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    1. Summer Competition Night 9

      by , 06-10-2023 at 07:53 PM

      Bedtime around midnight, awake after 7 (from my notes it looks like I wrote 7:04, but my handwriting is a bit messy). Had had the following dreams:

      The Machinery Sound Hypothesis

      Walking along, and talking about noise. I say that at any given point in time, you can hear the sound of some machinery. At first I claim its a specific type of machinery sound, but then I just say its machinery. There is a screaming sound, which turns out to just be a kid playing somewhere. We walk under or next to some fans, and think about this machinery sound idea. There is something about boxes in our way. Something about walking around, and hoping to find some new place. I think that this is a new way of looking at things, and suggest that if we think about things in this way (the sound idea, or in different ways, perhaps) we might be able to find our way into a new dimension. Its like the story Flatland there may be other dimensions, we just dont see them. Maybe because we never look in that direction, being influenced by our surroundings and the chain of events...Then there is something about a little girl in the hospital. She has been in there a long time, and the machinery noises that she hears are from the hospital. It is part of her world. I feel a little bad, not sure if I was making fun of her...There is also something about someone wanting to do something romantic (for their parents?) and they hitch some machine up to an old buggy to make a sort of horse and buggy. Looking closer, it seems that it was this little girl in the hospital bed, and she hooked a motorized wheelchair or something up to the bed.

      Old House and Ice Cream

      In an old house. It might be my apartment, actually. Something about a piece of the old house stuck in a part of the newer infrastructure a furnace or something. Someone is interested in this piece of the old house. Thats in the basement. Upstairs, Im in the house I lived in a few years ago. At the top of the steps, I drip some water on the floor. I think I should wipe it up, and reflect on how Im glad that the floor is carpeted now so that I wont have to worry as much about someone slipping. As I wipe the floor, I also see that there is a broom covered with snow. It has made a mess, and is causing there to be a watery mess at the top of the stairs. I decide I should take it down to the basement. In the basement, I look for a place to put the broom. There is a little room that I take it to, where some other cleaning tool is, I think. There are also some people in the basement, and someone jokes about the broom and witches. There is also some joke about holding the broom by the proper end and not getting burnt by flames that shoot out of it, or something...There is also a scene that seems to take place around here in a restaurant/ice cream place. I tell someone that if I worked there I would constantly be sampling the ice cream out of the soft-serve ice cream dispenser...


      (1)...Talking with one of the girls that lives in the apartment next to me about why Im moving. I explain its because they want this to be undergraduate housing. She says that she would have expected them to tell her to move too, since she graduated a while ago...

      (2)...In the lab with my friend K. She pulls a bunch of hair off of her head, apparently having just cut it. She says something about having kids that will cut it anyway (?).

      (3)...Moving over a large drop-off. I feel like Im going to fall, and have a massive jerk-awake thing.

      After a cup of coffee and reading I went back to sleep. Woke up again at 10:30.

      More Machinery

      There is a game that combines multiple games like Monopoly and Risk, but its a computer game. Someone is doing something in one area (or property) and then jumps into a submarine, boat, or airplane and leaves for somewhere else. Then hes flying an airplane. It also converts into a land vehicle. There is a scene or two about trying to land somewhere, and then he brings it to rest on top of a moving machine. The machine is like a large tank, and looks a bit like something from Star Wars like an Imperial Walker, but without legs or a head. There is a woman with the man now. She might have grown up on the back of one of these things people were living on them, I guess? Anyway, something about her makes her resonate with the movements of the machine, and she will eventually start bouncing so much that it will alert the people inside to our presence. We/they think about what to do. She could hold on to the rails at the side. Someone says something to the leader like Its up to you to hold the troops, or something. He then suggests that he hold this woman. She is reluctant at first, being shy to be so close to him. But it seems to be the best course of action, so the two of them tie themselves to the top of the machine together...


      ...I stop at a bank, or maybe I buy something. Im given some money, one of the bills being a $2 bill. I get kind of excited at this, and the woman giving me the money then gives me a $3 bill. I get excited about this too, since $3 bills are even rarer than $2 bills. Then she hands me a picture of an elderly lady, as though its supposed to be something exciting too. I stare at the picture, trying to recognize it and not sure what to tell the woman. I dont seem to recognize the picture. There is a little picture of a MGM trophy below the picture (not sure what that is, but it made me think maybe this was an actress). It also seems to list her birth date as 1934...

      PBS, the Abominable Snow Monster, and Food

      We are watching a TV show. It is a special the third (or 100th?) episode or year of something. Something like the Muppets, Sesame Street, or Dr. Seuss. This episode is kind of odd a bunch of things from over the years put together. Its pretty funny, but at the end there is a more sentimental thing with designs that become (I think) an animation of a tree. Its so touching that I almost tear up. I suspect that this was the original ending to the show, and over the years they added more and more things. So this episode was mostly meant to be funny, but the ending was still touching because it was the original ending. This is PBS, I think. They are doing a special as part of a fundraiser. I mention how when I was growing up PBS was mostly telethons and Doo-Wop reunion concerts, and joke that they should make a fundraiser show about that...

      Then there is something about a Muppet-thing that looks like the Abominable Snow Monster from Rudolph. We notice how close the resemblance is, and wonder if that was a coincidence. Something about looking up at the Snow Monster from a certain angle makes it look especially similar. Except for the teeth, which are a little different. At this point, were out near a couple of houses. I think maybe they filmed the Abominable Snow Monster scenes on the porch railing of one of the houses, and then used the same footage for this other TV show. We hang around outside of this house, and then I see my brother and someone else have gone around and inside the house. They come out to the porch (or what looks like it was once the porch but has now been walled into a sort of kitchen). A lady is there, and they start cooking some food. My brother gets to squish a hot thing onto a griddle with a special tool, which looks fun to me. Then there are some pickle-like things. Eventually, we take these things to a table nearby and start eating. I take something off of what looks like a trellis/pergola, and then worry that that ruined the scenery.


      (4) In Hawaii. My Mom and I are there, and I get excited because I see a filming location from Hawaii 5-0.