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    by , 10-17-2018 at 12:35 AM (148 Views)
    Non-dream stuff - woke up between 8 and 9:00. Some non-lucid dreams but only made note of a final part of one in the morning.

    Dream fragment:

    Was at some sort of compound, it was mostly a ground-level structure/building. The day was cloudy, shadows were diffuse.

    The ending of the dream was in a huge parking lot, like ones at some airports I suppose. My dad was driving a van like the dad of my partner (H) has. Dad drove up near me and I think I was talking to him or my mom on the phone as he got close. I saw H walking, at the opposite end of the parking lot. I got in the van and asked dad to pick H up. I think I got in the back of the van and it was crammed with boxes and stuff, making it a bit dark in the back. I remember being able to see the cabin from there.

    H spotted us and started coming our way. Dad drove toward two parked cars with a space between them (with the intent of parking there?). H was walking into that space and dad advanced with the van but H fooled around making funny faces and walking backwards as dad approached.

    Some notes:
    • My partner's behaviour was the sort of goofy thing he does sometimes.
    • My dad doesn't (and never has?) have a van.
    • I think my mom was in the van too, sitting next to my dad in the front. But I don't remember clearly.
    • It probably would have been a good idea to question the reality of things solely based on the fact I got in the back of the van like that, as it was unsafe, really. But added to that, although my parents have visited us (ish, we went to them, they visited the country) fairly recently, it is not likely they would come over again so soon.

    Scoring thus far:
    + Previous score: 50.0

    + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 0.5
    ++ Recall a non-lucid fragment: 0.5(maybe there's something else to score but I'm so tired at the moment, I'm happy with this)

    = Total score thus far: 50.5

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