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    BloodSand's Dream Journal


    by , 03-10-2013 at 11:05 PM (923 Views)
    A lot of details lost in this dream:

    I think I was at a mall. I remember at first there was some kind of out break of small monsters. At some point they were taken care of, I don't remember how. I find that my strength and speed are severely enhanced. At some point I come across this woman, I feel a mutual attraction between us. She attacks me, she's much stronger. She sends me flying back, I run back at her, while on two legs the front of my body still in front of my just a few inches from the ground. I put my arms out to my sides and run blades across the floor, but I don't have blades, it's just my finger tips. I come back on her and give her a good show of strength, my right hand no longer blade like I phase through her attacking at the heart, she knocks my arm out of her before I can get at her heart. She has her hand in me, her fingers phasing through my heart, a simple thing to kill me at that point. I look her in the eyes and we both smile. I ask if I at least put up a good fight. She removes her hand from my chest.

    During half of the fight it was as if I almost saw simultaneous images of our self's in the same place, the set I didn't quite see were bigger and had a different shape. We come to some large double doors, a man opens it. The same simultaneous image thing is going on with him as well, but the image I don't quite see is much bigger then the us I didn't quite see. He ask us something. We come in at some point. There are more like us around, two groups, we head over to the smaller group. Each group encircles a regular person, they both seem scared. The simultaneous images of those of us who aren't the two regular people start to switch, we were all changing.

    Me and the woman run off from this new group. I'm still more aware of the human simultaneous image of us both. We seem to both have the idea of sex, but both filled with hunger and blood thirst. Although I remember the group we left with the normal people they had cornered, I suggest we find some rodents or something first so that neither of us kill each other after our more intimate encounter. We run around at high speeds through the building looking for something non-human to eat. It occurs to me that inside the building might not be the best place to search. We needed to go outside.

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    1. gab's Avatar
      Still, pretty good recall