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    006: Saturday 11 3 2017

    by , 05-20-2018 at 02:39 AM (311 Views)
    I dreamt I was in this large story, where I was called upon by a mole-person named "Unbo" who was a friend of the moon princess, Kaguya,
    (who had become a freedom-fighter against the tyrannical rule of the moon king) to find another old friend of hers
    (who I think was called "Tsukuji") who aided her in a great adventure previously.

    After wandering around for a bit in the previous section of my dream, I saw Unbo rooting around in a orange car, (which for some reason I know was Tsukuji's), fiddling with locks. He then told be that I was "Just in time" and explained the situation to me before giving me some "gold",
    (actually just some copper coins which looked like updated tomimotosen in different shapes & sizes) which appeared to be from the car.
    We then set off to find Tsukuji, which after a bit more telepathic exposition from Kaguya herself about how the moon-king is oppressing the people of the moon, we find him in a local hospital where he is bedridden and sick with some form of what I believe to
    be some form of septicemic stroke (he had an IV drip, along with
    an overly docile demean as well as memory issues). Kaguya teleported in and had a conversation with Tsukuji about how good their previous adventure was and how they bested the generals of the moon-king, and that they needed his help again to beat back the threat of the moon-king. I also gave him the 'gold' from earlier. I saw flashes of someone out of the window, then all of a sudden, Kaguya told us to "Get down!", a ginormous flash of fire came out from nowhere. After picking myself up, I saw the cause of the
    incendiary explosion. It was "Jirath", one of the moon-king's generals, who was now standing in the room with us. (Jirath's general appearance & demeanor could be best described as a cross between Akira Otoishi from Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Part 4 &
    Groose from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword). After losing to him the first time, and restarting like a videogame, I eventually bested him
    with the power of my voice. After going outside with a miraculously healed Tsukuji, we encountered "Leann", the next general, who commanded a crab, and was generally water themed.

    Rather unfortunately the dream ended here, with me reading a wiki with all the cool powers I could have gotten, like the "Drastic Teleportation
    Arm" which looked like some lotus flower and the "Machine Arm", which was a Mega-man-like armcannon.

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