting S in a house he was renting the top floor of, and I believe he was renting it with a roommate. The house was gigantic and I didn't even really get to see most of it, but I did end up sleeping over either on a cot or in a sleeping bag or something in a room I had to myself. There was a window in the room with a clear view of another house across the street, though with where I felt I was in the house and the size of the house I'm not entirely sure this view made much sense. Regardless, I could see the other house's balcony, and that got me thinking about the fact that if someone was out there I'd be able to see them clearly and they wouldn't notice me at all, and that just made me think about how often people must just people watch us for various reasons that we never even realize. And that's about where the dream ended.

    #6 - Fight In The Gym [Non-Lucid]

    I was with this guy I used to hang out with, JB, and we were at a school function or something with lots of other people. I want to say we were in a gym with a stage on it, and we were pretty close to the stage at first. Out of nowhere these two guys sort of near us started fighting, and along with the rest of the crowd we got pushed into one of the back corners of the room, and most of us sat down. I was literally there in the corner myself, everyone was packed in pretty tight and there was a guy in front of me and a girl to my right that were wedging me in there. I actually felt completely trapped because they were pushing tight but there was no discomfort of any sort, so it felt really nice. >w< Someone tries to take a couple good pictures of the group after those guys randomly stopped fighting and then ML, this girl I knew in high school, is saying something when her mouth starts growing gigantic and rotating sideways. >_> My memory starts getting a little hazy at this point, and then I wake up.

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