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    3/17/18 (L)x2 WILDx2 | Goldeneye, Cheats

    by , 03-17-2018 at 01:31 PM (317 Views)
    -1,2-These WILDs were done after a WBTB fairly early on during the night, so I remember almost nothing of them--only that they didn't last long, and my mom was in one of the dreams. I've been lazy on dream recall lately.
    -3-I played some Goldeneye Wii on Jungle. This time, an antagonist group had left behind a device that allowed me to cheat and change the rules/game files. I added a type of bird into the game, and then added some maps and weird scorestreaks into Black Ops II. I also made BO2 third-person.
    [New Scene]
    I was in my old house, messing with electrically charged clothes at night. My older sister was there.
    Lucid Time: 30-60 sec
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    lucid , non-lucid


    1. 13WAR08T's Avatar
      That would have been fun. I like hacking games in real life, too bad cheat engine and gameshark don't allow you to create new characters and objects lol. Did you feel you were actually in the game as a character or just playing your Wii in third person?
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    2. Cobalt Storm's Avatar
      Just like playing a Wii. It's too bad it didn't last longer than a few minutes.
    3. RelicWraith's Avatar
      I know how annoying it is to lose memory of LDs, short or otherwise. After all, the more details, the better