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    1. Winter Competition 12.6.2022

      by , 12-07-2022 at 01:01 AM
      WBTB about 3:30am

      Grandparentsí House Dream

      At my grandparentsí old house. My mother and brother are there. We have to clean up some things, apparently. My Mom makes me go into the living room to pick up some things, but she and my brother disappear. Meanwhile, a big truck comes along and lowers a small crane thing into the living room through the ceiling somehow. This is to attach large items to so that they can hoist them out. It seems as though we are moving. I get kind of annoyed that I have to do all this work while my Mother and Brother are not helping. I go looking for them, but canít find them (I think, anyway. There was another piece of this or another dream involving my grandfather. We had heard a loud crashing sound from the garage while my grandmother and grandfather were returning from somewhere. My grandmother came into the house, but my grandfather had not yet come in. After a little bit, I get kind of worried and go out to the garage to look for him. I look around, but canít find him. This incident and the part where Iím looking for my mother and brother seem to be a little mixed up in my memory Ė they might even have been the same thing). My mother and brother come back after a while, and wonít say where they have been. They seem a little smug, in my opinion. Then I hear them talking about ďputting a sign upĒ or something like that, inviting people to come and take things. I get the idea that it was a storage unit, and think that it was probably my grandmotherís storage unit that they went to. They must be clearing it out, without even seeing if I wanted anything first!

      (At this point, things are a bit muddled. I might have run out trying to get to the storage unit before it was cleared out. But there is another dream episode that I remember that feels like it started to pick up here. And some of this might even have been more than one other dream. For the sake of the competition though, Iíll count the following part as the same dream.)

      There is a box on a shelf nearby, which contains a copy of the Myst computer game (or maybe even Myst itself). It makes sounds, and I think someone might want to take it. I might grab it or something to take it away and hide it. Then (?) I go out into the garage. There is some medieval/Middle Earth like thing going on. A villainous ruler, or something, wants to poison (?) a hero. There is supposed to be someone working to prevent this, but in the end the vial of liquid (which was vital to preventing the poisoning) is broken...

      Running and Hiding

      My brother and I are walking down a road. We pass a mentally ill woman who is dragging two soft drink cans behind her on strings. She gives these to me, and I start dragging them. My brother and I talk about this, and he doesnít think I should be dragging these things for her. I decide to leave the strings on a road sign nearby (although my attempt to wrap the strings around the post fails and they just fall off). I still have one or two of the cans, which I end up just tossing into the ditch. Then the dream becomes a situation in which my brother and I are trying to hide from this woman, who is following us. We go off into the countryside, and Iím concerned that the woman will be able to track us. My brother doesnít think thatís likely, but Iím still a bit concerned. I duck down behind some shrubbery to hide, and then get back up and keep going. Now it seems that Iím alone, pulling two wagons through the woods. I pull them over a fallen tree, but then come across a tree that is laying across the path and is too high to pull the wagons over. I look around, and find a path to the right where I think I can get the wagons through one at a time. I pull the first one through and park it near a road on the other side of the obstruction. Then I go back for the other one, but as I do so I notice that there are people around. I feel the need to hide from them, and the woods are sparse where I am now. I try to duck behind a tree, and end up jumping down on the ground to try to hide myself. Two kids come along, and eventually spot me. It turns out that Iím just playing some kind of game, or at least thatís what I tell them. Now they have blown my cover though.


      (1) Something about Sherlock Holmes (I think this was a longer dream, but I donít remember much of it now)

      (2) A Bible school activity, or something, involving mud and shaving cream. I want to participate, but end up just having to watch remotely through some kind of screen.

      (3) Fighting (?) in some woods. Also a game-like map. There are sticks (we fight with the sticks?) Kind of LOTR fantasy-like in a way. I donít really see the map, but as I move from place to place there are descriptions of what it is like at each place. One spot is a swamp, I think. Another spot is an elevator.

      (4) Swinging on a rope, or a vine, or something. I swing out over a hillside and recognize the place below me. I feel kind of triumphant that I recognize the place, almost like I know itís a dream on some level and am glad that I identified the location. I then walk along the ground a bit, trying to make my way to the top of the hill without getting too close to people or their houses. Apparently this is earlier on in the pandemic, and people might be afraid that if I even walk near their house I might spread Covid to them. I try to stay near the river at the bottom of the hill, but it seems to be difficult to avoid getting close to houses.

      (5) At my grandparentsí old house. Iím on a laptop checking out Dreamviews. Meanwhile, someone on the other side of the room starts a live stream of himself through Dreamviews. I start to say something in response to the live stream, and my voice comes through the speaker of my laptop and I think there might be a bit of feedback. I realize that they guy on the other side of the room is one of the other Dreamviews members. Thatís kind of exciting. I go and introduce myself as cedwards105. He introduces himself too, but his username was something difficult to remember with a bunch of numbers and/or letters in it. He seems to be a heavier built man, with a kind of purplish scarf/beard thing around his neck.

      I think I had a near WILD experience at one point. The hypnogogia was quite vivid, and I still seemed to be pretty lucid. I was looking at some words and trying to see if I could read them, but the letters kept changing on me. It might have even been a dream by this point, but I just don't know for sure.