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    by , 04-15-2021 at 08:55 PM (59 Views)
    15th April 2021

    I left recall too long and didn't make any initial notes.


    In WoW, with a friend, I'm a rogue or a warrior, possibly a mix. We're chasing after another player, we're somewhere sort of flat? I remember swapping my enchantments on the fly after killing something, because the kill yielded required loot for doing this swap. I remember putting crusader enchantments and seeing them proc on fighting the player we'd been chasing after.

    Something about being somewhere with or talking to both L and T, maybe at the same time.

    - Last night I did try setting an intention again for the lucid dreaming party but unfortunately I lost focus before too long for some reason I can't recall.

    - There were several other dreams I had initial recall of in the morning, but the lack of initial notes just made even the faintest details be lost by the time I made this entry.

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