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    1. Winter Competition, 12.2.2022

      by , 12-02-2022 at 10:00 PM
      Killer Whales

      Walking along a beach. There are lots of people around, apparently getting ready for a festival. It is like a regatta, with lots of boats, but apparently there are killer whales involved. I think the boats are going out to fish for the whales, or something. There is a ring of buoys marking off an area near the shore, beyond which are the boats, I think. I wonder if the buoys are marking off a safe place for people to swim. People are out in the water, some of them swimming after the boats. I think to myself that I wouldnít want to be out there among the killer whales...

      I feel like the following was a separate dream from "Killer Whales", but since I'm not sure and the setting is similar I will only count this as one dream for the competition.

      Walking along a beach with my brother. We are in Florida, or some place. We are also naked. There might be more than the two of us. There is something about the sand Ė I might be noticing how nice the sand feels on my feet or something. We come across a rock outcropping that we start to climb. Some other people are walking along the beach, and I hope to climb far enough up that they wonít notice that Iím naked. I get up to a high spot, but then get kind of nervous about being up so high and climb down a little. The dream transitions into a third person account of people on a climbing trip. They are climbing back down, but in order to do so properly they are supposed to trust their guide to lift them part of the way down. The rock outcropping seems more like a house at this point.

      Aunt Jís

      At Aunt Jís. My family is there. This might have been related to an earlier part in which Iím with the family in a hotel (for the sake of this account Iíll assume that it was). We are in this hotel place, at breakfast. The family is sitting around the table, and I go to get some food. There is also some coffee available, in carafes in a separate nook...At some point I decide to walk over to my cousinís house. At about the same time as I walk in, she comes in another door. I think she might be a little disturbed to find me prowling around the house while she was gone, so I explain that I just walked in. After a bit of talking, I learn that her three dogs (which she doesnít have in waking life) have gone missing. We arenít too worried, it just seems like they went outside and havenít come back yet. We go out and I think I call for the dogs. At this point, either her dogs come back or someone elseís dog comes running in. There is something about the dog seeming vicious, but me trying to get along with it. Then the dream changes into a couple of people including myself carrying heavy doors into a garage. Two of them carry a set of two doors, and I carry one by myself, playfully bragging about being able to do it on my own. I think one of the other two people is my brother, who makes some kind of retort.

      At Aunt Jís, I think. I go upstairs to use the bathroom. For some reason Iím there for longer than I want to be Ė I think people have come back from somewhere and Iím concerned about seeming to be in the bathroom so long (or something). Anyway, I go to get dressed and go downstairs. There is a bit of trouble standing up somehow, involving pulling myself up by a railing and getting urine on a towel or something. Then when I pull my pants up and start going downstairs I find that I had a large bag of loose-leaf tea in my pants that has ripped open. The tea leaves are spilling out and making a mess, further delaying me from going downstairs to see the people who have come along.

      At some point a girl I know is talking about coming back to the other place with us to spend the night.

      Not sure if this was the same dream or a different dream:

      At Aunt Jís? There is a device that someone (my grandfather?) is using to siphon water into a jar for me to take with me when I go somewhere. They fill the jar with water, and another jar (at least, another jar comes from somewhere). We put these into a plastic bag along with some other items, and now I have the challenge of carrying the bag without spilling the water.

      Restroom privacy issues

      Going to a public restroom. Iím in one stall, but people keep coming into the restroom and for some reason that bothers me so I decide to find a different stall. There is one a couple of stalls down. I walk into this one. It is fairly large. At first I notice a mannequin set up inside the door, which is positioned so that itís staring at the toilet. I guess thatís OK. But then I notice that there is a security guard sitting next to the toilet, along with a kid (his son, I think). I donít really want these people watching me while I use the toilet, so I give up.


      A chipmunk or a small squirrel in my kitchen.