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    A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure

    Nov 3 2013

    by , 11-03-2013 at 05:54 PM (440 Views)
    Recall was a bit iffy today. I think it was because I was too lazy to write down my dreams as soon as I woke up...

    0100 - Something about fish?
    0240 - There's a forum type website where they implemented a feature about sleep or dreaming. Some of the members commented on it and tested it and they added some of their suggestions to the features as well.

    After waking up the second time, I tried to WILD but couldn't relax enough. Then I tried to just go to sleep, but I couldn't. :/ I stayed like this until I finally managed to WILD for a few minutes. It felt like my body was either floating up or sinking down.

    0443 - As always, started in my bedroom. The bed was bigger than usual, and the room seemed emptier. My brother E was there, saying something or smirking (or both). I was lucid from the start, so I told my brother to get out of my room. I then turned to my balcony doors. I could see that the side railings were there, but not the balcony itself. That convinced me that I was dreaming (you can never be too sure). I'm unsure how I stabilized, but it was probably by saying "stability now" and "clarity now" like last time. This dream was definitely more vivid and real than the last two.

    I leapt out of the balcony opening and tried to fly. It was wobbly and hard to control at first, but I managed. I flew for a while and the ground underneath me turned into a green landscape with trees and lakes and grass. I flew over a big lake and over/through some trees, and I saw them vividly. I then landed and tried to create fire, but nothing happened (I tried imagining the crackling of the fire and it winding around my arm, but nothing worked). I also talked to a random guy who was sitting on the grass. At some point during the dream I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom but since I was actually in bed, I didn't risk it. I eventually lost control and the dream turned into something parodying the opening of "the Suite Life of Zack and Cody" where I was the character the camera was following. As I approached another DC, however, I suddenly became aware of my body back in bed, and I woke up.

    Tried WILD from 0633; eventually just slept from 9 to 11 (yikes!)

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