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    cclxxxii. Breaded chicken business and cooking,

    by , 06-09-2021 at 11:09 AM (65 Views)
    9th June 2021


    I'm in an office building. It's day time and there's lots of light coming through a skylight. At different points I'm different people. It's quite busy here. Something about making a breaded fried chicken enterprise (i.e. a joint business) and physically half making it and the other half being bought from a unique source. I remember myself scraping some chicken off one of our blue kitchen plates into something else, like for cooking.


    (Several dream sequences but recall fragmented.)

    One sequence about Q?

    Another bit near the end of a dream, I'm walking through some kind of cavern. It's dark but I might have some kind of light source. Someone else is here with me, following me? I am looking for something, an exit maybe. The cavern is not straight or flat at any point. I walk past corpses on or next to mattresses. Maybe some are alive, but either way, they're related to some previous part of the dream. I think I was trying to lead a bunch of people and they didn't like my ideas or what I was doing, which was why I ended up in the caverns.

    Something about shooting some objects with H, but not sure what we used. Some kind of explosions were supposed to happen from the objects being shot.


    - I went to the bathroom and got back in bed with a WBTB intent after the first recalled fragment.

    - I went to bed at night with intents about lucidity and waking up in the middle of the night.

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    1. aussiemusician's Avatar
      do you know who you were, as the different people ?