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    by , 11-09-2018 at 01:52 PM (327 Views)
    Non-dream stuff - Haven't been so well last couple of days and sleep has been irregular too. Been waking up at normal times but then falling back asleep for too long. Remember some fragments but nearly no detail. Some visual details I remember I just can't put into words very well either.

    Dream Fragment 1:
    Something about some furries, in a town. One of them grew a bit bigger and because of that something happened (like some guy reacted and locked down an area or something?). I remember the group sitting together at a table somewhere, feeling sad.

    Dream Fragment 2:
    Was back at university. Rest of context has completely vanished as I tried to recall more...

    Dream Fragment 3:
    Me and my mom were listening to someone from the US speak on television or something. My mom asked what he was saying. I said "He's... Reading from the book of Apocalypse."

    Dream Fragment 4:
    Some long non-lucid that I don't remember much about anymore, but the dream plot was in some sort of old castle or something and I was going around it with other people. My now waking mind is coming up with Karazhan as a location associated to this dream.

    No notes at the moment, I'm just too tired.

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