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    BloodSand's Dream Journal


    by , 08-22-2016 at 07:01 PM (227 Views)
    I had traveled back in time 2 years and I was supposed to take some magic class at this school. I think I was their to change the outcome of some events but I didn't know the details. My being there was apparently known to be enough. The plan was to return to the present once I knew enough magic to do so. At some point in this school everyone seemed to be a little freaked out and the friends I had made said we should get out of the building. So I agreed to leave with them. Someone had jammed a door closed with a soda bottle with a teacher locked inside, so I removed the bottle before leaving.
    I find myself outside at some sort of event. A lot of private homes doing their own thing. I end up at some house with a little girl who asked if I'd like to see their Jackalopes. I say sure I'll take a look at them. She takes me out back and shows me these huge freaken rabbits or maybe hares. They are about 1 and a half feet long and no antlers. I'm actually a bit scared of them and try to keep them away from me. The girls picks one up and says they are fine,but a rabbit irritated at me trying to shoo it away ends up chasing me on top of a car. At this point it's smaller and faster and maybe it turned into a weasel or something. I wait for it to pop up again holding a brick to bash it with.
    I know there was a third act to this dream, but by the time I got down the first two parts I forgot the last parts details.
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