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    by , 07-25-2018 at 09:08 AM (144 Views)
    Non-dream stuff: Just some non-lucid fragments; initially tried to force recall, which I know not to do, so I quickly stopped trying to remember hard and got up and made tea.

    Fragment 1:

    I remember being outdoors, and this was near the end of a dream sequence; there was grass and a dirt path, and along the dirt path was a concrete cylindrical shape jutting out, it was a sewer entrance, as it had a massive brown-looking lid on top. I was showing it to someone, I think my partner, and said something like "... and this is where we went in.", in reference to something that happened before in the dream. I remember it might have been day time but it was dark, I think the weather was overcast.

    Fragment 2:

    I remember yeast, of the same type used in baking; I remember seeing it, but that's about it.

    Fragment 3:

    I remember being in a dropship of some kind. I think this fragment was actually from before Fragment 1.

    • The sewer lid and concrete structure were reminiscent of what they're like in my native country.,
    • The first dream sequence was actually very long, but I managed to forget most of it somehow. I think my intention to make note of dreams in the morning is being neglected, i.e. I need to start setting this intention before bed.

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