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    1. Competition Night 3

      by , 06-04-2023 at 10:25 PM

      Backrooms (1 point)

      I donít know where the first part belongs, but I feel as though it might go along with this dream. Iíll put it here and count this as one dream:

      ...Possibly being chased. I might be with someone else, and we get into an elevator. I need to go to the 6th floor, but push a few other buttons by mistake first...

      ...Walking through the University. I open a door that leads to a hallway. It doesnít look familiar, and actually it looks to me like something from the Backrooms. The hallway is long, painted yellow, and doesnít have any doors or openings on either side until the opposite end. As I walk down, I can see that it opens into a larger space, sort of like the upper floor of a mall. It kind of looks like there are stairs or an escalator leading down, and those backless "bench" things that they put in places like that. I start thinking about Entities, and decide to go back. Heading back to the door, I imagine something coming after me, and when I get to the other side and shut the door I imagine taking out a gun and pointing it at the door. I either imagine something coming through at this point, or something actually does, and I shoot it/them (or imagine that I do)...

      Carp Fishing (1 point)

      People are fishing along the bank of some body of water. There is a big splashing, and someone starts reeling in a large fish. ďItís probably a carpĒ, someone says, and sure enough it is. Itís about 3 or 4 feet long, at least. The other two people fishing (one of them is me now) also have large carps on their lines. I see one of the other two guys get the hook out of his fishís mouth. Looking at mine, it appears that the hook has caught on a gill or something. Looking closer, it appears that the hook is actually deep in the fishís stomach, with some line in there too. My Dad is there, and we donít think we can get the hook out. We might just have to cut the line. I think we should kill the fish, since it would be cruel to make it live with a hook in its stomach.

      Too Many Fingers (1 point)

      In a parking lot in an area about 2 hours from where I am currently. Iím walking to my truck, trying to think of where I am, exactly. I donít really know for sure, but I speculate that it is the town of Martins Ferry. I look across the street, and there are a couple large-ish buildings. One of them is a pharmacy. For some reason, when I get to my vehicle I decide to do a reality check and count the fingers on my left hand. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8. That doesnít seem right. I try again, and this time I actually seem to have extra fingers. Awareness that this is a dream dawns on me as I either wake up or lose the dream (not sure I would count this as a lucid dream for the sake of the competition).


      (1) I go down to a room in a basement, above a lower level of the basement. It is kind of dark both places, but it seems to me that I should start cleaning up the one room by at least moving an empty bookcase downstairs. (0.5 points)

      (2) In a class. The instructor, Dr. A- is walking around the classroom holding a cookie in front of studentsí faces to show them something. As he holds it in front of me, I take a bite, thinking it would be funny. He doesnít seem to notice until he gets back to the front of the class. (0.5 points)

      (3) Some people are loading large bags of gold coins, either into or out of the back of a vehicle. They seem to be loaded or unloaded by a crane. I jokingly suggest that I should take one of the coins, since there are so many and nobody would notice. There might be some driving that happens after this...(0.5 points)