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    by , 10-09-2018 at 06:48 PM (373 Views)
    Non-dream stuff - Woke up between 8 and 9, few details recalled of some non-lucid fragments, but some of those also lost due to writing this much later.

    Fragment 1
    Was in a spaceship of some kind, remembering traveling through a star system that had a gas giant planet that had a smaller planet lodged on its surface; I remember approaching the smaller planet and entering a blue sky atmosphere and I remember feeling both forces of ascent and descent, but always going very close to a horizontal parallel, so the forces weren't that strong.

    Fragment 2
    Some sort of transition with the first fragment where I was a giant and going through a city. Few details remembered now but I distinctly remember feeling like the perspective wasn't quite accurate (the field of view seemed too small).

    Fragment 3
    Doing something "naughty" with my partner, in a large concrete room; there was a bulb hanging from the ceiling, tungsten. There were a couple of computers that we weren't supposed to be using or something. The room had a door but it was more like a barred door, so it could be seen through. I remember feeling like somebody could intrude at any point.

    Some notes:
    • The first dream (fragment) has probably originated from recently playing Homeworld again a bit. Another game I used to play from the same era was Freelancer, which was another space game. Often, using a system editor in Freelancer meant you could do weird things like the two planets in this dream fragment.
    • Though normally I would consider the second fragment to be a possible dream goal (like for the October competition by KarlaB18), I do not consider it detailed enough to actually have achieved that goal. The fact that it occurred is a positive for me because I rarely dream of subjects I'm very interested in or want to have fun with.

    Scoring thus far:
    + Previous score: 3.5

    + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 6.5
    ++ Recall any non-lucid dream over 3 consecutive nights: 3.0
    ++ Recall a non-lucid fragment: 0.5 * 3 = 1.5
    ++ Fly (1st fragment): 1.0
    ++ Transform/Shapeshift (2nd fragment): 1.0

    = Total score thus far: 10.0

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