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    1. Competition Night 11

      by , 06-12-2023 at 04:00 PM

      Pixie, Pixels, and Lucidity (Lucid)

      There is something going on where we are shooting bows and arrows. Someone (my Dad?) shoots a target from a long distance away. I try to do the same... There is something somewhere about a doll that looks like an attractive ďpixie-typeĒ girl. Someone wonders who she is, and she turns out to be someone elseís sister...Hanging out with Kane Pixels. In the dream, he is my friend. I think there is some girl with us. We are talking about liminal places, and the girl opens a portal into another world. I think we were also talking about writing (I donít remember what exactly, but thatís what my notes say Ė if Iím reading them properly. My handwriting is a bit messy again here). We go back outside to the parking lot, and Kane is looking for his truck, I think. This might remind me of one of my dreamsigns: looking for my truck. I count the fingers on my left hand as a reality check. At first I get 6 or 7. As I keep looking, I see a bunch of fingers on my left hand. I become lucid! I decide to look for some Dreamstone. I look around, and see a rock on the ground. It doesnít look like Dreamstone, but it is a stone, so I try eating it to see if it will do anything for my dreaming. I put it in my mouth, but am unable to chew it. The dream seemed fairly stable, but I think I lose it as we approach the vehicle we were headed towards.

      This might have been part of the same dream too, but Iím not certain:

      Something about being in an underground zoo-like place. There are cats and dogs in enclosures, and if you look at the back of a couple of the enclosures you can see a curving stairway that goes up somewhere. I wonder where these stairs go. On the way out, we go up another set of stairs. There are some kittens next to the door, and I pet them.

      Technical Difficulties

      Someone has a kind of remote-control device. It raises and lowers a platform, and I think is somehow useful in research. He gives it to me while he goes somewhere, but doesnít really explain how to use it. I go to my cousin and try to get him to explain it to me, but he doesnít seem to pay attention to me. I follow him a while, and eventually give up. I also carry some condiment from one place to another. Now Iím in charge of playing music for some event, and this remote-control device is how the music is played. I mess around with it trying to see how it works. Meanwhile, a girl shows up and requests a song. I tell her Iím having trouble playing music, but I will try to play it for her. I finally find the buttons to press that will bring up a place where I can enter a URL to stream music. I try to enter Spotify, but when I try typing it in, it brings up something else instead.
    2. Competition Night 10

      by , 06-12-2023 at 03:05 AM

      Mostly fragments from last night. I took some diphenhydramine (the generic form of Benadryl) to help me sleep and to take care of some allergies. I seemed to be rather knocked out, although Iíve done that before and still had decent dream time.


      (1) At a church. I want to avoid someone (maybe one of the pastors?). My cousin is another pastor at this church, and as I go around the building to one of the doors people start coming out, including my cousin. We greet each other. He has some beard or something going down to his chest...

      (2) Back at the house we lived in several years ago. I look out the window and see my nephew (who is 8) drive in in a red SUV. He gets to the corner of the house where the driveway turns to go behind the house, but gets stuck. I stand there watching while he gets out and tries to push the vehicle by himself. Then I think maybe I should at least try to help. We push the car into a garage that is now next to the car...

      (3) Something about a little girl falling down. Maybe hitting her head on the wall. I think I try to comfort her, or keep her from crying...

      (4) Something about tinkering inside of a computer. There are brackets to hold wires in place. I feel as though Servalan shows up around here somewhere...

      (5) My mother and perhaps other family member(s) are visiting the lab I work in. My mother says something about how it doesnít appear that my robot is very complex...

      (6) In a library. I go looking for a book. I might also feel a bit creeped out for some reason, as though Iím thinking of scary things and find myself there alone. I come across a service desk and some other people...
    3. Summer Competition Night 9

      by , 06-10-2023 at 07:53 PM

      Bedtime around midnight, awake after 7 (from my notes it looks like I wrote 7:04, but my handwriting is a bit messy). Had had the following dreams:

      The Machinery Sound Hypothesis

      Walking along, and talking about noise. I say that at any given point in time, you can hear the sound of some machinery. At first I claim itís a specific type of machinery sound, but then I just say itís machinery. There is a screaming sound, which turns out to just be a kid playing somewhere. We walk under or next to some fans, and think about this machinery sound idea. There is something about boxes in our way. Something about walking around, and hoping to find some new place. I think that this is a new way of looking at things, and suggest that if we think about things in this way (the sound idea, or in different ways, perhaps) we might be able to find our way into a new dimension. Itís like the story Flatland Ė there may be other dimensions, we just donít see them. Maybe because we never look in that direction, being influenced by our surroundings and the chain of events...Then there is something about a little girl in the hospital. She has been in there a long time, and the machinery noises that she hears are from the hospital. It is part of her world. I feel a little bad, not sure if I was making fun of her...There is also something about someone wanting to do something romantic (for their parents?) and they hitch some machine up to an old buggy to make a sort of horse and buggy. Looking closer, it seems that it was this little girl in the hospital bed, and she hooked a motorized wheelchair or something up to the bed.

      Old House and Ice Cream

      In an old house. It might be my apartment, actually. Something about a piece of the old house stuck in a part of the newer infrastructure Ė a furnace or something. Someone is interested in this piece of the old house. Thatís in the basement. Upstairs, Iím in the house I lived in a few years ago. At the top of the steps, I drip some water on the floor. I think I should wipe it up, and reflect on how Iím glad that the floor is carpeted now so that I wonít have to worry as much about someone slipping. As I wipe the floor, I also see that there is a broom covered with snow. It has made a mess, and is causing there to be a watery mess at the top of the stairs. I decide I should take it down to the basement. In the basement, I look for a place to put the broom. There is a little room that I take it to, where some other cleaning tool is, I think. There are also some people in the basement, and someone jokes about the broom and witches. There is also some joke about holding the broom by the proper end and not getting burnt by flames that shoot out of it, or something...There is also a scene that seems to take place around here in a restaurant/ice cream place. I tell someone that if I worked there I would constantly be sampling the ice cream out of the soft-serve ice cream dispenser...


      (1)...Talking with one of the girls that lives in the apartment next to me about why Iím moving. I explain itís because they want this to be undergraduate housing. She says that she would have expected them to tell her to move too, since she graduated a while ago...

      (2)...In the lab with my friend K. She pulls a bunch of hair off of her head, apparently having just cut it. She says something about having kids that will cut it anyway (?).

      (3)...Moving over a large drop-off. I feel like Iím going to fall, and have a massive ďjerk-awakeĒ thing.

      After a cup of coffee and reading I went back to sleep. Woke up again at 10:30.

      More Machinery

      There is a game that combines multiple games Ė like Monopoly and Risk, but itís a computer game. Someone is doing something in one area (or property) and then jumps into a submarine, boat, or airplane and leaves for somewhere else. Then heís flying an airplane. It also converts into a land vehicle. There is a scene or two about trying to land somewhere, and then he brings it to rest on top of a moving machine. The machine is like a large tank, and looks a bit like something from Star Wars Ė like an Imperial Walker, but without legs or a head. There is a woman with the man now. She might have grown up on the back of one of these things Ė people were living on them, I guess? Anyway, something about her makes her resonate with the movements of the machine, and she will eventually start bouncing so much that it will alert the people inside to our presence. We/they think about what to do. She could hold on to the rails at the side. Someone says something to the leader like ďItís up to you to hold the troopsĒ, or something. He then suggests that he hold this woman. She is reluctant at first, being shy to be so close to him. But it seems to be the best course of action, so the two of them tie themselves to the top of the machine together...


      ...I stop at a bank, or maybe I buy something. Iím given some money, one of the bills being a $2 bill. I get kind of excited at this, and the woman giving me the money then gives me a $3 bill. I get excited about this too, since $3 bills are even rarer than $2 bills. Then she hands me a picture of an elderly lady, as though itís supposed to be something exciting too. I stare at the picture, trying to recognize it and not sure what to tell the woman. I donít seem to recognize the picture. There is a little picture of a ďMGM trophyĒ below the picture (not sure what that is, but it made me think maybe this was an actress). It also seems to list her birth date as 1934...

      PBS, the Abominable Snow Monster, and Food

      We are watching a TV show. It is a special Ė the third (or 100th?) episode or year of something. Something like the Muppets, Sesame Street, or Dr. Seuss. This episode is kind of odd Ė a bunch of things from over the years put together. Itís pretty funny, but at the end there is a more sentimental thing with designs that become (I think) an animation of a tree. Itís so touching that I almost tear up. I suspect that this was the original ending to the show, and over the years they added more and more things. So this episode was mostly meant to be funny, but the ending was still touching because it was the original ending. This is PBS, I think. They are doing a special as part of a fundraiser. I mention how when I was growing up PBS was mostly telethons and ďDoo-WopĒ reunion concerts, and joke that they should make a fundraiser show about that...

      Then there is something about a Muppet-thing that looks like the Abominable Snow Monster from Rudolph. We notice how close the resemblance is, and wonder if that was a coincidence. Something about looking up at the Snow Monster from a certain angle makes it look especially similar. Except for the teeth, which are a little different. At this point, weíre out near a couple of houses. I think maybe they filmed the Abominable Snow Monster scenes on the porch railing of one of the houses, and then used the same footage for this other TV show. We hang around outside of this house, and then I see my brother and someone else have gone around and inside the house. They come out to the porch (or what looks like it was once the porch but has now been walled into a sort of kitchen). A lady is there, and they start cooking some food. My brother gets to squish a hot thing onto a griddle with a special tool, which looks fun to me. Then there are some pickle-like things. Eventually, we take these things to a table nearby and start eating. I take something off of what looks like a trellis/pergola, and then worry that that ruined the scenery.


      (4) In Hawaii. My Mom and I are there, and I get excited because I see a filming location from Hawaii 5-0.
    4. Summer Competition Night 8

      by , 06-09-2023 at 06:57 PM

      Bedtime 1:00am. Woke up around 3:40am and took notes on the following dreams:


      (1) Iím upstairs in a house. It is windy outside. Iím rummaging around, looking for a particular stuffed animal I think. Iím talking to the other stuffed animals as I do so...

      (2) Walking along the sidewalk in an old town. Itís dark, and the town is mostly empty and run-down. There is a noise like gunshots, and I go running around a corner to hide. Not because I actually think anyone is shooting at me, but because ďitís boring in this town and I might as well pretend that something is going onĒ. I then walk back the way I came and look for an open business that I can go into...

      (3) My Mom and I are sitting at a table (?) next to a wall. Someone drops a candy stick over the wall. I catch it, although I feel like my Mom needed it for something. Weíre using the candy sticks for something, and she needed a specific one. I sample it, and think it might be grape, which my mother didnít really want/need anyway...

      (4) Something about a palm tree up on a sort of ledge...

      Back to sleep. Woke up again and looked at the clock at 7:39am. Remembered the following dreams:


      It is Christmas, or Christmas Eve. My Dad is coming out, and Iím a bit worried that I didnít buy enough presents for everyone (especially my Dad Ė I feel like Iím one short). But surely I did buy enough, I just donít remember them all at the moment...right? Iím a bit nervous. I think my Dad arrives, and I go upstairs to wrap presents. I see that I have a couple things for him Ė a shirt that I just picked up being one of them. The presents are kind of boring, but at least I have three of them. When I wrap them, I notice that the wrapping paper is kind of transparent, which is disappointing. Then I realize that my mother has joined me in my room. I think she is gift wrapping also. I quickly try to hide the presents that I bought for her, but am worried that she saw them already. Then she leaves and I go back to wrapping, wondering if I should try to buy something else last-minute for her. Also, it turns out that R, a girl I know from the University, is coming. She and I had apparently gone out together a while back, and there is some ambiguity as to whether or not we are dating now. I donít really want to date her, I donít think. I think about buying something else for her last minute as well.

      These fragments might be part of the same dream:

      ...Outside, we have a garden. It is kind of weedy though. My parents are talking about something, maybe about the garden. Also, we have some chickens that are supposed to be laying eggs soon. My mother has been looking for eggs, but hasnít found any yet. I see a couple eggs next to the house. They are huge and long, and look more like squash than eggs. We take them inside...

      ...Doing something in the kitchen sink. Someone says something about having to have the stinky mugs there while cooking, or something. (There was a scene with tea or something, that might have happened around here). There is also something about the sink leaking (?), and my Mom finding out that that could do damage to the foundation of the house (?)...

      The Cowboy and the Inventor

      Petting a dog. It might be one of the dogs we had when I was younger. I tell her sheís a good dog. Then Iím reading a book. In this book, a man is walking back from somewhere at night. It is supposed to become a little scary, with him meeting a ghost. But as the story progresses it turns out a little differently than expected. There is a stage coach. What looks like a person made of energy floats out of the stage coach (mostly invisible to people, I think). It messes with people. In one scene, it opens a shed door, which almost falls on someone. A guy standing there points it out just in time for the person to either dodge it or to catch the door before it falls on him.

      It turns out that this is some scientific advancement, and the inventor is trying to show it off to people. There is a conversation in which some cowboy-type and the inventor (who is wearing a black outfit and a priestís collar) are discussing what might be going on. The inventor suggests that perhaps this whole thing is just someone trying to educate people. The cowboy disagrees Ė saying that whoever would do this kind of thing would be untrustworthy. Meanwhile, there is some gooey stuff in a creek below. The inventor decides it would be a good idea just to leave without revealing his invention. He gathers up the gooey stuff I think, and climbs back into the stagecoach with a woman. The cowboy then introduces himself as ďPee Pee Pee Pee Ho HoĒ. The inventor and the woman drive away, singing a song to a tune closely matching the Funky Chicken. The words are as follows:

      Pee Pee Pee Pee Ho Ho
      Pee Pee Pee Pee Ho Ho
      Pee Pee Pee Pee Ho Ho
      Pee Pee Pee Pee Ho Ho


      (5) Looking at houses, thinking to myself that some of them were built more recently than others. Something about the power lines...
    5. Competition Night 7

      by , 06-09-2023 at 02:21 AM

      Once again I jotted down some notes soon after I woke up, but didnít journal until about 9:00 this evening.


      ...Iím with someone, or some people. I do a reality check by pinching my nose and breathing. I can still breathe, but I seem to be busy or distracted at the moment and donít really focus on what Iím doing...

      Action and Andromeda

      ...With the crew of the Andromeda, or at least Tyr Anasazi. He makes some pun. I donít think itís all that funny, but I think I laugh politely. Then I make a pun:

      ďWhat do you get when you cross a Nietzschean and a Decapod? A perfect 10!Ē

      Tyr doesnít find it to be funny, but I thought it was rather clever myself.

      There is a scene in which someone is selling chocolate covered things. Strange things, I think. I drop a phone into the vat of chocolate, and then act as though Iím going to eat it. The joke here seems to be more about eating something without paying than eating a cell phone. I donít really do it, I donít think.

      There are some other scenes that Iím having trouble recalling at the moment. I seem to remember this dream being kind of enjoyable, or at least interesting. The following might have been part of it:

      We need Donald Trump for some reason. We want to convince him to help us. He seems to be off by himself, and may be reluctant to help us. I suggest that I be the one to talk to him, since Iím more of a conservative and I voted for him in 2016. I go to some construction, kind of like a large dam. There are stairs, and a skywalk, I think. Chains hanging down too, as though to work some machinery. Trump is out on the skywalk, and I rush up the stairs to try and get to him. However, I misjudge which floor he is on and end up on the wrong floor. Someone else gets to him though (Tyr?). I feel like there is something about someone being compared to a guardian angel, and perhaps Tyr is arguing with Trump that heís not a guardian angel.

      Hebrew and Cake

      I seem to be on a couch, talking with someone online, or watching something online, in Hebrew. I try to write comments in Hebrew, but I donít really understand what Iím saying. I copy and paste a phrase that I typed into a Hebrew-English translator online to see if I might have said something inappropriate...There is something about evangelism in the Middle East, or South Asia. There is a map showing where Christianity has spread. I seem to have a job doing something with the line on the map, expanding it northward. Maybe digitizing it on a computer. Then my mother makes a cake, and frosts it to look like the map.

      Some Things

      This might all have been one dream, so Iíll count it as one.

      My brother is sleeping. My family is going to do something, perhaps go somewhere. But he keeps on sleeping, and I start to doubt that we will be going anywhere. I ask my Mom about it, and then decide to go outside for a walk...

      ...I go into a restaurant. I have a backpack and a shovel (?) with me. I look for a place to set these down while I get food (or do something). I see a little nook in the wall to my right, and think maybe I will set them in there. But then it looks like that might be where people can order, and I donít want them to be in the way. I look around for a place to sit. The seating in the restaurant is set up like a classroom almost, with things in rows rather than individual tables with space around them. I have a hard time finding somewhere to sit where I wonít be right next to someone Ė itís kind of crowded. Then I hear someone call me, and see some people that I seem to know from somewhere. I go over to them and start talking.

      ...I want to get tickets to a fair. Something about buying them. They are put on a stick, and I put the stick in my shirt pocket...
    6. Competition Night 6

      by , 06-08-2023 at 05:00 AM

      Jotted down some notes in the morning, but didn't write up my journal until the evening. Things might be a bit fuzzy and choppy in my recollection.

      The New World Order

      Someone wants to establish a new world order. They seem to be up front about this, but it looks dangerous to me. It appears to involve arrows being shot at us at one point, as well as road construction. But itís more than that Ė like some totalitarian regime. I try to keep them out of my room (while I sleep?) by blocking the door with things and trying to make sure the gap at the bottom of the door is covered up. Trying to carry around some long poles or something. There is a cat or two wandering around also. Some arguing about the cat? Maybe the cat is an antagonist? At one point, Iím lying in bed, and the antagonists have sprayed some kind of slime, some of which has landed on my bed and a lot of which has pooled up beside the bed. It might acidic, or radioactive, or something. But when I touch it, it just kind of feels like shampoo. I start to roll off the bed into the slime, which rather than being dangerous just seems kind of fun...At another point, Iím trying to go from a basement area up into another part of the house. There is some kind of fabric over the door, so that I can see on the other side but I donít know if the people on the other side can see me. Also, someone has placed large rocks on the door, as though to block my entrance. It seems like I was going up the steps, but now am trying to turn around and go up steps again to leave and the rocks are in my way. Something about people in a room off to the right...Another scene, in a room that looks like it might have clothing racks in it?


      (1) ...Someone is playing with the intestines of a dead person. Someone's aunt, perhaps? Then they start examining the body more like a cadaver for medical school. It seems a bit gross to me...

      (2) ...I go into a restroom. There is a plastic bag with what looks like gold in it on the wall of one of the stalls. On closer inspection, it turns out to be solid oxygen. I dissolve the oxygen, and there is something about it being in my blankets so that if I breathe in I get a breath of fresh air...

      (3) ...Something about Myst ages...

      (4)...There is a battle going on. This seems to be a planet with a lot of lava on it. Someone goes running down a sort of tunnel...
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    7. Competition Night 5

      by , 06-06-2023 at 04:54 PM

      Rough nightís sleep again. Bedtime 3:05am, awake at 6 something, back to sleep after 8:05, awake at 11:17.

      Teaching Class, and the Israelites

      Iím teaching class. The class involves the machine I have been making for my research, and explaining it to students. But first I start with a lecture, I think. Partway through, I realize nobody is in the classroom any longer. They have all moved to a different classroom. I go over to this classroom. H- (Dr. B-) is sitting in the back of the room. She is apparently partly in charge of the class, and it makes me nervous to have her sitting there watching me. Iím also a bit nervous because now Iím kind of late, although I have a valid excuse since I thought I was already starting class in another room. H offers to teach, but I decline the offer. I start teaching, but am having trouble. Then the students start messing with the machine, and I try to get one kid to stop messing with one of the parts especially. There are some extra pieces of plastic laying around, and I tell the kids that breaking those pieces would feel like breaking the pieces of the machine...

      ...(possibly the same dream) I get my pants wet, and then consider jumping into a creek...

      ...Something about the Israelites. Someone is supposed to start a fire in a temple. She goes missing. I talk with some guy from the Middle East about whether or not I should go try to find her. He explains something about his culture, and I reply with something about my culture, and being a Christian. Meanwhile Iím picking up some green powdery stuff and putting it into a bin. Some people dressed sort of like knights go off to find the girl, I think. I think in the end I decide to go too...


      Something about the Grinch. When the Grinch was little, he looked like a cat...

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    8. Competition Night 4

      by , 06-05-2023 at 09:41 PM

      My Mother came to visit today. I slept late, and she woke me up. As a result, I didnít put a lot of effort into dream journaling this morning. I donít know how these things fit together, but I feel like this first part might have been all one dream:

      Missing Out... Sinking Boat... Whereís my Hat? Whereís my Coat?

      ...I had been taking a nap, but when I woke up I found that a bunch of people had gathered together for something. I walk over and it seems that they are having a theological discussion, but Iím not sure. Then I go back to my room, but realize I might be missing something fun. I go back, but people are leaving now. There had been a lot of kids in this room, watching a movie. Next to the room was what seemed to be a large rock overhand, with a large fire burning beneath it. I hear from someone that Kira Nerys (from Star Trek DS9) and Seven of Nine (from Voyager) had been there. I think to myself that I will never sleep during the day again, for fear of missing something great like this...

      ...Someone getting off an airplane talking about how they were on the same flight as Taylor Swift...

      ...Some guy comes along (Iím in the front yard of what might be my grandparentsí old house, or a house I used to live in, or a mashup of the two). This guy is looking for a drink, and find a garden hose. He asks if he can drink out of it, but Iím hesitant because the water comes from the well and I donít know if the well is contaminated. He drinks from it anyway. It seems to be night now, or at least getting dark. The man goes inside, and decides to take a shower in our basement shower. I find him the shower curtain. He also has trouble finding how to turn on the hot water, and I help him with that...

      ...Someone has taken my hat, and maybe my coat too, and has not returned it. I go looking for it. I go into my cousinís room in a hotel/conference center that we seem to be staying at. We are all packing up to leave, but I donít want to leave without my hat...At some point I think Iím crawling over a second floor railing and maybe dangling down to a counter (like a hotel check-in counter below)...At another point I go into someoneís apartment in their house (also one of my Professorsí houses, I think this guy is his son). We just barge on in. There is a bed to the left, and a fireplace to the right. Also a set of drawers, I think. It might be a nice place, but the house is a little run down...

      ...Now at a family vacation spot by the lake. There is a boat that is supposed to be coming in, and someone is supposed to meet them at the shore. There is a place called ďdock streetĒ, or something, where the boat is coming in. The boat comes in, and there is something on it that we want to chase away by stirring up a swarm of insects that are on the front of the boat. Somehow, the boat escapes and slips out into the water. Then it goes underwater. There were people on the boat too, and I fear that they have drowned. I go through this thing where I feel responsible for killing people, and then realizing it was probably just a dream (without becoming lucid) and then forgetting it was a dream and feeling bad again...

      ...I go into a store, and want to buy a present (for my Grandfather?). There are some kind of green balls being sold. I think I had bought some, but I lost them. I decide to buy a few more, and they want to charge me something like $50 for 5 of them. I ask if they will take $40. They make a sound as though agreeing, but they arenít really. At first Iím a bit worried that they will give me less for less money...

      ...A hotel room. Something had happened and they are just now cleaning up. The hotel room is reopened, but just has a TV sitting on the floor and looks like they just restored the minimum of furnishing...


      (1) Someone has a package of frozen waffles with a lot of ice on them. I think I start knocking off the ice.
    9. Competition Night 3

      by , 06-04-2023 at 10:25 PM

      Backrooms (1 point)

      I donít know where the first part belongs, but I feel as though it might go along with this dream. Iíll put it here and count this as one dream:

      ...Possibly being chased. I might be with someone else, and we get into an elevator. I need to go to the 6th floor, but push a few other buttons by mistake first...

      ...Walking through the University. I open a door that leads to a hallway. It doesnít look familiar, and actually it looks to me like something from the Backrooms. The hallway is long, painted yellow, and doesnít have any doors or openings on either side until the opposite end. As I walk down, I can see that it opens into a larger space, sort of like the upper floor of a mall. It kind of looks like there are stairs or an escalator leading down, and those backless "bench" things that they put in places like that. I start thinking about Entities, and decide to go back. Heading back to the door, I imagine something coming after me, and when I get to the other side and shut the door I imagine taking out a gun and pointing it at the door. I either imagine something coming through at this point, or something actually does, and I shoot it/them (or imagine that I do)...

      Carp Fishing (1 point)

      People are fishing along the bank of some body of water. There is a big splashing, and someone starts reeling in a large fish. ďItís probably a carpĒ, someone says, and sure enough it is. Itís about 3 or 4 feet long, at least. The other two people fishing (one of them is me now) also have large carps on their lines. I see one of the other two guys get the hook out of his fishís mouth. Looking at mine, it appears that the hook has caught on a gill or something. Looking closer, it appears that the hook is actually deep in the fishís stomach, with some line in there too. My Dad is there, and we donít think we can get the hook out. We might just have to cut the line. I think we should kill the fish, since it would be cruel to make it live with a hook in its stomach.

      Too Many Fingers (1 point)

      In a parking lot in an area about 2 hours from where I am currently. Iím walking to my truck, trying to think of where I am, exactly. I donít really know for sure, but I speculate that it is the town of Martins Ferry. I look across the street, and there are a couple large-ish buildings. One of them is a pharmacy. For some reason, when I get to my vehicle I decide to do a reality check and count the fingers on my left hand. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8. That doesnít seem right. I try again, and this time I actually seem to have extra fingers. Awareness that this is a dream dawns on me as I either wake up or lose the dream (not sure I would count this as a lucid dream for the sake of the competition).


      (1) I go down to a room in a basement, above a lower level of the basement. It is kind of dark both places, but it seems to me that I should start cleaning up the one room by at least moving an empty bookcase downstairs. (0.5 points)

      (2) In a class. The instructor, Dr. A- is walking around the classroom holding a cookie in front of studentsí faces to show them something. As he holds it in front of me, I take a bite, thinking it would be funny. He doesnít seem to notice until he gets back to the front of the class. (0.5 points)

      (3) Some people are loading large bags of gold coins, either into or out of the back of a vehicle. They seem to be loaded or unloaded by a crane. I jokingly suggest that I should take one of the coins, since there are so many and nobody would notice. There might be some driving that happens after this...(0.5 points)
    10. Competition Night 2

      by , 06-03-2023 at 10:37 PM

      Church Adventures (Lucid)

      There is a play going on at my old high school. One of the scenes, I recall, involves someone passing gas. But the kid playing this part missed it, so they decide to somehow slip the scene in later. Iím behind the stage as this is going on, but I start to make my way around to the front. Out front though, Iím kind of awkward, not sure where to stand and not wanting to block peopleís view...

      ...Later Iím in a hallway. There are books Ė different colors for different age groups. Yellow and green, I recall. At least one of them is a mystery book. My brother comes along, and some girls come along and start talking with him. Then they hug him and lean on him, in a way that seems flirtatious to me. My brother is married, and this bothers me, until one of the girls leans back and snuggles against me. Meanwhile, my mother is standing a few feet away reading one of the colored books...

      ...(same dream?) At my brotherís church. My mother and I are sitting outside of the sanctuary. The earlier service ends, and it appears that either the second service or Sunday school is starting in the sanctuary. My mother doesnít want to go into the sanctuary, saying that she thinks ďit isnít importantĒ, or something. Her explanation for this is that the music uses guitars, and to her (in the dream, not waking life) this makes it less important. I sit with her a few moments, and then decide that Iím going to go into the sanctuary. When I go in, I find that the service is not taking place, and possibly there is no Sunday school either. I ask someone when the second service is going to be (or maybe Sunday school) and they tell me it starts somewhere around 1:00pm. Thatís quite a while from now...

      ...In the dream, my brother is the pastor of this congregation, and he is now closing up the building. I jokingly quote Ebenezer Scrooge from one of the movie versions of a Christmas Carol: ďyou keep close watch on the closing hourĒ. He replies with quoting the same movie. I seem to get a bit muddled in what Iím supposed to say, but eventually I say ďdonít work overtime, you might make something of yourselfĒ. We leave the building, me still pretending we are in A Christmas Carol movie. My brother walks home, and I follow pretending that Iím the children singing ďFather ChristmasĒ from the 1970s musical version. Some kids actually show up at this point...

      ...In the church building. My mother and I are in a room somewhere, and she points out to me a nice looking dish that is sitting on a table. The dish has a flower design on the surface, and is textured so that you can feel it as you run your fingers along it. My mother explains to me that it is a ďDream FlowerĒ. That prompts me to do a reality check, and I find that I can breathe while my nose is pinched shut. It takes me a couple of moments to fully aknowledge that Iím dreaming though, because this seemed so real up to this point. I wasnít actually expecting it to be a dream when I did the RC. But I eventually become lucid. I remember the competition, and that I have completed the first of my 3-step task. The next one is ďsuper speedĒ. Iím not exactly sure how to accomplish this. At first I try flying, but am having difficulty with this. I also try running, but the rooms donít seem to be large enough to build up enough speed. I go outside, but itís cold out there and for some reason that makes me not want to go very fast. I go back inside to try indoors again, but the dream fades...

      I was either awake now, or it was a false awakening. Anyway, I tried to hang on here, waiting for the dream to reform. I suspect that it did, and thatís why some of these scenes seem out of order in my memory, but Iím not sure. I donít think I came back lucid though. I also remember the following scene:

      ...Some guys are sitting around a room (in the church, I think). They are talking about an old truck. One guy seems to be very emotional about this truck, and finally gets up and runs to the bathroom. I wonder if he has gone to cry or to throw up, or what. He comes back in a couple of moments with toilet paper or a tissue...

      Dancing Corgis

      We are sitting somewhere, with a view of the street. I look over and see what appears to be a couple of squirrels. As I look, it turns out that they are Corgis. The Corgis are jumping and dancing, in what seems to be a coordinated way. We go over to look at them, and sure enough they are in a group and doing a coordinated dance. There is a man leading them, dressed like someone from a circus. He is using some kind of GPS technology to help coordinate the dogs, kind of like the fancy marching band patterns you see. Except that these dogs are doing really fancy things, making 3D shapes and such. Now theyíre in a small auditorium, and I walk down from the back a little bit. I mostly see people now, sitting on chairs and playing musical instruments (including kazoos). I back away from one guy, thinking Iím making him nervous, and go back to the back of the auditorium. The Corgis come back out, coming up the center aisle. One Corgi decides that it wants to be my friend, and starts following me...

      My Brotherís Girlfriend

      In this dream, my brother isnít married. But he has a girlfriend. She looks like one of my friends from the University. She also seems to get really nervous whenever people talk to her, to the point where she starts shaking. There is also something about a girl I went to school with a couple of years ago. She was married at the time, but in this dream she is single. At some point I go into a bathroom to relieve myself. Also to change clothes, I guess. Or maybe Iím having trouble pulling my pants up? Anyway, I decide I should shut the bathroom door, and find that the latch that holds it shut is broken. I think my nephew comes into the house at this point.


      (1) My Uncle is talking about a state park lodge Ė something about them being crooks? There is at least one other person, or maybe even a band, involved.

      (2) Someone has decided to give up drinking alcohol, or soda pop, or something. He is now sitting with Albert Einstein, who is cleaning the inside of a glass full of rusty looking water with a brush. This is ďmineral waterĒ. He gives it to the guy, who also seems to be me now, saying that he wonders if it is too strong. Me/the guy takes a sip, and itís so awful that I/he can hardly swallow it. Letting a lot of it just kind of dribble out of my/his mouth, I/he try to smile and pretend that I/he like it.
    11. Competition Night 1

      by , 06-02-2023 at 06:47 PM

      Conference Lucid, and some progress with the blackout

      I donít know if all of the following was the same dream, but it seems to make sense to arrange it as such and in the following order:

      There is a girl that someone wants to meet again. He walks through a train, looking for her. He finds her on the last car of a train. A piano player is there too. The last car seems to be where poor people sit. He looks at the girl, sitting in the corner. She kind of smiles and shakes her head at him (or something). Heís not sure what she means by this...

      Somewhere Ė in a hotel maybe. There is a conference going on that Iím supposed to be at. I calculate in my mind what time I need to leave to be there on time, and decide that I would need to leave by 10:00. I look at the clock to see how long I have, and it looks like it is just about 10:00 now. I rush out, I think to catch a train...

      ...Iím a bit fuzzy about whether the conference starts in an hour at 11:00 or in a couple of hours. I could walk back to the conference center, but there is also a train that I could take. I discuss the merits of each with someone (my mother?). This has to do with dining, it seems. There is a restaurant along the way if I walk. Mom and I in store dream here? I decide to take the train. I arrive at the conference center, several hours early it turns out. I wonder to myself what Iím going to do for the next couple of hours. I go into a restroom. Itís fairly nice, but itís one of those dream restrooms where there isnít much privacy. No doors on stalls, etc. Also, there are one or two women in there. I chuckle to myself over this, because itís like one of my dream restrooms. Then I decide to do a reality check, and become lucid. I think the dream starts to fade...

      ...At some point I seem to be in this conference center (I think, though Iím not sure). I go walking down a walkway, where girls seem to be hanging out. Itís a nice place to meet girls, but I donít think Iím really there to do that. I turn around and head back the way I came. There is a set of double doors to my left that have the name of some superhero on them (Spider Man, Iron Man, The Hulk, or someone)...

      ...Still at the conference center, not lucid. Walking around, I notice how unfamiliar and almost ďdream-likeĒ things seem. I decide to do a nose pinch RC, and find that I can still breathe. Becoming convinced that this is a dream, I inhale deeply with my nose still pinched. I can see a lady from my church nearby. I become lucid. For some reason, I start reciting poetry Ė Eldorado, by Edgar Allen Poe. This might be a means of stabilizing the dream, or maybe just something I find to be fun at the moment. I might get up onto a table and pace around while talking. The dream begins to fade, but I have been starting to suspect that this tendency to ďwake upĒ soon after becoming lucid might be false awakenings caused by expecting to wake up, so I hang on. The imagery comes back! I think about the competition, and try to remember what Iím supposed to do. Flying was one thing, so I try to levitate. Itís a bit difficult, but I manage to float up a few feet. I get stuck at the ceiling, having trouble breaking through. I float around a bit before losing the dream, or else I donít remember what happened after this.

      ...Coming back from somewhere. The conference above? Iím sitting in a vehicle, and I see what appears to be the guy driving now standing outside the car talking to someone else. As heís talking, he starts singing a song (I think itís the song ďTell me WhyĒ). There are two homeless people standing there, and they sing along. We continue on our drive, and talk about how talented those people were and how the talent should be appreciated. Then we try to drive up a steep set of wooden stairs. Theyíre a bit rickety. We get stuck, and need to get out to push. I need to put on my shoes first though. I get out, and sit in the car and/or lean against the car to put them on. Someone gets out from the front seat, and has to put on his shoes as well.

      Girl Moves In, and the Toaster Oven

      Cooking something in a toaster oven. Itís a rolled up thing of some kind. There are two toaster ovens to choose from Ė a high powered one and a lower powered on. I decide to use the lower powered one. One of the girls from the apartment next to me has moved into my apartment, and I think since someone else is living in the apartment I should put the smoke detector back on the wall where it was (I had put it in a drawer in the bathroom, because it kept going off when I was cooking). I bring smoke detector back out, but then I see that the thing in the toaster oven is putting off smoke. I think I end up putting the smoke detector on the couch and cover it with a sheet, hoping it wonít go off...Someone shows up and talks about mowing that needs to be done ďin GermanyĒ. I offer to do it, and they agree. ďGermanyĒ seems to just be a neighborhood in town.

      "Pruners" and the Snakes

      People from the Cru campus ministry. R- is one of them. I had put up signs a while back (in the dream) advertising that I was interested in a ministry called ďPlumsĒ, or ďPrunesĒ, or something like that. R- is interested in this, and it turns out that Ė unbeknownst to me Ė ďPrunesĒ had to do with acting (Iím not an actor). She is excited to think that I am a ďPrunerĒ, or ďPlumerĒ or some title related to the word. We go up some stairs, I think. There is a snake involved in some way...This might flow into the following:...Some people are in a shooting game, or movie perhaps. They might be soldiers. The are in a dry, dusty place, going around a large hill on a road. They notice something moving a little ways off, and it turns out that there are very large snakes threatening them in some way. They shoot at the snakes...

      Singing Game

      My Mom and brother are talking and playing a game. I feel like my brother isnít paying attention when I talk, and just talks over me. This annoys me, but I also feel that it would be wrong of me to just keep on talking and try to drown him out (this occasionally happens in dreams, and I get angry, but this time I make the conscious effort to show Christ-like humility). I also feel left out of the game. I join in the game anyway Ė it involves picking up tiles along with singing - I sing ďItís a Grand Old FlagĒ, or something, picking up tiles with pictures of flags and such as I come to the words in the song. One of the words has to do with the word ďheartĒ (maybe it was the ďemblem of the land I loveĒ part) and I look for a heart tile. This is a little challenging, and I keep seeing red shapes that sort of look like hearts but might not be.