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    4th DJ-Attempt

    Day 5 - Aut Comp 2023 / 05.09

    by , 09-06-2023 at 05:04 PM (127 Views)
    Fragment 1

    Ö/Iím heading to the end of a low illuminated dark brown corridor with dark green doors on the sides. In stead of a wall at the end, thereís a section of a conveyor belt crossing the way from left to right. The corridor is 3 plates of the conveyor belt bright. This part of the corridor is better illuminated with white lights above the machinery.
    There are old but well preserved hard cover brown books on each plate and Iím filling the plates with more books to get piles of three books on each plate while the conveyor moves on. I finish to set the piles and turn to do something else to my left. Looks like Iím very concentrated in some task at work/Ö

    I woke up remembering these scene, and wondered if I should consider it as a theme related fragment for the competition, since such books can often be found in libraries. They might come from one, same as they might go there. One way or another must point into that direction. Anyway, Iím constantly handling the main components of a library although Iím not aware of that during the dream. So I think it could score for that. Working with basic components of a library. I could use these books and the conveyor belt under dream control circumstances, to get straight into a library. May be jumping on one of the plates

    Then I considered to give it one more try and started to think about the fragment I remembered and fell asleep somewhere in the process

    Fragment 2

    Ö/Iím again in the corridor next to the conveyor belt. The sequence unfolds the same until I start to arrange more objects on the first books. This time I see what Iím arranging on them arenít other books, itís my folded clothing. And think: ďSo, they werenít all books, there were my clothes as wellĒ and put my pants on the old book to see it disappear to my right carried by the conveyor belt/Ö
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